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Tight & Firm Gen2 Body

Tight & Firm 2.0 body is an all-in-one standalone "Gen2" body platform (legs and
feet are no longer based on NWVR), and as such there is limited backwards
compatibility with "Gen1" NWVR 2.2.1 assets.

Compatibility notes:
- Chests are interchangeable between Gen2 and Gen1.
- Gen2 Legs are not compatible with Gen1 mods, if the mod has exposed genitalia and
pubic region.
- Gen1 pubic hair/tattoo mods (the unmirrored square pubic patch) will not work on
a Gen2 body.
- Gen2 Feet are not fully interchangeable with Gen1 or vice versa.
- PK Futa texture placement and UV is still supported.

Mod Contents:
- Full base nude with all included 2K textures, Medium sized chest and legs, and
new hands and feet model.
- Options for Small or Large(Hentai) chest and legs.
- Compatibility for basic Ruta Au Ra Scales.
- Compatibility for Scaleless Au Ra.
- Compatibility for DX9 client (default texture configuration only).
- Resources for Mod Creators: texture overlays and 3D models for clothing.

- Import all contents of the main Tight&FirmBody-Gen2.ttmp file first.
- Import any desired options from the Options folder in the following order: Size
Variants, then Texture options.
- For an SFW body install, import the main Tight&FirmBody-Gen2.ttmp, then
Tight&FirmBody-Gen2-SFW-SmallclothesOnly.ttmp from the Options folder.

- Q: "What's the difference between 'Gen1' and 'Gen2'?
- A: The primary difference is the way textures are laid out now in the Gen2 body.
Pubic bone, vagina, anus and feet (toes) are the parts that are affected.

- Q: "I have older mods that have wierd looking crotch texture now", "All the toes
look messed up on my open-toe shoes mods, is this normal?"
- A: No. As per mentioned above, any of the older Gen1 mods that have any exposed
genitalia, or exposed feet will not match the new Gen2 textures. Likewise, using
the Gen2 body with older textures will also break. For mixing/matching mods that
use Gen1 body parts with this Gen2 base body, follow these basic guidelines: Gen2
feet/legs/textures must all be used together with compatible Gen2 mods and cannot
be intermixed with Gen1 feet/legs/texture mods which have exposed genitalia or
toes. Face/Eyes/Hands/Hair/Chest etc can all be interchanged freely regardless of

- Q: "I'm confused about all the options, please explain?"

- A: Installing the main Tight&FirmBody-Gen2.ttmp file will install everything you
need for a full base body using the default medium sizes for chest/legs.
Each available option found in the options folder will allow you to customize your
install by replacing one or more items from the main set with custom part(s). These
should be installed AFTER installing the main file, if you wish to use any of these
options. Install custom textures such as Tight&Soft, Ruta Scales, or Scaleless
compatibility LAST.

Size variants:
Each of the files contained in this folder will alter the appearance of Chest or
Tight&FirmBody-Large/Hentai - This will install a very large breast size.
Tight&FirmBody-Small - This will install a small breast size (smaller than the
default vanilla game's breast size) with a matching texture made specifically for
small chest.
Tight&FirmLegs-Large - This will install a bigger butt size and thicker thighs.
Tight&FirmLegs-Small - This will install a small butt size and skinner thighs (butt
size is similar to the default vanilla game's butt size).

Compatibility textures:
Tight&FirmBody-RutaScales - This file will install the textures that are compatible
with the default configuration of Ruta's scales. For a full custom install, you
will need to download and install Ruta's updated scales for Tight&Firm Gen2. This
will give you various options, colors and configurations to choose from.
Tight&FirmBody-RutaScales-ForSmallBreasts - Same as above but optimized for small
or petite breast sizes.
Tight&FirmAuRa-ScalelessBody - This file will install the textures that are
compatible with a scaleless Au Ra mod. It will not remove Au Ra scales on its own,
in this case you will need to install any of the Scaleless Au Ra mods available to
remove face scales/tail/etc. if this is the look you want to achieve.
Tight&FirmAuRa-ScalelessBody-ForSmallBreasts - Same as above but optimized for
small or petite breast sizes.

DX9 only:
Tight&FirmGen2Textures-DX9 - Use this only if you are running a DX9 client and
cannot update to DX11.

1.0 to 2.0 full change list:

- Re-weighted for better scaling.
- Fixed legacy tattoo.
- Fixed nipples/head tracking issue.
- Added small size.

- Brand new base mesh.
- New UVs for genitalia textures.
- New skin weighting for better deformation.
- Labia opens according to legs spreading open.
- Added small and large sizes.

- Brand new base mesh.
- Slender shape with rounded heel.
- Optimized UVs for multiple poses: Flat to the ground + arched high-heel pose.

- New base mesh adapted from Omega-F model, hand-tessellated for smoother geometry.

- Reworked diffuse maps.
- New genitalia textures.
- New baked normal maps.