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Do Now: MCAS re-orientation


1) ​Follow this link for the MCAS released items from 2018:

2) Look through last year’s MCAS and answer the following questions:


How many passages are there?​3


What are the titles of these passages?

i) Writing for mr. Lincoln

ii) From life and time of frederick douglass

iii) From deep water

c) ​What type of texts are the first two passages?

d) W

i) ​nonfiction

ii) fiction

iii) poetry

iv) play

hat type of texts is the third passage?

i) nonfiction

ii) ​fiction

iii) poetry

iv) play

e) W


hat type of writing is #9 prompt asking the student to write?

What should the annotation focus be​: how they are effective leaders

f) ​The essay should consist of how many paragraphs?

i) 3

ii) 5

iii) 4

g) T

he first paragraph is an introduction and should always include:

i) one claim you will make ii) evidence iii) thesis statement (all three claims) iv) citation

h) Question #18 prompt asks for what type of writing?




Research task


Literary analysis



i) Name three elements you should include to write a strong narrative:

e) Evidence and citations

f) Imagery

g) Theme

j) ​What type of story is it asking the student to write (for example, from another character’s perspective) From a the person’s perspective.

k) ​Go to QUESTION 1 (page 8), read it. Then turn to that passage and read the first two paragraphs

and then answer the question (copied below):

What is the most likely reason that the author of “Waiting for Mr. Lincoln” included paragraphs 1 and


A. to show the impatience of people in the White House waiting area

B. to suggest that prejudice existed even in the White House waiting area

C. to indicate the special treatment provided in the White House waiting area

D. to illustrate the physical discomfort felt by visitors in the White House waiting area