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Mechanical Seal Piping Plans World Wide

802-878-8307 FLEXASEAL.COM Solutions
Single Seal
Single Seal
Single Seal

Quench Seal
Dual Seal

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Patented Style 85 Split Seal On-Site Seal Repair

The Easiest Installation of Any Split Seal in the World The Fastest Turnaround for Seal Repair in the U.S.A. Flex-A-Seal, Inc.
 Only two pieces handled  All Makes and Models One Jackson Street
 Fully assembled and pressure tested at the factory  Complete Failure Analysis Essex Junction, VT 05453 USA
 No Measurements, No Shims, No Special Tools, No Glue  Tested at the Factory To request literature or specific product information:
 Patent No. 5662340  Quick Turnaround email sales@flexaseal.com
To request a quote or submit a purchase order:
email sales@flexaseal.com
For technical information:
email techsupport@flexaseal.com
For billing and invoice questions:
email frontoffice@flexaseal.com
Fax: 802-878-2479
5411 4253 3114 / 5529 6655
1-802-878-8307 / 800-426-3594 (USA only)

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