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SSE State of West Virginia WY Office of Miners? Health, Safety & Training, Eugene White, Director {#7 Playors Chub Deve, Suite 2+ Chereston, West Virgials «25311 “Telephone 304-558-1425 + Fax 304-558-1282 wwnewvmninesafey org ESTIMATED COST BREAKDOWN FOR EXPENSES INCURRED BY THE OFFICE OF MINERS’ HEALTH, SAFETY AND TRAINING DURING THE SEARCH AND RESCUE OPREATIONS AT THE ROCKHOUSE POWELLTON MINE Employee wages and overtime - $30,000.00 State vehicle gasoline - $780.00 ‘Mine rescue truck diesel fuel - $130.00 Draiger sorb - $1,285,00 Oxygen used 32.00 Apparatus parts - $300.00 Food - $130.00 Mise. - $300.00 Please keep in mind that other state agencies were involved in the search and rescue and their costs are not included in this breakdown, Region Ore + 14 Commerce 0%, Sulle 1 - Westover, ast Visinia 26501» Telephone 204-205.9268 » Par 304.296.2278, Reglon wo lephone soeaas-oiat | Fax sorage ated aon Tre hong So4-ge0.7829 | Fax s04-t09-7o8e lor Four Rane Soetee.e138 | Fax 304-485-4068 \ } i \ | ! | | | STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA OFFICE OF THE ADJUTANT GENERAL 1703 COONSKIN DRIVE. CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA 25311-1085, James A. Hoyer (304) 561-6317 ‘Major General, WVARNG DSN: 623-6317 ‘The Adjutant General FAX (304) 561-6327 March 19, 2019 Ms. Leslie Rubin WCHS / WVAH CHARLESTON OFFICE 1301 Piedmont Road Charleston, WV 25301 Re: FOIA Request Dear Ms. Rubin: Pursuant to WV Code §29B-1-1 et seq., this letter is to formally acknowledge receipt of your Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request received on February 21, 2019, in which you requested the following information: (1) An itemized list of costs incurred by this ageney in relation to the mine rescue operation for four people inside the Rock House Powellton Mine in Raleigh/Boone County that concluded on 12/12/18, including payment made to or to be made to any independent contractors. We have established fees reasonably calculated to reimburse for the actual cost in making reproductions of records. We note that you have agreed to pay the published fees associated with this request. We have classified your request in the cost category of “News Media.” Based on your request and our conversation, we have located the following responsive document and have included it for your review. Please note, this document was produced earlier in time. After all the operations were completed, updated amounts were as follows: Bulk Fuel $0 Food $394.65 Travel $163.52 OPTEMP Equipment $999.20 Total $1,557.37 Gross Payroll $8,151.81 Benefits $331.08 Total $8,482.89 Grand Total $10,040.26 While we have included the responsive records, if you would prefer, you can schedule an appointment to inspect and examine any releasable records at the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, 1703 Coonskin Drive, Charleston, WV, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, from 8am — 4pm. Please call 304-561-6619 to schedule an appointment, to or discuss any other concems with our response. Otherwise, the responsibility of the West Virginia National Guard is atan end, You have the right to seck injunctive or declaratory relief in the Circuit Court of Kanawha County, WV. Ifyou have any questions regarding your request, please contact the undersigned at 304-561-6619, Sincerely, “abou, Rech Robin Becher March 19, 2019 Re: FOIA Request FOIA Clerk | | | | |