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TLED 430 Module 3 Collaborative

Web 2.0 Tools to Support Collaborative learning

Read the directions in Blackboard on how to complete this sheet.

My name: Natasha Billups

Name of the tool Goose Chase
Where to access https://www.goosechase.com/
this tool (web
Brief instructions Teachers are able to create scavenger hunts to be used on mobile
of how to use the devices
tool Students use their mobile devices to take videos or pictures and upload
them to the scavenger hunt as their answers
Answers can be submitted by videos, pictures, text and even GPS
Ideas for how the It could be used as a homework tool. If I was teaching Literature and I
tool can be used wanted my students to find examples of literary elements, they could
in PK-12 take a picture of those examples and upload them to the scavenger hunt
Positives and Challenges:
challenges of - Only available to students that have access to a mobile device
using the tool - Free version limits the amount of students that are able to
participate in your game
- Paid version may have to be approved by your district for
reimbursement or compensation
- Fun and innovative way to give homework assignments
- Incorporates technology into education
Peer’s name: Kristen Gayle
Name of the tool Twiddla
Where to access www.twiddla.com
this tool (web
Brief instructions It is an online whiteboard that can be drawn on. Other teachers and
of how to use the students are able to access it for collaboration
Ideas for how the Real time help can be given if students need help
tool can be used Group work can be done outside of school
in PK-12
Positives and Negatives:
challenges of - When IT problems arise, there is no chat to help fix the problem
using the tool in real time
- Other’s desktops are not available while using the site
- Teachers can make corrections
- User friendly
Peer’s name: Asia Mason
Name of the tool NowComment
Where to access www.nowcomment.com
this tool (web
Brief instructions Very similar to discussion boards. Students are able to write out their
of how to use the assignments or answers to their teacher’s question
Ideas for how the Can be used when reading assignments are given and the students need
TLED 430 Module 3 Collaborative
tool can be used to respond to what they have read
in PK-12
Positives and Positives:
challenges of - Students can responds directly to certain parts of their text
using the tool - Documents are available for edits
- Frequent updates due to software corruption