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It gives me immense pleasure in recommending Ms.

Sallavi Jagannatha, who is

working as “Network engineer” in “Planning and design” team of “network engineering”
department in “Ericsson global India services”, for a Post-graduate course in your
prestigious university. After passing out from her graduation course from “R.V College of
Engineering”, she joined “Ericsson” in Nov 2012 and continues to work here. I have known
her for the past one year and as her team manager have had a chance to assess her
immense potential. Sallavi believes in continuing education and stays on top of new ideas
and methods in her field. I believe that she is well prepared for the intensive study and
rigorous research thesis your program requires.

Sallavi is a good employee with a good grasping ability which helps her to
understand intricate details very easily. During her time at Ericsson she has sharpened her
technical skills and gained expertise in the area of networking by working on various
projects and attending technical trainings. Even though she is a young team member, she
has been pro-active and has contributed productively to the team.

She has completed three Ericsson Technical Certification Programs (ETCP) with
excellent grades besides her project work which is a rare feat for a fresh engineer. I am
glad to inform that she has secured top score and second top score in Microwave
certification and IP networking certifications respectively at Ericsson, INDIA. She has
immense thirst for knowledge and has attended lot of technical and professional
development trainings. While working on stringent deadlines, she has ensured to update her
technical skill sets by attending trainings on C, Operating System fundamentals, Windows
Internals, Linux and Ubuntu.

She has exhibited good leadership qualities. She was the Leader (spoc) of the
fresher’s batch who joined along with her. She took initiative and helped in organizing
various training programs for the fresher’s batch. Her interpersonal and communication
skills have allowed her to develop healthy working relationships with her colleagues,
seniors, engineers in other teams and her peers in USA and Indonesia. As a person, Pallavi
maintains a good work-life balance. She is an excellent singer, guitarist and flute player.
She is also an active participant in sports. She enthusiastically takes part in the team
building activities and she is a consistent and excellent player in the Ericsson Premier
League (EPL) Cricket matches. She has been a volunteer to blood donation camps.

Sallavi possesses a strong inclination towards innovation and research. Considering

her strong desire and interest in Computer Science and her liking towards research I
personally feel she should pursue higher studies to achieve her aspirations. All the above
qualities coupled with her pleasing demeanor, adaptability and initiative have convinced me
to strongly recommend her for admission into your post-graduate program with all possible
financial assistance. Apart from this she could be considered for other opportunities
including assistantships, scholarships and internships. I trust that the information provided
will be of assistance and if needed will be happy to provide further information about Pallavi.