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Training Manual
eCourts System

What is e-Review?


An online forum between Registrar and

parties to conduct case management online
using e-Court system (EFS and CMS).


• To reduce court appearances (in-person) for
case managements before the Registrars at
the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court.
• To save time and expense of having to attend
court in person to deal with preliminary

Who can use?

• Lawyers from legal firms or government agencies.

• Must be registered users of e-Filing System (EFS), must
have an EFS login ID and password to login into the
EFS to participate in any e-Review session.
• Lawyer must be authorized by the legal firm or the
agency to conduct e-Review.
• Cases need to be assigned by the firm’s or agency’s
EFS administrator to the lawyer’s profile in EFS.

Conduct of e-Review
• e-Review to be used for case management before
• For civil appeals and applications only.
• Parties should use language and conduct themselves
professionally as if they are present in court.
• Any message sent via e-Review using the lawyer’s login
ID is deemed to be sent by the lawyer.

Conduct of e-Review

• All messages will be visible to all parties and the

• Undertakings given during e-Review are as binding as if
the undertaking were given in person.
• All messages in the e-Review will be recorded and
saved in the e-Court System as Notes of Proceeding.
Important steps for 8

preparation e-Review

• Firm’s EFS administrator has to create User ID for

lawyers who will conduct e-Review.
• Cases fixed for CM must be assigned to the lawyer
using e-Review module in EFS.
• If cases are not assigned to any lawyer, the firm would
not receive any CM message.

Steps for firm’s EFS

administrator to
Create User ID
Create User ID

Go to Menu > User Profile

Create User ID

Click Search button to view all user profile.

Click Add User button to add user.
Create User ID

Fill in the user details and click Save.


e-Review Manual
Notification Case 14


Click on “Menu” then select Inbox or click on bubble

notification “Inbox” at homepage screen.
Notification Case 15


The Inbox screen will be displayed.

Notification Case 16

Notis Pengurusan Kes
Secara e-Review
Notification Case 18


Click on “Borang Pengurusan Kes” or “Notis Pengurusan Kes

Secara e-Review” to view the details of message.

e-Review Module

e-Review button – Once user login into the e-Filing, user

will find e-Review button at the Home Screen.

e-Review Module

When user clicks the e-Review button, the list of all cases
filed by the user’s legal firm or agency which are fixed
for case management will be listed.
Case Assignment

Cases fixed for case management will be listed according to

case listing dates.
IMPORTANT: these cases need to be assigned to the counsels
in charge of the cases, otherwise nobody in the firm or agency
will receive any message.
Case Assignment

1. Tick on the check box of related cases and assign to THE

respective lawyer using "Assign To” function.
2. Click "Assign" button to proceed.
3. Repeat step 2 and 3 to re-assign the case to a different
Case Assignment

Cases assigned to lawyers will be displayed accordingly.

IMPORTANT: CM cannot be reassigned to other lawyer if
the conversation has been initiated.

e-Review Initiate by Users

To initiate a conversation, click one case from the

“Not Ready CM” list.

Case Management Form

FOR APPLICANT/APPELLANT - Case Management form

will be displayed. Fill up the required fields.
**Only first CM will require the Appellant/Applicant to submit the CM Form. For the
subsequent CM, the CM Form is only required if there is an instruction from the Court.

Case Management Form

A. If the user have completed the form and is ready to

submit, user can click “Submit” to proceed.

B. If user has not completed the form, user can click

“Save” button to keep details.

Case Management Form

User is able to edit the form using “Case Management Form”

button and submit later.

Case Management Form

This form MUST be submitted first. Appellant can only send

message after submitting the form.

Case Management Form

FOR RESPONDENT – Respondent does not have to fill any form.

Instead, respondent can view the form submitted by the Appellant. (B)
Type message in the “Message” box to start a conversation. (C)


The attendance of parties will automatically updated in

the case information section once they initiate
conversation. System will auto-capture the lawyer’s name
based on the login ID.

View List of Document

Parties are able to view the list of documents filed via EFS by clicking
“Document” button. Only list will be displayed, not the enclosure itself.
Locked CM

Once the registrar close the e-Review session, user will not able to send or
receive any message. The conversation box will blocked and the case box
will be highlighted in dark grey and listed under Locked Minute section.

Bubble Notification

Once users login into EFS or back Home Screen EFS, users will see
three notifications at the home page that related to e-Review cases.
A. CM Messages (for CM Today) – unread messages for
B. CM Messages – overall unread messages.
C. CM Listing (Today) – cases listed on CM date.
Incoming Message 34

User Manual & 35

Training Slide
User Manual & 36

Training Slide

Clear Cache Browser


Clear Cache Browser

If you face any issues while using EFS,

please perform the following steps:

1) Clear cache (see steps below)

2) Close the browser
3) Open new browser and login to system

CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE (Clear All History tab will pop out)

eCourt Helpdesk
Email : ecourts.helpdesk@omesti.com
CC Email : EKBTM@kehakiman.gov.my