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Cyber Homework | Unit 1 Lesson 2

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Detailed results
See exactly what you have done right and wrong in the exercises of the selected assignment.

Deadline: 2019-04-07, 10:00 pm

48 / 52 points (92%)

Exercise: Grammar – be: short forms

Timestamp: 2019-04-02, 01:33 pm
12 / 13 points (92%)

Drake is not from the US. He is from Canada.
Drake isn't from the US. He's from Canada.
I am not a teacher. I am a student.
I'm not a teacher. I´m ('m) a student.
David and Sasha are not singers. They are songwriters.
David and Sasha aren't singers. They're songwriters.
We are not boyfriend and girlfriend. We are just friends.
We aren't boyfriend and girlfriend. We're just friends.
It is not one o'clock. It is two o'clock.
It isn't one o'clock. It's two o'clock.
What is your name? What's your name?
My cell phone number is 646-325-9776. My cell phone number's 646-325-9776.
Where is our suitcase? Where's our suitcase?

Exercise: Grammar – be: affirmative, negative, questions

Timestamp: 2019-04-02, 01:43 pm
8 / 8 points (100%)

Where are you from?
Are you here for the talent show?
The James Bond movies aren't American.
I think they are doctors.
What's your telephone number?
Is she a teacher?
I am an English student.
La Paz isn't in Australia.

Exercise: Grammar – be: questions

Timestamp: 2019-04-02, 01:44 pm
5 / 5 points (100%)

What's your name? My name's Dang Surat.
Where are you from? I'm from Thailand.
Are you an actor? No, I'm not. I'm a singer and a dancer.
How old are you? I'm 37.
Are you single? No, I'm not. I'm married.

Exercise: Grammar – be: questions

Timestamp: 2019-04-02, 01:58 pm
1 / 4 points (25%)

where does he work? (What's his job?)
He's an office worker.
how old is she? (How old is she?)
She's 44 years old.
Are they here for the talent show?
No, they aren't here for the talent show. They're here for the science conference.
where they are? (Where are you from?)
We're from Germany.

Exercise: Reading – The Eurovision Song Contest (1)

Timestamp: 2019-04-02, 02:00 pm
5 / 5 points (100%)

Eurovision is a song competition. TRUE
Songs are in English only. FALSE
All countries are in a semi-final first. FALSE
You can only watch Eurovision on the TV in Europe. FALSE
You can send a text message to vote for a song. TRUE

Exercise: Reading – The Eurovision Song Contest (2)

Timestamp: 2019-04-02, 02:02 pm
4 / 4 points (100%)

Eurovision is a song competition for countries in Europe.
The UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy are "The Big Five".
You can watch the competition on TV.
Some people think the singers are good, but the songs are really bad.

Exercise: Vocabulary – Jobs

Timestamp: 2019-04-02, 02:03 pm
5 / 5 points (100%)

newspaper, interview, radio journalist
students, classroom, English teacher
patient, hospital, medicine doctor
ballet, music, theater dancer
computer, emails, desk office worker

Exercise: Vocabulary – Countries and jobs

Timestamp: 2019-04-02, 02:04 pm
8 / 8 points (100%)
Her name's Salma Hayek. She's from Mexico and she's an actor.
His name's Neymar. He's from Brazil and he's a soccer player.
They're One Direction. They're from the UK and they're singers.
Her name's Carole King. She's from the US and she's a songwriter.

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