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“Hey komrad, this might come off as a weird question, but is there something massive in the

works going on? I've been having some odd dreams the past couple of nights after doing
some meditations on Ellis and Doombringer. And they have involved you trying to contact
me. In the one dream you had called me and we spoke at length about a major plan you
were wanting to set in motion for DKMU. It involved us, the council stepping away almost
completely to see if DKMU could hold its own as an autonomous organism. But with us
stepping away it gave us time to pursue personal systems so that when we came back our
new systems only served to strengthen the core of DKMU. And then last night I dreamt that
the four of us, (omitted). So my question is, have you perhaps been reaching out psychically
or am picking up the reverberations of an idea tossed out into the webs of khaos? Later”
- Anonymous

Brothers & sisters of the way, now is the time in which the trials begin and familiar lights go out.
They will be passing, though you must remain aware and willing through their lengths. The
coming time had been known far before many of you had found your way here, and it cannot stop
now. Those who have come in most recently will be the first to feel doubt. The ship itself will pass
through rocks and storms, and some may fall overboard. Some may be ridiculed and insulted
along with the whole when all lights begin to dim and the world is covered with silver blue – the
final stage. Know that this also must occur, and know that the island approaches, which
symbolizes our destiny. The clues have been left, and all things are available that make up the
scattered pieces of a vast puzzle. Know that we are with you. The stage is yours. Those who
remain will find Zalty’s lap, those who retreat may return once more. There are no rules to this,
only a cycle, and night has begun.

The word is: Silence. The name of the sixth is: Quillipthoth. 2010 marks the next.