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What is your name? My name is geraldinne

How do you spell it? Yi-i-ar-ei-el-di-en-en-i
Where are you from? I am from colombia
How old are you? I am 28 years old
What is your marital status? my status is free union
What is your occupation? I am a baking student
Where do you live? I live in bogotá
Who are the members of your family? My family consists of my mom,my
husband, one son and one daughter
How old are they? My mom is 70 years old, my husband 24
years old, my son 5 years old and my
daughter 17 months
What are their occupations? My mom is housewife, my husband is
Independent and my son is student.
Who is your best friend? My best friend is Susana, she is very
Thank you? Ok,have a nice day.