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Samantha Wilp

8136 Edgebrook Lane Tinley Park, Illinois 60487 | 815-412-4174

To Whom It May Concern,

I am excited to be writing to you today to express my interest in post graduate employment.

My passion for engaging and connecting with consumers has drawn me to this position. I would
love the opportunity to be a part of campaigns that directly impact consumers’ choices and
experiences. I feel that I would serve as a significant asset to your team.

In my internship with the Black Sheep Media, I truly learned the significance of creating an
engaging experience to draw audiences to brands. In this role, I was tasked with curating and
creating social media content. My team and I collaborated with each other and other teams
across the country. In addition, this position allowed me to gain practice in digital marketing
and social media outreach. The skill sets I have gained through this position have highlighted
my work ethic as well as my interpersonal skills.

Through my Public Relations Internship with The Illinois State University Office of Admissions, I
have become more proficient in the skills needed for a public relations position, including
excellent time management and writing skills. As an intern working on a team I assist with
social media content creation and analytics as well as campaigns. In addition, this position has
allowed me to utilize my time management skills by meeting goals and deadlines in a timely
manner . I have learned the importance of having strong verbal and written communication
skills that are critical in public relations.

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to reach out to you about this potential position and look
forward to hearing from you soon. I can be reached at or (815)
412-4174 at your convenience. Thank you for your consideration for this position; I truly
appreciate it.

Samantha Wilp