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My Experience traveling abroad


Group: A


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NRC Course: 352

(In the Airport)

Nelliel: Hi! Friends. How are you?

Maria González.: Very fine, it’s been a long time.

Ruth: When that the last time that you saw Nelliel? (When was the last time that we saw you?)

Maria: have (it has) been two years.

Nelliel: You read the novel i sent you? (Did you read the novel?)

Maria: No, I've only read half. I've been busy studying.

Ruth: What country are you from Nelliel?

Nelliel: I come from Suecia. It was a long journey. I was on the Djurgrden island with my friends,
We visited many beautiful places before going to a restaurant where I would meet a flight mate,
After the meeting we left to the airport.

People in the restaurant looked at me strangely, perhaps by the amount of luggage. the people of
Suecia are usually very serious and treatment is very formal, they show no confidence in first

Maria: at the entrance of the airport a taxi, we expect we're going to my house.

(In the taxi)

Nelliel: many things have changed since I went.

Ruth: Yes, they have decorated the streets for Christmas, ahead with a dinner at Maria's House.

Nelliel: my friends celebrate together Julafton

Ruth and Maria: Julafton?

Nelliel: Christmas!

Nelliel: my friends placed gnomes on the terrace of their houses, a very fun tradition.

Ruth: Gnomes? Dolls?

Nelliel: yes!

Maria: your friend kevin has written me much lately, have talques (talked)about the things you like
to do with me
Nelliel: the me sending some pictures of his trip to estocholm

Maria: accept his invitation to go to Suecia. I've been doing the paperwork to move me from
University, I hope to have a warm welcome for me, so I've heard it's very cold.

Nelliel: two years ago, when you arrive at Stockholm, my aunt Nicolle I received with two surprises
in hand, one was my student visa and a motorcycle keys, My first day at the University was
something crazy, do not understand very well the Swedish language.

María: and how talking to them?

Nelliel: Luckily I met Kevin, the he spoke English and taught me how to speak Swedish.

Ruth: Very nice. And was very difficult to get friends?

Nelliel: No, they are very friendly but formal.

Maria: fantastic, and what is more they eat?

Nelliel: Pyttipanna.

Maria: What’s that?

Nelliel: Small cubes stuffed with meat and potato chips.

Ruth: that but you did?

Nelliel: an excursion by boat on the Stockholm estocholm Archipelago. the boat gave me dizziness
and vomit.

Ruth: We have arrived at Mary's House.