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Lydia Montes De Oca

Ms. O’keefe

American Literature

April 7, 2019

10 Rules To Live By!

Ethics is moral principles that control a way, that a person behaves or the conducting of

an activity. Justice is behavior or some type of treatment towards a person. Ethics focuses more

on the right and wrong choice or action when faced in a situation and justice is about doing the

right thing which is a way both connect. The consequentialist framework is the one that guides

my 10 rules to live by because these rules aim to have a good outcome. There are many rules as a

person to follow to become a better person. The first rule would be Do no harm, which means

that no one should commit a violence act towards someone because it can cause for someone to

get hurt or spread negativity towards something. This is a important because it connects to our

daily lives as a person and as a law as well. A piece of evidence to support, is in the document A

framework for making ethical decisions. When the author states that we focus on the future

effects of the possible course of action considering the people who will be directly and indirectly

affected. The second rule is to believe in yourself , which means that you are capable of doing

anything if you believe in yourself in doing it or accomplishing it. If you don’t believe in

yourself it is going to be difficult to grow and learn for example, if you don’t have confidence

that you can do anything it can have a bad effect or outcome for your life.

The third rule is always smile/ positive attitudes, you need to smile and having good

attitudes to be happy and live a good life. The fourth rule is to pay attention, this is an important

rule because it is very important to pay attention in school, public and while driving etc. Not

paying attention can cause you to miss out in important things. The fifth rule is to help others in

need, in order to spread positivity in the world and towards others. Is important to help each

other out of kindness and love so others can see who a great person is. A piece of evidence to

support why this rules connects to the consequentialist framework can be found in document.

Obligations: what do we owe to other people. States “Natural duties are universal” we owe them

to persons as rational beings. The sixth rule is to love yourself it is very hard to love others if

they don’t love their own self first. In today’s society a lot of people go through so much hate

because the way they look either on social media or in person. And that’s why is very important

to love yourself no matter what you are going through. The seventh rule is live in the moment,

and forget about the past be happy in your current being. Furthermore, it means to not think

about the past and not worry or be anxious about the future. The eighth rule is don’t steal, is a

very important rule because if you steal it can result to a bad outcome. Stealing from others is

gonna make you look like a bad person with bad reputation and personality which is why is good

to follow this rule. The ninth rule is to appreciate what you have, because not a lot of people

don’t have the things you have like food or housing. This rule should make people realize how

incredibly lucky they are to have what they have. The final rule is be patient, it is important to be

patient because it can help you overcome frustration and stress. And makes you a better and

happier person it helps in your daily life as well such as in work, school.

Developing my 10 rules to live by made me think of the most important rules to follow as

growing up and as a adult. It made me think of the rules that most matter to me in my daily life

their are important rules that I follow such as being patient, always smile and believing in

myself. Revisions were made when realizing that they were other more important rules to use.

My life would be good and happy if living by 10 rules to live by because it would make me

becoming a better and joyful person everyday. The world would be a better place if people

followed these rules it would make people more happy to be living on this earth. Also, it would

make people become better.


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