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TPACK Template

Subject Math

Grade Level Third

Learning Objective 3.2 The student will


b) represent fractions and mixed numbers with

models and symbols;

Complete the following sentences:

1. The online course I’m teaching in for this activity is synchronous

Pedagogy Planning

(asynchronous or synchronous).

2. In this online activity, my online students will use a simulation on Fraction Models
to have an individual experience based upon their unique choices. Each child’s end result
will be different, and I will grade them online by screenshots of participation .

Online Activity Previously, the students have been taught the meaning of
fractions so this activity should be a review, or an assessment
to see if students are understanding what fractions are and
how they are physically represented.

The class will begin by reviewing the meaning of fractions and

the instructor will give examples on how fractions can be
represented (Halves, Tenths, Eighths etc)

As a way of participation, attendance and assessment, the

students will be given the interactive simulation website to
represent the fractions. When using the website, the student is
able to choose which level of difficulty. Since this is review, the
student will be instructed to choose level 5, which is a medium
difficulty setting.

There will be fractions given on the right hand side of the page.
The student will represent that fraction by using the tools
provided on the website. Once that representation is created,
the student will drag the graph to the appropriate fraction.
Once all of the fractions are completed on the page, the
student will either email a screenshot or a picture of their

computer screen showing that it is completed.

Technology https://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/build-a-fraction

Computer, tablet or smartphone


Before you submit, delete the explanatory text (the text in small italics).