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Q1. What important beliefs did Aurangzed hold? (7)
Q2. How were the Marathas defeated? (7)
Q3. How did invensions weaken the Mughal Empire? (7)
Q4. Why were the Europeans interested in India? (7)
Q5. Why were Shah Wali Ullah’s teachings so important to Muslims? (7)
Q6. Why were Muslims worried after Aurangzeb’s death? (7)
Q7. Give three reasons for the failure of Jihad movement. (7)
Q8. What effects did British success have on the peoples of India? (7)
Q9. How did Robert Clive Lay the foundations for British Rule? (7)
Q10. How did the British take over the area of present day Pakistan? (7)
Q11. What did British do about Religion? (7)
Q12. How did the British treat the rebels in 1858? (7)
Q13. Why were Muslims treated the worst? (7)
Q14. How did the Rebellion affect teh British? (7)
Q15. Why did Sir Syed Ahmed Khan not support the India National (7)
Q16. Why is Urdu so important to the development of Pakistan? (7)
Q17. What was the Urdu-Hindu controvercy? (7)
Q18. Why has it proved difficult to established Urdu as the official (7)
Q19. Why did the Muslims League demand self government in 1916? (7)
Q20. How did World War-I affect India? (7)
Q21. Why was Mr. Jinnah a member of both congress and the Muslim (7)
Q22. What was the importance of the Lucknow Pact in 1916? (7)
Q23. Why did the Montagu-Chelmsford report cause so much anger? (7)
Q24. Why did British not give India self-government in 1919? (7)
Q25. Why were India Muslims so concerned about Turkey? (7)
Q26. How did the non-cooperation movement and Khilifat movement (7)
come to an end ?
Q27. Why did Indians not have confident in the Simon Commission? (7)
Q28. Why did the Nehru Committee reject Muslim proposals? (7)
Q29. What was the importance of Mr. Jinnah’s 14 points? (7)
Q30. What was the purpose of the Round Table Conferences? (7)
Q31. Explain why the 1935 Act was a turning point? (7)
Q32. Why was Mohammad Lqbal so important in the development of (7)
Q33. What was the August offer and why was it rejected? (7)
Q34. How did the Atlantic Charter affect India? (7)
Q35. Why did the Muslim League condemn the Quit India Movement? (7)
Q36. Who was blamed for the failure of the Simla Conference? (7)
Q37. How did teh strength of the Muslim League gorw? (7)
Q38. How did Indian react to the 1946 plan? (7)
Q39. What effect did Direct Action Day have? (7)
Q40. How did Britain try to move towards independence during (7)
1940 – 1946?
Q41. Why did relations between the Congress and the Muslim League (7)
deteriorate after 1937?
Q42. How did Pakistan survive in its early years? (7)
Q43. How did the dispute between Pakistan and India over Kashmir start? (7)
Q44. How did Jinnah see the role of women in Pakistan? (7)
Q45. Why was it so difficult to agree on a new constitution? (7)
Q46. Why were the government of Malik Ghulam Mohammad and (7)
Iskandir Mirza described as “Government by Bureaucrats”?
Q47. How important was the 1956 constitution? (7)
Q48. Why did East Pakistan object to one unit? (7)
Q49. How did Ayub Khan take power? (7)
Q50. Why is the period 1958 – 68 known as the decade of development? (7)
Q51. What did Ayub Khan mean by “Controlled Democracy”? (7)
Q52. Why was Islamabad chosen to replace Karachi as teh capital? (7)
Q53. How did the 1962 constitution work? (7)
Q54. How important was the Presidential Election of 1965? (7)
Q55. How was Ayub Khan forced to resign? (7)
Q56. What grievances did East Pakistan have against West Pakistan? (7)
Q57. What was India’s Role in the break-up of Pakistan? (7)
Q58. What effect did the loss of East Pakistan have on Pakistan? (7)
Q59. What caused Bhutto’s downfall in 1977? (7)
Q60. How did the Sovient Union’s invasion of Afghanistan General Zia? (7)
Q61. How difficult was the Afghan Refugee problem? (7)
Q62. How did Civilian Government return? (7)
Q63. When did Pakistan officially recognize the state of Bangladesh? (7)
Q64. Why have there been wars with India? (7)
Q65. How did Pakistan and India be have towards each other after 1971? (7)
Q66. What was the significance of the Siachen Glacier? (7)
Q67. How did Cricket diplomacy avert a war? (7)
Q68. How did Pakistan help the Mujahideen to defeat the USSR invasion? (7)
Q69. What common interests linked Iran and Pakistan? (7)
Q70. What was China’s position during Pakistan’s wars with India? (7)
Q71. How did Turkey and Pakistan work together? (7)
Q72. How did the Cold War affect Pakistan? (7)
Q73. How close were Us-Pakistan relations during the 1950s? (7)
Q74. How was Pakistan worked with the United Nations? (7)
Q75. How did the Gulf War affect Nawaz Sharif’s government? (7)
Q76. How did the failure of financial institution damage Nawaz Sharif? (7)
Q77. Why did Pakistan have to seek help from the IMF? (7)
Q78. Why does Pakistan have Nuclear weapons? (7)
Q79. How did the KargilWar in 1999 affect Pakistan? (7)
Q80. Who was Pashwa? (4)
Q81. What was Faraizi’s supposed to do? (4)
Q82. How did Titu Mir try to help uslims? (4)
Q83. What was Industrial Revolution? (4)
Q84. What was the Pitt’s India Act of 1784? (4)
Q85. What was Female Infenticide? (4)
Q86. What is meant by Westernization? (4)
Q87. What did Thomas Macaulay do? (4)
Q88. What were some of the benefits of the Railways? (4)
Q89. What happened to the East India Company? (4)
Q90. What was the “Aligarh Movement” ? (4)
Q91. What was meant by “Two Nations” ? (4)
Q92. What was the importance of Suez Canal for British? (4)
Q93. How was Pashto developed after 1947? (4)
Q94. What was Curzon’s mistake? (4)
Q95. How did the British upset Muslim in 1911? (4)
Q96. What was meant by seperate delectorates? (4)
Q97. What was “Dyarchy” ? (4)
Q98. What did Mahatama Gandhi mean by Satyagraha? (4)
Q99. Why did Gandhi support the Khalafat Movement? (4)
Q100. What is the significance of the name “Pakistan” ? (4)
Q101. Who was Lord Mouthbatten? (4)
Q102. What was Operation Pakistan? (4)
Q103. Who was Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rehman? (4)
Q104. What was the six points programme? (4)
Q105. Who was Yahya Khan? (4)
Q106. Who was Liaqat Ali Khan? (4)
Q107. Who was Miss Fatima Jinnah? (4)
Q108. What was the Pressler Amendment of 1985? (4)
Q109. What is Common Wealth? (4)
Q110. What is the OIC? (4)
Q111. What was the Troika during 1990s? (4)
Q112. What were some of Benazir Bhutto’s most notable achievements? (4)
Q113. What was Economic Liberalization? (4)
Q114. What was the United Bank scandal? (4)
Q115. What were the 14th and 15th amendments of Nawaz Sharif? (4)