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Blake Lyter

7 El Ray Street, Allensville, Pa 17002

Phone: (717) 437-3052 | Email: blyter97@gmail.com

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a full-time position as a mathematics instructor.

EDUCATION: The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA

Middle Level Bachelor of Science with 4-8 Math Option May 2019
GPA – 3.80

PA Certified 4-8 Mathematics

EXPERIENCE: Mount Nittany Middle School – Student teaching experience Spring 2019
• Managed a 6th grade classroom of up to 29 students in mathematics
and science.
• Designed a unit plan for pre-algebraic and algebraic content
appropriate for learners, lasting 15 days.
• Organized and implemented a thoughtful inquiry regarding
bell-ringers/warm-ups in classrooms.
• Collaborated with a team of educators on a daily basis.

Gray’s Woods Elementary School – Pre-service teaching experience Fall 2018

• Worked in a 5th grade classroom teaching lessons and
building relationships with 25 students.
• Differentiated instruction for a wide range of abilities.

Tutor Fall 2017 – Fall 2018

• Taught and reinforced mathematical concepts to fourth
and sixth grade students on a weekly basis.

Easterly Parkway Elementary – lunch book club Fall 2017

• Wrote and delivered lesson plans to a group of fifth graders over
the course of ten weeks. Together we analyzed a novel and
turned it into a graphic novel.

Park Forest Middle School – weekly observation Spring 2017

• Assisted mentor teacher in a sixth grade, mathematics classroom.
• Worked with students on math skills and establishing classroom etiquette.

Virtual Tutor Spring 2017

• Communicated with and taught two English Language Learners via
internet video chat. Mentored students in all subjects, as well as
built a relationship with them.

The Whitehall Store June 2014 - Present

• Maintain a positive attitude while working in difficult situations.
• Multitasked while remaining organized to ensure efficiency and
• Mentored incoming employees and collaborated with other workers.

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ACTIVITIES: Leader in Central Pennsylvania Youth Ministries May 2017 - Present
• Managed a group of middle/high schoolers and assisted
in ways of giving advice and being a role model.

Member of Student Pennsylvania State Educators Association Fall 2016 - Present

Treasurer of Christian Student Fellowship Fall 2016 – Fall 2018

• Managed the groups finances, while remaining organized.
• Balanced the budget on a monthly basis, and mentored
incoming students.

Assisted with the Locust Grove Children’s Ministry Program 2010 - Present
• Taught Sunday school classes, lead groups of children,
worked in the church nursery, lead children’s church, etc.

REFERENCES: Available upon request

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