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Education May be the Only Solution to Corruption and Injustice, the Major Problems of Pakistan

Abubakar Sohail

20-10736, Section: F

English 103: Advanced Writing Skills

Forman Christian College

(A Chartered University)



This paper first of all discusses the importance of education backed by the opinions of

some authors who said that education provides much more advantages than just solving

corruption and injustice.

Later on, an argument is presented in which it is discussed that what the causes of

corruption and injustice are and what problems are commonly caused due to lack of education.

And furthermore, it is discussed that how the problems caused due to lack of education

commonly make the citizens suffer due to their mindsets, which need to be changed, and make

Pakistan suffer ultimately and how education can solve those problems through its advantages.

And it is concluded that education is the only tool that Pakistan needs in first priority to solve

these major problems.




A country is like a house and its citizens are like a family. A lot of countries exist on the

planet Earth and Pakistan is one of them. Pakistan was departed from India in 1948 due to lack

of freedom given for religious activities to Muslims by Hindus. And today, Pakistan is the only

Muslim country to have an atomic bomb. Pakistan has a Sea, beautiful Mountain Ranges, Rivers

and Deserts. Pakistan is not behind from any country in terms of beauty. But when it comes to

living, there are other important things also other than beauty for the citizens to live happily

which are Peace and Harmony. And when it is talked about Peace and Harmony in Pakistan,

these two things are not found due to which citizens are unhappy. Day by day, conditions are

getting worse and today the condition is such that there is no respect of the Green Passport

anymore. People living in other countries disrespect Pakistan and its citizens and no one wants to

visit Pakistan due to security risks. Two major problems that are causing major troubles in the

country are Corruption and Injustice.

Today, it has become very difficult to get justice in Pakistan. Only rich people can get

justice in Pakistan because they have money to give as bribe to get their desired result and this is

called corruption. If a person is rich, he/she can do whatever he/she wants and no one is able to

see that person going against the law and everything can be settled down through bribery

whereas if a poor person goes even slightly against the law, everyone notices it. There is no

respect for the law and everyone has his/her own law. Corruption and Injustice need to be

eliminated in order to see Pakistan progressing. In this concern there are a lot of solutions

suggested by people but the solution on which people are agreed the most is Education. It is

considered that education can eliminate Corruption and Injustice because it has the ability to


provide critical thinking and it also provides awareness of the things happening in surroundings.

It is clearly seen that countries having high literacy rate are progressing very fast. About half of

the citizens of Pakistan are uneducated and awareness is very much needed.

Today it is thought that only government is responsible for all the bad things going

around in the country but a few citizens admit that citizens are also responsible but a lot of the

citizens don’t realize that because their way of thinking and the way they approach problems is

very different, and most of the time wrong, due to lacking of awareness and critical thinking.In

Pakistan when someone is doing something wrong, it is preferred to get used to it rather than

taking action against that particular person. A lot of the citizens are found cutting their own feet

with axe but they don’t know that. When the citizens of Pakistan will get awareness and their

way of thinking will change, they will get responsible and automatically, they will make their

country progress. Therefore, Education is the most important tool that can eliminate corruption

and injustice, which are the major problems, in Pakistan.



Literature Review

Education is simply defined by Google dictionary as “The process of receiving or giving

systematic instruction, especially at a school or university”. Education is very important for a

country. If a country’s citizens are educated, they can make their country progress in every field.

When it is talked about the education status in Pakistan, it is known that about half of the

population of Pakistan is uneducated which is making Pakistan a backward country and the

mindsets of a lot of citizens are also found to be backward. And due to this backward thinking, a

lot of problems are taking birth. Time to time countries are progressing and it seems that

Pakistan is still standing there where when it was born (departed from India) in fact, conditions

are getting worse. The major problems from among the problems which have taken birth are

corruption and injustice. And nothing is being done to eradicate these problems because there is

lack of education which has caused lack of awareness. When it is talked about corruption and

injustice with the citizens of Pakistan, all of them agree that these problems exist and are

continuously trying to drown Pakistan but when they are questioned about what they are doing to

eradicate corruption and injustice in Pakistan, a lot of them answer with very satisfaction that it

is the duty of Government to eradicate these problems and the citizens themselves are not being

responsible. That is due to lack of education.

Rehman (2010). mentions in his article some problems of Pakistan and their solutions.

He about corruption and injustice going around in Pakistan that the members of government have

no pain for the common citizens as they have millions of rupees and some politicians are even in

the top ten lists in the most rich people of Pakistan and they don’t consider themselves

responsible when children of a common man are thrown out of school because of non-payment


of school fees. He also states that the solution to the problems corruption and injustice are

Education and Justice. He says “Education will give us opportunity to think about the betterment

of our country by thinking beyond emotional attachment to our politicians, political parties,

provinces and personal benefits”. And he mentions Justice as the second solution to Pakistan

where he says that only common man is accountable to law and such society cannot survive.

However, in his article despite much things he said are found to be true but it is seen in the

article that he has considered corrupt government responsible for the current situation of Pakistan

which is true to an extent but he did not cover much about the current education rate and

awareness present in the citizens of Pakistan and the role of citizens in the current situation of

Pakistan. But he mentioned the solutions to the problems which he said are Education and Justice

which are found to be true.

Farhan (2017). in her article says that all the socio-economic problems Pakistan is facing

are due to illiteracy. Less than 3% is spent in educational sector is spent by the government. She

says according to estimation, 26% percent of the countries which are poorer than Pakistan send

more children to schools than in Pakistan. She also talks about the way of teaching that is not

encouraging creative and critical thinking in the students. She says that education acts as vaccine

to prevent corruption, hunger, poverty, crime, poor health conditions and unemployment.

Education also helps in gender equality is also not present due to poor education system. In the

end she says that educational system should be improved and all government, private sector and

citizens should unite for education in Pakistan. She has almost covered all the important things

that come in the benefits of education. However, she did not focus on particularly any specific

problem present due to lack of education but she described a lot of problems in general and


provided that the solution is education. And she also did not discuss what specific thing

education creates in people which causes the elimination of the problems which she discussed.

Bennett (2014). mentions some benefits that education gives. Some of the advantages

that he mentioned are Employment, Responsibility, Logic, Experience, Empowerment,

Friend, Learning, Time Management, Discipline, Social Skills, Organizational Skills,

Perspective, Potential and Reduces inequality. He says that education has many advantages

and its up to the person how much he can use his education. Despite mentioning the

advantages of education, which are found to be correct, he did not explain how to make

education spread in a country if one is lacking. He gives brief details of all the advantages of

education he mentioned. And says that education is one of the best tool for social change,

economic development and prosperity in a country.

This literature review discussed some articles of some writers concerning education

as the tool eliminating corruption and injustice. Some authors say that education does not only

corruption and injustice in a country but also provides various other advantages that lead to

further betterment of people and ultimately betterment of a country. It was clearly seen

through the discussions of writers that Pakistan is lacking education through which the

conditions are not getting better but worse. Therefore, it is concluded that for the betterme nt

of Pakistan through solving corruption and injustice, Education is very important.




“Education is a matter of life and death to our nation. The world is moving so fast that if

you do not educate yourselves you will be not only completely left behind, but will be finished

up”. These are the words of the founder of Pakistan, Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. One

may think that if these are the words of the founder of a nation or a country, that country must be

high in education and would be progressing and touching the heights. But when one takes a look

on these words and then at Pakistan, These words and the country are currently opposite to each

other. And lack of education is causing problems in the country.

From the words of the founder of Pakistan, it can be easily understood that what position

of education he had in his mind for the country. Today, when analysis of the citizens of Pakistan

concerning education is done, it is found that the country as a whole is lacking education and this

is causing various problems in the country and due to those problems, Pakistan is going

downwards instead of going upwards. A country usually has to tackle a lot of problems but some

severe problems should need to be eliminated as they act as acid that tries to dissolve a country.

Such is the thing going on with Pakistan. There are a lot of problems Pakistan is suffering from

but there are two types of acids present in the country as well destroying peace and harmony.

These problems are Corruption and Injustice. To end these problems a solution is needed to pull

these problems from the roots and people mostly agree that the solution to these problems is

education as it provides awareness among the people and the people start accepting and taking

their responsibilities and they start to think deeply and critically. Therefore, Education is the tool

that can eliminate corruption and injustice from Pakistan.



It is obvious that everyone does not agree upon education as the solution to corruption

and injustice. Some people argue that how can just by providing education, major problems

which are corruption and injustice, can be eliminated. To answer that, first it is needed to think

how corruption and injustice take birth. They take birth when someone uses his/her power

wrongly to satisfy his/her needs and he/she becomes successful in doing that due to lack of

awareness and responsibility shown on the behalf of the citizens due to lack of proper education.

Awareness is very much required not only it will solve corruption and injustice but also it will

help the citizens to progress in various fields like science and technology as other countries are

working for quality education and progressing very fast.

Corruption and injustice have direct link in the destruction of a country. It is cycle that

ultimately results in destruction. It is needed to discuss in detail that to prove that education is the

most powerful tool to eliminate corruption and injustice. Firstly, education provides awareness

among people and through that awareness, people understand their environment and anybody

cannot just come and do corruption in front of fully aware citizens. When a person starts to

educate himself/herself, knowledge he/she gains provides awareness. Awareness plays a vital

role in this matter. It is needed to discuss the benefit of awareness. Today it is commonly seen

that the government is doing nothing for the progress for the country but instead of working and

making the government accountable, citizens are trying to get used to it. And when it is talked

about the current situation of Pakistan, citizens are found saying that it is only the responsibility

of government for the progress of the country and they actually fail accept that they are equally

responsible as much as the government due to lack of knowledge and ultimately, lack of



A lot of countries have actually started from zero and they are way forward from

Pakistan. Japan is an excellent example. When atomic bomb hit Japan, it destroyed it completely

in a sense but now, Japan is way forward when it is talked about progress. Today, corruption and

injustice is found in almost every corner of Pakistan. If someone is accepting to perform a

specific task through bribery, citizens are giving money as bribe not knowing the result. Citizens

have lack of knowledge causing narrow mindedness. They fail to think in the broader sense that

what these actions are having effect on the country. Just take the example of passport offices of

Lahore, Pakistan. Small shops are opened around passport offices where people are sitting acting

as traders of something such as used printers. But when a person goes to the passport office, they

try to attract the person by saying that if he/she will give some amount of money, he/she will not

need to go in any line but direct in office of the officer of passport office and it actually happens

over there. But instead of working or taking any action against it, people take it as an opportunity

for time saving. One of the causes of such actions is lack of awareness. People don’t know that

by such actions, there will be no way for poor people to get equal rights and the gap between the

rich and the poor will increase and since most of the citizens of Pakistan are poor, poor people

could not participate in the country’s progress. Thus lack of awareness is the problem here.

Some more examples of disadvantages of awareness are that the government is showing

lack of responsibility. Some of the poor citizens of Pakistan are always cursing the government

on lack of work but when the elections come, the parties start to invest some of the money in the

close days and after that, still people give their votes to the same parties by not thinking to whom

to vote or who deserves the vote. Government is currently seen enjoying over the citizens of



Another point which proves that education is most important to solve the problems is

that lack of education has given lack of responsibility. Education provides responsibility as when

a person gets education, he sets some goal in his/her mind which gives a passion of work to that

person and he also gets the ability of time management. When commonly it is analyzed, it is seen

that lack of responsibility is being shown on the behalf of not only the government but also the

citizens. No one is accepting his/her responsibility and everyone is blaming other people for

certain actions and problems. Education provides the sense of responsibility by which a person

becomes responsible for his life and responsibility is very much important. When a person

understands that when individuals accept their mistakes and try to improve themselves, as a

whole the country progresses.

Today we see that China is very high when it is talked about business and trading. But a

country does not become famous in positive sense easily. When we analyze the Chinese, we see

that they are very responsible and try to act upon their commitments. They are always working

hard. If anyone gets to visit China and visits their factories, it is analyzed that when a person

enters a Chinese factory, the labor working over there don’t even bother to look at the person

who has visited their factory. Whereas when we visit factories of Pakistan, it is seen that labor

instead of working hard is enjoying unless the head of the department visits the department

(according to personal experience) and unless there comes no one to check them, they are

continuously talking to each other and smoking and doing useless activities. This is the cause of

lack of responsibility that a person when wants to get a specific work done in Pakistan, he/she

commonly does not bother to think that whether the activity he/she is going to do is legal or

illegal and that person does not care about any other’s rights which further creates injustice.


Another example of lack of responsibility which causes corruption and injustice is what

it is commonly analyzed at the airports. When Pakistani airports are seen there is no line seen but

as soon as the same citizens which were breaking the line in Pakistani airports land in other

countries, they try to show that there is no one more responsible than them. When the citizens

themselves don’t create responsibility in themselves it is logical that how can then the

government be good. Because the person in some specific government department is also from

the common public of Pakistan. Pakistan cannot progress unless and until citizens become

responsible and work responsibly what they are supposed to do.

Another problem which has caused the spread of corruption and injustice due to lack of

education is analyzed as the lack of ability to continuously learn new things. Human is not

perfect and continuously a learner till death. The people having lack of education are commonly

analyzed that they don’t have the ability to change their point of view on the behalf of logic.

Commonly people having lack of education are found to be very stubborn on their thinking. This

point does not mean that illiterate people always lack this quality but what the point means is

commonly it is analyzed the people which are illiterate do not want to correct themselves and

don’t want to learn new things and just want to do what their forefathers did. Thus is because

lack of education sometimes causes narrow-mindedness. But most educated people are found to

be seeking knowledge. What this narrow mindedness is doing is that people who are performing

wrong actions are continuing to perform wrong actions without pondering over them which is

not improving the state of Pakistan. Since Pakistan is a Muslim country, a lot of people are

themselves doing wrong activities and when they are asked about them, they simply put the

name of Islam on those activities. And a lot of the activities being done or being performed

which don’t sometimes make any sense are linked with Islam but actually the link of those


activities is with the Indian culture. But still people don’t bother to think about it and also don’t

bother to study what the actual religion ISLAM says. This is a terrible problem that is found

commonly in the citizens of Pakistan.

Without open-mindedness, we cannot remove corruption and injustice but also we

cannot compete with the other countries. When someone visits foreign country and then when

he/she returns back to Pakistan, Pakistan appears to be still in 1980s. So without the sense of

gaining knowledge and pondering over various thinks Pakistani nation cannot progress.

Therefore education commonly helps in improving the intellectual levels of people. No one in

Pakistan wants change strongly and if someone wants change, he cannot stand up for that

because most of the people which don’t think like him/her don’t want to do anything by

themselves because they don’t think that way. Education also provides unity among the students

which have commonly the same type of thinking and interests.

Therefore without education it is very difficult to end corruption and injustice in

Pakistan and with education it is very easy to end corruption and injustice and also the other

problems which are also present along with these major problems could be reduced to much

extent through education.




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