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GTA Online Money Making & Saving Tips!

Hello, today I'm going to be sharing with you some money making tips for newer players or players who have no
idea making money exists outside shark cards, I'm on the Xbox One and everything in this guide should work for
all platforms, unless specified otherwise.

Everything in this guide is 100% legitimate so you don't have to worry about being banned.

Anyway, hope you find this useful.

These are the best ways to make cash.

If you pass, depending on who's mission you passed you can earn up to $25k.

Obviously, if you're a low leveled player, you cannot host higher paying missions from Lester/Martin.

However, there is a way to play Lester/Martin missions without being the required level and like joining
races/DMs, you can get into them by having a friend/randomer invite you.

Don't have a friend? Well, keep joining a random contact mission through your phone, or join an "active" crew
who regularly hang out.

Undoubtly, Lester and Martin pay the most, most players tend to agree on this.

Check here for a list of Lester missions and Martin missions.

Guide currently updated to GTA V version 1.32 (Finance and Felony Update for
PS4/X1/PC) and 1.29 (Ill Gotten Gains Pt 2/Valentines Day for PS3/Xbox 360


So now, I'll tell you how to make the most out of missions.

Even though this is common knowledge, the amount of times I've joined a random and they have it set to normal.

As the game even tells you, by upping the difficulty, you get more RP and $.

The difficulty modifiers are:


● 0% extra $ and RP


● 25% extra $ and RP


● 50% extra $ and RP


As of patch 1.16 (last gen and newer) mission payouts can vary with how many friends/crew members you have.

● Two players - 10% Cash

● Three players - 20% Cash

● Four players - 30% Cash

So. Self explanatory, but get a group of friends or crew members and do some missions!


In "The Los Santos Connection" for Martin, you'll see crates around the various enemies.

Shoot them open and coke packages will appear.

They're worth $500 each and there's usually 2 packs in a crate.

In the final part of the mission, there's a few crates, get there first, and you can make and extra $5k or so off that


Usually, on the weekend of a new DLC release, Rockstar makes some jobs pay double cash and
double RP.

You’ll know what jobs are “effected” as they’ll have a green circle with a $ (or a blue circle with RP) in
them if you receive and invite to a double $ or RP job.

They look a little bit like this.

It’s usually for the weekend and it’s usually always races, DM’s and Last Team Standing jobs that are
effected. Playlists are probably a fantastic option while these are active. Especially if you’re with
friends. Double the cash, double the RP and double the fun.


Well, say you want to chill out in free roam for a bit.

What can you do to make cash?



Unless you're under level 10, you'll know when a player has a bounty.

They're marked as a red skull with a cross.

Bounties vary from $1,000 to $9,000.

This, personally I think is the worst way to make cash, as trollers can often dashboard after you kill them
preventing you getting their bounty,

Plus, most players WILL attack on sight if they see you coming, in cases of lower paying bounties, you'll probably
waste more cash than the reward you're getting.
When you’re in a lobby and someone’s bounty is claimed, it’ll appear as a notification, regardless if you claimed it
or not.

If you have a bounty placed on you, then you can survive your bounty by waiting 48 minutes in a FREEROAM
lobby without being killed by another player.

If you manage to survive the full 48 minutes, you'll be given your bounty cash, and you'll no longer have a bounty
on you, also for the first time you do this, you’ll get the “Run Like the Wind” achievement.

WARNING: If you're on last gen (PS3/Xbox 360 or PC) then you MAY encounter hacked bounties.

I'm unsure if these rumors are true, but if you see a message saying "A bounty of $9705869869 has been set on
[player]" then it's hacked and you should avoid it. A pic of this can be seen here.


Reddit user /u/untun made a post to /r/grandtheftautov showing a picture of the best cars you can steal and sell.

That picture can be seen here.

Personally, I'd advise only going after cars that are $7k or more.

You cannot sell cars that cost more than $99k (on the ingame websites, if you’re selling a car you modded, you
can sell it for over $99k)), DLC cars, police vehicles, planes, boats.

There are actually some cars that you can find that are already modded and they sell for a lot more.

The most known of these cars are the Gang Tornados, they sell for around $12k.

The most known place for the Gang Tornado to spawn is Grove Street, around midnight, you may see a purple
Tornado. If you do, that’s the Gang Tornado. But, don’t expect to see it everytime, it is an uncommon spawn. You
can increase the odds by driving a Tornado around that area though.

On PS4, Xbox One and PC, Rockstar added in more modded cars you may encounter. The most expensive
vehicle known (or from what I know) is the Chrome Dubsta!

If you ever encounter this car, SELL IT ASAP! It sells for around $40k!

HOWEVER you can only sell ONE car to Los Santos Customs every 48 minutes IN REAL LIFE. (48 mins = 1
ingame day).

Just a reminder you CAN sell personal vehicles too. So if there’s a car in your garage that’s gathering dust, sell it!

Unless the car is glitched, you should be able to sell any vehicle in your garage at Los Santos Customs.

Also, a common question asked is "If I log off and come back on an hour later, do I still need to wait 48 mins?

The answer is NO.

Say, you sell a car at 5:30pm, the next time you can sell a car is 6:18pm. REGARDLESS if you've logged off or

Going off this tactic:


Sounds stupid but works.
If you find a Gallivanter Baller ($9k) and you've sold one already, drive it to your garage.

No, you will NOT have to pay insurance on it, as it doesn't add insurance, it only adds a free tracker.

Here's a pic of some Ballers stored in one of my garages.

It's a nice idea too so if there's a prick in the lobby who destroys your car, if they destroy yours, they'll get a bad
sport warning. (You cannot claim the vehicle back so be careful)


Since the heist update (or in the PC since its release now removed), a new activity that's been added is where
you just keep killing cops for about 4 minutes.

You’ll get a notification and a purple circle will appear on the map, go there, get a wanted level and lead the
police on a chase for 5 minutes.

This is much easier if you have a Armoured Kuruma or a tank.

I've always gotten $10k when doing this on my own.

The amount you get paid is determined by the time you get there.

Get there before the timer appears: $10k

4 minutes: $8k

3 minutes: $6k

2 minutes: $4k

Last minute: $2k.


Occasionally, you'll see an armored truck appear on the radar.

Now, the truck may spawn next to another player.

If you're lucky enough to have these spawn next to you, simply put a sticky bomb on the BACK DOORS and

Run out and pick up the dropped cash.

They pay anything between $7k and $20k from personal experience.

Oh, you'll also get a free 2 star wanted level too.


Introduced in the “Independence Day DLC” (launch for X1/PS4/PC) you may occasionally get a “invite” from
Lester saying “KILL TARGET”. If you accept that invite, you’ll see a red dot appear on your map.

This person is an NPC. Usually driving a Cavalcade.

If you kill the NPC, you’ll get anything between $3k -> $9k, the NPC doesn’t fight back either. A really easy kill.
I've been doing these a lot.

Daily Objectives pay $25k and 3,000RP!

You'll be given 3 optional tasks to do, which upon completion, grant you the award above, these objectives
change every day.

How to view these objectives?

Open the interaction menu (Select on PS3/PS4, BACK on Xbox 360, the button with 2 windows on Xbox One and
M on PC) and use the DPAD (Arrow keys for PC) and select “Daily Objectives”.

These tasks WILL vary.

One day, you may have something simple, like go to the movies, call an ammo drop and the next may require a
friend....... or a random person. (Play tennis, have a 1 v1 DM)

If you do them all for a week straight, you'll be gifted $100k and 15,000RP!!

Do them for 28 days straight and you'll get $500,000 and 50,000RP!

I made a post a few months ago showing the $500k reward video here. (Or picture, if you don't like videos)

If you need people to help, I'd recommend asking in /r/gtaonline or /r/gtav.

As I said, the tasks will vary. Some you can do solo, like do a race or fly under a bridge during a race. Some may
require you to have a friend or random person, like kill a player off the radar, collect a bounty etc.

NOTE: On some occasions, your objectives will NOT update for 2 days in a row, do NOT worry, this will NOT
have an effect on you completing them for 28 days straight as the game will think you’ve done them for that day


Occasionally, you’ll see a green circle appear on your map.

This circle indicates a crate drop. Do NOT go there right away, as they are very glitchy and a known (and no one
knows if it’s fixed yet) glitch is if anyone goes to the area before the crate drops, the crate will not drop.

You’ll get a notification saying “Crate Drop Inbound” when the crate drops. Then the green circle will disappear
and be replaced with a small green square icon with a “?” on it.

The crate is usually guarded by “Arms Smugglers”, kill them, shoot the crate and you’ll see something flash. Walk
into it and you’ll claim your reward!

After a crate drops ingame, it’ll be glowing. That’s the crate. To claim it, simply run into the crate.

The rewards vary. I this picture, I only got $3000 and 500RP. Other crates may reward you with weapons, more
cash or RP etc.

Occasionally, usually AFTER a new DLC, Rockstar unlocks “Special Crates” which may contain limited edition
DLC clothing (not purchasable) access to the Minigun (even if you’re under level 120) and huge cash and RP.

Here are the contents of the special crates as of Ill Gotten Gains DLC Pt1. (You may also get a limited edition
DLC shirt, which will be accessible from any clothing store or wardrobe upon collection of the special crate)
Rob Convenience Stores! (ALL PLATFORMS)
Probably the worst way to make cash in free mode, but go into any convenience store and rob the clerk.

You’ll usually get $1000 - $1900, for robbing the store.

You’ll also end up with a 2 - 3 star wanted level too.

Rob all the convenience stores in the game and get yourself an achievement for it!


Sometimes, when in freemode, you’ll get a notification informing you of a smuggler car/bike/plane/heli.

These “targets” will appear as a red car/bike/plane/heli icon on your radar.

From my own experiences, the smuggler planes/helis pay the most.

One time, I took down a Smuggler helicopter and got $18,000 for it, I’ve been told by various people that you can
actually make up to $30,000 by taking these down!

The planes/helis tend to pay anything between $7k -> $30,000..

The smuggler cars/bikes pay around $3 -> $6k. (Once again, from my experiences)

Cars and bikes can be taken down easily, by simply throwing one sticky bomb and detonating it.

Planes and Helis require the use of the heat seeking RPG or a Hydra/Buzzard/Lazer.


When in GTA Online, you’ll get a text from Simeon, giving you a list of cars he wants.

Should you find one of these cars, you can export it to him for ⅓ extra of the price you’d get for that car at Los
Santos Customs.

It’s also one of the only ways to sell 2 cars within 48 minutes.

Just a warning: The very second you enter a car Simeon wants, you’ll get a 2 star wanted level AND you’ll need
to respray the vehicle. So I wouldn’t really recommend this.


If you have been a good sport (NOT leaving missions, not destroying personal vehicles etc.) then occasionally, in
freemode you’ll be rewarded with a “good behavior bonus”.

Bear in mind, the cash reward is really small, it’s only $2,000. Among some minor discounts in clothes stores and
The discounts in clothes stores and Ammunation is usually something around 4% -> 8% off.


NOT to be confused with standard freemode events, this section will be covering the gains of the
Freemode Events DLC, released in September 2015.

Playstation 3 or Xbox 360)

General “Thanks for Participating” Reward

Nothing too big, but simply participating in ANY freemode event WILL give you a small amount of cash if you
come 4th place or lower as a “consolation” prize.

Sometimes this might be $2,000 other times it’ll be $500.

Let’s get onto the main events:

For this challenge, players compete to see how far they can travel performing a wheelie using only motorcycles.

I’d highly recommend the Bati 801 or the Hakuchou for this as these are the best bikes for performing wheelies.

For this challenge, I’d recommend doing the wheelies at the Los Santos International Airport, as you can get
around 2,500FT and 3,500FT, which usually means you’ll finish in the top 3.

Incase it isn’t obvious, you need to land cleanly otherwise your score will not count.

Upon winning, you’ll get $10,250!

This mode is to see who can steal the most NPC vehicles in a short amount of time.

My best advice on how to win this event, is to acquire a huge vehicle (like a truck or a tank) and park it on the
highway. Then when the event starts, you should have a very easy head start, but beware of the LSPD, as this
event DOESN’T freeze the wanted levels (like Criminal Damage does)

If you win, you get $9,150.


As the title says, the highest speed challenge is a 5 minute challenge to see who can go the fastest in a land
vehicle! (This means you can’t cheat and use a Hydra)

Obviously, this one is a no-brainer, someone who has a fully modded out supercar and can drive incredibly well
will most likely win this event, so obviously my best advice is to use your best supercar for this event!
If you win, you’ll get $9,150.

Checkpoints is probably the least competitive freemode event.

When this event starts, there will be 120 checkpoints scattered across the map.

Now, unlike other events, just by collecting 1 checkpoint, you earn $750. For every 10 (I think) you then earn
$1000 for every checkpoint picked up.

This event will sometimes be “air-specific” meaning you’ll need a jet/heli in order to pick up the checkpoints.


King of the Castle is a gamemode where a player must stay in a certain space for the longest amount of time.
Other players have to kill the player and claim the place for themselves. Time runs out after 10 minutes.

If you’re lucky enough to win, you get $15,000!

I don’t have any good tips on how to win this, as only the best deathmatcher/camper/tactician will win this.

But, the second you see it appear on the map, try and be the first person there. Sometimes you may get lucky
and be put into a lobby where no one gives a damn. Well, most people won’t. Other lobbies, it might be WW3.


Hunt the Beast is a gamemode where one player will become a werewolf and the other players have to track
them down and kill them.

To balance this out, R* made it so the “Beast” doesn’t appear on the radar (until he/she visits a landmark) and the
Beast is faster and stronger than everyone else.

Anyway, from what I’ve played, this seems to be the reward:

Player who killed the Beast: $15,000 (IF the beast is killed), however, when I killed the Beast, I got $10,500, so
I think this amount increases the longer it takes for the Beast to be killed.

Every other “hunter”: $5,000 (IF the beast is killed or if the Beast manages to successfully visit every landmark)

The beast themselves: If the beast successfully visits all 10 landmarks, they get $30,000!

Tips for Hunt the Beast: Go to the checkpoint furthest away from the checkpoint you just visited.

This gamemode has players compete to see who can cause the most damage in 5 minutes.

This seems to be the most paying one as it does require players to use their own ammunition to cause as much
chaos around Los Santos as possible.

When I won a match, I got $35,000!!!!

How do I win WITHOUT having to spend a ton of cash on ammo?

Honestly, using a tank, buzzard or a Hydra are by far the most effective ways to win this event without having
to spend too much cash.

Protip: During the last 30 seconds, destroy your tank/jet/buzzard. (This will give you an extra $800k (Tank
anyway) towards your final score)


The longest freefall challenge requires players to fall the longest distance before deploying their parachute.

A tactic I recommend is to use a Helicopter or a Hydra and go to the top of the Mt Chiliad and keep going higher,
until you can go no higher. (Enter cinematic camera until the camera remains “level” with the heli/Hydra)

Then parachute out and fly towards where Franklin meets Mary-Ann in storymode, (click here if you DON’T know
what I mean) this usually gives you around 6,800ft -> 7,900ft and should be enough for you to come in the top 3!
Oh and don’t land in the water. Your score will not count if you fall into water.

By winning this event, you earn $11,000!


-A work in progress section-

This section will be updated the sooner I try out the bodyguard/VIP stuff.


This is the easiest job out of all of them.

Upon activating the job, you need to go to Los Santos International Airport, kill 3 people and deliver a briefcase.
Other players/organizations need to kill you/your organization and deliver the briefcase.

This can be done in invite only sessions, so you can freely do this every few minutes.

Upon delivering the briefcase, you and any bodyguards in your organization get anything between $16,000 to

Much easier than a 4 minute Simeon mission for only $3k.

This challenge requires at least one other bodyguard in your crew.

Upon activating the challenge, you and your crew are given 5 stars and the challenge is to see who can survive
the longest.

Just like races or deathmatches, the payout is determined by how long the job goes on for and who wins.
For example, when I tied with 3 of my friends for surviving the whole 10 minutes, the payout was split between
the 3 of us.We all got $15,000.

However, when I tied with only one friend, we both got $21k, while my 3rd place friend only got $13k.

And when we all died at around the 3 minute mark, 1st place only got $5k and last place only got 1.5k.

This minigame requires your crew to go and assasinate 4 targets within 15 minutes.

Other players in the lobby will be instructed to try and stop you.

Now, it’s not that simple, it’s not a case of finding them, one sticky and done, they’ll either be in an Armored
Baller LE, which will take a minimum of 5 stickies to destroy, with 3 heavily armed and armoured enemies.

So, use a SMG or the AP pistol to take them out.

Once you do, you’ll get a varying reward, the first time my group did it, we got $27k, the second time, we got

So the reward appears to be anything between $20k -> $30k.

Becoming a CEO (PS4/Xbox One/PC ONLY)

Here is a list of the cheapest warehouse and office:

Name Cost Size

Maze Bank West $1,000,000 (Base setup) N/A

Convenience Store $250,000 Small

Lockup - Rancho

So the very minimum you’ll need to become a CEO is $1,252,000 (You’ll be instructed to spend at least $2k on
crates as part of a tutorial)

Collecting and Delivering Your Goods

In this update, you need to spend money to make money.

Before you even think of making those $$$$ you’ll need to buy some stock to sell.


Now, when you buy your goods you can choose how many crates you’d like

1 crate: $2,000

2 crates: $8,000

3 crates: $18,000

When you go to collect your goods, ONE of many things might happen:
POSSIBILITY 1: Nothing happens and you can collect your goods with ease.

POSSIBILITY 2: The police “confiscate” your goods and you’ll need to steal them back (you’ll need to evade the
police after collecting your goods back

POSSIBILITY 3: Someone (NOT a player, a scripted event) will tamper with your signal, causing your delivery to
appear 4 times on the radar, you’ll need to track down the correct van

POSSIBILITY 4: As you go to collect your goods, you’ll encounter a gang war, fighting over your goods, kill them
all and take your truck.

POSSIBILITY 5: You’ll be chased down by NPCs in Kurumas (NOT players), kill them all.

POSSIBILITY 6: Your goods get stolen and you have to retreive your goods back by going offshore on a Dinghy.

There might be more “events” but I’ve yet to encounter them. As of writing this.

No matter these possibilities, upon collecting your truck other players will be alerted to you and they will be
instructed to come and kill you for RP and cash.

I’d highly recommend checking your map to see what the best route to take is. Obviously, avoid as many players
as possible.

Once you’ve dlivered your goods, you’ll be told how much they’re worth. This varies a lot.

IE in these 2 screenshots: My cargo is worth $94,500 and another delivery, it’s worth $126k

You will also get RP too.

You will NOT make any money until you’ve sold your goods.

You can sell your goods by going to your laptop in your warehouse and selecting which cargo you’d like to sell.

When you select which cargo you’d like to sell, you’ll be transported outside and be instructed to find your buyer
using the Trackify app on your ingame phone or drive directly to the waypoint.

Be careful, as like when delivering cargo to your warehouse, other players will be informed and be told to come
and kill you/destroy your goods.

When you find your buyer you’ll be given your cash and some RP.


Now I’ll cover cash in racing and deathmatching.

Winning is everything!
Most of you are probably going “duh, no shit!” at this, but just a reminder that if you win, you can usually earn
around $20k if you win with a decent lobby.

A lobby with two players is NOT going to pay out well at all. Usually, after a 1v1 DM with friends, the winner
usually gets around $5k -> $7k.

If you come last, however, you’ll usually only end up with a few hundred $ or maybe $2k if you’re lucky.

An example is when I won a DM with 4 people in it, I won $13,000 for coming first.
Also, if you’re wondering why 3rd and 4th place got nothing, was because they quit. If you quit out of a DM/Race,
you’ll get $0. Even if your team wins.

If you have any cash in your character’s pocket, you can use this to bet on who’ll win during the match.

In order for betting to work, most of the lobby must have placed bets.

You can set bets on yourself, or anyone else in the lobby on the “ready up” screen.

You can bet a maximum of $10k

BUT, just like real life, if you don’t win the bet, you’ll lose $10k.

If you win the bet, depending on your odds (or that person’s odds), you can get a lot of cash back.

For example, in the screenshot above (the DM one) I put a bet on myself and won. I got $13k + $7k in bets.

But, as you can see in this, someone in my lobby put a bet of $10,000 on themselves and lost. So, even though
he came 3rd and won $5k for it, he actually lost $5k for that bet. I know that’s not much, but if you put a bet of
$10k on someone and they don’t win and you come last……

Quite similar to missions, I’ll list some ways to get the most cash out of heists.

Even though this is common knowledge, the amount of times I've joined a random and they have it set to normal.

As the game even tells you, by upping the difficulty, you get more RP and $.

(Directly copied from the missions section, this applies to heists too)

However, unlike missions, the game has slightly difference difficulty modifiers for heists.


● -50% $ and RP (Yes, you lose 50% of the $ and RP you’d gain!)

● No change

● 25% extra $ and RP


Regardless how much your cut is in the heist, by beating it for the first time, you WILL get a $100,000 bonus
REGARDLESS if you beaten it on easy or hard or if your cut was 20% or 70%.

So by beating all 5 heists, you’ll get at least $500k.

This is probably most common with randoms, but if your cut isn’t worthy, don’t stay.

There have been reports of some people joining heists with random players and the host sets themselves
something like 70% and everyone else 10%.

For example, in the Prison Break heist, it pays $500,000 on hard. If the host gives themselves 70%, then
he’s/she’s getting $350,000 while everyone else gets $50,000. Is that fair? No. Not at all.

If you see anyone being tight about cuts, just leave.

NOTICE: HEIST SCAMS: I’ve seen various posts on the GTA subreddits of heist hosts who try to scam
people out of their cut to 0%.

How do they do this? Well, they’ll set your cut to 25% (or 20%) and then send you a message. On Xbox 360 the
message will take up most of the screen, same with PSN, then while you’re sending them a message back,
they’ll quickly set your cut to 0% and start the heist.

On Xbox One and Steam, the message window doesn’t take up the entire screen, so you can quickly call them
out of it. Don’t know about PS4 though.

You can counter this by un-readying up if you get a message from the host. They can’t start unless everyone’s
ready. Or pretend to read the message then quit the second you see your cut go to 0%

Just a warning.

In my honest opinion, a fair cut in heists would be either 40% (Host) - 20% - 20% - 20%.


Well, the host has to pay for the heist themselves AND they do NOT get paid during the setups.

If the host is generous, then set it 25% all. But the host will make the least cash out of this.

On Fleeca, 50%/50% cut, is perfectly fine.

Sometimes, you may get lucky and the host may give you 70% and themselves 30%, it’s what I do whenever I
have a low level joining.


Regardless if you do them with the same people or not, you WILL get a $1,000,000 bonus for beating all the
heists and their setup missions IN ORDER.

That means starting from Fleeca all the way to Pacific Bank. Not “I’ll help my friend with Humane while I’m on the
last setup for Pacific.”

The game even warns you before you join a lobby about it, if you choose yes, then you will need to restart from
If you manage to do all the heist setup missions in order with all the same crew members (regardless if you’re the
host or crew member) you’ll get an extra $1,000,000 upon completion of the Pacific Bank heist.

Like the “All In Order” challenge, if you decide to go and help out someone else, you’ll get a warning saying if you
continue, your progress will be reset.

Need a decent crew? Head on over to /r/HeistTeams! Remember to state your platform and time zone.

I only recommend this for PROFESSIONAL players who know good combat strategies.

The Criminal Mastermind challenge requires you to do ALL heists and the setup missions IN ORDER with the
SAME crew without ANYONE dying.

By completing this, you get $10,000,000!!! That’s right 10 million dollars!

It doesn’t matter if you fail a setup, only if you die. If you or anyone on your team do die, well, it’s back to Fleeca
for you.

But as I said, this I only recommend for players who are good in combat and have a fantastic team.

This is a very stressful task. So I wouldn’t try this challenge right off the bat.


Now that we've covered some money making tips, let's go over some money saving tips.


Until you hit level 120, you'll pretty much unlock something every time you level up. Car mods and clothes

Do NOT buy them just because you've unlocked them.

I'm not saying don't look at them, by all means do, but don't buy them just because you unlocked them.

Same goes for DLC weapons, as they don't have a level requirement, hell in SP on X360/PS3, you get the
weapons automatically put in your inventory in Single Player (on last gen) (Exc heists update)

Do I really need chrome on your car?

Do I really need to buy that Buzzard?

Am I ever going to wear this outfit?

Ask yourself these questions before buying.

I personally have my T20 fully modded, as I use it for racing and my Infernus barely modded, as I use it primarily
in free mode, my Bati 801 is also heavily modded for bike races, while my Bagger is not modded much.

(Page break here for Property Prices in a table) V V V V V V

Here is a list of the CHEAPEST Properties

Location/Name Apartment, Garage Cost Can you

garage, yacht Space host
or office? heists?

Unit 124 Popular St Garage 2 $25,000 NO

870 Route 68 Approach Garage 6 $62,500 NO

0112 S Rockford Dr. Apt 13 Apartment 2 $80,000 NO

1623 South Shambles St Garage 10 $105,000 NO

The Royale, Apt 19 Apartment 6 $125,000 NO

Del Perro Heights Apartment 10 $200,000 YES

3677 Whispymound Drive Stilt Apartment 10 $478,000 YES

Eclipse Towers, Penthouse Penthouse Suite 10 $905,000 YES

Suite 2*

Orion* Yacht N/A (Does hold sea $6,000,000 NO

vehicles like the
Speedophile for no
added cost)

Maze Bank West* Office N/A $1,000,000 NO

Convenience Store Lockup - Warehouse N/A $250,000 NO


*: Available on PS4, Xbox One or PC ONLY.

Remember, you can have up to 3 properties (PS3/Xbox 360) or 5 properties (PS4/Xbox One/PC). I personally
have one stilt apartment and 4 10 car garages.

Also as a reminder, any apartment with a 10 car garage can host heists, providing you’re over level 12.


If you want to try out a car, mod it up in single player or the content creator and take it for a spin.


Well, in SP, providing you've beaten the story, you should have about $20 mil across on all characters.
That's more than enough to fully mod out an Adder. That and the fact LSC is like 90% off in SP. (Seriously, gold
paint is $50k in GTA: O, about $1k in SP) If you can’t afford the new cars in SP, you can try them out in the
Content Creator, just load it up, create a “Deathmatch” Place the new vehicles where ever you want and place
the markers where ever, then “test” the deathmatch. Unlike SP, you won’t be able to drive it into LSC though.

If you think the car suits your needs, by all means buy it.

Don't go and buy a car because it looks good.

Likewise with the weapons.

On PS3/Xbox 360, you automatically get DLC weapons put in your inventory and all DLC vehicles are added to
Michael, Trevor and Franklin’s garage.

On PS4/Xbox One/PC you get DLC weapons added to Ammunation and the DLC vehicles are added to their
respective websites. (i.e a DLC plane will be on Elitas Travel)

As of Lowriders PT1, Single Player mode does NOT get any DLC cars or weapons.

You can still try them out in the content creator, however.

Some DLC weapons, such as the Homing Missile Launcher, cost a lot, like $60k. Others, like the Flare Gun cost
a small amount, like $5k.


Some of you may like to get into freeroam fights.

However, since you lose $500 upon every death, that $500 could turn into $5,000 very quickly.

That's not including ammo costs.

Every time I get into a freeroam fight, I usually end up forking out around $10k for all my ammo.

No, this is not me trying to get players to play GTA V like “The Sims” (as people call it), I’m just saying you can
lose a lot of cash very quickly by getting into freeroam fights.

Now griefers.

We know these people.

Usually being cowards in a tank or in a jet.

The second you see one, ENTER PASSIVE.

Do you want to be spawn killed?

Well, you will be unless you enter passive.

Don't even bother taking them on either.

It'll cost you around $3k to take them down and it'll cost them $200 for another tank.


Yes, I know how frustrating it is to have someone in an armored Kuruma or Insurgent try and kill you.

Yes, the only way to get them back is to blow them up.

But is it worth paying up to $16,000 for it?

No. Not at all.

Some vehicles are really cheap to destroy but since 95% of GTA players drive cars that have insurance over $5k,
not really worth it.

Hell, the T20 costs $27,000 for it’s insurance. Not worth it.


Any car that costs less than $100k on the ingame websites and isn’t “special” (like police cars) or a DLC vehicle
can actually be acquired for around 10% it’s original price.

First of all, check the ingame internet. (Southernsanandreas is the best site for this, as all super cars are over
$100k) and check for the car you want.

Does it cost less than $100k?

Is it a DLC car?

If the answer is yes to the first question and no to the 2nd question, then there is a high chance the car you want
will spawn in traffic somewhere.

If you find it, steal it, drive it to Los Santos Customs, repair it, go down to “Loss and Theft Prevention” and buy the
tracker and insurance. Depending on the vehicle, it’ll usually cost around $10k.

Then voila. You’ve “purchased” your vehicle and saved around 90%!

This works for bikes too, but it has to be $10k or less.


Here is a small list of vehicles you really don’t need to buy because they have a high spawn rate in a specific

LUXOR ($1.6 Million)

The Luxor has an incredibly high spawn rate around Los Santos International Airport.

It always spawns inside Devin Weston’s hangar (all platforms) and on PS4/Xbox One/PC it might spawn twice
outside the hangar too!

As mentioned, they can be found extremely easily around Los Santos International Airport. So no need to waste
$1.6 million on it!


ANNIHILATOR ($1.825 Million)

The Annihilator is an attack helicopter that can be found commonly around any place that has helipads. This
includes Los Santos International Airport, Sandy Shores Airfield, the Helipads near Vespucci Beach and on top of
the hospital near Franklin’s first safehouse.

Apparently, they’ll spawn at most helipads once you reach level 37.
TITAN ($2 Million)
The titan has an incredibly high spawn rate at Los Santos International Airport, with it spawning in the hangar
opposite Devin Weston’s hangar.

It will also spawn occasionally at Sandy Shores Airfield, though the chance of it spawning here is a bit lower than
the LSIA spawn.

In GTA Online, there are some vehicles you can aquire for free, upon meeting a certain criteria

These are:

● Annis Elegy RH8 (ALL PLATFORMS) (LegendaryMotorSport)

You can “purchase” the Elegy RH8 by having your Xbox Gamertag or PSN ID linked up to your Rockstar Games
Social Club Account.

If you play on PC, you’ll already have a Social Club account.

● Hijack Khamelion (PS4/Xbox One/PC)

You can purchase the Hijack Khamelion for free ONLY if you owned the Collectors Edition of GTA 5 on
PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.

If you did NOT own the CE of GTA on PS3/360, you can purchase the Khamelion for $100k.

● Vapid Hotknife (PS4/Xbox One/PC)

You can purchase the Vapid Hotknife for free ONLY if you owned the Collectors Edition of GTA 5 on PlayStation
3 or Xbox 360.

If you did NOT own the CE of GTA on PS3/360, you can purchase the Hotknife for $90k.

● Nagasaki Carbon RS (PS4/Xbox One/PC)

You can purchase the Carbon RS for free ONLY if you owned the Collectors Edition of GTA 5 on PlayStation 3 or
Xbox 360.

If you did NOT own the CE of GTA on PS3/360, you can purchase the Carbon RS for $40k.

● Declasse Burger Shot Stallion/Vapid Pisswater Dominator/Bravado Redwood

Gauntlet (PS4/Xbox One/PC) (SouthernSanAndreasSuperAutos)
In the “Cunning Stunts” update, Rockstar added in these 3 vehicles from story mode to GTA Online.

You can purchase these for FREE only if you are a RETURNING player, which means you must have played
GTA 5 on PS3/Xbox 360 and played on the PS4/Xbox One/PC version.

“I played on Xbox 360 and moved to PS4, how do I become a returning player?”

Link your PSN ID and your Xbox Live gamertag to a Social Club account. Then you’ll be a returning player.
Lets get onto some “myths” about cash.

Myths, in this sense, is a widely spread rumor, with some people believing them and others not believing


A half truth.

As for patch 1.16 (on PS3/Xbox 360) or launch (PS4/X1/PC) mission payouts are determined by difficulty and
how long you take.


The mission payout usually caps around 8 minutes, BUT it is much better and faster to try and complete missions
as soon as possible.

For example, Rooftop Rumble for 15 minutes could net you $24k while doing it for 4 minutes nets you $16k. (or
somewhere in that region) So, by doing Rooftop Rumble twice (around 4 mins both times) gives you $32k in 10
minutes. (Including loading times) While 15 minutes nets you $24k.

To get the most out of missions, try and do EVERY mission around the 4 minute mark NOT 10. NOT 15.
NOT 20.


If someone has a bounty and they’re in their personal vehicle, you CAN destroy their car without paying
insurance or getting Bad Sport points.

If you DO get bad sport points, it’s likely they were driving their friends car.

And if you have a bounty and someone destroys your car, usually, when calling up Mors Mutual, they’ll say “NO
CHARGE” so you can recover your car for free.


This applies mostly to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

If you encounter a hacker and he’s giving everyone $100 million, check your transactions, leave and email

Usually they’ll ask for proof (attach a screen of the modder to, if possible and your bank transactions, go to Maze
Bank’s site then check transactions) and R* will usually get rid of all your modded cash.

Providing you DON’T go around spending it all or giving it to your friends, nothing will happen to you.

If R* support are being lazy, usually sending them a Tweet @RockstarSupport will make them check your ticket
and get it resolved.

June 2015 edit: In the June 2015 “ban wave” some players who received hacked cash claimed they got
banned. Now, like the “Rockstar doesn’t support mods!!!” incident in May 2015, take it with a grain of
salt. I don’t play on PC or know anyone who has gotten hacked cash, so I can’t confirm or deny this.
August 2015 edit: I do play on PC. But I use mods for SP, so I don’t play GTA Online on PC.


If you attempt to access BAWSAQ in GTA Online, you’ll be greeted with an error telling you to go back to GTA V
if you want to invest.

There have been rumors and speculation about if R* will unlock the stock market online, but as said, these are
RUMORS AND SPECULATION. Do not take them as a fact, regardless if DomIsLive or some DLC leaker claims
it’s coming.

Only believe it if Rockstar themselves confirm it via their Newswire, Twitter or Youtube.

I GOT AN INVITE TO A $1000000000 + 1000000000RP DEATHMATCH, IS IT LEGIT!?

No. No it isn’t.

The deathmatch in question is called a “trap” deathmatch. Where everyone is unarmed and in a tight restricted

Seems fair, right?

Well, in these DM’s, there is usually a ton of guns, somewhere outside the area. Maybe a tank or a buzzard too.

The first person to escape the area, can pick up the weapons and constantly spawn kill everyone until the match
ends. It’s very difficult to leave the DM too as you’ll most likely be killed before you can even leave.

Other names for these “DM’s”

$100,000 + 100,000 RP (Cash Parkour)



$10,000,000 + RP = SEX.

ETC. And the host of these will constantly spam you with invites. Just decline them and they won’t pop up (from
that person).

Does paint effect the resale value of my car?

No it does not. I tested this out myself, personally, with a Gallivanter Baller and gold paint:

Stock Baller (no gold paint)

Gold Baller (unmodded)

As you can see, the Baller still sells for only $9k with gold paint. So the myth of “adding Chrome/Gold paint
increases the sale value” is busted.

I’ll update this section in should there be any “offers” like the ones listed below.
These discounts are a one time offer for anyone who has their Xbox Live/PSN ID linked up to a R* Games Social
Club account.

Because GTA V PC requires players to sign up for R* Social Club, all (legal) PC players are eligible for this.


Just go to the following links, sign in (if needed, don’t worry Lifeinvader.com is owned by Rockstar.) and “stalk”

http://www.lifeinvader.com/profile/warstock_cache_n_carry (10% off your next purchasefrom Warstock Cache n


http://www.lifeinvader.com/profile/redwood_cigarettes (10% off your next visit to the hospital, possibly SP only)

http://www.lifeinvader.com/profile/sprunk (A free can of Sprunk from any vending machine)

http://www.lifeinvader.com/profile/elitas_travel (10% off your next purchase from Elitas Travel)

http://www.lifeinvader.com/profile/inkinc (Next tattoo is free)

http://www.lifeinvader.com/profile/herr_kutz (Next haircut is free)

http://www.lifeinvader.com/profile/legendary_motorsport (10% off your next purchase from Legendary Motorsport)

http://www.lifeinvader.com/profile/los_santos_customs (Next paintjob is free)

Remember, these are ONE time only. Once you’ve used one up, well, you’ll get an ingame notification and that’s

Also,if you linked up your Xbox/PSN ID to the R* Social Club, you’ll unlock a free vehicle, the Annis Elegy RH8,
which you can purchase for $0 from Legendary Motorsport! (But this can also use up your 10% Legendary
Motorsport discount, so be careful)

HOWEVER: Because GTA V on PC requires players to have a Rockstar Games Social Club account, the Annis
Elegy RH8 is NOT FREE. It costs around $90k for PC players.

Yes, I know one of the possible reasons you’re reading this is to avoid buying these but please hear me out!!!

Personally, the cheaper shark cards, like the Red Shark ($100k), Tiger Shark ($200k) aren’t really that bad of an

For example, the Red Shark card costs £1.99. What is £1.99 going to buy me on Xbox? Absolutely nothing or
maybe a crappy gamer pic pack for Xbox 360. (Yeah I know on Steam you could probably buy a TF2/CS:GO
key/skin or something but y’know not everyone is a hardcore TF2/CS:GO player)

Anyway this is my recommendation. Obviously what you spend your cash on is your business.

For those wondering: A shark card is a micro transaction in GTA Online that lets players spend real cash for
GTA$. The prices of these vary. Upon purchase of a shark card, the cash will be deposited into your bank the
very second you’re back in GTA Online.

You can see the prices of shark cards from the ingame store by pausing then going across to the very far right
and you’ll see “GAMES STORE”, then you can check out the prices. (Yes, the Megalogdon one is a huge rip off. I
personally recommend buying the Tiger/Red shark. But as said above, whatever you spend your cash on is your


Phew. Well, this is a lot of hard work put into this guide.

Guide written by TheNathanNS (http://www.reddit.com/user/TheNathanNS or


Thanks to people over at /r/GTAOnline for giving me feedback when I posted the first version of this guide.

If there’s any more improvements that can be made, please tell me and I’ll work on it.

If you want to use this guide anywhere else, please credit me, it’s all I ask. Thanks.