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Running head: ENGLISH 102 PROJECT 1 1

Abraham Viveros

Arizona State University D.T.P.C.

English 102
English 102 Project 1 2

I first saw it as I walked down the street with some friends. We were engaged in a very

interesting conversation when it caught my eye. I abruptly interrupted them to point out the huge

mural that was in front of our eyes. They too, were fascinated by the gigantic painting. For me,

the large american flag and the bright colors were the factors that most caught my attention, but

the mural had much more to it once you took a minute to observe it well. The mural had a large

US flag on the left side with a man wearing a cap and gown beneath it, in the middle stood Lady

Liberty , and on the right side was a small city like image with the ocean in front of it painted

with a different background than the rest of the mural, and a lady who was also wearing a cap

and gown on the bottom of it. It was obvious that this mural came with a message to it, and it

was there for a reason.

Like I said, what captivated my attention were the bright colors that this painting

included. The green color of the statue of liberty serves as a way to bring both sides of the

painting as one. Otherwise, you would think that these are two different projects that happened to

be on the same wall. This painting contained a nice use of scale to help people understand that a

message was being sent. The flag and the statue of liberty are way bigger than the two persons

that are included on the painting as well. Artists use size difference in their work to represent a

relationship between the objects being painted. For example, the US flag being painted on almost

the entirety of the left side of the wall and it being bigger than the person at the bottom is not a

coincidence. I interpret this as saying that the country we live in is very powerful and more

important than anything. The artist uses different lines and shadows as to show that the flag is

moving in the air. This, along with the giant statue of liberty in the middle, is a great strategy the
English 102 Project 1 3

artist uses to appeal to the patriot side of our country’s citizens. The other side is completely

different. The blue background of the right side of the painting with the ocean on the bottom

makes it look a little bit darker. The colors chosen create a contrast between the two sides of the

mural. The contrast in colors might have been used to show that one side is greater than the

other. This side though, also has some bright colors on it. In the middle of the ocean and the blue

background is a city. This city has a mixture of orange and red that might represent that this city

might be the ideal one to go to. Across the city, the word “Dreamers” is written across it. This

word is written in a curved manner with some letters being crooked. This, to me, demonstrates

that the artist is using his work to send a strong message.

The author’s intentions with this mural were to send a political message to its viewers.

Dreamers are a group that is composed of mainly undocumented youth and/or students. They

mainly face problems with immigration and other things related to their education and

citizenship. I get this idea because the American flag is on the other side of the statue of liberty,

which acts like a type of barrier between the two sides. This tactic is can be considered as using

pathos to attract its audience. Like I mentioned before, the american flag can appeal to the patriot

side in people, while the side that has “ Dreamers” written on it can apply those that have

immigrated to the US but still have a strong connection to their home country and to their roots.

I, for example, can relate to the right side. I know the struggle and all the barriers there are in

place for immigrants because my parents are from Mexico. They have told stories about what

they went through in order to be allowed an opportunity to become a citizen of the US. People

can connect with the painting emotionally, because they’ll fully relate to what it is trying to
English 102 Project 1 4

imply. A sense that one side is imagined to be better than the other, while that may not be the

case. People might not know what they are leaving behind.

This mural is located near the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus. The campus is filled

with students that come from diverse cultures and ethnic backgrounds. These students might be

able to relate to the painting just like I did. It being in a parking lot close to a school that is so

diverse helps reach its intended audience easier. For this reason, I think this mural’s placing fits

perfectly with the community. Having the two people with cap and gowns can help inspire

students to look for a bright future, but might also help remind them of their roots.

This mural contains several pieces that make it a beautiful piece of art. The way that

colors bring the piece alive and capture so much attention, the smooth lines that make the flag

seem like it is moving, the contrast between the two sides of the wall, etc. All these factors come

together to contribute an important message sent by the author. A message of striving for the

better, a search for better opportunities in a place that is imagined to be great, although that may

not always be the case. This message makes the mural even more valuable because it allows for

connections to be made with it. It appeals to the emotions of those get the chance to see it.

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