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William Clifford

October 5, 2018
Project Proposal

A. Summary
For my topic I have chosen to explore the overarching topic of water

purification and restoration specifically in the field study of Global Water Related Human

Health. I have visited many 3rd world and developing countries in my lifetime, and the water

quality is detrimental to society. Dirty water, leading to diarrhea, causes one of the largest

mortality rates in developing countries, and women are taken out of school at a young age in

order to travel hours and hours to collect water for their communities. My sponsor will be Amy

Redford. Amy has worked with Waves4Water for years now, and is very knowledgeable on the

need for clean water globally. This project will be evaluated on the amount of money I raise, and

eventually the number of filters I can purchase to provide for communities around the world.

In order to guide my research and project, my driving questions will be as follows:

❖ How can water be clean and readily available for the whole world?

❖ Is clean water a resource that will be able to last for centuries to come?

❖ How can we turn clean water into a renewable resource globally?

❖ What are the harmful effects of dirty and inaccessible water?

For my project I will use a local Virginia Beach restaurant. I will advertise this event through

words of mouth, and target my parents friend group. This is going to be a fundraiser so I am

going to need adults at my project, the people with the money. At the event their will be items to

auction off in order to raise more money. I will reach out to my audience through mostly email,
and face to face interactions with the parents of my friends. Teachers at my school will also be

invited to this event. The issues I will be addressing at my fundraiser are water purification and

restoration, specifically Global Water Related Human Health. I plan to give a presentation on the

importance of clean water to our world and show the audience how a cheap filter can provide

clean drinking water to millions around the world. This will be shown by a presentation on

Waves4Water, a global organization working to improve water related global health, and I will

show how the filter works. The presentation will show how a cheap filter can turn contaminated

water into clean drinking water for everyone around the world.

B. New Skills, Enhanced Skills, and Growth Goals

New Skills
❖ Sales
❖ Reaching out to big businesses for donations
❖ Social Marketing

Enhanced Skills
❖ Public Speaking
❖ Raising Awareness

Growth Goals
❖ Target Area Research
❖ Meeting Deadlines

C. Marketing Plan/Facilities/Audience
I will use a local Virginia Beach Restaurant or bar that is attractive to the adult community in our

area. This will help me attract my target audience, and make the project an enjoyable experience,

rather than a mandatory fundraising event. The more enjoyable and attractive the venue, the

more likely the audience is to have a good time, and they will be more likely to donate money to

my cause. I will advertise this project by emailing friends of my parents, as well as teachers in
the school, and word of mouth throughout kids my age. It is important that I get adults to come,

because they are the ones with money, and they are the ones that can help me raise money. For

my project I am not planning to inform a certain audience about the dangers of contaminated

water around the world, but whoever comes to my project will gain insight on the detrimental

consequences of unpurified water.

D. Project Steps

Preliminary Secure Venue, Draft and Send Emails, Create Outlines and 6 Hours
Steps Presentation, Purchase Waves4Water Filter, Phone Calls

Midway Confirm Venue, Create Agenda, Rehearse Waves4Water 5 Hours

Steps Presentation

Later Steps Practice/Run Through Agenda, Set Up Venue, Gather Materials, 6 Hours
Market For The Event, ReCheck Venue at least a week prior
(Make Sure Everything is Set Up),

Follow Up Thank you notes, money counting, purchasing of filters with 3 Hours

Total XXX 20

E. Project Documentation:

❖ Pictures

❖ Screenshots of Texts and Emails

❖ Phone Log For Calls

❖ Social Media Screenshots

❖ Website

❖ Script for Waves4Water Filter Presentation

❖ Receipts From Purchases

❖ Email Screenshots of Advertising Event

F. Project Justification

This topic is important to do a project on because the dangers of contaminated water around the

world is not known by most of the community. ​More than 5 million people die each year from

diseases caused by unsafe drinking water, lack of sanitation, and insufficient water for hygiene.

In 2014, there were 12,333 deaths of people with diagnosed HIV infection ever classified as

AIDS, and 6,721 deaths were attributed directly to HIV. This just shows the global necessity for

an improved standard for water. This is a stretch for me because I never done profound research

on the consequences of contaminated water, and I hope that through this research I can learn

more on possibilities to help improve the water standard around the world.

G. Project-Paper Connection

For my project I will be holding a fundraiser to raise money in order to purchase water filters

from an organization called Waves4Water. For only 35 Dollars someone has the ability to

purchase one water filter, which has the ability to filter up to 1 Million gallons of water, and

provide clean drinking water to 100 people for up to 5 years. My paper is going to be focused

around the overarching topic of water purification and restoration specifically in the field study

of Global Water Related Human Health. This fundraiser and informative presentation parallels

perfectly with the research and paper I will complete throughout the year.

H. Academic Honesty

I understand that any academic dishonesty by me on any part of the project will result in failure

of the Senior Project and forfeiture of the Legal Studies Seal on my High School diploma.