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Images of the Soul

Are your thoughts visible

Are your emotions visible
Translated from Dutch by Pavanne Veltman

ISBN: 90 202 8307 3
NUR: 720
Reference: aura/thought forms

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Table of Contents



1 Reconciling the differences

2 How I began to see

3 Thoughts and feelings create images

When do we create images? | Meditation

4 The language of the mental body

How and where are images created? | Properties of our mental body |
How symbols and images are created in the mental body | Is it abnormal
or dangerous to see images during the day? | The mental body is the visible
reflection of our thoughts

5 How you can learn to see spiritual bodies, images, and chakras
Reading your own aura | Frequently asked questions | Reading your own root

6 The core thought

Core positive thought: I am love | Core negative thought: I am not love

7 Case-stories of thought images

I will be rejected | I can’t do it | I am alone | I have no choice | I am worthless |
I will fail | I am inferior | I don’t believe in my ideas | I am weak | I don’t trust
my feelings | Sometimes I can’t talk

8 Catalogue of images
9 Our seven bodies
Spiritual bodies and corresponding chakras | What do I see when I look at the
seven bodies? | Meditation

10 Auras and chakras

The aura | The chakras | Chakra-meditation | Meditation

11 The mental body processes self-defeating thoughts

How does the mental body process our negative thoughts about ourselves? |
What do unprocessed negative thoughts and feelings look like?

12 Coping with emotions

Coping well with emotions in your daily life | Expressing your emotions can
help | How your heart can influence your emotions | How your mental
body can influence your emotions | How your Soul can influence your
emotions | How you can protect yourself against fear and other external
emotions | Grounding yourself | Accompanying meditation

13 Traveling with your Soul

Cosmic journey to the sixth dimension | Types of dreams | Astral
projection | Cosmic journey to the fourth dimension |

14 Thinking from your Soul

Cosmic journey to the fifth dimension | Cosmic, rational, emotional,
and intuitive thinking | How to get in touch with your Soul | Meditation

15 Speaking from your Soul

Two souls consciously speak with each other | How beautiful the souls of all
things created! | Subconscious communication between souls | Contact with
the departed

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Are your thoughts visible

Are your emotions visible?

There is more between Heaven and Earth, and that is nothing new. There are
people who see, hear, feel, and know more, and that is also nothing new. But it is
new, and above all exciting, to know what clairvoyant people actually see when they are
allowed to look at you. And what you can see when you look inside your fysical body,
your mind and your spiritual body. Can you see your organs? Can you possibly see
even further? Maybe you see what you feel, your beautiful and less beautiful
emotions? Maybe you see what you think, your beautiful and less beautiful
thoughts? Maybe you can see the future, or the past, or maybe even your past
lives. Maybe you have asked yourself if you could be clairvoyant, clairhearing, or
clairfeeling. How does that work? When is it healthy and normal, and when is it
not? How can you deal with it and how can you develop the gift? These are all
questions many of us have asked ourselves but the most important question is:
can I see my emotions, my thoughts, my mental images? And the answer is yes.

You can see clairvoyant in space and time. By space, I mean that you can see
auras, chakras, mental imagess and feelings. By time, I mean past lives
and the future. Not all people have the same abilities. Some see, while others
hear, feel, or know. Other can see, hear, feel, and know, or a combination of the
different possibilities. What is important is how you use it. I only look when I am
asked to do .I never look without permission of the person I look at.I also ask
permission of a person’s Inner or Higher Self or Soul before I look. Sometimes you
do not get permission, sometimes it is partial, to protect yourself or another.
And it goes without saying that the information you receive must be held in the
strictest confidence.

If you see from your Soul, through your heart, it is always with wonder and without
judgement. Every person is unique and everyone’s Soul is beautiful, even if at
that moment their own inner beauty is not visible for your fysical eyes. The next
moment can be different again. If you look from your heart, it is more than just
observing. As "le petit prince "said: " You look with your eyes, you see with your
At the same time, you set a process of change or healing in motion in the person
you are looking at.

Seeing is a conscious process and I only begin to do it if I am asked. When I have

not been asked, I do not look and therefore see absolutely nothing. What do I see?
The aura consists of several layers or bodies. I myself see and describe seven. I
know that there are more, but for the sake of clarity, I limit myself to seven. All of
our seven bodies are visible. They all have a different function and, therefore, all
6 Images of the Soul

different. In this book I will focus on what your emotions look like in your
emotional body and what your thoughts look like in your mental body.

In other words, what you see when you feel and when you think, not in words,
but in the images that you form in your mind.

I mean not only to describe it, but to show you with drawings. There will certainly
be images you recognize. They are not only my images, they are the images I see
in myself and in others. Other people also see images in themselves and in others.
In the emotional body, you can literally see your emotions in shape and color.
In the mental body, you see what you think not in words, but in the images that
you form in your mind. Images are often symbolic, a combination of primal and
personal symbolism. Every person creates his or her own images when he or she
thinks and feels.As Saint Germain says in the book: " Unveiled mysteries" by
Godfre Ray King: " Thoughts and feelings are lively pulsating things,floating on
the etheric energy in the kosmos".

If you can make contact with your “bodies,” and can therefore also see them,
then you are also able to make contact with other “bodies,” such as those of
minerals, plants, and animals. I will describe what the spirit of each of these looks
like and what they communicate. This also means that you can make contact
with the bodies and spirits of others who are not present, whether elsewhere here
on Earth, or somewhere in the cosmos. Contact with the deceased is also possible,
with their permission. I will describe how I do this, what I see and what sorts of
answers they give to my questions.

For me this also means that I can leave my body and travel with one of my other
non-physical bodies. Sometimes I travel with others, sometimes alone. Sometimes
it happens spontaneously, but mostly it is planned ahead of time. Fortunately, I
know that we all have this ability, only many of us have forgotten that we have it
and how to use it. This book will take you on a wondrous journey within yourself,
and with your Self, to other people and other dimensions. It will give you insight
into more of our limitless possibilities, into the hidden power of your senses and it
does not matter wether you believe in God or not, wether you belong to a religion
or not, wether you use the word Soul or source, love-life or light, consciousness or
void, universal laws apply to every Soul, without exception.

The one and only purpose of all of this to know, to experience , to be conscious
again who you really are, an living Soul, an unbelievable beautifull Light, an
perfect expression of the one and only Creator.

She was like a ghost wandering through my thoughts, intangible, but impossible
to dispel. Would I be able to help Elizabeth? Would I be allowed to help her? I
always want to find the underlying cause, why things happen in people’s lives.
Why does one become ill, why does another have an accident, or lose one or more
loved ones? Why does one lose job after job, or money and property? Why does a
person become spiritually ill? What could the actual reasons be for Elizabeth’s
We met each other at a reading where I was speaking
about my book. While she was leafing through it, she came
across a drawing of someone who had a wall around him.
This caught her attention, because she recognized herself
immediately. She too had a wall around herself. And so she
came to my practice three years ago.
During the first session, she told me the following:

“I have quite a lot of sadness in me and I’ve had cancer for five years. I was confronted
with intestinal cancer in September 2002. I was operated and afterwards everything
seemed to go perfectly. Unfortunately, halfway through 2003, metastasized cancer
was found in my liver. Without therapy, I was given three to eight months to live. My
oncologist advised chemotherapy, but I chose to undergo a combination of chemo,
orthomolecular medicine, plus a non-toxic Tumor therapy. Since then, I’ve had 32 courses
of chemotherapy and I feel physically and spiritually awful. My youth was a mess, my
youngest daughter rejects me, I’m having problems with my sisters over our inheritance,
and I’m afraid that my youngest son’s relationship is also falling apart. I’ve started
reading spiritual books, your book included. Can you help me?”

During the intake, I asked Elizabeth : " what is your most negative thought
about yourself " , and she answered right away. “I can’t stand myself.”

This is one of the top ten most negative thoughts you can have about yourself. I
proposed a way in which we could tackle it together: first, deal with her past, then
change her negative thoughts about herself into positive ones, and in conclusion,
we would make contact with her tumors, with or without E.M.D.R.. Then we would
most likely find out why she had gone through all of this, what the cancer had to
say to her, to teach her. “But you can decide if and when you’re ready to
communicate with it.”
During the next session, one of the first things she said was “I don’t want all
this sadness, I don’t want to feel it.” She wanted to be rid of it, rid of the pain and
8 Images of the Soul

the wall surrounding her. She literally said, “There is a lid

on my belly and I can’t get through it. I can’t get the hatch
open, because I’m fed up with all my misery. I’m so good at
talking about it, but I can’t feel it. I clearly saw the lid, and
she described and felt the lid. Together, we went to work and,
during this session, she gave herself space and the possibility
to feel, in doses. She didn’t have to feel it all at once. This
idea and this feeling gave her peace. The next time, there
was room to process her sorrow, which was caused by her traumatic experiences
with her mother, her father, the war, her ex-husband, and her youngest daughter.
And that was quite a lot to deal with.
During our following sessions, it was time to deal with her fear. There was still
a visible amount of tension in her stomach and belly, which stemmed from her
fears. She was afraid of her present situation. She was afraid for her own daughter,
who often directed unprovoked fits of anger towards her and regularly spoiled the
mood. She was afraid that it would not go well with her son’s marriage. And, to
top it all off, she was afraid that all of this tension would make her cancer worse.
She continually said, “I’m so stupid. I’ve done everything wrong.”
After a number of sessions, when she had coped with a lot of sadness, and the
fear and tension had lessened considerably, I suggested, “Shall we make contact
with your tumors, see what they have to say to you?” She looked at me with
surprise. “Can you actually talk with your tumors?” “Sure, we can try to go directly
from your consciousness to your cancer’s consciousness, so then you can
communicate with each other. Sometimes I do this using E.M.D.R., sometimes
No sooner said than done, Elizabeth concentrated and immediately said what
she was afraid of. “I feel threatened by the tumor, I am blocked by the tumor. He
is taking all of my energy, he is taking my life from me, and also a part of my
children’s lives. He is also threatening my children. It’s beyond my control. It is a
being, something with feeling, but which also poses a considerable threat.”
At that moment she came in contact with the essence of her cancer and said,
“He doesn’t really want to do this to me. He wants me to see that it also brings
good things to me. We have to get out of this together, but he must also respect the
fact that I’m fighting back and take a step down.” “Okay,” said the essence of the
cancer, “then show more of yourself, something besides the sadness and the fear.”
A sort of game starts between them, sometimes dark and frightening, but firm
on both sides. “How can I do that,” Elizabeth asked. “Let’s go back to your earliest
childhood,” the cancer said. “Look at what a contented and happy little girl you
were. Later, you came under a lot of strain and you lost yourself. You forgot to hold
on to your own Self, your Inner Self. Try that now, it will have a healing effect on
you.” And so she tried to go back to Herself, to her Inner Self. “And,” said the
tumor, “now
Preface 9

look and see how your mother reacts.” She did what the tumor suggested and little
Elizabeth looked at her mother. Now that little Elizabeth was herself again, she
saw how her mother apologized for her behavior, for what she had done to her
children, and said that she was very happy to see that her little girl was frolicking
“Maybe you can also look at your Father now,” said the being of the cancer.
And from her own Being she could now let go of her anger towards him and
accept her Father as he was. And she went further, together with the tumor. “I am
now in a field,” she told me, “and there is a bridge in front of me. On the other
side of the bridge, straight ahead, there is a shining Sun. Now I dare to cross the
bridge, the bridge which takes me from my outer self to my Inner Self. Wow, I’m
going. This feels wonderful. It’s alright for me to look up a bit more now and
not always stare timidly at the ground.” Then, the being of the tumor began to
torment her. “I’ll still get you, you know, if you dare to come back again.” “Of
course I’m coming back,” said Elizabeth, “and I’m not afraid of you anymore you
know, ugly bully. I’m going to win. You’re going to have to step aside. But I’m
going to stay here for a while, it’s wonderful here.”
They both laughed. Elizabeth was enjoying herself. For the first time in her life,
she had made contact with her True Being, her Inner Self, her Being, her Source,
her Soul. The outer Elizabeth had become conscious of the Inner Elizabeth. After a
while, she came back and the being of the cancer politely stepped aside. He did it.
The being of the cancer had helped her to reconcile the differences between her
Inner Self and her Outer Self. He did not enjoy the fact that he initially had to do
this to her, but he kept his word and stepped aside. Elizabeth had achieved her
Soul’s goal in this life: to reconcile the differences between her spiritual Self and
her physical self. The being of the cancer also achieved his goal: to help Elizabeth
to do this. This having been done, he could and was allowed, in this case, to
disappear. Both of their goals were achieved, and both were very happy.
Two weeks after this session, a PET-scan clearly showed a decrease in the
tumors. What joy. At the end of 2005, her PET-scan showed there was not a single
trace left. Confusion in the hospital! “A miracle, that’s what we feel it is", said my
oncologist and many others. " It is impossible" , others said. " We were mistaken,
you never had cancer"!Last week she received the results of her 21st PET-scan. Her
intestines were still clear and the only thing left of the large tumor on her liver
was a small scar!!!
The fact that Elizabeth was healed does not mean that everyone can and will
be cured of cancer in this way. It depends on what you as a Soul have chosen for
your engagement in this life. If you have chosen that there will be a possibility to
heal so that you can realize what an illness or other ordeal can bring you, then
you will heal. If, on the other hand, your Soul has decided to experience an illness
to the end, because you specifically wish to become more conscious through this
experience, then that’s what will happen. But even then, if you can communicate
10 Images of the Soul

with your cause, or the image of your disease, then you will understand what
it has to say to you and you will be able to accept it more easily. You will then
find peace in your life and know that life goes on in another way. That is a great
blessing for yourself and those around you.
In my psychotherapy practice , I have met, and continue to meet, a lot of
exceptional people, and we have experienced many beautiful and moving
moments together. I do not call the many people who ask for my help , patients .
They are fellow souls with whom I may walk a part of the way. One of these very
special souls was Neil. Neil
One day, a fifty-five year old man called Neil asked for a consult. Before a person
comes to my office, I always look at them with my " third eye" and ask permission
to see the deeper cause behind his or her problem. I do not actually need to see or
know the person. In fact, I prefer to know absolutely nothing about them, so that
my mind will be blank and I can be sure that I am being objective. I do not screen
their entire physical body, or spiritual body, or Soul, but I wait to see what my third
third eye will showfollowing image. In Neil’s mental body, I saw him lying on

his back, covered with a veil of guilt. This was caused by a

deep-rooted negative thought he held about himself: “I am
ashamed that I am so worthless.”
The next thing I do is ask what the person really wants
and what I can do to comfort and/or heal them. Neil
wanted to be rid of all of his emotional pain, his feelings of
shame and guilt, and he wanted to think more positively
about himself. Since he had such a negative image of
himself, it was clear that this was not going to be an easy job!
Neil told me he was stuck in his job as manager of a large company. He had
always enjoyed his work and done it well. He had always received recognition and
respect. Now he was depressed and experiencing symptoms such as weight loss,
sleeplessness, listlessness, and lack of concentration. He was also suffering from
a heart condition and pain in his entire body. His son, Xander, died at the age of
twenty-five, a couple of years after Neil divorced his first wife. Xander died of a
drug overdose, after a long period of having had no contact with his father. Neil’s
current girlfriend had cancer and maybe a year to live, but this relationship was
not going well either.
His original negative thought about himself was: “I am inferior.” I am self-
centered, so I feel I should put myself aside completely. By being something to
others, I can believe that I am someone. What’s more, I think that someone who
loves me should know my limits.” Neil told me, “When my son was still alive,
I was angry with him, because his problems kept me from my work. I made myself
work so hard in order to prove to myself that I actually was good and not


self-centered. After Xander died, I threw myself completely into my work and
continued to do this for years and years, until I totally collapsed.”
During the therapy, we gradually discussed and dealt with all of the facets of
Xander’s life and death, using EMDR, among other things. We
also worked through Neil’s failed first marriage, his current
relationship, and his job.
In spite of this, his feelings of guilt towards Xander remained.
His guilt looked like stalagmites and stalactites in his stomach.
Neil described it as a burning sensation in his stomach. “I
should have paid more attention to Xander, especially after the
divorce. You see – I’m a no good selfish bastard. It’s not fair that
this happened to me. Why me and not someone else? Why am
I a victim?” These conscious and subconscious negative thoughts devoured his
energy, and Neil continued losing weight. After a time, I suggested he might
make himself acquainted with other ideas about death, and perhaps even life
after death. He followed many paths, independent of me. He read books on the
subject, had discussions with mediums and other people with alternate views, and
came to his own conclusions. Then he came back to me again.
During the next session, since he was more open to the idea of life after
death,his son Xander appeared. He literally said, “Father, I am so grateful to you
for giving me the chance to experience life under the influence of drugs. We all
knew, mother too, before we undertook this, before we came to earth, how much
pain and sorrow this would cause you. You agreed to be my father and I am
intensely grateful for this. I’m doing really well.” Xander’s energy looked
beautiful: young, shining white energy, happy and full of high spirits. “You did
nothing wrong father, it’s alright. I embrace you.”
A while later, Neil’s father, Xander’s grandfather, also appeared and said to me,
full of gratitude, “You have given my son back to me, thank you.” (To clarify,
when the grandfather said, “you have given my son back to me, ” he meant, “I
have not been able to make contact with Neil in all these years and now we have
contact again.”) It was very moving.
During the following session, Neil described the previous session as follows:
“I’ve gone through it, through the pain. I stopped running away from it, and
I was able to give it a meaningful place, because I also learned to think from
another dimension. I don’t feel guilty anymore, and I don’t feel sorry for myself
anymore. When I look at it from this perspective, I did not possess a child, so I
have lost nothing. I am like a planet, and he is like a meteor that passed by. If I
look at it from an earthly point of view, I am the central figure and I am pitiful
because this happened to me, but from a cosmic or spiritual point of view, it’s
I feel Xander is close to me and I talk to him. Sometimes I don’t think about
him for a couple of days, but that’s okay too. I visit his grave regularly and then

we have contact, but it doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s good. I

feel much better, I have energy again, and I’m thinking of
working again, along with my hobbies (and a lot of contact
with my family.) I used to sleep fourteen hours per night and
I was still exhausted during the day. I couldn’t even drive a
car for very long. Now I have all sorts of plans again.”
During the next session, I still saw a lot of barbed wire
around his heart. Because he had experienced so much pain
and did not want to feel anymore sadness yet, he had subconsciously shielded his
heart (in his mental body) against sadness with barbed wire. When I made him
conscious of this, the barbed wire uncoiled itself again and his heart filled itself
with a healing fluid. This made a connection between his heart and his mind possible.
He could start thinking positively about himself. “I am not perfect, but I am a
good human being and I can appreciate myself again. What I did was not wrong
and I can love myself again, and I can love my two other children and my
girlfriend. This felt very good and his entire body gained extra energy.
Neil is now satisfied with his life and enjoys his other two children, his free
time, his hobbies, and his new relationship. He continues to love Xander as a
father loves his children, but without guilt or pain.

Jenny is another very special Soul. She came to see me
on the advice of her husband Ron. Ron came to see me a
year ago and asked if I could help him to connect with
his feelings and it had gone very well. But the best thing
was that he was not only able to make contact with his
feelings quite easily, but that he really enjoyed the
connection with his Inner Self.
His wife Jenny had been a patient at a psychiatric clinic
for some time, due to trouble coping with her past, alcohol
abuse, and extreme emotions. But what was most disruptive to the family was
that she had no authority over their 15 year old twins. It later turned out that she
was afraid of them.
That’s how Jenny came to be in my office. Before she came in for our first
appointment, I had taken a look
to see what the problem was. The
image I saw was fear, a lot of fear.
This caused several breaks in her
aura. Then I saw traumas, which
were clearly blocked, in the right
and left sides of the brain in the
Preface 13

mental body. These were both thoughts and emotions. The left side of the brain I
saw fear and it was swollen because of unprocessed negative thoughts, and the
right side of the brain showed fear also and was swollen because of unprocessed
negative emotions.

Jenny told me the following:

“I’m the eldest, I have a younger sister and we get along reasonably well. My
mother was a very sweet woman, but she was terribly afraid of my father. She was
completely dependent on him and never dared to say anything, certainly nothing
against him. She was totally incapable of protecting us from our father.
He was aggressive, domineering, drank too much, and sexually molested me. I
remember when I was four years old, he would put his penis in my mouth and a
lot of other horrible things. It made me feel guilty and afraid. If he was angry with
me, for his own sinister reasons, he would lock me up in a closet and would stand
on the other side of the door, panting. Maybe that is how he got off sexually. I
always went through agony when he did this. I always felt afraid, insecure, and
guilty. I was completely unable to stand up for myself, let alone say no. I felt
completely stuck. This went on for years and my mother just let it happen.
When I was 16, I ran away from home and ended up with a foster family. I did
unspeakable things. I used drugs and alcohol, and soon I went to live with a guy. I
ended up pregnant and had an abortion. After a second
unsuccessful relationship, I met Ron, my current husband,
who has always really supported me and helped me to this
day. We have a 17 year old daughter and the twins are
15. I can’t handle them, they don’t listen to me, and I’m
often scared when they come home. They actually boss me
around. I’m still pretty unstructured and I have a hard time
saying no.”“What is the most negative thought you have
about yourself,” I ask. “I’m worthless, I’m small.” This is
how I saw her, she made herself very small, unable to acces
to her Inner Self During our fourth session,
once the many traumas with her father had largely
been dealt with, she saw light shining out from inside
herself. She saw great strength and the shield around her
disappeared, the wall which had been created by her own
thoughts, I am bad, I am small. The shield dissolved from
below and she saw a very beautiful purplish-blue star in
the white light, at the height of her forehead.
When she told herself: “I am not small, I am not bad,”
the star grew larger and the purplish-blue light began to gradually dissolve the
black light, the fear, in her. She said, “The purple energy gives me strength and I

see myself standing in front of my father. Now I am big and he is little.” Once
the black energy, the fear, had mostly dissolved, she said, “I am good, I am as
great as anybody” At that moment, a multitude of blue energy specks appeared
like a net around her.
“It feels wonderful and I’m beginning to realize a bit how thoughts affect me.
The blue specks are turning into a mantel of energy, of solid blue energy, which
wraps around me and goes completely through me. It protects me and gives me
strength. It’s like a wonderful warm blanket. I hear a voice, my Inner voice, it
says: ‘Come here, it’s OK.’” She was quiet for a while. “I feel so moved, I just
want to enjoy this feeling for a while. Do I have that? Is that Me? I’m gradually
starting to gain a bit of confidence in myself.”
During the following session, we went to work on her
fear of the twins. Her feelings of powerlessness rose to the
surface, which caused her inability to set limits, to say
no, to say what she felt and what she thought. After all, if
you think, I am small, that automatically makes the other
person big, and you make yourself weak. “If I think, ‘I’m
doing the best I can, but it’s still not working,’ then the
blue-white light shines out of me, not in the shape of a
star this time, but in the shape of a triangle. At that moment I hear the
wondrous Inner voice which says: ‘Stand up for yourself, straight, shoulders back,
don’t walk away, don’t make yourself small, and say: this is my opinion and these
are the consequences.’ I feel so moved. And I see and feel the light shining from of
my chest, and it’s pulling the rest of the fear out of my body like a spinning
vortex. Phew, now my body feels really heavy, really relaxed, wonderful. I’ve
never had such clear contact with my True Self before, with my Inner Self. Now I
do. It’s so amazing.” She reamazing"The next session, her feelings of loneliness
came r aher
long time.forward, an emptiness in her heart. Because of the emptiness she
felt inside, she ate compulsively and gained too much weight.
Her emptiness arose because she did not dare to feel her feelings,
because she always pushed them away, which caused some
people to keep her at a distance, her twins included.
During the session, all of her feelings of loneliness were
allowed to be and she dared to feel them. She said, “They’re
flowing out of my left arm, like dirty sludge. I feel and know that my entire body
needs to be purified of the many years of stored-up negative energy. I can heal the
emptiness in my heart by sending it a lot of warmth.” And she saw and felt the
emptiness melt away in the warmth, and how her heart gradually healed. “I feel
a lot of warmth, not only in my heart, but everywhere.” She enjoyed this. “Wow,”
she said, “I feel my negative self-image slowly becoming less heavy and how I can
correct the negative thoughts I have about myself.”
Preface 15
Then, her Inner Voice came from her deepest depths: “The love you have for your Inner Self
will solve it. You are nice and you’re worth it. Go to the emptiness and embrace it. And try laughing
at yourself a bit more.” And while she was under the influence of her Inner voice, Jenny said,
“My fear and emptiness are dissolving in the big empty space. It’s sort of like giving birth. I
embrace the negative energy with my light energy and I become lighter and lighter. It just
happens on its own. The negativity wriggles through my throat. I should talk more.”
She heard her InnerVoice again. “Speak from your base, from your self-worth. That gives you
strength.” “Wow,” she said, “I feel myself becoming really tall, really big and proud. I don’t
want to be guided by fear anymore. I know that I’ll be able to do it, I know I can. Now the
fear is coming back again and it wants to fight back, but I know and I feel that I have to
keep saying: I’m worth it, I’m a good person. And now it’s a lot easier. Yeah, it works, the fear is
retreating. I know I’m not there yet, but I know now how to do it, and I know that it works.
My God, I’m so happy. I always thought it just happened to me, but now I know that I
unwittingly caused it myself, and that I can also consciously solve it myself. I’ve always felt
sorry for myself, like a victim, but I’m not. I’m not nothing, I’m something, I’m worth
something, I am somebody. That gives me strength again. I have strength. I am strength. So

Happily, she leaned back in her chair. “My body feels wonderfully
relaxed again and an inner peace flows over me. I hear my Inner
Voice again: “I’ll keep helping you.”
Gradually, it became clear to Jenny what her difficult past had done
for her. She was able to change her negative thoughts about herself,
she can now pretty much say what she thinks, she dares to express her
feelings, even to her twins, and she can be herself. The fear is mostly
gone and, last but not least, she has contact with her Inner or True Self
again. Jenny has her life in her own hands again.

How can I make practical use of my mental images in daily life?

We often have great ideas which we believe in, which we dream of, which give
us strength in our daily lives and hope for the future. Ideas like: that’s what I’m
going to do, that’s what I want to start doing, that’s what I’m going to study or
make, or now I’m really going to pursue a relationship. We have an image that
goes with this, how it will be, what it will be, what it will be like, what kind of
person it will be. And in doing this, we are creating. Yes, you think, this is what I
want. Up until this point, it is very pleasant to create your own future. Here you
start talking with your own Source.
This is the first phase. In this phase, you create the images which your own
future can give shape to. But then comes the second phase: actually doing it,
carrying it out, putting it into practice. And then other thoughts enter and,

therefore, other images: No, I can’t do that, that won’t work, I’m not good
enough, I’m inferior, I’ll definitely fail again, I’m not cut out for this. Or thoughts
like: “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” “Don’t get too big for your
britches.” “He who is born for a dime will never be worth a quarter.”
This is the doubting phase. This is when you create the opposite images, images
which will shape precisely the future you don’t want. And then you block your
own Inner Source, your own creative abilities, your creative energy. What’s more,
you constantly give yourself conflicting messages: YES, I want that, and NO, I
can’t do that. YES, I want to go right, NO I want to go left. “That’s enough,” says
your Inner Self. “I’m stopping right now and I can’t do anything more for you.
You’re asking Me for two completely different things and I can’t go on.”
And if you keep giving and sending your negative orders, like: “You see, I can’t
do it, it’s not working, I can’t do it, I don’t know,” then the neutral Cosmic energy
will carry out your orders and it will indeed not work, you will certainly not be
able to do it, and you will definitely not find the right person. You have
subconsciously set this in motion because you constantly continue to create and
send out these messages in the form of images.
It is therefore of utmost importance to not only realize what you think, so, what
images you have created, what your images were in the first phase, and what your
images were in the second phase. Are they consistent with each other, or are they
completely different? If they are not the same, erase your negatively created
images, stop what you’re doing and go back to your first images and visualize
them again. Or you can give your negative images to your Inner Self and ask if
He/She would get rid of them for you and give you new thoughts and images.
Even better, you can draw your original positive images and place them where you
will see them every day so that you will keep sending them out automatically and
give the Cosmic creative energy the assignment to realize them. And then you let
the positive image go in full confidence that it will happen. You don’t know when
or how it will happen, but you can be sure that it will take place.

Why are images so important?

Because images are the words of your Soul, the language of the God in You, given to you to
create anything you want.

Your Inner Self communicates with you continuously through images, all of the
time, during the day and at night, via your dreams, and if you are in the habit of
listening carefully, also through words. A picture is worth a thousand words
because it conveys the message precisely, in the blink of an eye, in cases where
even 1000 words would not be enough. Images express emotion directly, without
misunderstanding, where words are often inadequate. Feelings go further than
words. Feelings are the domain of the Soul.
You may ask yourself what the use is of images if you can’t see them anyway.

You may recall, about thirty-five years ago, that Coca-Cola edited subliminal
messages into their advertisements. People did not consciously observe these
messages, but subconsciously they were highly influenced. It appeared that, after
the public subconsciously registered these images, the sale of Coca-Cola actually
increased. Fortunately, this is no longer legal, as it could be abused in many
ways. In other words, even if you can’t see your own images right now, you do
create them and send them, consciously or subconsciously, into the Cosmos, and
the cosmos realizes exactly your images into the fysical world.
If you are not yet conscious of your own images, or if you would like some
examples of positive images that you can use every day, then the following
examples may be very useful to you. All of the other positive images contained in
this book can also be used as a source of inspiration in creating you own images.
You can use them in order to visualize your images more easily, to realize what
you really would like quickly and effectively. These are images I see through the
eyes from my Inner Self or God in me. I receive them every morning during my
meditations, to use for that day, to create, to practice, and to learn.
The basic principle which my Source teaches me is that everything is possible from
your open loving heart. That means that nothing is impossible if your heart is open
to its creator, to its Inner Light, to the God in your Self. Via your open heart, your
Inner Self can give to you, there you can receive, and you can be nourished,
carried, and supported. I employ this daily and I’m always surprised how every
goes if I continue to visualize these images during the day.
The following images are but a small selection of the many that I have been
allowed to receive , from the eye of my Iner Self or God in me and the effects are
amazing if you use them.

Your spiritual heart

When you are afraid The Inner If you are in doubt: The Inner
Voice said: “Respond from your Voice said: “You always have a
golden heart.” source of Love within you.”
18 Images of the Soul

If you are in despair: The Inner Voice If you are wondering how you should
said: “Allow yourself to be rocked by tackle a difficult conversation: The
Me in your heart.” Inner Voice said, “Feel, speak, and
know from your Heart.”

If you do not dare to express an

emotion: The Inner Voice said: “You
only need to feel your emotion, bring
it to your heart, and express it from

If you really want something badly:

The Inner Voice said: “Penetrate deeper
into my energy. Recognizing Me as the
source of eveything is the gateway to
the kingdom of heaven.

If you are afraid of someone: The Inner

Voice said: “Make your heart very large
and open.”

If you feel pain and sorrow: The Inner

Voice said: “Open your heart to me.
Then I can pour My love into it.”

If you want to change your life: The Inner

Voice said: “You can gradually change your
life, starting from your heart.”

Peace and Quiet

If you want to hear your Inner Voice:

If you are hard on yourself: The Inner
The Inner Voice said: “Be very quiet on
Voice said: “Put a flower in your heart
the inside today, then you’ll be able to
and your heart will become soft again.”
hear me.”

Being truly free

The Inner voice said: “If you slow
down, then there is more room for

Your Divine Power

If you long for freedom: The Inner

Voice said: “True freedom comes from
within. If you realize that you are
not just a creature, but at the same If you want to go deeper and have
time The Creation, and also the complete faith: “The Inner Voice said:
Creator. Than you choose, from “I am the crossroads of everything, of
within your Inner Self, what you do emotion and reason, of the spiritual
and do not want in this life.” I want and the material, of the Soul and the
to give you and allow you to body.”
experience everthing

If you want to do something which you If you can’t stop worrying about
find really difficult: something: The Inner Voice said:
The Inner Voice said: “Make room for “Connect your heart to your head, they
me and involve me.” are one.”

If you think: I can’t do that: The Inner If you don’t know how to deal with
Voice said: “Remain something: The Inner Voice said:
open to me.” “Place yourself within your divine
power, then you will be able to handle

If your pain and sadness or other

emotions are more than you can If you are afraid to say what you
bear: The inner Voice said: “I’ll place actually want to say: The Inner Voice
something around your heart which said: “Please let Me foster and support
will ease the pain.” you today.”

If you don’t have enough faith: The

Inner Voice said: “I’m carrying the
load, not you, be glad.
Preface 21

If you doubt whether you will be able

to change your life: The Inner Voice
said: “It has already been realized in
If you want to experience your Inner
Light: The Inner Voice said: “Go very “It will be revealed through Me. I am
very deep into your Self, in your own always happy. I will unfold all events
kingdom, in your own Light, in your for you step by step. Be happy.”
own softness, in your own heart, and
experience: I AM

If you want to experience your own

Divine energy: The Inner Voice said:
“Feel how the Divine energy just
bubbles up inside of you.”


Sit or lie quietly and relax. Don’t forget to visualize a wide channel of light from
your root chakra to the center of the earth so that you are sure you are well
grounded. And visualize also an wide channel of light around you, so that you
are well protected and shielded.
Breathe in and out deeply through your diaphragm and feel yourself become
more and more relaxed.
Now turn all of your attention and energy towards the heart in your spiritual
body. Your physical heart is more to the left of your spine. Your spiritual heart is
more to the right of your spine. Now cherish your heart, send all of your warmth
to it. Embrace your heart. You not only go there, you are there, you are in your
heart, you are your heart.
Gradually, you make it very large.
It is possible that you will encounter some sadness, or pain, or anger at first.
Let these be gently dissolved by your big heart, it can handle it easily.
Now you feel that your heart is not only very big, but also very soft on the inside.
Gradually you experience that there is a source of light present in the center of
your heart. This is the energy of your Soul. From within Your source of light, a
large bundle

of shining energy runs to the backside of your heart and beyond. Follow this
channel of light.
Follow, become one with it, and experience who and what this is: your Soul. Let
yourself be received by it.
Become one with it.
Experience who you truly are.
Experience the greatness and the wisdom of your own Soul.
You may find it very moving.
And maybe you can go further still, from your Soul, with your Soul…
Maybe you want to communicate from your Soul with someone else’s Soul.
Now visualize, from within your Soul, someone with whom you have a special
bond, someone you love very much.
Now you see, from your own Soul, the big heart of that person, and in the big
heart, you see a source of light.
You see the source of light become larger and stronger and gradually you make
contact with the Soul of the other.
You experience how your Soul and the other person’s Soul are One.
Now it is very easy to communicate from source to source, from Soul to Soul.
There is but one Soul,
Everything is Soul and you enjoy.
When you are done, you thank the great Soul and slowly you return to your
waking conscious.
chapter 1 | Reconciling the Differences

A t the heart of this book is the following memory:

It happened about twenty-five years ago. It was summer. We were vacationing with
the children by the sea. It was a beautiful morning. I sat on the beach by the sea,
enjoying myself in the sun, and pondering the question that many ask themselves:
“What is the goal of my life?” I was used to asking my Inner Self for advice when
making important decisions, and I always received an answer. You usually know when
the answer comes from your Inner Self or your Soul. It is crystal clear. It is so
unexpected, and at the same time so penetrating, that you never forget it. You could
not invent it if you tried, not even in your wildest fantasies. Such an answer stays
clear in your mind forever: even now, after twenty-five years, I have not forgotten a
single thing about it.

I received the following words and images:

The first phase will be: reconciling the differences.

The second phase will be: living in harmony.
The third phase will be: a grain of sand can set other grains of sand in motion.

With the words: “reconciling the differences,” I received the following images:

I saw myself, dressed in a habit, with a cord tied around my waist. In my hand,
I held a pen.

I understood the images. I understood the words. But I had absolutely no idea
what they involved, let alone what the consequences would be! With regard to the
images, I understood the following:

A habit with a reasonably tight cord around it pointed to sobriety. For me,
tranquility and sobriety were clearly a pre-requisite to overcoming differences

between my outer self (ego) and Inner Self (God) and to learn to live in harmony.
And this has turned out to be true in the last 25 years. I have always striven for a
certain amount of tranquility and sobriety in thought, word, and deed. I was also
“helped” with this by a car accident twelve years ago. One of the consequences of
this accident was an whiplash, which forces one to live quietly and soberly. And
by soberly I mean, among other things, taking in less information, little external
stimuli (such as radio and television), not letting myself get too busy, not too
much talking, not a lot of travel, mostly quiet and rest. This was not entirely of
my own free will!
The pen in the hand was also clear. I have written my entire life. Writing has
always been my release, a way of setting my thoughts and emotions on paper. But
it was only for myself.

The first phase: reconciling the differences.

This has also turned out to be true. I have tried to reconcile the differences
between my Inner Self (God) and my outer self (ego). I have sought contact, have
continued to seek contact, and still have contact with my Inner Self. What I mean
by Self and Inner Self, will become clear in this book. It was and is a miraculous
journey, mostly wondrous and moving in a positive sense. But sometimes it is
also wondrous in a comical or less positive way. Either way, it is and remains

The second phase: living in harmony.

That has also been true. I try to live in harmony with my outer self and my
Inner Self. That was a tremendous struggle and is still difficult sometimes because
the “I,” the ego, wants to be the boss. We know the “I” with all of its facets, too
many to name, and too well known to need further explanation. Soul and body
now live in reasonable harmony. Sometimes one side or the other wants a bit too
much, but it still remains within the margins of harmony. Living in harmony
develops trust and happiness, respect and gratefulness. It leads you to “know
thySelf,” the Greek motto which is carved above the entrance to Apollo’s temple
at Delphi. Your Inner God, your Soul.

The third phase: a grain of sand can set other grains of sand in motion.
Even then I understood the words, but definitely not what the consequences
would be. Considering that billions of people inhabit the Earth, from a bird’s
eye view, a person looks like a grain of sand. And there are more than a billion
grains of sand in total, more than a billion kinds of life and life forms. We are
spirit, the first emanation of God, and we are grains of sand. We are both, we are
everything. And one grain of sand can set other grains of sand in motion. I am a
grain of sand, and maybe this book can set you in motion. Maybe I can take you
Reconciling the Differences 25

with me on a journey to the miraculous world of the Soul, of your Soul, of the
God in you. And once you re-establish contact with your Soul, with the God
in you,there will be nothing you cannot do and nowhere you cannot go.
And so I began the third phase - against my will and better judgment - because
my smaller self, my ego, had absolutely no desire to set this down on paper, not
for anything in the world. I was afraid of my family’s reaction and of what my
acquaintances and other people would think. Ego often wants the wrong things
and is afraid of the right things. Ego is not always the best advisor! But my larger
Self, my Soul, the God in me, made the decision. I had a bad car accident and for
a long time, I could not work anymore. The only thing I could do was to sit down
with a piece of paper and a pencil and write. And because I also got divorced, I
had all the time in the world to do this.And since the differences have pretty
much been reconciled, and harmony has been reasonably achieved, we, my Soul
and I (ego), decided to set the third phase in motion. This was after (not always
conscious) heavy discussion and much stubborn denial from my ego. I would like
to note here that communications between the two sides are absolutely amicable,
but by rights the Soul has a bit more voting power and is more often right than my
ego is. This is the consequence of striving to live in harmony. Now, 25 years later,
the answer my Soul gave to me on that beach still seems to be true. But there has
been much doubt and much searching…
What I want to do in this book is to show, in images and in words, what happens
when you think and feel. I want to show you what these images look like, in
color and form, beautiful and less beautiful, nice and less nice, pleasant and less
pleasant. As a result, you will recognize your own creation and, if you like, you can
reverse and heal, so that you can change and prevent the consequences.
I can see the images that I create myself, and I can see the images others create
when they ask me to look. That is how I began to realize how important it is what
we think, and how we think,. As Sivananda said: “Controlling thought is more
difficult than controlling the world with weapons and violence. Control your
thoughts and you control the world.” But is it really so difficult to control your
thoughts? If we could know precisely what we think, where the thoughts come
from, from which part of ourselves, and what they look like, would it then be so
difficult? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could see what we had created on film and,
if we did not like what we saw, could simply rewind and start over again?!

Let me give you a clear example from everyday experience:

I only had a short time to finish this book and I would never manage to combine
writing with my work, so I had no choice but to close my practice for a time. I thought:
I am going to lock myself up for a while to finish this book. This thought called up
resistance, unrest, and anxiety. Not a pleasant idea, being lonely and locked up. When I
thought this again, and felt restless and bad, I saw the following:

I sat in an enclosed space with a sort of bamboo wall around it. Between the bars of
the walls, I could see outside, and it was beautiful weather. Some light came in, a sort
of diffused light, but it was not very nice. I felt imprisoned and lonely when I thought of
this temporary incarceration.

I realized that I was thinking the wrong thoughts and creating the wrong
image. I did not have to lock myself away alone. I could also think: “I am giving
myself the freedom and the tranquility to finish this.” I began to try out which
image would give me the most peace at that moment. It was best to remove the
bamboo walls from the picture, leaving me with a light open space, space and
time to work. Removing the bamboo poles also affected my “loneliness.” I felt
connected to others again. I was sitting alone and working, but I was still not
lonely. Others can be thinking of you and you can be thinking of others.
Even if you are not in direct contact, you are still connected to each other.
I corrected myself several times, and created a better image, “space, time,
and connectedness,” and it gave me this wonderful feeling of freedom every
time. At the same time, I calmed down. My self-created anxiety about “lonely
imprisonment” and “lack of time” disappeared and made room for peace and
creativity by correcting my thoughts, changing the image, and making more free
Now that I look back and having finished the book, I can say that I did
not feel alone or locked up for a single moment. On the contrary, I knew I was
supported by friends and acquaintances who thought of me and sent me positive
energy. So it was clearly an example of self-created anxiety. We each know
enough examples of this. You can see or feel something new, a job, a move, a
class, or a sport, for example, as a problem or as a challenge.
You do not have to see your thoughts during the day. If you do not consciously
see them during the day, you see them subconsciously at night in your dreams.
They may wake you up sometimes, or even often. And if you do not see them, you
feel them. You feel the negative consequences of your thoughts. And you also feel
the positive consequences of your positive thoughts. But seeing can help you to be
more conscious of what you are creating with your thoughts and feelings.
chapter 2 | How I began to see

am about twenty years old and have a lot of questions. I want to know, among
other things, why there is pain and suffering. If there is no reason for this, if it
serves no purpose, I see no reason in suffering pointlessly, only to be buried and
become worm food in the end. Then I may as well step out of this life. For me, it had
to be one or the other. When I thought about this again, I received the following

A beautiful white being walked in the middle of a large deep forest, searching,
roaming, wandering. She could not get out. She was in the middle of the woods,
and could see no way out. All of a sudden, a giant, hairy, panting beast came, who
discovered her and came menacingly towards her. She began to run, and to run, and
to run, followed by the panting monster, not knowing where she was going to. Racing,
she suddenly came to the edge of the forest and saw a beautiful open plain before
her, full of light and warmth.

For me, this was a clear answer to my question and what I understood was the
following. Thanks to the large, scary, hairy beast, or monster, she began to run
and run, not consciously knowing where to and, running, she came out of the
dark forest. Thanks to the scary monster, she found her way out of the dark forest.
The “large beast” (suffering) is necessary to bring out the light, the knowledge,
the self- knowledge in us. It helps us to remember, to make us conscious again, of
who we are: a living Soul, a part of God. In other words: from unconscious bliss,
to conscious misery, to conscious bliss. Suffering and sadness, therefore, do have a
good reason. They do serve a good purpose and are not coincidence or fate.
My search went further, both in the physical world and in the spiritual world.
As I said in the beginning of this book, I have always asked my Inner Self when
I do not understand something or do not know what to choose. To me this has
always been perfectly normal, just as a child finds it normal to see images or

hear a voice, as long as it is not coercive. In my youth, there was little time for
attention, let alone for questions. There was no room to talk about the having of
an opinion, let alone my own opinion. From the moment I was born, my mother
rejected me completely. She immediately gave me to a nurse and never wanted
to take care of me, not physically, not emotionally, and not mentally. At the age
of eleven, I went to boarding school and whenever I dared to come home for a
weekend once a month, she would say to me, “Why did you come home? I never
wanted you.” When I would ask to come home for Christmas to see my father, she
would say: “No!” So, in order to find the answers to my questions, to test my ideas,
to form my opinions, I directed myself inwards more and more. I had no one else
to turn to.
When I look back, I have enjoyed a very loving, fair, humorous, and sometimes
strict inner spiritual education in the past 63 years! As a child, I thought very
differently from my parents. As a girl of nine, I would lie in bed at night and try
to imagine eternity, without beginning and without end. In my imagination I
would go back, and back, and back, back to the beginning of eternity, but there
was no beginning. Even so, I tried to imagine eternity without end, but I did not
succeed. I continued on and on, night after night, but I had to give up in the end.
I understood that I could not fathom the nature of things with my understanding.
My power of reason was not sufficient to understand the nature of the infinite
In the years that followed, I continued to search for the source of the vast
abundance of signs. Is there a source, and if so, is there one source? If there is one
source, then why are there so many religions? Why are we here? Nothing can
come into being out of nothing, so there must have been something. And that
something must be infinite, something that I cannot understand, something that
has always been and always will be. I stopped trying to fathom that “something”
with my power of reason. Thinking about it did not work.
When I was about nineteen years old, a friend said to me: “You never talk.” I
did not understand it then, but I did later. I made plenty of small talk, but never
spoke about what I actually thought or felt. I wrote it down on paper for myself.
That was my release. Later, I made a conscious effort to change this. I think that
the advantage of this situation is that you get to know your own feelings really
well, because you always reflect inward.
I was used to asking questions of my Inner Self and I usually received an
answer, but however distinct and clear the answers were, I often still doubted
them. Sometimes I received an answer that did not seem right, or made
absolutely no sense at all. Only later did I understand that these types of answers
usually came from my emotions, instead of from my Inner Self. I found this so
disappointing that, for a while, I did not want to hear anything and I mistrusted
every inner answer.
How I began to see 29

I tried to think of a system that would make as few mistakes as possible. When
did the answer actually come from my Inner Self, and when was it given by an
emotion, wish, will, or desire? Could I be picking up someone else’s thoughts and,
if so, who’s? How did I do that and when? If I asked my Inner Self a question in
order to help someone else, the answer was usually pure. For myself it was much
more difficult, unless the questions had nothing to do with emotions, will, wishes,
or desires.
I came to the conclusion that you can only receive a pure answer if you are free
of any emotion, will, wish, and desire at the moment you ask. But reaching a
state without emotion or will (ego) is a long road. I searched for confirmation
from my Inner Voice, and asked for proof time and time again.
Gradually, I began to pay more attention to the images I saw. Everyone
sees images once in a while, or has flashes of inspiration, but we often pay no
attention to them, and then they occur less and less often. So I began to pay more
attention. I began to see more and more, initially as proof of what I had heard. I
wanted to prove and to prove, because the last thing I wanted was to make a fool
of myself. No matter how right and telling the answers were, still I found that I
could not always trust them. This was often a mistake, because the answers were
usually quite sound. I began to see images, my own and other people’s. These
images were not only of my own inner thoughts and feelings, but also what others
thought and felt. At first, I could not understand much of it, let alone realize
where I saw them or where they formed. That only became clear to me after much
looking, research, and questions.
I felt certain that the images were a confirmation of the verbal answers I
received, but at the same time, they called up more questions. Now, when I look
with my “third eye,” either for myself or for someone who asks for my help, I see
the thoughts that either I, or the other person creates at that moment, not the
words, but the images that are formed by our thoughts. You could also call them
pictures. Some can describe their thought creations perfectly on all three levels: in
words, images, and feeling. For others, it is difficult to describe, or to come close
to their source. In the next chapter, I will describe how and where you form your
mental images. You may not think so, but it is a small step from seeing images to
cosmic travel. You are simply using one of your many inner, spiritual, or divine
For me, “cosmic travel” happened spontaneously. The first time was at my
practice, together with a client. She wanted to know how astral projection worked,
and materialization and dematerialization. The question was clearly sincere and
the time was ripe. We were spontaneously transported to another dimension,
where we were allowed to see a demonstration of both phenomena. This and
other trips will be described in chapter 13.

It has been a long creative process. It still is and always will be because as soon
as previous images and developments become clear to me, new ones emerge. But
seeing images and cosmic travel is not the purpose.

The real purpose is to connect with your inner Self, your Soul, source-love-light, the
God within you, so it can express itself through your inner voice or inner
language of images and give you eveything you can imagine and more.
The benefit is true inner peace, abundance, happiness and total freedom

I have always resisted writing this all down, knowing and realizing that this
is a very controversial subject which cannot yet be proven in a classical scientific
manner. The challenge lies, as Gary Zukav says, in raising your consciousness “to
a level where questions which cannot be answered according to currently accepted
truths, can be answered.” Fortunately, much needed research is now taking place
in this area.
I know that there are many who wrestle with these questions alongside of me.
They also see, hear, and feel and can find no explanation or answer to their many
questions, and feel alone and misunderstood. At one point, about two years ago, I
seriously considered setting everything aside and not seeing, or hearing, or feeling
anymore. I wanted to be like everyone else and to live like I thought others did. I
then received the following images:
I had an apartment. It was not very remarkable on the outside, but inside
it was full of the most expensive and beautiful objects of silver, and gold, and
precious gems, each one more beautiful than the other. I enjoyed them, but at the
same time I felt very alone. No one could see them. Only I could see them.
I could do one of two things. I could throw away all of the priceless objects, so
that my interior would be like that of most people’s. But I would no longer be able
to enjoy all of the beauty and, after a while, I would surely miss them. Worse yet, I
would feel betrayed by myself. My other choice was to show my beautiful interior
(Inner Self) to others. Then I would no longer be alone and we could enjoy it
together. I found this option the best but at the same time extremely frightening.
The meaning of the images was very clear to me. I had to make a choice. And
so I was “helped” by these and other circumstances (a severe car accident and a
divorce) and I began, very reluctantly, to set something down on paper. By
putting this into words, I hope that some of you will recognize and find
confirmation for a number of things, and that, together, we will travel further on
this often impassable road.
chapter 3 | Thoughts and feelings
create images

n this book, I am going to literally describe what I see, what I experience,
where problems can originate in the spirit, and how we can change these

It happened around twenty-five years ago, not so long after I had asked myself
the question: “What is the purpose of my life?” I then asked myself: “What is
the cause of my problems? What am I doing wrong? What am I not seeing?” I
received the following images:

I sat as a child on the beach, crying by my pail, which had fallen over in the sand.
I cried because no one came to set my pail upright for me. I cried and cried, and still
no one came. In reality, I was angry. Why would no one come to help me? I certainly
could not do it. In the end, I crawled over to the pail and, to my great surprise, I was
able to set it upright myself.

This made a lot of things clear about myself and about the consequences of
my thinking. I had absolutely not been aware that I subconsciously thought:
“I can not do it.” I had not realized that this was a deeply rooted subconscious
thought, with the consequence that I needed others to help me. Although I did not
do it intentionally, I was the one who knocked over the pail, and it was childish
and immature of me to expect that not I, but others were responsible for my
actions and the consequences thereof. Since no one came to set my pail upright,
I had no choice but to try it myself and, lo and behold, it worked. I could move
on and create shapes and sandcastles once again. So I could do it myself after all,
and I could handle the consequences of my own actions and create again.
This made a lot very clear to me about my own negative thought: “I cannot
do it,” which is, by the way, one of the top 10 negative thoughts! And it got me

thinking about the following: if you think that you cannot, if you are afraid that
you cannot, if it is an irrational fear, then you make yourself dependent on others
and you become angry, nervous, or sad if they do not fix your problems. There is
sand (energy) in abundance; we can make any shape we want with sand (energy).
With every thought we can create what we want and if we do not like it (if the
pail of sand falls over), we can pick it up ourselves. We can change the thoughts
ourselves. Then we will not be dependent on anything or anyone, and we will also
not be angry with ourselves or others. That way, we will not be disappointed and
others will not be disappointed in us. There are enormous positive consequences if
you think about it.
Children sometimes learn it through play. Maybe we can also learn it by
playing, if we see all the things we can do with our thoughts. It is fun to play with
them, to consciously create something good with our thoughts and to see what
happens. We are all very special. Each of us is precious and unique, because each
and every one of us creates. We just can. We simply do it, the whole day long, the
whole night long. It is just that we are usually not aware of it.
We mostly do not realize that we create with our thoughts and, if we are
conscious of it, we usually do not know what we are creating. And our creations
do not only have consequences for ourselves, they have consequences for the entire
cosmos. What we think, and therefore send out, is one with the universal energy. A
thought is energy, or light, that takes shape, literally. Thoughts create forms at the
moment we think, at the moment they exist in us, consciously or subconsciously.
This book lets you see precisely what you create at the moment you think.

You do not see the words or the sentences that are

formed by your thoughts. They are and remain private. Also
spiritually, our thoughts remain private. But you do see what
your thoughts form, what you create at the moment you

For example, you think: “I do not dare say it.” At

that moment, you might see dark pointy energy in your
mental body. They are black and point inwards.
Through fear, you literally clamp your throat shut. You
feel “choked,” literally and figuratively. In this case, the
color black betrays the emotion: fear. If the spikes point
inward, that means that the fear is directed inwardly, or
towards yourself. If the spikes point outward, that means
that the fear is directed outward, towards another person
or thing.
Thoughts and feelings create images 33

In the mental body, you might see a dark clamp form around the person’s
throat. (Terms such as “emotional body” and “mental body” are explained in the
next pages.) You do not see this with your fysical eyes, but with the eyes of your
Soul, th God in you.
We will discover that your thoughts can literally take on any imaginable size,
shape, and color. Large, small, fat, thin, from dark to light, sun, calyx, flower,
fire, flame, muzzle, hook, or worm, they are too numerous to name. It seems
miraculous, but it really is a miracle what we all create, every one of us, day in,
day out, week in, week out, year in, year out.
Masaru Emoto of Japan shows in his book: "Hidden Messages In Water"
through photographs, what effect our thoughts have on water This is done with
water crystals (water that is at the point of freezing), which are photographed,and
so made visible. In one of his experiments, he filled two bottles with the same
water and photographed the water in both bottles. The enlarged photos clearly
showed that the water in both bottles was absolutely identical. Then he taped a
label on one bottle with the words (expression of his thought): “I love you.” On
the other bottle he taped a label with the words (expression of his thought): “I
hate you.” After a short time, he re-photographed the water crystals in each
bottle. And what could you then see clearly in the pictures? The water crystals in
both bottles were completely different from each other in shape and color. The
water crystals in the “I love you” bottle were unchanged and still breathtakingly
beautiful and crystal clear. The crystals from the bottle with the “I hate you” label
were completely changed. The crystals themselves looked torn apart, deformed,
ugly and dark.
In his book, the photos of these and other experiments show that thoughts take
form and , or, change the shape and color of things – in this case, water crystals.
Thoughts, therefore, influence matter. Everything is energy. A thought is energy,
matter is energy, a more solid form of energy. Therefore, thoughts influence
Since everything is energy, we influence everything in and around us with our
thoughts. We not only affect our physical body, our spiritual bodies , and our Soul,
but the bodies, spirits, and souls of everything and everyone around us - all of the
energy in and around us. If you think about it, it is almost dizzying and at the
same time, of unbelievable power, beauty, and simplicity.
In chapter 9 you will find images and a description of your different bodies. The
smallest of the seven is the physical body. It is the most compact with reference to
energy and the lowest in frequency. The emotional body’s energy stretches a bit
further out from the physical body and, at the same time, permeates the physical
body. It is not separate. On the contrary, it thoroughly influences our physical
body and vice-versa. This applies to all of the bodies. You can see each following
body in and around the physical body and, at the same time, they extend further
away from the physical body. The Soul body, wich is the largest of the seven
bodies, has no limits. This body includes the thousands of golden strands with
which it connects us to other bodies and energies.

When do we create images?

We create at the same moment that we think and feel. There is no “time” between
the two. We create all day and night, like the waves of the sea, unceasing,
uninterrupted, everywhere. We create and re-create again and again, always
different, always trying, and at the instant that we think something, it exists in
the spirit. As St Germain said in the book: "Mysteries unveiled": "If people could
see how their own thoughts , feelings and words float on the ethers in the
atmosphere, collecting more of their own thoughts, feelings and words and then
return to the creator, they would be amazed to see what they have created,
" lively pulsing things, floating on the ether "
The manifestations of our thoughts will take place in the physical world, maybe
not immediately, it could take some time, but the thought will manifest itself.
Feeling and thinking, automatically followed by the forming of images, is a link
in the chain of the whole creative process, a creation chain in which we all take
part, daily, without exception, consciously or subconsciously. The better we learn
to recognize the creative process, the closer we will come to the source, core, or
origin of this whole process. The sooner we can influence, change, or intervene, the
better we will be able to create what we really want.
Scientific research is being done in many areas and many levels. Take DNA
research, for example. We map human genes to come a step closer to the origins
of diseases, to better understand them, and to intervene so we can prevent them in
the future. This also applies to animal and plant genes. If you think about it, the
consequences are enormous.
The same applies to your feelings, thoughts words and so your images. The
better we can chart this whole process and, therefore, understand it, the sooner we
can catch and prevent the things that go wrong. If you see your own images while
you think, feeland speak you can see the result of your own creation at the
moment of creation. And if it does not please you, you can change it, as long and
as often as you like, until it does please you. You can change, adjust, throw out,
and add what you want. If you were to intervene earlier on one of these levels, the
mental level, for instance, then you would save yourself a lot of time and energy
and, most of all, you could avoid unpleasant or uncomfortable situations. You can
change everything at the moment of creation and so you can be sure of the end
Often, when our thought-creations manifest themselves in reality around us, we
have long forgotten what we have thought and ask ourselves: “Where in God’s
name did this situation come from? To what do I owe this?” The answer: to
something that you thought – and therefore created – possibly years ago, but have
long since forgotten. We have thought and created so many other things in the
meantime that we often no longer remember. And so we continue creating and
creating and are often unaware of when, where, and what we have created. In
short, we often create situations that we do not understand. We have absolutely
Thoughts and feelings create images 35

no idea where they’ve come from and are definitely not happy with them. As
Neale Donald Walsch says in his book, Friendship with God, “No single thought,
ever thought, by anyone anywhere, is ever lost.”
Because we are no longer conscious of the possible connection between our
past thoughts and events that “befall” us, we often search for the cause outside of
ourselves. We search for every possible reason and cause, but never stop to think
that maybe we ourselves could be to blame. And by denying the connection,
and continuing to deny it, we continue on the merry-go-round of thoughts and
consequences, in which we often point to everyone but ourselves, and search
everywhere except within ourselves, for solutions.
Not every situation in our present life, is created by us in this life.
There can be a lot more causes.
It might be karmic, or you wantto raise your consciousness, learn somthing,
experience something special, give an exceptional gift to humanity, but every
thought feeling and word in this life or previous lifes, is the cause of a future
consequence. Seen from the vieuwpoint of the Soul, every difficult and awfull
situation is " an blessing in disguise" .Seen from th vieuwpoint of the fysical
reality, it is and stays an awfull and incomprehensible situation.
Thoughts are truly visible, a visible reality. Our thought images really influence
matter, all matter, in and around us.
If this is true, if we really create with our thoughts, then we really create our own
happiness and our own unhappiness. You might say, “That’s impossible! That’s
sheer nonsense!” Why not? Turn it around. Suppose that our own thoughts
create, and that all these situations are indeed the result. If we do not like these
results, we can change them. We are not dependent on anyone, or anything, to
change them. Isn’t that better than being dependent forever and nothing ever
This is one of the enormous consequences of understanding, admitting,
and literally seeing that our own thoughts create and that we are, therefore,
the creators of our own world. Wow, that is difficult, risky, scary even. That
suddenly takes us from the “child” stage to the “adult” stage, from dependant
to independent, from irresponsible to responsible. This also means that the
consequences of what we think , feel and speak ,in this life or previous lifes, are
ours. If we want that, OK. If we do not want the consequences, then that’s OK too.
We can create something else with our thoughts or accept.
It has been clinically proven that we all dream with images., the language of
the Soul. Sometimes we remember these dreams, sometimes we do not. The fact
that we do not remember does not mean that they did not take place.We can only
prove this to ourselves by experiencing it.We cannot yet prove it to others.
As Einstein said in 1930 in Forum Philosophicum magazine:
“Now there are two ways to consider ideas which are both indispensable to
understanding. The first is logical-analytical and answers the question of how
ideas and conclusions are connected to each other. By answering this question, we
stand on fairly solid ground. It is the certainty with which science inspires so
much respect. This certainty is actually paid for by lack of content. The ideas only

gain meaning when they are experienced through the senses, even if indirectly.
This connection cannot be explained through logical research, it can only be


We can experience the power of our thoughts and prove it to ourselves in the
following two ways:

Sit in a quiet place where you will be the least distracted, and light a candle. It is
important that the candle is in the open, by this I mean not behind or in a glass
container. Concentrate on the candle flame. Try to relax and free your mind of thoughts
and gradually there will exist only you and the candle, if only for a moment. Now you
want the candle flame to move to the right or left, for example, through the power of
your thoughts. Then really concentrate on the thought while staring at the flame and
see what happens.

It is fun to try this and see what happens.

Sit is a quiet place. Put a bowl of water in front of you and put a drop of oil in the
center of the water. Concentrate your thoughts on the drop of oil. Nothing exists
besides you and the drop. You are one with the drop. Now focus all of your thoughts
on moving that drop of oil to the right, or maybe to the left, or down, or up. Stay
concentrated and use your thoughts to move the drop of oil where you want it to go.

It may not work the first time, but if you practice a few times, you will be surprised at
what you can accomplish with your thoughts and what you can do with the drop of oil.
And then it will no longer be such a big step to consciously forming images with your
chapter 4 | The language of
the mental body
How and where are images created?
Properties of the mental body
How symbols and images are visible in the mental body
Is it abnormal or dangerous to see images during the day?
The mental body is the visible reflection of our thoughts.
How can you come in contact with your mental body?

How and where are images created?

atie, a six year old girl, was completely healthy, but a little pale and withdrawn.
Her grandmother brought her to me because she was very worried about the
fact that Katie was so dull, hardly ever happy, and physically unmotivated.
For example, if she would ask her to put on her shoes, she would not react and would
not do it. Only after she had been asked six times and made her grandmother angry,
would Katie put her shoes on. This was only one example. Katie did not seem to react
to anything, did not want anything, and did not do anything. No matter how she was
asked, nicely or angrily, imploringly or desperately, Katie did not react. Her grandmother
was at a loss. Medical research could find no cause.

What did I see? Her emotional body had a lot of different colored energy. Around
her head it was very clear, but further down, the energy became increasingly heavy
and dark. In her mental body, I could see that she was wearing very heavy boots with
magnets underneath. She was deathly afraid to move too much, because she thought
she would fall off the face of the Earth again, into infinite Space, into a big bottomless
black hole.

I told Katie what I saw and she began to cry. I asked her if she had had this feeling
before. She nodded. “Yes, when daddy left.” At that moment she sensed that the earth
fell out from under her. In her experience, it was her fault that her father had walked out
on her. It was her fault that he walked out, and this thought kept repeating itself over
and over again. This thought was subconsciously locked in her mental body and was
blocking all other information. She thought that if she just did not do anything, above
all, nothing wrong, the Earth would not fall out from under her again. So, she continued
this behavior, which was to do as little as possible. Otherwise, she ran the risk that the
Earth would disappear from under her feet again.

Fortunately, this was easy to discuss with Katie, and when she was made aware that
it was not her fault, she could rid herself of this thought and its corresponding

Images form in the mental body.

Emotions form in the emotional body.
The words that go with the images and emotions are formed in the physical

Rudolf Steiner, The Science and Secrets of the Soul“The processes of the third body
can be observed as images.”
Alice A. Bailey, Telepathy and the Etheric Body“ Thoughts and words have
shapes, symbols

"In the spiritual and causal dimension, beyond our daily existence, there are
countless worlds where geometrical shapes, symbols, colors, and syllables really
exist. This is in close harmony with the experiences of various people from
different religious backgrounds all over the world.” Hiroshi Motoyama, Chakras and
Higher Consciousness What is our mental Body? See chapter 9 " Our seven bodies"

Properties of our mental body

– In the mental body, images are formed

– It communicates with us through images
– It is the visible mirror of our thoughts
– The mental body also takes the shape of our thoughts
– We can travel with our mental body
– It processes our negative thought images

symbols and images are created in the mental body

Or as Gary Zukav explains it: “A thought is energy, or light that takes shape in
the conscious mind.”
“Our spiritual body is made up of several bodies from several aspects and
dimensions. One, for example, is a collection of geometric symbols (yantras,
yet another contains acoustic vibrations (mantras. Through meditation or deep
concentration you may enter an actual area where only the acoustic vibrations
of only one mantra exists and nothing more. Likewise, it is possible to experience
a dimension where only geometric patterns exist (yantras. As the concentration
The language of the mental body 39

increases, consciousness slowly takes on its symbolic form.” Hiroshi Motoyama,

Chakras and Higher Consciousness

Where images form

One of the ways in which the Soul, the first emanation of God, speaks to us is
through pure symbolic images. These images can either be static, or moving.
What I see is the following: The bright, sparkling, and radiant energy from your
Soul (God), pure light, descends into your open heart.

– Your heart can only receive your Soul’s beautiful energy if it is open.
– Your heart is the seat of your Soul.
– Your heart is directly connected to your third eye.
– You third eye receives these images directly (messages from your Soul) and
sends them to your brain, where they are translated.

You see through the eyes of your inner God.

Whatever your Soul directs its “eye”, (your third eye,), upon becomes visible, clear,
transparent, illuminated. The problem becomes clear, whether it is in your physical
body, or one of the other bodies. This process occurs within seconds. I see the actual
images in my, or the other person’s, third or mental body.
These images can be observed as images, flashes, and déjà-vu during the
day, and as dreams at night. The images you can see during the day and the
ones you remember from your dreams, with their symbols and archetypes, are
clearly a universal and individual form of expression of the Soul. Some symbols are
universally recognizable. Others are of a more personal nature. Images, the
language of the mental body, are analogous to the images of the Soul on the
one hand and, on the other hand, are clearly a further differentiation of it. The
primal, or mother-tongue, is the language of the Soul. The mental body has its own
language, which is often expressed with symbols from the primal language of the
Soul, but it has clearly added on its own individual expression. The language
clearly veers towards individuality. It uses the basic elements, basic symbols,
archetypes, and the primal language. It then adds elements, in a very personal
way, which are unique to the individual who thinks, feels, and creates the images.
You could compare it to a language like Latin, for example. Latin has been a
primary language for a long time, was an original language, and also an official
language for many people, just as English is now an official language and almost
a worldwide language for many countries. Later, many languages evolved from
Latin, such as French, Spanish, and Italian. These languages have the same origin
– Latin – but all developed in another direction. You see the same development in
the language of the mental body. You still clearly see images and basic symbols

of the Soul, but there are many individual forms added on. The use of symbols in
combination with other symbols and forms is also unique to every person.
Primal symbols, or archetypes, are collective human thought images.
These archetypes, which you can see repeatedly in the image language of the
mental body, are: the circle, the square, the triangle, pointing up or down, the
five pointed) star, the sun, the moon, the flame, and the four elements: fire, earth,
water, and air. You find a further and more specific differentiation in a
combination of primal symbols, with symbols such as the apple, the lotus flower,
the heart, the wing, the elevator, or the cross, for example. The car, the train, the
airplane, and the boat are sometimes symbols for the body, the vehicle of the Soul.
Then there are the surroundings in which a dream takes place: the house, the
building, the sea, the mountain, the desert, the forest, the darkness, or the light.
Next to this are the animals we encounter and who often have symbolic
meanings for abstract ideas, such as good and evil, beauty and ugliness, cold and
warm. Familiar symbolic animals are: the snake, the spider, the horse, the dog,
the chicken, the bat, the bird, the butterfly, the unicorn, and the monster.
Throughout human history, one can see a parallel development of the
symbolism of the Soul in all cultures and all peoples. Carl Gustav Jung, among
others, has made important contributions in this area. This development reflects
itself in the language of the mental body and our ability to understand this
language. Many people are familiar with the images of the mental body. They see
them or experience them, often without being aware of where they come from, or
what they actually mean.
I have often experienced that people spontaneously see images during an
EMDR session, during a free association or visualization, or when I ask someone
to concentrate on their inner Self or Soul. These are the images of the mental body.
During sessions, it also becomes apparent that more people experience these
images in their daily lives than you would think. This can happen while
daydreaming, staring, or drawing, during flashbacks or inspirational thoughts, or
at any given moment when one’s mind is turned a bit more inward. The line
between dreams, the language of the Soul, and images (the language of the
mental body) is very thin. From the perspective of our conscious Soul, there is no
borderline, but our physical consciousness sometimes experiences a barrier. You
can also say that you look with the eyes of your Soul , your God), and see the
images in your mental body.

Is it abnormal or dangerous to see images during the day?

Images are a normal form of communication for our mental body, just as
language is a normal form of communication for our physical body. Seeing
The language of the mental body 41

images while dreaming, or experiencing them while we are awake, is not

abnormal or dangerous. On the contrary, we know now from scientific research
that animals and people would become ill and would eventually die if they were
consistently prevented from dreaming. In other words, REM (Rapid Eye Movement
dreams with images are not dangerous. They are absolutely necessary for the
survival of both man and animal, so they clearly have a function.
Another question that is asked is this: “Why would the Soul, or the mental body,
only speak to us at night?” The Soul, with its language of imagery, speaks to us just
as well during the night as during the day, but we do not recognize it or give it the
chance. If we could map them out, distinguish them well, and recognize them
easily, our images could then be an extra support in our daily lives, an extra
resource, an extra indication, just as dreams can be.
It would be good to make a clear distinction between images which belong
to the mental body, and images that belong to a mental condition, which in
psychopathology is known as psychosis. During dreaming, or the conscious
observation of images, communication is controlled. During a psychotic episode,
communication is out of control. In the first instance, the observer has control
over the images. In the second instance, the observer has no control over the
images. In the first instance, it is a conscious observation of controlled images.
One can stop at any moment, so it is not dangerous. In fact, it is a healthy extra
form of communication. In the second instance, one has no control over the
experience. The images come unbidden and are impossible to stop. Everything
that overcomes the psychotic person is undesired and something needs to be done
about it.
Images are not dangerous by definition. It is our lack of knowledge, which
prevents us from experiencing and using them in a positive and creative
manner. The mental body has so much to say to us. It is not only a means of
communication, it may be the means of communication in the far future. In other
words, it is a means of communication of old which has gone into disuse and may
come into use again.
“As humanity reaches an increasingly higher degree of consciousness on the
mental plane, the use of words for the sharing of ideas between beings will go
into disuse. In the coming age of Aquarius, a bridge shall be wrought between
the old way of understanding thought through the spoken, or written, word and
the future stage of the instant response to a thought, via the new discipline of
Alice Bailey, Telepathy and the Etheric Body
It has long been known that the communication of ideas through images can
be more penetrating than through words. Just think of advertisements, logos, and
comic strips.

The mental body is the visible reflection of our thoughts

We all have our problems, whether with relationships, finances, emotions, or our
health, to name a few. No one escapes worries. If we think positively, then the
mental body is a beautiful reflection. If the reflection is temporarily unpleasant,
that is our own creation. If you see this creation, then it is only to help you, to
make you conscious of it, so you can change what you have created. If you are
frightened or shocked by your own creations, that does not mean that your
images are wrong, or that there is something wrong with you. You are simply
standing before your own mirror, no more and no less, and you stand before it so
that you can do something about it.
If your subconscious creations are too negative for you and they appear too
often, it could be that you no longer have conscious control over them. Then they
control you, which can also be the cause of psychotic images. Naturally, just as
with all bodily weaknesses or dispositions, heredity plays a role here. Every family
has its own hereditary tendencies and weaknesses. One person will manifest
them physically, another may display psychological symptoms, and some may
experience both.
You can no longer walk away. They are there and you can choose to do
something about it, or not. If you do something about it, then they will lose their
function and will definitely disappear. If you ignore them, or do not understand,
they will continue to repeat themselves until you become conscious of what they
have to say to you. Most of us have experienced dreams that have sometimes
recurred up to three or four times. Mental images always contain a message on all
levels, and they continue repeating themselves until the message is understood.

The mental body takes on the form of our thoughts

If you think you are of little value, or very unimportant, you immediately
see the mental body become tiny. If later , you no longer feel less important than
others, then you immediately see the mental body take on its true size. (see
Case story: Louise, Chapter 11) If you are carrying a figurative weight on your
shoulders, then you see the mental body hunched over. If you have had a terrible
psychological blow, then you see the mental body dented and literally bent
backwards. If you are experiencing doubt about taking a step, then you often see
one leg shorter than the other. The mental body limps at that moment.
The language of the mental body 43

We can travel with our mental body.

This will be clearly explained in the chapter: Traveling with your Soul

You see that the mental body is a real body. It is a pity not to make conscious use
of all the possibilities of this body.

How do you come in contact with your mental body?

It is fairly easy to come in contact with your mental body through meditation.

One morning, I woke up in a lot of pain. I had bruised several ribs the day
before. Every movement I made and even breathing was painful. I could not turn
left or right, nor could I get up or down, and my body felt like a nuisance. As is
my habit, I began my meditation, and when I came in contact with my mental
body through my solar plexus, I did not feel any pain anymore. The pain was
gone! It felt wonderful and I stayed there for a while.
Coming back to my body with my waking consciousness, the pain slowly
returned, but I had felt the difference and I could go back any moment. Not
only had I not felt the pain, mentally I felt completely different. My every day
worries seemed lighter, my problems less heavy, and the solutions were possible.
I thought if this was possible, more might be possible so I went on to my other
bodies, ending with my Soul body, where I made contact with my Inner Self, the
God in , and my inner voice. I was able to ask questions and receive answers.
Actually, I did not even need to ask a question at all. The answer came before I
could even make up my mind about what I wanted to ask. The energy was so
delicious, that I just wanted to stay. When I returned to my waking
consciousness, the pain came back, but I nevertheless felt refreshed and best of
all, I had a lot more energy. As you can imagine, I did not want to miss this any

So by meditation, I came in contact with my mental body and I now try to do it

every day. Everyone can do this and the results are great.

chapter 5 | How you can learn to see

spiritual bodies, images, and chakras
Reading your own aura
Frequently asked questions
Reading your own root chakra

harlotte came to me with the following question: “Can you tell me why I sleep
so poorly at night? I wake up every hour and I toss and turn and think about
everything and everyone. Mostly I think about X and Y who are so sad.”

In her emotional body, I saw a dark red energy in and around her heart. This energy
came from something in her past that was still making her very sad. In her mental
body, I saw a box with a lid inside of her heart. I looked into the box and saw a
lot of deep sadness from her past. Her mental body told me that this sadness was
about her child, but that she did not want to feel it yet. And mentally she quickly
closed the lid.

In order to avoid feeling or coming close to her grief, she kept thinking and
thinking. She barely dared to sleep and, therefore, could not sleep. Imagine if she
were to let go, lose control, and come face to face with her pain! She wanted to
avoid this at any cost. So to avoid feeling, she slept restlessly and poorly.

I asked her if she recognized this. It was not difficult and it was clear to her. We
discussed that she did not have to feel the pain if she was not ready for it yet and
that it was OK not to want to feel it yet. Every one of us, including Charlotte, has
the ability and the right to decide when we want to start coming to terms with our
issues. They will only rise to the surface when we are ready, and not sooner. It was
not that Charlotte was afraid to face her emotions. She had simply had so much
sadness to deal with lately, that she needed a bit of time to regain her strength. You
can certainly give these instructions to your Soul, and it works. She slept again
because she knew the cause of her unrest and that she did not have to fear being
overcome by grief. It would come when she was ready for it, she knew that she would
be able to handle it.
How you can learn to see spiritual bodies, images, and chakras 45

Six months later, she broke her leg and was forced to sit at home! After a week, her
sadness broke loose. She cried for hours and hours and felt very relieved afterwards.
She got rid of it, and afterwards she slept like a rose.


Reading your own aura

When I teach my course, I start the first day off by having my students read their
own and each other’s auras. Reading your own aura offers insight into
your current mental and emotional state of being. It can also be a helpful tool for

You can start with a short meditation:

Allow yourself to sit quietly and relax. Breathe deeply, in and out, through your
diaphragm.Now you are going to ground yourself. Focus all of your energy and
attention on your root chakra and connect yourself via a wide channel of light
with the center of the earth. Travel through all of the earth’s layers and absorb the
color of the energy that you need the most at this moment. It can be any color or
combination of colors. Take more than you need. Now open your crown chakra
and allow the Cosmic energy to enter you. Take more than enough so that you
have a surplus of energy to use for reading yourself.

Feel your aura surrounding you.

Now look at your own aura, from the outside all the way to the inside of your body.
• What color do you see?
• What shape do you see: oval, round, pear shaped or an upside down pear?
• How is your aura distributed? Is it fat or thin, is there more energy on the
right than on the left, or the reverse?
Feel or observe. Maybe you can see, maybe you just know, maybe you hear.
• Is there a dent in your aura, or a swelling, or an opening or anything
• Is it distributed as you would like it to be, or would you like to change it?
• Do you like the color, or would you like to change it?
Feel and listen to what your Inner Self wants and let it happen. Follow it calmly
and full of trust.
Gradually return to your waking consciousness, bringing what you have
experienced back with you. It is a good idea to make a drawing of your own
aura as you have observed it. The density, the colour, the shape.

Exercise: reading another person’s aura

It can be a lot of fun to read a friend’s aura and to have them read yours in
First, you decide who is going to be the readee (the one who’s aura is going to be
read), and who is going to be the reader (the one who’s going to do the reading).
Sit quietly opposite to each other and relax. Connect your energy and your hearts.
The readee should have a paper and pen ready to take notes.
You both begin with a short meditation.

Close your eyes. Breathe deeply, in and out, through your diaphragm. Now you
are going to ground yourself. Focus all of your energy and attention on your root
chakra and connect yourself via a wide channel of light with the center of the
earth. Travel through all of the earth’s layers and absorb the color of the energy
that you most need at this moment. It can be any color or combination of colors.
Take more than you need. Now open your crown chakra a little bit and allow the
Cosmic energy to enter you. Take more than enough so that you have a surplus of
energy to use for the reading.

Feel your aura surrounding you. Mentally place one or more symbols in front of
your Navel chakra so that you can separate your own emotions from those of
the readee. This can be anything you want, a rose or a transparent screen, for

You can also place circles of light around your feet and possibly a golden ball in
front of your throat, so that you don’t say too much or too little.

When the reader is ready, the readee can start asking the following questions.
• What color do you see � �

• What sort of landscape best describes the readee’s current stage of life and what
are the possibilities for growth?
• What is in bloom in that landscape? Which qualities are connected to this?
• Which part of the landscape is still hesitating to grow?
• What can the readee use to encourage or discourage growth?
Sometimes it’s better to leave things as they are.
• What does this landscape symbolize?
• How is this landscape developing?
The images you will see will more than likely be symbolic, the language of
your mental body. The reader may not understand the images, but the readee
probably will. If you like, and the readee would like to know more, he/she can ask
more questions of their own.
How you can learn to see spiritual bodies, images, and chakras 47

Once you are finished, you can switch roles. The readee becomes the reader and
vice versa. Try to stay in the "flow" and wait until you are done with the readings
before discussing what you saw and what you thought about it.

Practice makes perfect. It’s amazing how easily most people can gain access to
their intuitive powers by simply asking the right questions. Your intuitive powers
just have to be activated in the right way.

Can you consciously learn to see?

Of course. Almost everyone has the capacity to see, only it is just not as
consciously developed in everyone. But not everyone has the desire to do it, or
wants to put time and effort into it. The power exists latently in everyone.
Everything you consciously focus your attention on, becomes visible, transparent.
Seeing actually belongs to the normal (and not paranormal abilities in all of us.
We all have this ability. This becomes apparent if we get the chance to develop
them. If this power were not present, then we could not develop it. If there were
nothing, then there would be nothing to develop or to learn.
The images you see in your dreams at night can also be observed during
waking hours through your mental body. These symbols come from your Soul and
do not restrict themselves to dreams in order to make things clear to you. You can
just as easily see during the day with your eyes open, or with your eyes closed. The
images are projected onto the screen of your mental body day and night, and for
this body there are no limits in time or space. This also goes for your Soul, which is
always present. This becomes very clear during EMDR sessions. It appears that
everyone can then see their own images because, at such a moment, they are
allowed to see. For example, during an EMDR session, I asked Hank why he was
afraid of his feelings. He then saw an image of himself walking on posts and was
afraid to fall between them. To him, feelings where like having nothing solid to
cling too, slippery, falling under. The meaning of the images we see is not always
clear in the beginning, nor is it always apparent what we must do with them. But
again, practice makes perfect.
The image on the right shows how an open third eye
can look like. You can activate and develop your third
eye in two ways: with the right training, or by letting
nature take its course. It appears that almost everyone
can observe clearly if they ask the right questions of
their chakras, their bodies, their souls, or someone
else’s Soul during training or EMDR sessions. These
observations can come in the form of “seeing,”
“hearing,” “smelling,” “knowing,” or a combination of
these possibilities. It is amazing to see how easily most
people can gain access

to their intuitive powers by simply asking the right questions. They just have to be
activated in the right way.
Any way, the third eye also develops on its own as a natural result of your
inner development. “Seeing” is a by-product of the natural process of spiritual
development, not a goal in itself. This is not to say that you should not develop
these “seeing” qualities. On the contrary, used well, “seeing” can be a great help to
further developing your higher consciousness. It is an instrument that, in
principle, is available to everyone. Developing your consciousness and, along
with it, your third eye, takes time, attention, and inner peace, just as everything
that you want to develop takes time and attention. “Seeing” demands very careful
use, and is good if you act responsibly and you are conscious of the consequences
for yourself and for others.
If seeing is the result of your conscious inner growth, then your Soul will always
let you see the precise cause and where it is, in which body or in which life. Every
unnecessary frill and irrelevant piece of information is left out. This is very
effective and saves a lot of energy. Your Soul is in charge then and not you or your
ego. If you nevertheless try to look by yourself, or search with your third eye, then
it will cost more time, because you will have to look at everything. First you would
have to look at the physical body, and then sort through all the chakras one by
one, then the emotional body, the mental, and the Soul.
You can compare clairvoyance to diving under water. If you have never
dived before, you have no idea what lies under the water. Once you are there, a
world opens up to you. Not only will you see the colorful variety of fish, but also
everything that grows and blooms there. It is a feast for the eyes. So it is with
clairvoyance. You will be surprised time and time again.
There is also another side to the coin of clairvoyance. You may sometimes
see unpleasant, strange, and frightening things. It can affect you to the very core
of your being, and you have to deal with that as well. But the positive thing is
that you are always happy about it in the end, because reality is easier to accept
than illusion. It makes you more level-headed and, therefore, stronger. Things are
as they are.

Is it so strange that thoughts are visible?

Maybe it seems so because, up until now, nothing has been discussed or written
about “visible thoughts.” At the end of the 19th century, the well-known Russian
researcher, Kirlian, began to record “invisible” energy, such as the aura, on
photographic plates. There was not much more to see than a vital radiation, but
there was proof. Now, over a century later, the aura has almost become common
knowledge. Although the aura is not yet visible to everyone, much has been
written on the subject and it is commonly spoken of (having a “good aura”). You
How you can learn to see spiritual bodies, images, and chakras 49

can read so much coinciding information about the invisible aura, that less people
doubts its existence anymore.
Technology is developing quickly. With the “Apex-sensor” (a classic
spectrometer) you can measure radiation which is reflected by the sun. Using this
sensoron an airplane, it can identify different types of diseases in the auras of
plants, diseases which are not yet visible to the fysical eye. In this way, diseases are
detected earlier and can be eradicated before they become visible.
If you look carefully at your own or another person’s eyes, face, body, and
posture, you can see a lot. You can see what you think of yourself, or what that
person thinks of him/her self. You can see how you see yourself and how the other
person sees himself, what you imagine yourself to be, or what the other person
fancies himself to be. Non-verbal communication, such as body language and
body posture, often tells us more than verbal communication. We communicate
more through our eyes, facial expressions, gestures, and posture than through
words. So we actually see a lot more than we realize. We observe more than we
think. There may come a time when technology will enable us to record our
thought images on film and project them on a screen if we wish. Then it will no
longer be unusual, but usual; no longer invisible, but visible. Many things can be
projected onto a screen, just think of the screen of our tiny cellular phones, and
there are still many more possibilities in the program. There may come a time
when we will communicate with each other through our power of thought – with
or without words. This happens often in daily life. We often feel what a loved one
is thinking or feeling. This is called telepathy. You do not see the thoughts, but you
know them.

How do you recognize your own images?

Try to recall the images that appeared in your dreams? What did you see?

If you cannot remember your dreams, ask someone else to tell you their dreams.
What images are called to mind?

When you hear a voice on the other end of the phone, what sort of person do you
see in your mind’s eye?

When you listen music, what sorts of ideas or images, do you get?

When you daydream, what do you see?

When someone is telling a story, what do you imagine?

When you read a book, what do the situations and characters look like to you?

If you later see a film based on that book, the images are hardly ever or never the
same as what you had imagined. They are not your images.

Try to make a drawing of what you feel (intuitive drawing). What does your
drawing look like?

What do you see when you visualize? Visualization is the conscious creation of

What do you see when you meditate? Your inner images often rise spontaneously
to the surface during meditation.

What do you see during an EMDR-session? During EMDR, you focus on a strong
negative thought, and the feelings and images that go with it. Every thought you
have has a corresponding feeling and image, even if you are not aware of it at
that moment. During such a session, your own images surface spontaneously.

What is EMDR.
EMDR means Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. This is an
outstandig psychological therapeutic tool. It can be used to bring the negative
thought from the subconscious to the conscious, to process it and to then turn it
around using your Inner Self to convert it into a more positive thought about yourself.
it is a very freeing process through wich the moods can again make way for the
flowers of the Soul.
Jack, 39, had a turbulent youth. On the one hand, he was adored by his parents,
who had made a mess of their own lives. His mother was an alcoholic, his father a
gambler. All of their unfulfilled wishes were projected onto Jack, and he was the ideal
son. Very early on, he took on the responsibilities of mother and father on himself,
at the cost of his own youth. On top of that, his uncle sexually abused him.

At the beginning of the EMDR session, I asked Jack to draw how he felt. He drew the
following: a large head surrounded by a box. His body was nowhere to be seen.
Everything revolved around his head, but his head was boxed up, stuck. His thoughts
did not venture outside of the box, nor did his feelings. He did not dare to feel
anything. I asked him to pay no more attention to the drawing and to set
it aside. Then at the end of the EMDR session, I asked Jack to draw how he felt He
then drew the following: the box was gone and his body was suddenly visible. He
even drew hands and feet. I asked Jack was to compare his two drawings. He looked
at them in surprise. “Yes,” he said, “I have a grip on my problem. I can lay my
hands on it now. I haven’t solved everything, not by a long shot, but I realize that
my thoughts and feelings were locked in my head. I couldn’t get out. Now I can see
that it’s possible for me to think and feel differently.”
How you can learn to see spiritual bodies, images, and chakras 51

How can you develop these abilities yourself?

Create a peaceful and pleasant environment for yourself. Breathe deeply, in and out,
through your diaphragm.Now you are going to ground yourself. Focus all of your energy and
attention on your root chakra and connect yourself via a wide channel of light with the center of
the earth. Clear your mind of thoughts and Set your ego aside and ask your guide ,
your Inner Self or Soul to help and protect you.
- Pose a direct question to your inner self, something you are really stuck on, or cannot
answer or solve with your own powers of reason.
- Give yourself the time to let the answer come through thoughts, words, drawing,
images, writing, or knowing. See how it comes to you. It is different for everyone.
- Your first impression is usually the right one.
- If you could not possibly have thought of the answer yourself, then it has most likely
come from your Inner self.
- If the answer is still unclear, follow it up and ask more questions about any
associations or images.

It is good to practice at the same time every day and in the same place. You can then
condition yourself and, at some point, it will start happening on its own at that same
place and time. Later, it will not matter anymore. You will be able to do it anywhere. You
will be surprised by your own abilities.

I have seriously asked myself if I could be the one who is creating the images I
see in other people. I have come to the conclusion that it does not work that way. I
see these images, regardless whether the person concerned is or is not physically
present, and regardless of whether I know something about them or not. Also, I
always communicate what I see and ask if it is correct. If they do recognize the
images.And usually, they do, whether I understand it at that moment, or not.
Sometimes the other person has a better understanding of what I have seen.
I have come to the conclusion that I can send my own images to another
person and they can, if trained to do so, consciously receive them. I can also send
my images to someone who receives them, sometimes subconsciously. But if I am
neutral, open myself to another, do not look from my emotions, but from my Soul
(which is a condition for seeing), then I cannot at that moment send any of my
own images to the other person. Then there can be no question of a “transfer.”
Seeing your own images is a valuable means of recognizing your own self-
deprecating thoughts. It enables you to change them into new images, which then
creates new thoughts and feelings. It is also wonderful to see and enjoy your own
beautiful images.
You may ask yourself what the use is of images if you cannot see them anyway?
You may you remember about fifteen years ago, Coca-Cola edited subliminal
messages into their film advertisements. We did not consciously observe these
messages, but subconsciously we were highly influenced. It seemed that, after the

subconscious registration of the images, Coca-Cola sales did actually increase.

Fortunately, this is no longer legal, as it could be abused in all kinds of ways.
We do in fact see our images (dreams, déjà vu’s, day-dreams, instant flashes of
images), we just don’t pay attention to them. We do not recognize them as very
useful tools, messages from our Soul, our Inner Self, or God. But they do influence
us, whether we are aware of it or not.

How do you know that you are looking from your Soul?
If you cannot tune-out your own emotions and thoughts, it is very difficult,
or even impossible, to tune-in to the level of your Soul, or reach your soul’s
frequency, and so looking from your Soul.If you cannot tune-in completely, the
Soul has its own way of making you conscious of this fact. For me, it is a layer of
dust, or a filter, which forms over the lens of my Soul’s eye. When this happens, I
know that I am not being objective at that moment and must first do something
to turn off my own thoughts and emotions. At that moment I just see some dust
or a filter. That is not a lot!
You can only see the Soul of another by looking from your own Soul. You can
always look on the same level, or one or more levels lower, but not higher or
further than your own level of development. You cannot observe the frequency
level of the Soul with your physical body, or your emotional body or your mental
body. Clairhearing and clairfeeling are very useful and help to make a whole out
of the images, so that they become fully comprehensible. Clairhearing simply
means that you can clearly hear what the other person is saying to you from
within, from the different bodies. Clairfeeling means that you can purely, clearly,
and distinctly feel what the other feels at that moment (without confusing it with
your own feelings or imposing your feelings on the other person). So, although
it is always very important to turn off your own thoughts and emotions when
gazing upon another person’s Soul, it does not mean that your own feelings are not
touched by the other’s. Actually they are, because you purely feel what the other
person feels.
Your Soul will only allow you to see what is relevant to the problem, the original
cause of the problem, nothing more and nothing less. You cannot see a person’s
private business or thoughts (in words) or other related situations or happenings.
Pure, dry, clear, and distinct, your Soul illuminates the origin of the problem,
wherever it comes from. It can be that the cause lies in the physical body, in the
mental or emotional body, or on the level of the person’s Soul. It could affect one
or more bodies, or all of them at once. The mental body is in a state of constant
change, just as a person’s physical body can move and look different from one
instant to another. What you see is a snapshot, the moment of now.
How you can learn to see spiritual bodies, images, and chakras 53

Peter told me he suffered from a heart rhythm disorder and asked if I could see what
the problem was. I really wanted to help him so I concentrated. First I was allowed to
see his physical body and his heart was reasonably large and healthy. The left artery,
which comes out of the top of the heart, was a bit constricted at its tip and caused the
blood to flow irregularly. Then I saw his emotional body. There was quite a bit of fear
and tension around his heart, a dark energy in the shape of dark clouds,
which put a lot of pressure on his heart. The cause of the problem could
be seen in his mental body. I saw barbed wire around his heart. He had
closed off his heart and made it unreachable for himself and for others.
No one, not even he himself, could gain real entry to his heart. He
placed most of his trust in his power of reason and gave little room to
the feelings in his heart. He was afraid of his feelings for various
reasons. Just as his spiritual heart blocked the flow of feelings, his
physical heart blocked the flow of blood. And if you block your feelings,
fears often arise. Fear, or the absence of love, is often the cause of many
In Peter’s emotional body, I also saw clearly that he did not let his feelings come
any further than his solar chakra, and from there the returned to his navel chakra,
where he released them though sexuality. Peter later told me that he was absolutely
not aware that he blocked his feelings, let alone that he had any. By giving his
feelings more space, he now finds that he has much better contact with his loved
ones and he is very happy about that.

Can you also see when someone is not physically present?

Yes, absolutely, it does not matter whether someone is present or not. It does
not matter whether someone calls from another city, or another country, or from
the other side of the world to ask a question. Inner “seeing” is not limited by time
and space, by past or future, in this or other dimensions.It is always there,
everywhere, and you can contact anyone anytime and any place in the world.
Just concentrate on that person, wherever they are, and you will see one or more
of that person’s bodies. While the intended person is speaking, their images will
unfold before your inner eye. While you are listening with your physical ear, you
are seeing, hearing, and feeling on a physical, emotional, and mental level.
Clairfeeling and clairhearing are very important at that moment and will help
you to make sense of the images.

Does it matter whether you know the person or not?

Absolutely not, because it is not about the physical body of a person. The Soul
of the person unfolds before your eye, along with the answer to the request for
help. A person can also ask something for someone else – with permission. If this
happens out of pure love, then contact is made immediately. If someone asks
something about another person out of curiosity, or for his or her own interest,

then the contact will be refused, because it is then a matter of improper use. If
help is asked for a child out of pure love, even without permission, contact will
be made. In other cases I do not think that my Soul’s eye would let me see.
Above all, I always ask permission of the other person’s Soul to let me see
something. Sometimes I see the outward appearance of the person for whom help
is asked, sometimes a part of their body, but only when it is relevant for the total
insight. I usually do not see the person at all.

Helen was very worried about her mother and really wanted to help her. She told me
nothing about her, but simply asked for help. After receiving permission from her
mother’s Soul, I saw that she had quite a large cancerous growth in her stomach and
that it would continue to grow upwards towards her throat. In other words, it was
fatal. I also saw her face, her physical face, at that moment. She looked very angry,
rebellious, and stand-offish. She was not only angry, she was furious and pushed
everyone away, even her children. Everyone was at fault. This is often the first reaction,
the first phase of the emotional reaction to hearing such bad news. Her hair was
literally standing up. In her emotional body, I saw anger, fury: dark red to brown
energy. There was also an ice blue energy, pure cold, because at that moment she
was cutting herself off from everyone and from herSelf. I then also felt the anger and
the icy cold flow through my own body. I observed the denial and fear as a dark color
around her heart and her head.

In the second phase, I saw that she built a wall around herself
– I literally saw a brick wall around her. Fortunately, the wall
behind which she had hidden from herself and from others
was not too high. This is a common emotional reaction in the
second phase and is necessary to work out the “shock” of the
terrible news. Some can do this together with others. Others
need to do it alone.
The third phase clearly showed that she did not believe there
was anything wrong with her. She smiled inwardly and towards everyone. She knew
better. It could not be true. The doctor was mistaken. The x-rays were mixed up
with someone else’s. Her children were upset over nothing. It was all a big joke and
she would come out laughing on top as a great winner. At the same time, I saw the
cancer spreading.

The fourth phase clearly showed resignation – she could no longer deny it – she
felt the tumor and all of the physical symptoms. She accepted everything, also the
inevitable, and wished to go in peace, without radiation treatment, without pain.
And I clearly saw how she received and accepted spiritual strength in order to bring
How you can learn to see spiritual bodies, images, and chakras 55

the whole process to a good end. I saw the spiritual strength as a cobalt blue energy,
which came from the top of her body. When it was accepted, it was slowly absorbed
by the entire body. At such a moment you can hear the person say or think: “I can
handle this. It may be difficult, sad, hard to bear, and unfair, but still I have inner
peace.” Then you see that acceptance comes in the form of a soft blue energy, the
acceptance itself, the inner peace, gentleness of being, gentleness towards oneself
and towards others. It was a beautiful sight.Since Helen was very open to other
ways of thinking and seeing, I could tell her all this. It was bad news, but at
the end good news. In your Soul’s eye, you see these images, this process,
pass through the different bodies.

On the day before she came to see me, Sandra had found out that her boyfriend had
been unfaithful and she had broken up with him immediately. Sandra was not so
young anymore (37), nor was her friend (51), and both still had the desire to have
children. Now that the relationship was over, this deep wish, the longing for
children, fell to pieces. On top of this, she had lost her job six months ago. What I
saw was the following.

Her mental body was totally dented in the front from her
chest to the lower left part of her body. She had received a
terrible blow. Her emotional body was completely black at
that moment. She was angry, furious, and afraid for the
future. Would she find someone else with whom she would
want to have children before her biological clock stopped

A while later, her mobile phone rang. She had asked

before if she could pick up the phone, since she waited for an important
message.Congratulations. She was hired for the job, she really wanted. She could
come the next day to finalize the details. At that moment I saw the dent in her
metal body go away, it sprang back to its original form and the dark color
disappeared. It began to shine. She began to shine. Every time, this is heart
warming to see

Can you see people who have passed away?

Yes, absolutely.Sometimes a person who has passed away and who was, and
maybe still is, close to the person asking for help, makes him- or herself known. It
is always to shed light on something or to make something clear so that, for
example, a mourning process can come to a close. Contact with the deceased is
always healing for all concerned. I will go into further detail on this subject in the
chapter “Speaking from your Soul.”
56 Can you see past lives?
Yes, again, if its helps to solve a problem in this life, if it serves an purpose. Never
out of curiosity. Sometimes I can see a past life of the person who asks for help.
However, this is not to say that you, by definition, I will see a past incarnation, or
that I can say
“And now we’re going to look at your past lives.” It depends on the purity of the
intention and the will of the Soul. If the intention is purely to gain more insight
or awareness, and if the insight is necessary at that moment in the person’s life,
then I may see the past lives that are relevant. If one of these two conditions are not
met, then usually I am not allowed to see a past life. People often work on the
same subject or the same challenge in their past lives as they do in this life. It is
surprising how much spiritual and/or physical pain can still be the result of an
event from a past life, or happiness or abudance
The same applies to the future. I only see the future when it adds something at
that moment, and not if I ask out of sheer curiosity. Seeing the future is relative.
You can see how the future will possibly or probably develop, but it is not set in
stone. The future depends on so many factors, not the least of which is our own free

Steven had problems with himself. He had a very good education, a brilliant career,
a great salary, a nice girlfriend, the right friends, traveled a lot, in short, a perfect
yuppie life. But he suffered from internal conflict. His girlfriend was a nice woman,
but he was not happy. In reality, the relationship was not going well. There was not
a single rational reason to continue with this long-standing relationship. Moreover,
Steven wanted children, but his girlfriend did not. Still he could not end the
relationship. His reason and his emotions were completely at odds with each other.
He could not understand it anymore himself.

Very quickly I saw them both in a past life, a life in which his present girlfriend had
been his wife. He had abandoned her when she was pregnant. This explained the
attraction between themand also was it cleat now why she absolutely did not want
children and why he could not end this apparently “meaningless” relationship.

This relationship was not so meaningless after all. It appeared to be a karmic

relationship. Karmic not in the sense of guilt or punishment, but in the sense of
action is reaction. Let me be clear on this: I am not saying that all comparable
relationships are karmic. There could be a thousand and one reasons why we enter
into or continue in a relationship. This is but one of the many possible reasons.

Do you see the future?

The same rules apply in this case: only if it contributes to the here and now, and
only if it is something that you could not figure out for yourself. And if I or
another person is asking out of curiosity, I do not see a thing. Maybe the
advantage of your Soul being in control is that you do not have to figure
everything out yourself.
How you can learn to see spiritual bodies, images, and chakras 57

Alice, a young woman of thirty-five, lived alone with her five-year-old son since
his birth. She longed for a relationship and her job was not very satisfying. She
worked for the money, but that was all. In a month she would have to vacate her
rental home and she still had not been able to find another house. A week before
she came to see me, a friendly acquaintance offered her a job in his company in
Malaysia. The salary was good and so were the fringe benefits. She would have a
free house, a babysitter, and school for her son, two months vacation per year, and
four free return tickets. She would start with three months probation and if it did
not work out, then he would be obligated to offer her a house in the Netherlands. It
was a very tempting offer. Still, Alice had her doubts. She asked if I could help.

I saw what could happen in the future in Malaysia. If Alice did not fulfil his
sexual expectations, he would throw her out and she would return home destitute,
homeless, and disillusioned. I asked her if this could happen, taking into account
the acquaintance’s personality, and she thought that it could. In the end, she
decided not to go, being that the risks were greater than the benefits.

I can only tell what could happen, guided by what I see. So, not what will
definitely happen and certainly not what choice should be made. Everyone
makes their own decisions and is responsible for whatever they choose. The
ability to see in this type of situation, gives you extra information on which to
base your decisions. In this case, the person in question, the acquaintance, had
not physically given me permission to look, but his Soul did. Evidently, in this
situation, the information was important for the person asking and I saw what
was necessary, no more, no less.

Do you see traumas?

Only if the trauma is ripe for working through, or solving at that moment. More
often, I see a dark ball inthe mental body, in which anger, sadness, and pain are
locked, neatly packaged, often with a core of gentleness or light. Sometimes the
ball can disappear entirely, sometimes I am allowed to take over the ball and
transform it, or take it away. Then the trauma does not have to become conscious
again, or be consciously worked through. It can remain neatly packed and
disappear as a whole.
Sometimes I see that there is already an opening in the dark ball of sadness
and pain. Sometimes I can make an opening. I do not decide that; my “small self”
does not know what can or may be done. I merely observe from within my Soul
and let it happen. Sometimes I see a trauma from this life, sometimes from a past
life. It makes no difference, for the Soul, time does not exist.

Ken , 31 years old, was very nervous and, above all, afraid to be alone. He could then,
out of fear, become exceptionally unreasonable. He asked for more clarity and I
spontaneously saw images from a past life in Egypt. There, at the end of his life, he
had been buried alive. The feeling of utter abandonment, with all of its uncontrolled
reactions from the past, was apparently called up anew in this life by a series of
seemingly trivial events.
Can you evoke a trauma in a person by seeing it?
No, because I would not be allowed to see it if the person was not ready to deal
with it (it would then remain neatly locked up in a ball. A repressed trauma will
only surface if the person is ready for it. It is a very clear interaction. When
appropriate, you can also gain access to a trauma through regression therapy. In
this case, you do not need to know beforehand what the trauma was, or when it
took place. With proper guidance, the person will find this out for him/herself.

Do you always see other people’s images?

No, I only look if something is asked of me, whether it’s help or insight. If I am
not asked, then I do not look and I do not see anything. Thoughts are and remain
private, unless they are consciously sent out.
Seeing does not happen by itself. It demands strong concentration. The images
never come to my Soul eye, or third eye, unwillingly or unasked for. I know it
would stop if I did not have the respect to only look when it was necessary. Privacy
is an absolute cosmic law that must be respected. Mind you, it is not always fun to
look. Seeing involves much more than only looking. You cannot simply take
a peek and shut the door. It also means feeling. The feelings of the other person
flow through you at that moment, which can be a less than pleasant business in
the beginning! On the one hand, this is to support what you see, so that you can
better understand what you observe. On the other hand, it is to enable you to help
transform those feelings at that moment. If I look, I always ask for help to be able
to do what can be done at that moment. There is always help available, in the
form of spiritual guides and/or deceased relatives, and especially from your Soul
and the other person’s Soul. Mostly you are allowed to help as well, take
something away, lighten something, remove something, change something, and/
or give insight. If you ask for help, it is never refused, even if you do not notice it
much at that moment. Then it happens in another body and you notice it later.
Looking at images is not a question of looking at a movie, turning it off, and
being done with it. Being able to see always heals, because I always ask for help
and healing. When you focus on a problem , you automatically set the healing
process in motion. The most important thing is to open your heart to your Soul
and to just let it happen. The same applies if you yourself ask for help at home for
whatever reason.
How you can learn to see spiritual bodies, images, and chakras 59

During a meditation, I felt an abnormal pain in my head. I automatically asked for help
and I then saw white threads being pulled out from the painful place in my head. The
threads were connecting my thoughts with people whom I had helped and the thought
of whom caused too much pain at that moment.

This is how my problem was quickly solved. This works for every one of us,
regardless of whether we are conscious of it or not. We all, without exception,
have the ability to heal ourselves. However, as long as it serves a purpose, as long
as we have something to learn from it, or something we can become aware of
through it, we will not heal. We can only heal at the moment that it no longer
serves a purpose.
When you ask for help, you can also place a transparent dome of white light
around yourself as extra protection. You may rather pray in silence; that is the
same as asking for help. Everyone does it in their own way.

Do children see images?

Until they are old enough to go to school, most children spontaneously see
many images. As they begin to develop their cognitive abilities (math, writing,
language, reading, memorizing), most stop seeing images. Still, school children
often see more images than adults. Most children find it completely normal and
are surprised when they find out that others do not see their images.

A mother came to me with her six-year-old daughter. She was

desperate. Her daughter, Cathy, went into a panic every time
she was near a heater, fi replace, or gas furnace. She clung
tightly to her mother and there was no way to calm her down or
to comfort her. Nothing helped, neither kind words, stern words,
punishment, nor safety. Only when she was at a safe distance
from this fir e, together with her mother, or whomever she was
with at the time, could she relax. It turned out that every time
that Cathy came close to a “fir e,” she saw a burning torch. She
could describe the torch precisely: a long stick with an opening
on the top and wooden hands and feet. Every time she saw
it close to a fire, the torch threatened to burn her. The torch
spoke to her and said: “If you come close to me, I’ll burn you
or your mother.”

It is no wonder that she was panicked and afraid. This torch was the mirror-image
of her subconscious fear of fire. Through these images, the fear became conscious. I
slowly taught her not to fear the meaningless words of the torch. It had threatened
her, but had never actually done anything, did nothing now, and could also do

nothing in the future. The burning torch disappeared along with her fear.

Five-year-old Harold had a difficult personality. He enjoyed pestering his brothers

and sisters, he avoided his chores at home and at school, he was sneaky, and he
rarely told the truth. Yet, he had a little gnome in his tummy who always gave him
good advice. This gnome told him what he could do, for example, if he was yet
again attacked by one or more of his poltergeists (not literal, but imaginary). The
little gnome in his tummy advised him to get a fire hose and to spray them away. He
did and it worked. If he had scary thoughts in his head, sometimes the gnome
advised him to spray them away with a fine stream of water. And that also worked
for Harold. The little gnome gave him enough good advice, but Harold only listened
when he felt like it. The little gnome symbolized his inner self, the poltergeists
symbolized a part of his personality, the naughtiness in him.

Seven year-old Elizabeth had lost her mother a year earlier. So far, she had been able
to deal with it well in her own way. If she missed her mother, she said she had an
airplane in which she could travel to visit her deceased mother day or night, and
with which her mother could travel to her. This was how they stayed in contact. For
Elizabeth, this was the most normal thing in the world. She did not doubt it for a
moment, and it worked.

There are countless examples of images that children see. Children can see much
more than we can, in general. They still have playmates from other worlds with
whom they get along in a very natural, creative, and healing way. On the
website, www.vpro.nl, you can find children’s reactions to the television program
“Wat Nu” (“What Now”):

Kirsten: “I actually enjoy seeing auras, angels, and ghosts.”

Yolanda: “My grandmother, who had just died, was standing by my bed.”
Rowan: “I see many energy fields in the air.”
Charlotte: “I very often have déjà-vu’s, I have three every day.”

Perhaps these examples trigger memories from your own childhood. Children
not only see the good things about themselves and us, they also see things that
are unpleasant. It is a pity they do not receive guidance about this from us as
parents or guides. Our children have so much to tell us and to learn, if we listen
well. Dyslectic children and adults are also sometimes more apt to see and
communicate through images than non-dyslectic people.

How does clairvoyance work with others who are clairvoyant?

There are people who are clairvoyant and, as I said in the beginning of the
chapter, there are also people who are mediums. Mediums can receive and pass
How you can learn to see spiritual bodies, images, and chakras 61

on what another invisible entity, or entities, (deceased people, guides) say or let
them see. They see and hear with the eyes and ears of another.
Sometimes, with permission from the medium, the entity takes temporary
possession of the medium’s physical body. The medium then consciously leaves
his or her body and the entity can speak through it. You then hear that the voice
is suddenly completely different from the voice of its owner. When it is over, the
entity leaves the body and the owner returns. There is enough protection for the
physical body during this entire process.But sometimes, the medium does not
know who entered his or her body. The you have an problem. You better do not
listen to them or take any advice.
There are different levels of seeing and this difference is dependent on a person’s
spiritual development. You can never see more, or further, than your own level of
consciousness.That is logical. You cannot receive more than you can understand.
Suppose that you could pick up more but could not understand it. This would
cause more confusion than clarity.
Some people are highly in tune with the Earth. They can see the body, inside the
body, around the body, around the Earth, the near future, and how they can
develop it.Some can project their mental body to another place on the Earth
and see someone sitting in their living room, and on what location. There are
people who, by feeling an object or a photograph of someone, can see images, feel
the person’s emotions, and much information connected with that person.
There are people who, through palm reading, make contact through the hand or
hands of another. This person must have a thorough knowledge of palmistry.
There are also people who can see auras and their color or colors. They can also
observe the chakras and the different bodies.
There are people who can project their other bodies to places outside of the
Earth, to other dimensions and planets.

Reading your own rootchakra

Connect yourself to the earth’s energy.

Starting with your root chakra, radiate your energy in a wide stream towards the
center of the earth, and anchor your energy there.
Now move through all of the earth’s layers and take in the color of energy that
you need, the color that makes you feel safe and secure.
Draw this energy into your entire body, from your root chakra, all the way up to
your crown chakra.
Now very carefully, open your crown chakra as far as possible and allow the
golden energy from the cosmos to flow into you.

Send this energy in your body to the places in your body that need it the most.
Now move with your consciousness into your Aura. Make it large and pleasant
around you, in a way which you find agreeable. Some people feel comfortable in
a very large aura, while others prefer a smaller aura.

Now you are ready to see and feel your root chakra.
Focus all of your energy and attention on your root chakra.
Where does it flow the least?
What do you see there? What shape, color, sound, or feeling do you sense?
Go back to the situation in the past where this situation arose.
What did you think in this situation?
How did you react?
What did your root chakra look like when you had this thought and this reaction?

(Perhaps it would be easier to stop for a moment and write down what you have
experienced. If you can easily remember a lot at once, then simply continue)

Now take a good look at the part of your root chakra which flows freely.
What does it look like? What color, shape, or sound, do you see or hear?
What do you feel?
Go back to a time in the past when you experienced this free flowing energy.
What thoughts were linked to it?
What gave you what you desired?
Did you dare to take risks, and if so, how?
Now go back to the part of your root chakra, which does not flow freely and see
how you can make it flow better.
What kind of thought or feeling do you need to heal this part of yourself?
What color, shape, sound, or feeling do you need?
After you have healed your root chakra, return to your waking consciousness and
write down and draw what you have experienced. In this way, you consciously
connect the right and left sides of your brain, causing this positive experience to
remain in your consciousness for a much longer time.
chapter 6 | The core thought
The core positive thought: I am love
The core negative thought: I am not love

liza, an attractive 47 year-old woman, came to see me for the first time. She
had problems with anger and sadness. “No one listens to me,” she said,
“and I want attention. I feel betrayed by my body because I am too fat.”

She was born late into a family with three children. Her father did not want any
more children, but honored her mother’s wishes. Once she was born, her father
accepted her and her mother pampered and spoiled her to such an extent that the
others were sometimes jealous.

If she related something at the dinner table, which she thought was very special,
the others would say: “Oh you, we already knew that.” And if she asked a question,
they would say, “You wouldn’t understand it anyway,” or, “Here she comes again.”
They didn’t really do this out of anger, but clearly as an expression of childish
jealousy. When she was about eleven years old, she gained weight and they began
to call her fatty. In her thoughts, she added on: “Fat and stupid, stupid fatso.”
Now, when she tells her family something and someone interrupts her or makes a
comment, she quickly becomes angry and irritated. Subconsciously she thinks: “You
see, no one listens to me. I’m a stupid fatso.”

During the following session, we searched for her core negative thought together,
before we began the EMDR-session. After having eliminated several thoughts, we
were left with two: “I can’t do it, and I am fat and stupid.”
During the session, Eliza described the following:

“I feel a big wave. I go with the wave and I feel like a twelve year old girl again.
I stand next to my sister, who is thin and intelligent. I feel this is mean and unfair.
She laughs at me. I can’t help it if my mother always favors me. I’m afraid that
people will think I’m dumb and that I can’t do it. It is so horrible to be so judged.
I have always run away from this awful feeling, but I don’t want to anymore. I’ve

decided that I want to feel everything. I won’t run away anymore. I want to live in

What I saw in the emotional body of this twelve year-old girl,

there were red clouds of sadness and black ribbons of anger
which were not being expressed and could find no outlet. They
could, therefore, not escape her body and were stuck. Then we
moved on to the mental body. She began to tremble with fear.
“I can’t do it.” Memories of all the things she had thought she
couldn’t do came to the surface: at school, at home, the birth of
her first child. Even then she thought: “I can’t do that.”

In the end, she was able to give birth by cesarean, but to her,
this was a failure. The second delivery went better. By repeating
and repeating this thought, I saw a flat black disc in her head.
Luckily, the disc had an opening in the middle, which meant
that she had not yet completely blocked herself with this
negative thought, and was still in contact with her true inner
Self. Then she said: “I would like so much to give birth again, to
prove to myself that I can do it.” She looked back at the second
delivery and then she felt that she had given birth herself. “Yes,
I had a little help, but essentially I did it myself. The fact that they helped me a bit
does not mean that I did not do it myself.”

Once she relived these situations, she became conscious of her most negative
blocking thoughts. She could then recognize and acknowledge them and make
room for more positive ideas. A while later, the following thoughts surfaced from
her Inner Self, or intuition: “I can do it. I am not inferior. I only
need to be myself. I felt strong during my second delivery. I am
very proud of myself. I could care less if people see that I am
nervous. That’s how I am. I am not dumb. I feel supported. I
am safe. I am satisfied.” While she said this, I saw that she
stood in a tunnel of light. She had made a passageway to her
Inner Light. It was beautiful to behold how she recognized
herself again, how she knew and saw who she was at that
moment, how she expressed and radiated this.

During the next session, she said: “It’s really strange, but I see and experience
things differently now. Every morning I wake up with the thought: ‘I am safe and
strong and I am supported.’ I don’t feel that nervousness anymore. I can deal well
with my negative thoughts. These thoughts are gone, and if they come back I can
The core thought 65

say: ‘I am not fat and stupid. I can do it.’ That’s in the past, that’s what I used to
think, and now I can solve my own problems. I then consciously turn inward. There
it is light. Then I feel happy. The positive thoughts have been there all along, but
I thought that they belonged to someone else. I thought that I was someone else’s

This is a clear example of someone with two negative thought-roots: “I can’t do

it,” and “I am stupid.” You see many negative thoughts and thought-roots (kernels)
in the mental body. This does not mean that now all of her problems are suddenly
gone, but these specific problems have been solved.

As my Soul said earlier: “Problems are the motor of evolution.”

During my quest, I have continually asked myself one question: “What is the
cause of psychological illness? What is the greatest common denominator?” If
we know, we can heal. Too many physical and psychological illnesses are still
incurable because we do not yet understand them. We can describe them, classify
them, recognize and classify symptoms, and prescribe medicines to fight these
symptoms. Sometimes we can use therapy to take away a part of the cause, to
solve a trauma, or to change symptoms or behavior.
Much has changed since the time of Freud, Jung, and Adler. There is much
greater insight into the human psyche, much more understanding, much
more research, and many more testing possibilities. Many illnesses can now be
diagnosed and sometimes even cured, but the human Soul still seems beyond
reach and difficult to understand. The more we understand, the more we realize
how little we know. Every answer raises more questions. In this chapter, I am
going to describe where, in my opinion, problems often originate and how we can
deal with them.
What you do see repeatedly and all too often, are negative thoughts of every shape
and form. What you then see are not the letters of the thought, not the words, such
as: “I can’t do it, I am inferior, I am scared,” and so forth, but the images which
are formed by these thoughts and feelings. We all have negative thoughts about
ourselves. If these come from healthy self-consciousness and healthy self-criticism,
then that can only be positive. That is different from subconscious, deeply
rooted, negative thoughts about ourselves that are completely unrealistic, often
subconscious, and very strong. In 22 years of experience with all my clients, I
have become convinced that subconscious, often deeply rooted, negative thoughts
about ourselves are the main cause of our psychological problems and illnesses.

It is fun and very enlightening to see this for yourself. Try to pay attention to
everything that you think for a period of one minute. Consciously register all of your

for 5 minutes You will be even more surprised if you write them all down. There will
probably be angry, anxious, and sad thoughts included. Angry about this, indignant
about that, afraid of this, sad about that, and disappointed about another thing.
If you take it a step further and analyze all of these thoughts, you will realize that
you are actually angry at yourself, or sad about yourself, or disappointed in yourself
because you did not do this or that, or did not say something. If you then replace all
of your negative thoughts about yourself through encouragement, understanding, by
positive thoughts, you will suddenly become very calm inside and even peaceful.
The internal war will stop for a moment.

The core positive thought is: “I am love.” The core negative thought is: “I am not
love.” This includes related thoughts like: “I’m not good, I’m bad, I’m inferior, I
can’t do it, I’m not worth it, I’m stupid, I’m scared, I’m shut out, I’m worthless, I’m
rejected,” and so on. These are among the most common negative thoughts.

The core positive thought: “I am love”

If you can become more or less conscious of who you actually are: , a part of
God, of the universal energy, Light, Source , or whatever you want to call it,
created in God’s own image and likeness, then you will consciously know: “I am
love.” We are, and always will be, people with human qualities and limitations,
but at the same time, we can have a higher consciousness. We have the
knowledge that we are more than a physical body, the consciousness that we have
access to divine powers and that we can express them through our thoughts,
words, and deeds. This higher consciousness, being a part of God, of pure love,
creates positive energy and that is clearly visible in and around you.

As my Soul says, “Everything in the universe vibrates to one basic rhythm: love.”

So if you are, think, and feel love, it immediately spreads itself throughout
the entire universe. If you tune yourself in to love, you vibrate with the universal
rhythm. Think of the power this represents for just one person, let alone for two or
more people. Christ said: “If two or more gather in my name, I am among them.”
If two or more are united in love, they are connected to the infinite energy of
the universe. This creates peace, health, and creativity. It allows you to create
everything you desire which corresponds to your divine insight, wisdom, and wish.
That is not to say that this would then always be Heaven on Earth for us. Your Soul
wants you to continue to consciously evolve and evaluate. On Earth, this is
coupled with opposition, tension, and resistance. In other words, problems.
The core thought 67

What does the thought “I am love” look like?

It is beautiful, breathtaking, and often moving. If you see
your own Soul, you see pure love, endless gentleness, and power.
You see the Soul shining in every direction with white or gold
colored light which emanates from its very core. There is not a
single defense, protection, or reservation of any kind. You see
pure, open, shining light, wich at the same time is an perfect
protection. Can you imagine how breathtakingly beautiful that
Fortunately, we all have positive thoughts, to a greater
or lesser degree, and it is a real joy to be permitted to see
them. However, you don’t have to see them to feel them. We
all know people who we feel really good around, who are a
pleasure to be with. Every person has light inside of them,
the light of their Soul. Only a few have
pure shining light. In others, the light
can be blocked, hidden, or covered.
I have seen the following images in
the mental bodies of people who were present in their bodies:
In a Franciscan monk, a very engaging and modest person,
I saw a large heart. His heart was as big as his rib cage, one
big, red, loving heart. I was very moved and I thanked him for
letting me take a look, for allowing me to see and enjoy.
(I asked his Soul for permission).
Harry, a young man of twenty-six, had a beautiful golden ball, at the same
height as his heart, in his mental body. This golden ball was
the aura of his heart chakra, which was beautifully developed.
He had a heart of gold: the symbol for universal love.
When I looked at Clara, who was twenty-five, I clearly
saw her heart on fire. I saw the flames spread out of a red
heart. I gently asked her if she was in love. “What,” she said,
“in love? I’m completely head over heels about someone.” You
could tell!

The core negative thought: “I am not love”

A negative thought always begins with a negative thought about oneself. An

example of this is the deeply rooted, mostly subconscious, thought that we are
“not love” and all of its possible forms. If we could only see our own souls, we
would be startled by our own pure love and, at first, not even dare to look or

We tend to subconsciously pile more and more negative thoughts on top of our
deeply rooted negative thought, and then behave and act accordingly. We
subconsciously carry these negative thoughts with us in our mental bodies. Many
of our emotions and actions spring forth from this and, unfortunately, are often
unnecessarily negative. These emotions can then be seen again
in the emotional body, expressed in a myriad of shapes and
colors. We then express these again with our physical bodies
through our behavior and actions.
In Kurt, a very engaging and modest person, I saw a large
pin sticking in his heart. This happened while he was thinking:
“I feel that I can’t do it.” This thought was not at all realistic
because he could easily do it. He was simply afraid that he
couldn’t. He hurts his own heart.
In Debbie, I saw an even bigger pin
sticking in her heart, penetrating her heart.
She thought: “I am worthless.” Because she
persisted in the thought: “I am worthless,”
her heart partially split in two and a wound
began to form. Later, when she thought: “I
am also gentle,” a pink energy entered the
heart and a scab sealed the wound. This is
how the heart heals.
Self-negation looks less pleasant. A person who denies his
Inner Self, or Soul, looks spiritually very small, tiny, not even half
a centimeter tall, and completely dark. Often you see the
spiritual body of the person shaking with fear, with
its fingers stuck in its mouth. Such a person
completely denies that he, or she, is also
something more than just a physical body.
This is different from someone who denies
his, or her, own beauty. The mental body of that person is also
not larger than half a centimeter, but is clear white in color.
People who deny themselves are also full of fear because
everyone, or almost everyone, is bigger than they are.
The drawing shows what the mental body of such a person looks like. It looks
negative, but cosmically speaking, it isn’t really. By consciously,
or subconsciously, experiencing how you think, you can
change. Naturally, as a physical person, you experience it as
very heavy, anxious, negative, and awful. The people who
interact with you also feel this because, for the most part,
people react to what a person thinks of himself, and not to
The core thought 69

what they actually are. When someone becomes conscious again of the fact that
he is equal to everyone else, you see the mental body take on its core form again.
The images we create with our negative thoughts are visible in the mental body.
The way in which we experience these feelings is visible in the emotional body.
Of course, we can also see what we create by thinking and feeling in a positive
The basic assumption that negative thoughts are often the cause of poor
psychological functioning and bad health is confirmed in various books. In
their book, Reinventing Your Life, Jeffrey E. Young and Janet S. Klosko talk about
tracing and changing negative thought patterns. In Eye Movement Desensitization
and Reprocessing (EMDR), by American psychologist, Francine Shapiro, we find this
basic concept again. In her therapy, Shapiro treats people with traumas, phobias,
fear, panic, extreme sorrow, and post-traumatic stress disorders, by first searching
for blocked negative thoughts. Once the negative thought is recognized, identified,
and made conscious, the process of coping with and finally converting the
negative thought into a positive thought can begin. In his book Friendship With
God, Neale Donald Walsch says: “Through self-denial, by denying the true self, all
of our negativity comes forth.”
As I remarked earlier, it is amazing that one can see these basic negative
thoughts in everyone, see them in the mental body, not in words, but in images,
that the thought or the feeling itself, literally and symbolically, takes shape. Our
mental body lets us see directly, in images, what thoughts we form. They are direct,
clear, and concise. We can disguise our thoughts with words, transform them, give
them a positive twist, or even flat out. Images never deceive. They simply are what
the creator of these images is at the moment he/she thinks or feels. There is much
to see in our mental body. It can be pleasant or unpleasant. Almost everyone
creates different images. Every person is absolutely unique. Every person makes
his own mental creations.
Sometimes you see the basic negative thought, both literally and symbolically,
as one or more roots. There are people who, fortunately, have only one basic
negative thought, with one or more small ramifications. There are people who
have a few negative thoughts and there are those who have many, but that doesn’t
say everything. One root can be tougher than several and if there are several roots,
one can be tougher than the others. Every person is unique, no person is the same,
and therefore, our thoughts are also very different, as are our images.
As I said in the beginning, I have long asked myself what the cause is behind
the multitude of psychological symptoms and phenomena. What is the largest
common denominator? Were do the roots of many problems lie?
– In the mental body, you can clearly see where many problems come from.
– In the mental body, you can clearly see what we all create.
– In the mental body, you can clearly see what will manifest itself.

How do you find out which core negative thought or root someone has?
It is a matter of asking the right questions and looking with the eyes and seeing
with your Soul). If I ask the right questions and touch on a person’s subconscious
negative thought, then the negative thought calls up an emotion. That will often
be fear, sadness, anger, or pain. Then I know for certain that I’m on the right
track. If this negative thought does not invoke a single emotion, then the person
concerned does not have, or no longer has, that negative thought. Moreover, you
can measure the emotional strength of these negative thoughts on a scale of 1 to
10, also known in EMDR as SUD (Subjective Units of Disturbance).

How do you find out what your own core negative thought is?
You can trace your own negative thought. Ask yourself: “Which negative
thought about myself comes forward the most in my mind? Which thought gives
me the most trouble?” Often these thoughts are cleverly hidden because they
are so troublesome. It is much easier to see your most negative thought about
someone else - that is usually very clear! This negative thought about the other is
often a mirror for your own negative thoughts.
Pay close attention to what this thought makes you feel. Does the thought
evoke an emotion? Then you know you’re on the right track. Then see where you
feel the emotion in your body. Your body warns you every time you subconsciously
think that thought. If the thought does not call up a single negative emotion, then
it is either not there, or it is not there anymore. If the thought calls up happiness,
then think it very often! The more you enjoy, the better.
Recognition, followed by acknowledgement of the subconscious negative
thought, is the biggest and most difficult part of the process. When you admit to
having the negative thought, it means that you have become conscious that there
is a negative thought. By recognition I mean that you know what it contains: “I
can’t do it,” for example. This is a large step. It is often the most difficult part, but
it is also the biggest step forward, because you can only begin to solve the problem
once the cause becomes clear.

How do you get rid of this negative thought?

If you recognize and acknowledge your negative thought, you can slowly break
it down, or get rid of it. Every time you recognize it, be it through a bodily signal
or the emotion that it calls up, do not go along with the image it creates. Instead,
stop it andcreate a new positive thought to replace it. You can also send your
negative thoughts to your heart. Your big heart will dissolve it, transform it. I will
describe this process in detail in the section, “How your heart can influence your
emotions,” in chapter 12.
If it is too difficult for you to trace this core thought and to rid yourself of it,
there are other ways. The EMDR-method is an outstanding therapeutic tool. It can
The core thought 71

be used to bring the negative thought from the subconscious to the conscious, to
process it, and to then turn it around, using your Inner Self to convert it into a
more positive thought about yourself. It is a very freeing process, through which
the weeds can again make way for the flowers of the soul.
Other creative processes such as intuitive drawing (see chapter 5, “How you
can learn to see other bodies, images, and chakras”), meditation, and guided
visualization can also be helpful in tracking down negative thoughts and solving

When I was concluding this chapter, I asked my soul, “Why are there negative
thoughts?” My soul replied, “Because the positive thoughts are not strong enough

If our positive thoughts are strong enough, there will no longer be negative
thoughts in this world.
72 Images of the Soul

chapter 7 | Case-stories of thought images

I will be rejected
I can’t do it
I am alone
I have no choice
I am worthless
I will fail
I am inferior
I don’t believe in my ideas
I am weak
I don’t trust my feelings
Sometimes I can’t talk

n this chapter, I am going to describe and illustrate several of the most common
negative thoughts I have seen in myself and in others. I will also show how the
images change when these thoughts are replaced by more positive ones.
It is important to know that you do not see the thought itself. You do not see the
words, but the images that you create at the moment that you think and feel. The
thought itself is and remains private and falls under the cosmic laws of privacy.
Every time you think or feel, you create images, whether you realize it or not. It
is useful to become conscious of this. You will do it either way, whether you like it or
not, so you might as well be aware of what you are doing. Then you can be sure it is
something you want. Let me give you an example of what I saw when Lea had the
thought: “I will be rejected.”

I will be rejected

Lea, 35 years old , told

“When I started suffering from inexplicable stomach pain two years ago, I
immediately thought it was stress. I am an independent woman with a good job, so I
am naturally very busy. Still, I noticed that after several long weekends of rest, I was
still not rid of the pain. Worse yet, the pain in my stomach had increased.”

“In the sessions, we made contact with the loose ends from my past. It seemed
that there were things which played a role in my life to which I had never given the
attention they deserved, because I was afraid of feeling pain, disappointment, anger,
and sadness. For example, I had the idea that I was not in the right place in my life. I
never felt at home anywhere. My parents got married because of me. My mother was
pregnant, so they had to get married. My relationship with my parents was difficult.
My father was strict and authoritative, and I did not fit the image he had of women.
I was wild and even though my father had always wanted a son, he could not really
Case-stories of thought images 73

appreciate that his daughter was such a tomboy. The confrontations with my father
were continuous. He often hit me and then I fought back.”

“My sister, on the other hand, was my father’s sweetheart, a totally different type
than I was. Naturally I couldn’t stand her. My mother did love me, but I never really
consciously felt it. She could not express her feelings and so I sometimes felt abandoned
by her. Luckily I have a good relationship with my brother, but I feel bad and
unappreciated, even though I have a good job, and it looks like I have a good life.”

What do I see?
We begin an EMDR session and Lea concentrates on her most negative thought: “I
am rejected.” Quickly, Lea undergoes a spontaneous regression to the time when she
was ten years old. She vividly re-experiences what it’s like to be that ten year-old girl,
only now she can use her adult powers of reason to consciously understand what
she was feeling as a child. Your powers of reason are not turned off during an EMDR
session. She feels that her father belittles her and does not understand her. He wants
to have power and not to talk, because he is afraid of what this could unleash in
him. She gets excited, angry, and wants to run away. Everything has to be perfect for
him, so she wears glasses to annoy him. What I see is a strong energy which presses
upwards against the inside of the skull. “They smash against
my head and I feel pressure on my eyes.”
When she says: “Actually I am also afraid of him. If he yells
and hits me, I feel tension in my head, anger, and an ache in
my head.” Then I see a black and constrictive energy which
points inwards.
When Lea talks about this, you see the constriction lessen
a bit. Behind the fear, which is now partially gone, you see
a dark round ball in the navel chakra.
Around the dark round ball there is clearly
a layer of protection which prevents the emotions from escaping
from the ball and running amok. Her rage is locked up and
neatly packaged in this dark round ball. The rage has been
there for a long time, but has not been allowed to, or has not
been able to get out. The thoughts have
continued to mill around in her head while
the emotion itself, the anger, has remained
neatly packaged in the dark ball with a
layer around it.
There is now movement in Lea’s anger. I see the ball break
itself free from the navel chakra. “I am furious with him! He
didn’t know I was alive! I always have to do what he wants,
and he’s always yelling at me!” While she says this, I see the
74 Te

round dark ball slowly open, the angry energy streams out. This
begins to dissolve immediately in the shining region of her solar
chakra. I also see that the ball is surrounded and illuminated by
the positive energy of the solar chakra. Inside the round ball of
rage, I also see soft light pink energy. This soft energy can now
be seen clearly.
At the moment that her anger is partially released, she says,
“I also feel sorry for my father, because he often starts screaming
out of powerlessness. When my mother died, my father was very
vulnerable. I felt sorry for him, but at the same time he remained so negative.” I see
some more anger disappear from the ball. “I find it very scary that we have never
been able to communicate in a decent way. We could never talk. He doesn’t accept
people the way they are.”
Sadness now appears, sadness that manifests itself as dark
red energy which is locked up in the same dark ball. The
sadness slowly drains away, and again I see a part of the ball
disappear and the ball shrinks some more.What I now see is
very wonderful. The rest of the ball disappears in the radiant
aura of the solar chakra. I see the remainder of the ball move
into the inner sun and simply dissolve.
While I continue to watch in wonder, Lea has a completely
new thought: “Maybe we’re alike and that’s why we react
so strongly to each other. In any case, he gave me an example of how NOT to be.
Through him, I saw that you should be careful with other people. He didn’t do that.
Mother did, she had lots of friends. I can now distance myself and look at him, and
I see that he makes things difficult for himself. I would like it if he would not only
be careful with other people, but also with himself, so he could be himself more
easily.” She sees the connection between his yelling and his concern. Because of this
insight, she can now calmly visit him without immediately getting angry if he acts
I ask, “How strong does the thought, “I am afraid my father will reject me,” feel
now?” She answers, “Now I wouldn’t give it more than a 2.” A 10 means that the
thought is completely present, and 0 means that the thought is non-existent. When
we began this session this thought was at least an 8 on a scale of 1-10, and after
the session, it was a 2. The core negative thought: “I will be rejected,” is now much
weaker. Lea says, “Now I would dare to go there once a week.”
After a week, Lea comes back. She wants to talk about the
fact that she finds it difficult to talk about herself with her father.
She feels a bit stronger, but she would like to just be able to say
what she wants to say: “I am a lesbian. I have a relationship
with another woman.” Her negative thought in this case is: “I
can’t say it.”
Case-stories of thought images 75

I see that the thought, “I can’t say it,” pinches her throat shut. I see the same
pointy black energy, with the tips aimed inward, which go along with the thought: “I
can’t do it.” Because she thinks, “I can’t say it,” the black pointy energy is not totally
around her body, but concentrated in the area of her throat.
We continue and Lea gives all sorts of reasons why she can’t say it. “He’ll have a
heart attack. He’ll tell me off again. He’ll disown me. He won’t listen anyway.”
When we look at all of these possible situations more closely, it
seems they are not entirely realistic. While she is talking about her
fear and all of the possible scary situations she has imagined, I see
the clamp around her throat begin to loosen. This makes room
for her Inner Self (or intuition), and the solution to her problem
surfaces. “It doesn’t matter what I say, he lives in his own world
anyway.” That gives her the strength to follow her own wishes. “Yes,
I want to say it and I will give myself the freedom to do it when I’m
ready, no sooner and no later.”
At the moment she says this, the clamp disappears completely. She feels relieved,
and her headache disappears. She now realizes that the cramps in her head and
stomach were caused by her subconscious thought: “I will be rejected.” Cramps in her
head and stomach are a clear sign to Lea that she is thinking: “I can’t say it.”

If we look back at the process, we see that we have recognized and acknowledged
the negative thought: “I will be rejected.” Once this thought was recognized,
acknowledged, and no longer blocked her inner self, Lea gained insight: “Maybe
we are alike,” or in other words, “I’m not only rejected by others, I reject myself, and by
doing so I block myself. If say what I want to say, it will mean that I accept myself and no
longer reject myself.”
Afterwards, we went in search of her other negative thought, “I can’t say it.” Then
space was made for gentleness and cleansing. From this space (from the Self), came
a new positive thought: “I can say it,” and at a later stage came the insight: “And if
I say what I really want to say, it will mean that I accept myself and no longer reject
You often see the same pointy dark energy accompany anxious thoughts such as:
“I can’t do it, I don’t dare, I will be rejected, I’ll say nothing.” The clamp on the throat,
the black pointy energy, appears after years, after repetition upon repetition of these
often subconscious thoughts. Naturally it can be something other than a clamp.
Sometimes you see spikes, nails, or thorns - the possibilities are too numerous to
mention. The spikes can point inwards or outwards, depending on whether you
blame yourself or another. The spikes always point at the “guilty” one. This is how
you express the thought, “I’m doing it wrong” or, “The other person is doing it wrong.”
Whether this energy appears around the head, throat, stomach, or around all of
these areas, depends on the power and content of the thought. If the dark pointy

energy is completely in or around the body, it is often the case that the person is in a
state of panic.
Lea’s rage was neatly packed in the dark round ball. This often happens with a
strong emotion that you could not handle or express as a child. You see the same
with sadness. The benefit of this is that the ball can often be removed as a whole,
without it spreading further into the mental, emotional, or physical body. In this
way, it does no further damage. The ball will only come loose when the person has
the time and the space for it. In other words, the anger, the sadness, the spiritual
pain, will only be released if you are ready for it and are capable of handling it.
Sometimes the ball dissolves itself in the solar chakra, right before your eyes, like
snow in the sun. Sometimes, you can also remove the entire ball from the body
without the person being conscious of it. This can happen spontaneously, simply
because you, or the person who wants to help you, has the wish to be free of the
sadness and the time is ripe for it.
What is certain is that by recognizing and acknowledging your negative thoughts,
you don’t give them the chance to nestle in your body again. That denial makes
room for consciousness. If you direct your entire consciousness towards your
problem, it becomes transparent, and you automatically set the process of change
and healing in motion. It does not matter if you see it or not, or if you are conscious
of it or not. If you take care that you direct enough attention towards the problem,
your inner self will take care of it and take care of you. “All of the subconscious
dissolves if you let the light of consciousness shine on it.” Eckhart Tolle, The Power
of the PRESENT. Everything then becomes transparent and you set the process of
change and healing in motion, simply through loving attention. It is amazing,
but true. I see it happen time and time again before my very eyes, just as I saw Lea
become conscious of another positive thought.

If you feel a strong emotion surfacing, you can consciously send it to your heart,
to your golden heart. That can also transform the emotion.

I can’t do it

Mark, 29 years old

“I work for a publisher and I really put my heart and soul into it. I’m always available
when someone needs me, not only at work, but also in my spare time. Outside of
work, I often find myself doing what someone else wants and I always think that other
people are right. I come from an average family, very untroubled. My mother was
sweet and she taught me to be there for others, but there was no freedom to talk or to
express my feelings. And there was absolutely no room for having, let alone expressing,
my own ideas or opinions. That would be interpreted as a vote of no-confidence or
Case-stories of thought images 77

even as treason. My father was physically present, but he never said anything. When I
was in high school I was an average student, I mean somewhere between the cool kids
and the nerds. I wasn’t tough and I wasn’t a wimp. After Teachers’ Training College,
where I had few friends, I entered the ‘real world.’ I didn’t have a steady job, but I got
a temporary job teaching problem students. Because I had absolutely no authority,
I was quickly bullied into leaving. I suffered a temporary bout of depression. Later,
I landed a job with a publishing house. Even though I have a good job, I’m still not
happy. On the contrary, I have panic attacks several times per week, not only at work,
but also during social events, at home, and on vacation. I’ve also been feeling tired,
listless, dizzy, sad, stressed, and I’ve been feeling this constant pressure in my head for
months. If I have to go to a business dinner, I am afraid and inhibited. Last Sunday
all of my feelings clumped together in my head, I couldn’t get a grip. I had trouble
walking. It was really scary. I had lost my way, literally and figuratively, and I don’t
dare to make another move.”

What do I see?
While Mark tells his story, I see the pointy black energy again:
fear. Just as with Lea, the spikes are pointed towards him. This
energy has almost his entire head in an oppressive stranglehold.
I see the black spikes go through his neck and chest, all the way
to his stomach and intestines.
In addition, I see a red stripe of energy going up his neck,
which is surrounded by black energy. He is
sad (red energy) and angry (black energy)
because he doesn’t have a girlfriend. The energy is stuck in his
throat because he hasn’t said it or talked about it yet.
First we look for the strongest negative thought, or thoughts,
that he subconsciously has about himself. There are many
negative thoughts in him, such as: “I am afraid to say something,
I am afraid of screwing up, I’m afraid to be alone, I’m pitiful, I’m
powerless, I’m weak.” By looking closely and asking questions,
we find the thought which is causing all of the others: “I can’t do it.”
Change can only be produced by becoming aware of this
thought. The dark pointy energy in his head recedes and space
is made. It is not completely gone, but it has receded a bit. The
energy which is clamped around the throat is still there because it
has not been spoken of yet.
I can also still see the oppressive energy around the rest of the
During our following session, we use EMDR to explore his core
negative thought: “I can’t do it,” which relates to his job. We try to
change this into a more positive thought and finally see some results. The following
78 e

thoughts surface in Mark: “I can handle my job, it will be OK, I know

who I am, I can do it.”
Of course, not all of his negative thoughts are gone, but when
we talk about his job, I see a crown on his heart. Inwardly, he has
chosen self-recognition instead of denial, which was leading to
anxiety. At that moment his heart chakra is able to open up. Peace
washes over him and he goes home a bit happier.
A while later, Mark is faced with his most difficult task yet. He
has to understand and accept that he has this self-denying thought.
That he himself (subconsciously is causing his fear and panic attacks. Mark was
certain that he was not responsible for this. His job was to blame, his colleagues, the
stress, his boss, being alone. It was because of the remarks made by others around
him that he felt so bad. Everyone and everything was to blame for his problems
except himself.

The thought: “I can’t do it,” is so strong in Mark that it completely overruns his
thoughts and feelings. It is a pity, because he is a very beautiful and honest person
by nature. After several sessions, he becomes conscious of how often and in how
many different ways he thinks: “I can’t do it.” Once he becomes aware of this, we go
from looking at his core negative thought to its derivative thoughts. We find thoughts
such as: “I’ll never have a girlfriend, I’m no good with women, I can’t have a happy life, I’ll
have to live alone for the rest of my life, I am lonely, I can’t handle life, I am weak, I’m so
We begin with the thought: “I’ll never have a girlfriend.” Along the side of his throat,
I see dark strands of anger and red strands of sadness. At the moment that he says: “I
will fnever find an girlfriend,” I see the sadness and the anger in his throat loosen.
Some space is made and there is movement.
I ask him: “Do you want to be rid of your sadness and anger?” “Of course,” he answers.
(Not everyone wants to get rid of their anger and sadness. A person can also cherish
these feelings.) At that moment his tears begin to flow and the sadness disappears
from his throat.
Now there is room for his anger. Now that he can also
express this, the anger can disappear from his throat. But the
thought: “I’ll never find a girlfriend,” is still there.
When he verbalizes this thought, the following happens. A
large, pretty, green ribbon appears around the lower part of
his throat. This shows that he possesses the ability to open the
clamp around his throat himself (to let the fear disappear),
simply by recognizing and accepting, and expressing this
It is now relatively easy to get rid of the anxious thought, because it has been
recognized and accepted by Mark. I see the thought disappear all by itself, and
Case-stories of thought images 79

there is room for a new realistic and positive thought, a

thought which, in his opinion, fits him at that moment. His
new thought is: “I’m a reasonably handsome guy, I’m nice, and I
can definitely find a girlfriend.” For the moment, this is a good
improvement and I see the ribbon come loose.
During our next session, I ask him how he is doing and how
he feels. He says: “Well, mostly better. But sometimes I lose control
again. Then I feel the tension in my head again.” At that moment,
the dark pointy energy turns back towards himself and holds his head in its grip
again. “But,” says Mark, “since our last appointment, it’s been happening much less
often. I feel like there are more ‘openings’ in my head, more ‘holes’ and depending on
what I’m thinking, it can quickly change: open and shut, open and shut. They feel like
‘blockage points’ that I have to break through.” They literally are points! “If I think:
‘I can’t do it, I’ll never have a girlfriend, I doubt that I can really do it,’ then I am dragged
down by these thoughts and I sometimes can’t break through anymore. Then it feels
like I’ve been hit by a sledge hammer. I can’t think anymore, I can’t feel anymore, I
can’t handle it anymore, I feel cut off from myself, and then I panic.”
He can now also see that the strangling thought: “I can’t do it,” precedes the
emotion. First he thinks and then he feels. We practice together. We do visualization
exercises using situations at work, at home, during dinners, and just with friends.
First we very calmly imagine what such a situation looks like and then we let the
thought: “I can’t do it,” come forward. While we are visualizing and practicing
realistic situations, the clamp disappears from his throat, but
the energy which flows through it vibrates excessively. Mark
describes it as follows: “I feel very shaky inside.”
After a while, it starts going a bit better. When Mark dares to
speak his mind in similar situations or visualizations, in spite
of his fear, his throat is normal, open, and healthy. There is a
channel of communication with his Self, his source, intuition,
Light, God. I ask, “How does it feel when you say what you want
to say anyway?” “I feel relieved! I’ve done my best,
I feel satisfied. There is peace, and my head and throat feel a lot lighter.
If I say nothing, I feel frustrated. I can do it. So I can say what I want.”
All on his own, Mark has changed the thought: “I can’t say it,” into: “I
can say it. I want to say it.”

The last thought we uncovered was: “I can’t say it.” This came to light after Mark
became conscious of the thought behind this thought: “I can’t do it.” This thought
caused a lot of trouble, and still sometimes causes problems for Mark, because a
stubborn habit is sometimes difficult to get rid of. For years he had placed negative
thought, upon negative thought, upon negative thought. Our creative energy has

an enormous power and ability to realize what we think, not only in positive, but
also in negative directions. Each of us has the power to choose.
Fortunately, the clamp or the pointy energy does not appear the very first time you
think, “I can’t do it.” At first, you see a light discoloration of the energy. If it occurs
more often, it becomes clouded by a wave of dark energy. Only when the thoughts
pile up, year in and year out, do you feel it in your body. This mostly takes place on
a subconscious level. It is, therefore, important that you get to know your own
thoughts and to value them, so that you can make conscious choices.
Mark can now think: “I can do it.”

I am alone

Sarah, 45 years old

“I am an only child and my parents never really wanted me. My father has always
considered me to be a nuisance and a burden, and I think maybe my mother did as
well. When I was little, they always went out dancing at night and they dropped me
off everywhere. “Why did you want such a difficult mutt,” my father always said to
my mother, if she once again couldn’t find a babysitter. My mother didn’t react. She
never reacted. She did what my father wanted and said what he wanted her to say.

When I was sixteen, I left home. I did it to please my parents, definitely not because I
really wanted to, or because I was ready for it.

I married young. He’s a really nice guy and we have three children. Last year, I was
involved in a train wreck in which I lay trapped for a long time and, since then,
my whole life has changed. As a result of the accident, I can only work 50 percent
of what I used to and, because of a permanent invalidity, I have much less social
contact. My children have grown up and left home. My husband has as well - with
someone else! My sport activities have also been reduced to zero.

In this way, in the space of a year, everything has become very quiet around me. I’m
having a mid-life crisis, or rather, I feel lonely, alone, abandoned, angry, sad, and

First we look at the negative thought that spins around the most in her head
and takes up the most space. That is the sentence (and as it later appears, the
“nonsense”): “I have lost everything because of the accident.” During the next EMDR
session we go to work on this negative thought. I ask Sarah, “What kind of feelings
do you have in your body when you think this thought?” She answers, “Tension,
cramping in my neck, and in my arms and legs.” “What sort of image do you have
in your mind?” She says, “I don’t know,” but she spontaneously goes back to the
time just after the accident.
Case-stories of thought images 81

What I see is how Sarah felt just after the accident. In

her mental body, she stands with her back pressed against
a wall and anxiously tries to remain upright. Her face is
contorted and her mouth is tightly shut. Before her, looms a
large, gaping, black hole. Completely cramped up with fear,
she looses her grip on the wall and disappears into the large
gaping space in front of her, into the “infinite void,” into the
large black hole.
However, once inside that “infinite void” she appears to be
caught by a large, soft, blue, round-shaped energy. There, the
surface is like a trampoline, wonderfully soft and bouncy. First
she bounces up and down, but little by little she gets a hold on
the ball. It is like a bed of warmth, protection, and safety.
From within this safety, she spontaneously goes back to an
earlier experience of a large black hole (she now knows that the
black hole is not a hole at all, but a “springboard” to warmth,
safety, hold - the opposite of what it seemed). She goes back
to the time when she was sixteen years old and left home. Her father and mother
were not particularly loving parents and Sarah was afraid. Again, she stood there
with her back against the wall, her face contorted, mouth tightly shut, and she said:
“I have received no baggage, no love, no guidance, no upbringing, only food. I’m
scared.” But she had to jump, whether she wanted to or not. She had to leave home
and enter the big scary world.
Then, she spontaneously went back to the time of her birth, again a big black
hole. She arrived into the world with her arms open and full of happiness, but her
father fired thought arrows at her: “I don’t want you and I have never wanted you.
Go away!” And he pushed Sarah into someone else’s hands. Baby Sarah winced,
her little face contorted and her whole body contorted itself. I saw this same image
during the accident. When the train crashed, her face contorted, she clamped her
jaw, and her body contorted itself. I also saw the image she had at the moment she
left home (a large black hole into which she had to jump).
I ask Sarah, “What thought did you have when you were rejected by your father
right after you were born?” Very clearly, she says, “I am alone,” and at that moment
I see her entire body cramp up. This is the denial of her self, which she has carried
with her since her birth. I see the following when she says, “I am alone.” Sarah is not
in contact with her source, or higher self. In other words, she is
separated from her being, her Soul, her Inner God.
When she becomes conscious of this and realizes, “I am not
alone,” I see the separation between Sarah and her Inner Self
disappear and, slowly but surely, she stands in the light again.
There is contact between Sarah and her Soul again. She stands
in a triangle of light, a triangle which points downwards. Then
82 Images of the Soul

she says: “I have lost nothing. I have only gained. I have

the light again,” and her face changes into a happy face. A
beautiful face!
Spontaneously, we go back to what happened to her
during the accident and I see her horrible distorted face
again. I see how her head was thrown against the roof of
the train and her jaw was jammed shut. But the thought: I
am not alone, changes her countenance. Her face relaxes, her jaw releases, and her
mouth opens. A weak smile even appears. Her countenance turns. First I see her face,
relaxed this time. Then her left side, a bit crushed and smaller than normal. On her
right side is a large ear.
A screen appears between Sarah and the accident, but she is still connected to
it by a small ribbon. I ask, “Do you want to cut through the ribbon? Yes? OK, go
ahead!” I see the tension move down into her lower body. Sarah feels a bit better,
although the tension still hangs around her knees, causing some pain in that area.
The residue of these traumas is still partially in her body, but we work on this during
the following session.
“Yes!” Sarah says, “I am not alone. I dare to do what I have always wanted to do
and I’m going to do it.” And she does do it. She has always wanted to dance, but has
never dared to, and now she does.

The thought: “I am alone,” was the greatest stumbling block in Sarah’s life. At
every crucial moment in her life, she felt like she was standing with her back against
a wall, staring down into a big black hole. She had nowhere to go. She felt alone,
scared to death, and the only thing left to do was to jump into the great unknown.
The great unknown always seemed like a big black hole. In reality, it was an inner
loving relief and nurturing, symbolically expressed as an endless, soft, bouncy, blue
trampoline. Upon it, she could freely jump and dance without hurting herself and
she would always be caught. It was a beautiful symbol, created on a mental level.
The great unknown, the black hole, which she was so afraid of, turned out to be
her Inner Self, her Soul, her Divine source, or core. The thought: “I am alone,” kept
her cut of from her Inner Self. When she became conscious of this thought, the
events associated with it, and the feelings which where blocked by it, the blockage
disappeared and the light could stream in again.
Sarah’s Soul used yet another symbol for her Inner Self, the divine triangle which
pointed downwards and was filled with sparkling golden-white light. At the moment
this became visible she said:

“I’m standing in the light. Wow!

And I’m not alone.
I’m never actually alone.
I only thought I was alone.”
Case-stories of thought images 83

I have no choice

Fred, twenty-eight years old

Fred tells me that he doesn’t have any real problems and this does seem to be the
case. He just wants to exchange thoughts and ideas and maybe receive confirmation.
He tells me, “For the second time, I’m in a relationship which I really want to
continue. We have a lot of problems. My girlfriend has a lot of problems, but I love her
and I don’t want to stop. She, on the other hand, doesn’t really know if she wants to
stay with me.
I recently met another girl who ‘affected’ me. That’s something that doesn’t happen
often. I don’t really care that much about physical appearances, but I can feel it if
someone affects me emotionally. Even though other people were around, I dared to
tell her this, that’s how far it got. I put myself in a very vulnerable position by doing
this, but to me this was better than denying my feelings. But I don’t want to give it a
chance, I have definitely decided to stay with my girlfriend.”

I see Fred standing on a flag, a blue flag with a yellow cross,

in his mental body. In this context, yellow symbolizes the mental
and blue symbolizes communication (the throat chakra). In his
opinion, he has to choose between his reason and the expression of
his feelings. A flag with a cross usually symbolizes that you are at a
crossroads, and standing at a crossroads means having to make a
choice. When I ask him if he has the feeling that he has to make a
choice, he says: “No, I have no choice, I wish I had a choice.”
After he has told his whole story, I carefully suggest that maybe
he does actually have a choice. If he doesn’t want his current
girlfriend anymore, then he can choose. He can either try to
convince her to stay with him and do everything to influence
her, or he can choose to stop and be open to the next
relationship. When he agrees with this, I see the same flag
above his head. This one is almost torn in half, but not yet
completely. In his mental body, he clearly indicates that he
feels torn by the possible choice.
A while later, I look at Fred’s mental body and see him
waving two flags above his head. He is clearly indicating that he is now giving
himself the space and the freedom to choose. He does
have a choice, but he is not yet conscious of it. After one
hour of talking, mostly on his part, he “chooses” to break
up with his girlfriend and to be open to someone new.
Fred says that his girlfriend taught him to control his
emotions (fear, for example). While he tells me this, I see
his mental and emotional bodies. Both look beautiful.
His emotional body is white, clear, peaceful.
84 Images of the Soul

In the mental body, I can still see the vague contours, the
vague scars of his old “traps,” the oppressive fear with which he
“trapped” himself. I also still see “scars” of old emotions, such as
anger, extortion, manipulation, wanting
to have control over others (because
he was so insecure himself, didn’t see
who he really was). When he tells me
about his latest encounter, he becomes
completely happy. He realizes that he
has a lot to give, a lot of love, warmth, affection and that is
clearly visible. In the center of his body, I see a beautiful
golden ball of light. His heart is of pure gold.

Fred saw how his mental body channeled the information,- the fact that he did
have a choice,- to the waking consciousness of his physical body. This happened
quickly because there was nothing blocking it. In his waking consciousness he
thought he had no choice. But his mental body clearly indicated that he did in fact
have a choice and stood on the verge of making one. This is how quickly the mental,
emotional, and physical bodies can become one, can have the same opinion, words,
and deeds. He dared to feel what he had already decided on a spiritual level, and
this quickly became clear to him in his waking consciousness.

I am worthless

Louise is a young woman with dark eyes and dark hair. She is delicate, pretty, and very
charming. She tells me she is sad, depressed, and insecure. Behind this, are deeply
buried despair and anger. Her life story is a long chain of loss, humiliation, and rape.
“It began with my mother, who left me and my sister, at the ages of five and seven, to
re-marry. She left with no explanation and without saying goodbye. She was pregnant
and thought she ‘had no choice.’ At first, we stayed with our grandparents. One year
later, my sister and I went to live with my mother, but that just led from one disaster to
another. My stepfather didn’t want us, so we had to go live with our biological father
and his wife. Our stepmother humiliated us even worse. We had to scrub the floor on
our bare knees and weed the lawn. We had to scrub and polish everything that could
be scrubbed or polished. But it was never good enough and she always found a reason
to punish us. And when they finally promised to take us to the movies, they would
leave without us before we were ready to go. After years, we ran away and ended up
in an orphanage, but that was also miserable. We were raped and abused. We both
found boyfriends and I jumped from one unhappy relationship to the next. Now I have
a two-year-old son, not by my last ex-husband, but by a man who is married and who
Case-stories of thought images 85

even recognizes that he is the father. I feel trapped. I want to wait for the man I love
and with whom I have a child, but I want to be sure that he will end up choosing me.
And he won’t give me that certainty. He says he won’t leave his wife.”

We spend the first sessions working through the sadness from the past. First I see
a layer of negative energy around her, thick and solid, a sort of shield. This shield
can neither be penetrated by another person, nor by herself.
No one can get in, and she can’t get out. I see the sadness and
the anger around her, which is in sharp contrast to situations
where I can see all of a person’s emotions. People who have
not yet accepted their emotions often have that dark shield around
themselves. This is often done out of self-protection, because
the person is not yet ready to deal with it, or because there has
not yet been a safe environment in which to absorb it. When
a person does accept their emotions, but has not yet dealt with
them, you see them inside the person’s body. We needed a lot of sessions to deal with
her past.
When the emotions have been dealt with, they disappear from the body. Louise
describes it as follows: “Now I feel free, I want to do what I’ve always wanted to do. I
want to sing, that makes me feel happy, and I want to finish my education, or get a
job.” When she says this, I see a small crown on her head (she symbolically crowns
herself for her work so far). This is not to say that now all of her problems are solved,
far from it. She still faces difficult choices.
Now that the ballast from her past has largely been removed, her Inner Self
surfaces through her dreams. She dreams that three women, one of whom is dressed
in lilac, stand by her bed; they encourage her to have faith in herself. They also
promise to help and support her in the future. Furthermore, they encourage her to
make a choice. She feels that this is connected to her Inner world, to the fact that her
thoughts have changed from: “I am worthless, I have no choice,” to: “Maybe I do have a
choice.” Later, at home, she stands in front of the mirror and looks at her own
reflection. She is spellbound and her Soul, or Self, speaks to her: “Cheer up. Hang in
there. You’re not alone. I’m helping you.”
During this phase in her treatment, Louise goes to talk with her son’s father. She
wants to know how he sees the future, what he does and doesn’t want, and whether
or not he wants to acknowledge his son, among other things. A change takes place.
When we started, she was still resolved to wait for him, even if it was ten years. Now
she has doubts. He, the father and lover, does not want to promise anything. He only
wants to tell his son the truth when he’s twenty years old and he just wants to get on
with his life.
During an EMDR session, Louise sees how she has always let everything depend
on what others wanted. She has not acted on what she herself has felt, thought, and
wanted. All of her life, she has felt dependent. She says it herself: “I was worthless, I

didn’t exist.” So everyone did what they wanted with her, or for
her, except for Louise herself. After all, Louise did not exist. She
expresses this feeling as follows: “I’m spineless, I always give
in, I have let myself be misused, I can’t stand up for myself.”
And then the deepest negative thought about herself surfaces:
“I am worthless.”
This is what I see: In Louise’s
mental body is the image of a very
“small” person who is worthless. If you are worthless, you are
nothing, or almost nothing, and that makes the other person
very large. She clearly needs a ladder to get to the other
person, but a ladder can be unstable. A lot can happen on
the way up if the “giant” wants or doesn’t want something.
It is logical that she feels dependent in such a situation and,
literally and figuratively, has little resistance and little to offer.
She describes how every relationship she has ever had fell apart because she only
did what the other wanted. She is also angry that men only see her body and not her
mind. But does she see it herself? Gradually the thought:
“I am worthless,” can be replaced by: “I am worth it.” That gives
her a feeling of strength, of light, and space. At that moment
I see, in her mental body, that she feels a bit “bigger and
stronger,” and not only bigger and stronger, but also beautiful.
I see that Louise now sees herself as a beautiful, strong, graceful
hen. It reminds me of the painting by Marc Chagall, The Blue
Hen and the Horse.
Gradually, a new thought emerges
in Louise. “I am definitely worth it,” she says, “and not
only physically, but also as a person. I have many valuable
qualities. I am always there for people, I am also gentle and
kind, reasonably intelligent, and unselfish, and cheerful by
nature. What more could you want? Only, I could stand to
control my emotions better.”
What I see is her Soul, symbolized by two beautiful white
wings which enfold her, protect her, cherish her, and give her
space and freedom at the same time. She thinks: “I am worth a
great deal.”

Louise is a clear example of someone who regards herself as worthless. All of her
relationships clearly reflect this. She also puts up with a lot from other people. After
all, she is inferior to everyone. When this is the case, you can’t desire anything,
let alone demand that you be treated with respect by another. Although she is
Case-stories of thought images 87

actually a very valuable woman, she doesn’t see it. The image in which she must
reach another person with a ladder expresses this very clearly. Gradually, she has
a breakthrough and realizes who she actually is. This is expressed by the beautiful
image in which her soul envelops her, protects her, and cherishes her. In everyday
life this idea is expressed in the fact that, little by little, step by step, she starts to
behave differently.

I am a failure

Peter, twenty-three years old

Peter tells me: “I suffer from depression, rejection, no energy to do anything. I
sometimes have fits of rage, almost aggressive. Recently I called my mother names
and almost attacked her. Luckily my younger brother came in time, before it got worse.
These fits of temper alternate with longer periods of apathy. I come from a family
where my parents meant well with us. As a young boy I was sexually intimidated by
my brother and I don’t think I’ve ever gotten over it. My mother was very devoted and
encouraged us a lot. Dad was full of good intentions, but busy with his work and other
activities. It was difficult for me, but I graduated from prep-school and, after that, I
discontinued my education. Now I’m at home. I’m stuck. I can’t get further. I just keep
circling in my own web. They think so badly of me and it’s all because of the past.
They don’t see me. I don’t feel accepted. My parents have dreams I have to fulfill. I
can’t live my life the way I want to.”

I look at Peter and see the following: Peter is stuck between

two dark discs of energy (he is literally stuck). In his head I see
dark pointy energy, which he has directed towards himself.
I say, “You don’t think very positively about yourself Peter,
am I correct?” “Yes,” he says, “I’m a failure, I’m not special,
insignificant, small. I don’t want to go out anymore, why
should I do my best?” “What do you do when you’re so sad,”
I ask, “sit in a corner and mope? And are you sometimes
angry?” “No!” says Peter, in a clipped tone of voice.
Inwardly, he hammers nails into his heart, one by one.
He is furious with himself that he is a failure, that he is so
insignificant, so small. Because that is so painful, I see a
bandage wrap itself around his heart afterwards. His heart
is stuck in bandages which are wrapped around wounds. It
couldn’t be clearer.
I ask him how he feels. “Imprisoned,” Peter answers.
I see bars around his head. I help him to look inside. After
initial hesitation and some encouragement, he says, “I don’t
want to be the only one who believes in me. I need a lot of attention and I’ll do

anything to get it. I bend over backwards to receive admiration.”

This is evidence of very clear self-analysis. While he says it, I see the
nails loosen and spring out of his heart. On the spot where the old
wounds were, the heart is bulging outward. It is healed and, at that
moment, it’s brimming with energy. The “bandages” have literally
fallen off. He has figuratively seen and understood the bandages.
Now comes the thought that releases him: “It is my responsibility.”
When Peter says this, his heart changes color in a positive way. The
color of the energy of the heart changes from brownish-red to clear bright red. Peter
looks at me half-smiling.
“How does that feel Peter, that it’s your responsibility?”
“Hmm… new, different.”
“Can you replace the thought, I’m a failure, with something else?”
“Yes. I am sensitive and that feels good, but no one needs to know that.”
“If the old thought were to return, would you be able to stop it from getting in, and
to send it away in your own way?”
“Hmm… I’ll try.”
“And maybe you can enjoy the good feeling which goes with the thought: ‘I am
sensitive.’” "Hmm"

Peter is a clear example of someone who hurts himself badly (he hammers nails
into his heart), because he thinks he is insignificant. He doesn’t let his heart speak,
so he feels imprisoned in his mind (bars around his head). It is also clear that he
initially thought that others were to blame for this. It took some time before he dared
to do something with his feelings, but the positive effect of this was, and is, that he
feels less and less like a failure and knows he himself is responsible for his own

I am inferior
Henrietta, twenty-eight years old
Henrietta tells me: “Actually I’m fine, both at work and at home. Recently I’ve enjoyed
my job as department head in a large company. I used to be very insecure. Others
always did things better than me, others knew better, others could do it better. I
always thought: “I’m no good, I’m inferior, it never works out for me.” I judged and
disapproved of myself. As a result, I became jealous of my colleagues, who were always
better in my eyes.”

She had been able to turn this negative thought about herself into: “I can do it, and
what has not succeeded before will succeed now.” She is capable of having more
contact with and listening to her Inner feelings and intuition. “I go with the flow,” she
Case-stories of thought images 89

says, “but sometimes I suddenly feel heavy and uncomfortable. If I talk to other people
when I feel like this, the feeling disappears again.”

What I see is the following: a pointy, heavy energy appears

in the lower part of her mental body. It points upwards, towards
herself. This energy is dark, reddish in color, and very heavy.
When she disapproves of her physical body, finds herself ugly,
the sexual energy in her lower body becomes blocked, condenses
itself, becomes heavy, and she literally has to drag it along.
When she becomes aware of this, and also of the feelings in her
body which are paired with them (heavy legs, irritated, down),
the negative energy disappears.
I also see an “open chestnut,” with
the prickles on the inside. That clearly indicates that
she bottles up her anger in her stomach, and that she’s
angry with herself because she thinks that she is inferior
to the colleague concerned. If she is with a colleague who
she has always been jealous of, a prickly energy, with its
points directed outward, also appears in her. That means
that she thinks that her colleague is the cause of her
Then I ask Henrietta, “Can you remember a situation in which you were full of
“Can you see this situation before your eyes, can you visualize
“Can you recall how you felt then? Can you feel it again?”
If she calls up this feeling of self-confidence, she describes it
as follows: “It is an effervescent energy, like fizzy water, splashy.
I feel it in my legs and in my lower body. I feel like jumping up
and down, it’s wonderful. Wow! This is self-confidence. I definitely
don’t feel inferior anymore.”

Henrietta also had the feeling, and the thought, “I am inferior,” but it was
fortunately much less strong than in Louise. It was directed more towards her
work and her own body. I saw how a disapproving thought towards herself, in this
instance towards her physical body, created a very heavy energy in her mental
body. It was less complete than in Louise. This made it easier for Henrietta to tap
into her own feeling of self-confidence, and to deal with the negative feeling and
negative thought. I then advised her to recall this effervescent feeling of self-

confidence as often as possible, especially if the old feelings threatened to resurface.

She tried it and it worked.
You may not always feel like it, it doesn’t always work, but still you always have
a tool at your disposal to quickly help you out of your negative vortex of emotions.
By throwing your light or your consciousness at your problems, you automatically
set the healing process in motion, whether you realize it or not.

I don’t believe in my ideas

John, an painter, forty-five years old

John: “My doctor says that there’s nothing wrong with me. I suffer from headaches,
especially pressure in the middle of my head. At night I kick in my sleep and I’m very
restless. I think it has something to do with my heart. I have a lot of good ideas, but
I never get around to doing something with them. It seems like I’m too negative or
insecure about them. I want to be rid of my pessimistic and negative attitude.”

The top of John’s head looks as follows. It is full of germs

of wheat, seeds. Some are dried up and others are slightly
rotten. I look further into his body. Under his head, there
is a dark layer of energy. This shows that he thinks very
negatively about himself and is therefore angry with himself.
Deeper still, I see his core, his Source. His Inner energy pushes all
of the negative energy out of the body, also the “dried up” or
“rotten” ideas, which have never come to fruition. But John
continues merrily along, letting his new ideas rot. It becomes
a prayer without end, which results in a lot of pressure and often pain in his head.
Instead of doing something with his positive ideas, instead of seeing and
acknowledging the negative thoughts he has about himself, he suppresses his
positive ideas and allows his negative ideas to ripen. He then swallows his negative
ideas again, particularly his anger. These then settle in his chest and cause pain
there. Because of this, he thinks he has heart problems. John does the opposite of
what is good for him.
Subconsciously, he is also extremely angry with himself
(kicking and hitting in his sleep), which naturally doesn’t help
matters! I see sorrow and anger stuck in his lungs, which cause
pressure on his heart and tightness in his chest.
Consciously, he wants to be rid of his negative attitude, but
he does not understand how to go about it. When he becomes
conscious of this, and no longer resists himself, he can look at his
thoughts and it becomes much easier. In this case, looking means
doing something with his positive thoughts and throwing out his
negative thoughts. This is exactly the opposite of what he has done up until now,
Case-stories of thought images 91

which is to allow negative thoughts and suppress his positive thoughts. Slowly he
starts to believe in his ideas, which results in an exposition of his paintings.

I think that many of us recognize this pattern of doing little or nothing with
our own ideas, impulses, and creativity, out of lack of faith .This is clearly expressed in
the image of the rotting germs of wheat. If, on top of that, you give your negative
ideas a chance, it becomes even more difficult to have faith in yourself.
Changing negative thought patterns is not easy and often takes a lot of time,
although this can vary enormously from person to person. It sometimes surprises me
how fast some people can change their negative thoughts into positive ones. It is really
a joy to see and to feel this. The opposite is also true. It is exhausting when you don’t
do what you really want to do deep inside. This is the cause of the enormous fatigue
I frequently see in people with “dried germs of wheat.” I am not saying that everyone
who gets these headaches, is full of unused thoughts and ideas. I am also not saying
that every headache means that you are not using your creativity.

I am weak

Carl, forty-five years old

Carl is desperate. His work situation is a mess. At his first job, he suffered a nervous
breakdown and stayed home for six months due to an burn-out. His second job
ended in a huge fight. Three years ago, he quit his third job and started his own
business with a friend, but they were unable to generate enough orders. This put a
large financial strain on both families. They were out of money. To make matters
worse, he fell in love with his partner’s wife. Incidentally, he never did anything about
it, but he also never said anything about it to his wife. He feels that he has never
been recognized, is totally unappreciated, and doesn’t know what to do anymore. “I
don’t know what I feel. I don’t trust my own thoughts anymore, but since I’m also out
of touch with my feelings, I can’t trust them either. I’m locked up in myself. It makes
me feel desperate. And others say I’m so tough, so insensitive.”

Because he now dares to feel his self-hatred, his pain, the pent-
up fears and feelings can also come to the surface. I see a funnel
which goes from the stomach to the throat, with fear, anger, and
sorrow spraying out of it. His deepest negative thoughts are: “I
feel weak, I feel powerless, I feel like a loser, I believe everyone, and
I’m always falling in love with other women. Deep down, I’ve never
believed myself. I’ve never relied on my own wisdom, but searched
for it in others. I’ve locked my door and now no one can open it
92 e

While he says this, I see the following: his mental body is

quivering, his legs tremble loosely under his body, and he is barely
able to remain upright. In order to avoid feeling his supposed
weakness, and above all to prevent others from noticing that he feels
weak, he has placed two large iron shields around himself. His tough
exterior is the result of his toughness towards himself.
I ask if he is as tough on others as he is on himself,he confirms
this without a problem. On the day before our appointment, while
exchanging harsh words with his wife, he realized that he had
actually always been very hard on her. He has never understood why
he is like this, let alone been conscious of it. It pains him sincerely.
While he is talking about all of this and understanding it, I see the two iron shields
slowly disappear from his mental body. Gradually, Carl comes to the realization
that he is not weak, but that he only feels weak. “I weaken myself constantly by not
believing in my inner strength, in my feelings. Because of that, I just can’t say what
I have to say. I have never expressed my thoughts, out of fear that they may not be
right. I have believed everyone but myself. This is why I feel weak.”
By recognizing and acknowledging these subconscious thoughts, he makes way for
his Inner Self and he spontaneously says, “I can just say what comes to mind and
test if it’s right or not. Maybe then I will be able to respect myself and believe in
myself again.”
“How does that feel Carl?”
“It gives me room to breathe and strength.”
After a while, a thought occurs to him: “I am not weak. So I
don’t have to be so hard on myself and others anymore.” At that
moment I see the kernel of pain (the thought that was in his
heart and caused him pain for so long: “I am weak”) shoot
out of his heart. I always find this very moving.

Carl is a clear example of someone who feels weak, but who, in reality, is anything
but. As long as he thought, “I am weak,” he also felt and acted this way. In order not
to feel this and, above all, to hide the fact that he felt weak from others, he created
a thick iron shield around himself. Unfortunately, that shield works both ways,
outwardly and inwardly. Because of this shield, he reflected all of his own feelings back
towards others, did not dare to express them, and only weakened himself. Everything
which came from the outside also glanced off of the shield. He rejected many of his
friends in this way, not because he really was so tough, but because no one should
know how weak he thought he was.
He himself created the weakness that he was so afraid of by simply not believing
in his own feelings and by doing nothing with them. He suppressed his own feelings
behind a thick layer of armor. In reality, he was afraid of his own feelings, because to
Case-stories of thought images 93

him, feelings meant weakness, being a jerk, a wimp, and that was the last thing he
This is, unfortunately, a very clear example of what we often do. We ourselves
actually create what we are so afraid of. But, in the end, it’s not such a negative thing.
On the contrary, if we make our fear manifest, we can finally do something about it,
namely, resolve it. As long as the fear remains hidden, we cannot do anything about it
and it can only cause us trouble.
We literally create the manifestation of our own negative thoughts in order to be
able to change them into positive thoughts and feeelings about ourselves.

I don’t trust my feelings

Hank, thirty years old

Hank is a very nice cheerful man. He is a “job-hopper.” In four years time he has
changed jobs four times. There are a number of underlying reasons for this, which are
related to his character structure and his manner of thinking. For one thing, he fosters
the undeserved negative thought about himself: “I can’t do it.” This thought appears
in every form and in every possible way. Sometimes he also has problems with his ego,
which wants everything to go his way. These two qualities often conflict with each
other and with other people.

“Things are going wrong in my new job. I want to quit, but this time I want to decide
when I’m going, instead of my boss firing me. It would be nice to turn the tables for
once. My boss is a pain in the ass and I don’t feel like working for him anymore.”

This time I see that the uppermost half of his head is divided in two. There is a
neat vertical partition between the right and left sides of the brain. There is also
a clear color difference. The left side of the brain is dark grey, and the right side
is white.
The vertical partition points to the fact that he makes a
division between reason and feelings. Most people think with
the left side of the brain, and feel with the right side of the
brain. At the moment he wants things to go his own way, Hank
separates the information from both sides of his brain. It is one
or the other, there is no in-between. His reason has no influence
on his emotions and vice-versa.
I tell Hank what I see and he immediately says: “Oh yeah.
This morning, my boss said that I always think in ‘black and
white’ terms.”
I ask, “Do you think you could bring a bit more nuance into your way of thinking?”
“Oh no,” he says. “That’s way too scary. That would be grey.”
“What does ‘grey’ mean to you?”

“Without foundation, bottomless, without basis, sinking, unsteady, wimpy.” It is

clear that he sees this as very negative.
“Would you dare to try it?”
“No way!”
He then clearly sees an image of himself walking on tall posts,
afraid to take a wrong step and fall between them. The posts are
black and white! When he expresses his fear (emotion), the partition
in his head disappears and makes room for clear yellow energy
(confidence). I ask, “What would you need to be able to dare to feel
and to, therefore, try to think differently?” Hank promptly says, “Self-
confidence. I need confidence that it exists. But I don’t dare to trust my
feelings” (intuition). Right after this, I see a flat horizontal disc in his
head, which prevents him from making contact with his intuition. He
is weighing the pros and cons. What is more important? What carries
more weight? Now we are beginning to make progress!
Carefully, through visualization, he is able to make contact with
that bit of feeling, or intuition, that he has so
mistrusted. Then, in a playful way, he learns to react from
his intuition, or Inner Self, out of kindness and wisdom.
This is very different from his black or white reactions,
reason or emotion, which for him has only resulted in
anger and lack of tact. At a certain point he says, “Maybe
feelings are less scary than I thought. Maybe there is a
difference between emotion and intuition.” And the
horizontal plate slowly disappears.

Depending on the context, a vertical disc is either a sign that no contact exists
between reason and feelings (emotions), or that the person is weighing something
in his mind: what counts the most, must weigh the most. Because Hank was so
motivated, he taught himself, with help, not to react exclusively from his
emotions,or his reason, but to try to balance them with reason and wisdom. He
also learned to seek contact with his Inner Self through meditation. He loves his
new job and is really enjoying it. And further, his life is going more or less the way
he wants.
Case-stories of thought images 95

Sometimes I can’t talk

Vera, 55 years
Vera counsels terminal patients and derives a lot of satisfaction from her work. At this
moment she is spending her time with Henry, who only has a few weeks to live. She
came to me with the following question: “I like Henry very much, but I don’t know if
I can actually do anything for him. He is no longer able to speak and I don’t know if
I’m reaching him. I’m not much of a talker myself. So we sit in silence. How can I
best help him?”
I see the following: in their mental bodies, both hearts,
Vera’s and Henry’s, are opened up to each other. There is a
clear energy stream from one heart to the other heart. The
energy flows from his heart to her heart and vice-versa. On the
outside of both hearts there are two valves which very clearly
direct and concentrate the energy stream between them.
When they are together, all of the energy is very purposefully
directed to the other and nowhere else. This happens even
though they hardly speak, or do not speak at all.
I also see the energy of their hands reaching out and
touching each other, so there is a clear exchange of energy
taking place. At that moment, I also see that her feet are close
to his feet and an exchange of energy is also taking place
there. Furthermore, she has created an egg of white energy
around both of them, which feeds and protects the two of
them. When I tell her this, Vera is very relieved. “Oh,” she says,
“so I don’t have to talk and can still give a lot. That’s good.”

So, without talking, Vera not only gave a great deal of energy and warmth, but
also received a lot of energy and warmth. This was all taking place while Vera
apparently did nothing and hardly had any verbal contact.
The pure intention, from your heart, to want to help someone, is enough to set
this entire process in motion. Even if you don’t see it, you can sense it when it just
feels good to be with someone. You feel the exchange of energy, even if you don’t
“say” or “don't do ” anything!

chapter 8 | the Catalogue of Images

he following pages contain thought images from the heart, head, neck and
body. It is only a small selection because there are too many to list fully.
You do not see these images in the physical body, but in the mental body.
Therefore, if I speak of the head, neck and body, I am referring to the ‘head,’
‘neck,’ and ‘body’ in the mental body.
I have mostly given only one image or one specific symbol, such as a scab or
crust on the heart, for example. But sometimes you see also an crust on the head,
in the head or any other part of the mental body where a wound was, or is, which
is healing. It would be too much to include all of the possible situations.
I have also included images of the mental body itself, how it takes the shape
of our thoughts. At any given moment, the mental body can be large or small,
vibrant or limp, vigorous or doubtful, happy that you dare to feel or afraid to feel.
It is always a random picture (a picture of a specific moment), because the mental
body is an expression of our thoughts NOW, and the next moment we can be
thinking something completely different.
On some pages you find series, how images develop. For example, how sadness
and anger come loose in successive stages. Or you see contrasts, an emptiness
surrounding the heart or in the heart,or different forms of defense, an unnecessary
protection, or a valid protection. In this respect, the possibilities are endless as well
and I have had to make a choice.You can read the series from top to bottom.
These images also show themselves in our own dreams. As I’ve said earlier, the
Soul communicates with us through images, both during the day and at night.
Many may recognize one or more images and say: Oh yeah, I’ve seen these
images myself in a clear moment, in a daydream, or have seen it intuitively.
For them it is a recognition, a déjà vu. And so these images can be remembered
and recognized as a form of expression, a language of images, a form of
communication of our Soul, of our inner consciousness, that can be of use to us.
the Catalogue of Images 97


I respond from the wisdom of my heart. I feel empty inside. You see a hollow space
You see a book in the heart. Reading from in the heart.
the wisdom of the heart.

I feel connected. Several hearts are I do not want to feel yet. You see
connected. a hollow space around the heart.

I feel strong. You see the heart with a ring I feel betrayed, deceived. There is a barbed
of strength around it. hook in the heart.

I do it with heart and soul. You see a small I feel torn. You see a wedge in the heart
flame in the heart, symbol of the Soul. which splits it open.
98 Images of the Soul

I am going to feel from within my heart I feel space in my heart again. A small bit
again.You see a lotus flower on top of of anger still remains. There is space for it.
the heart.The heart is in full bloom, full of You see space between the heart and the
spirituality. fire.

I have a heavy heart You see sadness I feel blocked. You see a block under the
in the heart, but there is still a safe armor heart. This heart is still “blocked.”
around it.

I feel sadness in my heart The armor can I experience this as a bitter pill.
disappear, the sadness can come out. You see a small, dark, wooden box in the
heart (sometimes you also see this small
box in the head). The box contains a bitter

I am very angry. The heart is consumed

by anger, by fire.
the Catalogue of Images 99

I have accepted my sadness/pain. You I feel so rich inside. You see a beautiful
see a beautiful rose in the heart after the pearl on top of the heart; the bitter pill has
sadness is accepted. been transformed into a pearl. Symbol of
the Soul .You have done something with


I have anxious thoughts. You see many I want to say it, but I do not dare. You see
anxious thoughts, in the shape of small, the tongue disappear behind the throat, sink
concentrated, coagulated black balls. away, surrounded by fear.

I worry. You see several bags full of worries I am afraid of expressing my sadness.
hanging in front of and over the brain. In the Sadness is in the throat (a “plug” in the
bags are dark ribbons of energy, anxiety. throat), trough fear the sharp black
energy (fear), the plug cannot get out.
100 Images of the Soul

I dare to talk about my fears. You see the I think I can give love. You see a golden
fear disappear completely; a shining tongue rim appear around the cloud surrounding the
appears. head; walking with their head in the clouds.

I know exactly what is happening around I do not think I can give the love I would
me. You see the eyes directed completely like to give. You see the head wrapped in a
outward. dark cloud with a black rim around it.

I know what is happening within me. You I cannot think or feel anymore. You see
see the eyes directed completely outward the back of the head slowly snap completely
but not inward. shut; there is absolutely no contact with the
inner world or the outer world anymore.This
is an dangerous situation.
the Catalogue of Images 101

I am ashamed of myself. You see a burlap I think and think and think. You see
bag pulled over the head. a cross in the head. You crucify yourself
through all that thinking.


I feel pressure on my chest. You see that I am paralyzed by fear and sadness. You
the chest is full of loose grains of anxiety. It see a veil of fear/sadness covering someone
cannot, or is not yet allowed, to come out. who is lying down. This person is overcome
by fear and sadness and cannot stand up.

I feel less pressure on my chest. You see The sadness breaks loose. You see the
the chest open if the sadness/pain/anger sadness come loose in strands and leave
can exit the lungs, through talking, for the body.
102 e

I release my sadness. You see much I have nothing to offer. I am inferior. You
sadness in the lower body and, at the see a cramp in the stomach, a fist punching
same time, an opening to the sadness. The the stomach. The diaphragm contracts.
sadness can be released.

I am stupid. You see a lid that shuts out I am releasing my pent-up rage. You see
feelings, closes the navel chakra. Under that a ball of fire shoot upwards through the
lid there is often a dark ball of energy – fear, stomach, to the throat and out.
anger, sadness. Both cosmic and earthly
energy are blocked at that point.

I feel loss. You see an enormous emptiness/ I do not feel my sadness anymore. A gray
hole at the height of the stomach, solar bag hangs from the stomach. The sadness
chakra, (loss). Around it is a layer of lead (so pours into the bag from the stomach.
that the feeling of loss can not escape l
the Catalogue of Images 103

I have a heavy feeling under my belly/ There is sadness and space for the Inner
intestines. You see a stone lying on top of Self. You see sadness and at the same time,
the intestines, naval chakra – solidified or there is contact with the Inner Self.
undigested emotions.

I feel my anxiety lessen. You see dark I am developing my spirituality. You see a
pointy energy slowly withdrawing. lotus flower in front of the navel chakra. Its
stem is in the turbid water of emotions. That
is how emotions are transformed from mud
to flower, from darkness to light.

I deny my sadness. You see sadness rise, I respond from my heart. You see five
but it is not allowed to come out, so it goes shining green lanes of energy, from the
back. heart to the legs, the arms, and the mouth.
The person speaks, acts, and takes steps
from the heart.
104 Images of the Soul

I trust my feeling. You see two shining I cannot do this work. I will not make it.
lanes of energy, which give access to There is enough cosmic or soul energy, but
feeling and also protect it. with the thought “I cannot do it,” you see
this energy become dark underneath. The
energy is literally pinched off.

I have contact with my Inner Self. You see I am so stupid, so idiotic. You see the
that the emotional and other bodies open person hitting himself on the head with a
and the Inner Self appears. piece of wood.

I cannot/may not express my feelings. I think that I am inferior. You see lightning
You see a straight canal from the belly to the bolts from the head shoot to the stomach.
throat. On the throat there is a vice/trap.
the Catalogue of Images 105

I think that I am nothing. You see arrows I am full of emotions. You see the body,
shoot from the head to the heart, or to the which is locked up in its own emotions, in a
stomach. square around the body.

I want everything at once. You see a big I feel locked in, closed off. You see an dark
clock with the hands bent towards each shield around the body. The inner world is
other. closed off from the outer world and vice-

I feel protected. You see ample protective I close myself off. You see tree bark
power surrounding the body, a pleasant surrounding the body, open above and
blue protection, open above and below, below, so that the energy can still flow in
and with enough space for the Inner Self. and out.
106 Images of the Soul

I hide myself. You see several layers I feel less locked in. You yourself pulling
surrounding the body as “protection.” There open the bars in front of the body.
is anger and fear in the aura.

I still do not know what I want. You see I enclose myself. You see a brick wall
a wooden barrel around the stomach (solar around the person. He /she encloses him/
chakra). I still do not want to know, or show, her self in the wall.
what I want.

I am suspicious. You see two dark plates I feel like I am in a pit. You see the mental
of armor from the lower body to the arms, body sitting alone in the pit it has created for
which cover feeling. Does not trust his/her itself.
own feelings.
the Catalogue of Images 107

I feel down, dull, but I will come out of it. I feel a vague unsettling fear. You see a
You see the mental body in a pit with an curtain of fear hanging over, or in front of,
open staircase, an exit. the mental body.

I am healing. You see that the bandages I feel the vague fear diminishing. Here
around the body are falling off. you see the thin curtain open and the inner
light is visible once more.

I protect myself.You clearly see a beautiful I feel trapped in this relationship. You see
glass dome around the mental body. two bonds crossed tightly over and around
the shoulders. The (shoulder) bonds (with the
relationship) are experienced as a trap, a load.

I feel so unsure when I try to express my I am inferior. I am not inferior. You see
feelings. Here you see the mental body that this person has created a net, a catchall
balancing on a loose rope. The person feels for the negative thought: I am inferior. He/
very insecure when expressing feelings. she still falls into this pitfall every time, but
can also bounce out again.

I dare to express my feelings. You see the I am sexually inhibited. You see a heavy
mental body walking on a beam and, during ‘belt’ which curbs sexual feelings.
the expression of feelings, the person
experiences the ground under their feet.

I feel like two different people. You see I am sexually stuck.You see gray energy
two sides: a dark side and a light side. pour down from a hoop around the lower
Right fearful, insecure. Left happy, radiant, body.
the Catalogue of Images 109

I am sexually free. With the thought: I I am seething, furious. Uncontrolled

feel free, the hoop falls to the ground and emotions of fury shoot upwards and
energy streams in from the Earth. Sexual downwards.
feelings are allowed to exist again.

I burn with longing. Here you see strong I express righteous anger towards
sexual energy as a fire. another. You see a bundled ray of light,
which directs the anger precisely towards
another. It does not look negative and it
does not miss its mark.

I violently try to suppress my sexual I find feeling and showing emotions

desires. Here you see someone who tries really scary. Here you see the mental body
to ‘put out’ their sexual desires with an iron walking through a minefield.

I dare to feel, to show feelings. Here 1 I hate myself. You see poisonous
you see the mental body skipping green energy swirling around the
through a field. mental body.

2 The anger breaks loose. You see a 4 I hate myself and I hate the other
fountain of energy under the ball of anger person. Poisonous thought arrows shoot
which is sent upwards. inward towards the person and outwards,
towards the other. There is a green ball full
of venom and sadness. On the head, you
see a spiked energy towards another.

3 I express my anger, my fear. Here you 5 I am ugly. The green ball of venom
see that the anger, or fear, spins from right splatters apart with the admittance of this
to left and disappears like a whirlwind. If thought: I hate myself, I am very ugly.
anger, or fear enter the metal body Ithey
turn from left to right, downward, like a
the Catalogue of Images 111

6I also feel anger and sadness. You 9 I am angry. The anger is expressed.
see under the venom, a ball full of
bottled up anger and sadness.

7 I am sad. Now the ball of venom sinks 10 I feel like myself again. You see
into the sadness which is completely that when hate, anger, and sadness are
present. All of the sadness is released. released, there is space for the Inner Self.
All of the pain is absorbed by the Inner Sun
or Inner Self.

8 What I say is poison. You see that 11 I am somebody. Venom, sadness,

through talking, the energy of the venom and anger are dissolved in the Inner Self or
and sadness breaks loose and disappears. the Inner Sun. There is peace. Positive
thoughts arise: I really am someone.
112 Images of the Soul

I feel so cold inside. You see a big block of I seek connection in myself on all levels. The
clear ice in the lower body. The person lets energy goes from right to left, from left to right,
herself stand out in the cold. and back again.

I dare to feel again. You see the block of I will not, or cannot, give anything. Against
ice (emotions) melting. the left side of the body, you see an old, rusty,
iron plate which shields the giving part of the
body. Old rust: it has been there a very long
time, probably from a past life.

Negative group energy. This is how a group of 1 I am a bit stuck. You see a cross at the
children or adults looks under the leadership of height of the chest. The cross, the assignment,
someone who does not have good intentions. means that this person has to let go of her or
You see a closed amount of energy around the his emotions.
group, from light gray to dark, within which
people do not feel good or free. No light can
enter from outside.
the Catalogue of Images 113

2 I am a bit less stuck. The vertical 5 I no longer suppress myself. The

beam of the cross turns upwards. The steel teeth, large and small, disappear
cross is no longer a cross. with this new thought.

3 I feel supported. What was at first 6 I feel a bit light-headed. You

a cross, is now two horizontal beams. You see bits of vacuous space which floats in
are supported by the cross instead of you the hollow space in the mental body.
carrying the cross. Your cross becomes your The emotions float.

4 I suppress myself less You see a I am collapsing under the tension. You
bunch of small and larger steel teeth in the see the mental body bend over backwards,
body which tear many emotions apart. stiff with tension.


I am very happy from the inside out. The I feel my inner light, but cannot yet express
inner child waves happily and enthusiasti- it. You see the inner light as a small flame,
cally. which is still hindered by dark energy.

I feel at peace. The inner child is rocked. I know I am protected. You see the soul
standing behind the body, with its wings/
arms wrapped around it.

I feel trapped within myself. You see the I know I am carried. You see the soul has
inner light with barbed wire around it. almost completely descended into the body.
the Catalogue of Images 115

I know I am one with myself. Soul and

body are one; you see the soul in its en-

I am free. It is in my hand. You see the soul

as two large wings, the wings of freedom.
116 Images of the Soul

chapter 9 | Our seven bodies

Spiritual bodies and corresponding chakras
What do I see when I look at the seven bodies?

o give better insight into the origin of images, and to better understand where
they come from, it is important to be aware that we as human beings possess
not only one, but seven bodies. They are not separate entities, but part of a
whole, in and around us. In this chapter, I will describe the seven bodies separately
by showing what I see. But first, a sampling of the views of several important spiritual
thinkers about this phenomenon:
H.P. Blavatsky writes in her book Isis Unveiled: “Consider now the hierarchy of the
human entity, growing up out of the Inner Self as the seed, seven in the field of matter
or manifestation. In each of these seven fields, the Inner Self develops a receptacle or
vehicle, also referred to as, ethereal, spiritual or astral body or receptacle, visible as
the aura and the soul. Our bodies themselves are condensed spirit.”
Alice A. Bailey says in her book, Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle: “Human beings
consist of seven bodies, which correspond to the seven areas of our solar system.
The first three, the physical, emotional, and mental bodies, which belong to the
personality, then the intuitive and casual bodies, finally divine body.”

Meester Eckhart also speaks of the “six levels of the inner person.”

What I myself observe are seven bodies. Usually there is a distinction made
between: body, mind, and soul, or physical body, spiritual body, and soul.

- Our fysical body, we all see

- Our spiritual body consist of ‘four’ body’s or
• Emotional body
• Mental body
• Intuitive body
• Causal body

- Our Soul
• Sparkling soul
• Golden soul
Our seven bodies 117

Spiritual Bodies and Corresponding Chakras

physical body root chakra physical body

emotional body navel chakra

mental body solar chakra Light body
intuitive body heart chakra or spiritual body (aura)
causal body throat chakra

sparkling soul body third eye chakra Soul

golden soul body crown chakra

Of course, the soulbody belongs to the spiritual body and vice-versa. I have
simply set them apart to further differentiate them.
These bodies are in all of us, through us and around us, as different layers. That
is why they are often referred to as “layers” instead of “bodies.” What distinguishes
them from each other is the difference in vibration frequency, or energy frequency.
They are connected to the different dimensions .They are not separate. They are all
mixed together, only, the higher the frequency of the body, the further its energy
reaches outside of the physical body. Every subsequent layer permeates all the
layers under it, including the physical body. You can compare it visually to a
Russian doll (matruska) with seven layers which all fit into each other. Every body
forms an extension of our material self and is a condensation of the soul. (In other
words, our physical body is the densest, and the rest of the bodies are progressively
less dense until you reach the golden soul body, which is the lightest.) Together they
form a whole.
I do not always see all of the bodies at once. Sometimes I see one body, then the
other. Sometimes I see one after the other, depending on which one my third eye
will let me see at that moment.
In this book I mostly deal with the mental body, because that is where I see the images.
The spiritual body includes the emotional, the mental, the intuitive, and the causal body
or layer. But if you prefer to make it easier and use the distinction: physical body, spiritual
body and soul, please do so. You should use the terms or words that best fit you.
The smallest of the seven is the physical body. It is the most compact with
regard to energy and has the lowest frequency. The emotional body’s energy
stretches a bit further out from the physical body while still permeating it. It is not
separate. On the contrary, it thoroughly influences our physical body and vice-
versa. This applies to all of the bodies. You can see each body in and around the
physical body, each one extending a bit further away from the physical body than
the last.Each of them is connected to an different dimension.
The largest of the seven bodies, the soul body, has no limits. In the golden Soul
body you see the thousands of golden strands with which it connects us with other
bodies and all other energies, with the cosmic energy.

What do I see when I look at them?

1. The physical body connected to the root chakra

When I look at the physical body, I see a very fine web of
bluish threads which entirely surround it like a very delicate
network. On the thousands of intersections of these threads are
very delicate sprayers which transform the energy of the other
bodies into the physical body and vice-versa. At the same time,
this energy web forms a structure for the formation of physical
If you half close your eyes, to shut out bright light, or if you
look at someone in dimmed light, you can sometimes see the
mini-pulsations of the bluish or soft-grey net around the head or around the
shoulders. You can see this same network around the Earth as a very fine blue web.

2. The emotional body connected to the navel chakra

The second, or emotional, body looks like it is made out of
colored energy. The color of the energy depends on what a person is
feeling at that moment. In other words, you see emotions depicted
by colors, every color representing a specific mood. Just as certain
concepts can be translated into numbers, and certain thoughts
into words, in this body, emotions are translated into colors. This
colorful energy is often assumed to be the aura, probably because
this is usually the first thing one observes when one begins to “see,”
but it is only a part of the entire aura.
The emotional body represents your feelings about yourself and others. The
colors of this cloudlike energy can change from moment to moment. It can be
anything from total sparkling white to almost completely dark. In between these
two extremes, all imaginable variations are possible. In the emotional body,
one color can be almost totally present, or a combination of two colors or a
combination of many colors, which is what you mostly see. If someone is in love,
for example, you often see a radiant fresh scarlet red energy, in or around the
heart, or spread throughout the entire body. An example to illustrate:

Simon was talking about his work, or actually his feeling that he was about to
be laid off. It was not yet certain, but there was a very good chance that it would
happen. On top of this, there was unrest and discord at home. What I saw was
the following: the heart in his emotional body stood in sadness, recent sadness,
visible as red energy composed of tiny dots. In spite of this, the heart was still
standing upright and looked healthy. His sadness came only halfway up the
Our seven bodies 119

heart, which meant that he was not washed away or drowning

in sorrow. He said he was upset about his impending departure
from work, and that this made him feel vulnerable and sad.
While he was telling me this, I could see
the sadness slowly move towards the
outside of the heart. By talking about it,
his sadness lessened. This emphasizes the
importance of talking about one’s feelings. The pain was not
yet entirely gone and it did not go away completely during
this session. However, at one point he did say, “My heart feels
free now and I feel able to make good decisions again.”

Another example: If someone is angry with another person, you see a dark
brown arc of energy projecting towards the other. The sender and the receiver are
linked at that moment by a dark energy in the shape of an arc. On the other hand,
if a person thinks of another lovingly or with pleasure, depending on the intensity
of the feeling, he sends a straight line of gold, yellow-white, or radiant white
energy towards them. If someone greets you with an arc of green energy, then they
trust you completely.

What do the different colors of the emotional body mean?

I will give a short overview of what the different colors can mean. You may have
decided with your Inner Self what a certain color means to you, so it can vary from
person to person. Furthermore, it depends on the context. For example, someone
could be really angry and their aura might be relatively very dark, but the anger
could be short-lived and the next moment their aura could look clear and well again.
Colors also have many nuances, but it would go too far and lead to confusion to cite
them all. That is why I am only giving very general examples of colors.

Red is the colour of the rootchakra. Red stands for a large life force, a lot of earthly
energy and desire. Mixed with pink, it is very loving. Harsh red often means that
there is still pain from sadness. Old sadness, sadness that one has had for a long
time, is dark brownish red, while recent sadness is also dark red, but without brown.
Clear red often appears when one is in love, a lot of love, a lot of energy. This red
energy can exist in all forms and quantities.

Pink Pink is the color of gentle loving energy towards oneself and others. Someone
who is very mild mannered often has a lot of pink energy around their root chakra.
But it is true here, as with all energies, that this soft pink color can be anywhere in the
body. Bubble gum pink is very sweet and often appears when one is trying very hard
to be liked. Too much faded pink can mean a lack of strength.
120 Our seven bodies

Orange Orange is the color of the navel chakra, of creative and sexual energy. Clear
orange often appears with courage to take on new challenges. It is also the color of
nourishing and healing contact with others. Orange sometimes points to something
which is still subconscious. Orange is also the color of the will, of wishing and
longing, from the loftiest wish to the most instinctive sexual desire. A dark orange can
point to ambition, pride, and arrogance, which often cover up insecurity.

Yellow Light yellow is the color of the solar plexus and often represents wisdom
and knowledge, which can further develop into self-confidence. Warm yellow often
stands for healthy self-worth and self-confidence, happiness and originality, and
sometimes also playfulness and optimism. Clear yellow often indicates analytical
mental possibilities. Dirty yellow or mustard yellow can point to selfishness,
unscrupulousness, and manipulation.

Green Green is the color of the heart chakra, and often the color of trustworthiness
and sincere friendliness. You see it in people with a calm nature who are not easily
disturbed. If the color is a truly beautiful light green, the color of young grass, it often
points to a peaceful, harmonious person with an untroubled heart. If the energy on
one’s emotional level is a harsh or poison green, an unmistakable green, then the
person could possibly be feeling hatred.

Blue is the colour of the throat chakra. There are many shades of blue in the aura.
They can range from very light blue, which can point to a great imagination and
sensitivity, as well as inner peace or being well grounded, to medium-dark blue,
which can indicate a strong powerful energy, great willpower, and the possibility to
realize ones dreams. People with great inner strength often have this pretty royal blue
in their aura, which emanates from inner peace and clarity in many areas.

Turquoise This is the energy of compassion and understanding. Such a person clearly
has the desire to help other people and often shows great empathy. Turquoise often
indicates a great sensitivity to what others feel or want. It also points to willpower,
humor, and freedom.

Indigo or violet Violet is the color of the brow chakra, the colour of insight and
overvieuw. spirituality, and clairvoyance. One often sees it in people who are
interested in, or occupied with, spiritual development and growth.

Brown Light brown is the color of standing with ones feet firmly planted on the
ground, of trust in all that is of this earth. If someone is angry, the energy often looks
dark brown at that moment. The anger can be total or localized. Dirty old brown
often appears with unreasonable anger, gossiping, or mud slinging.
Our seven bodies 121

Black Fear is always dark. If you see dark energy, it is almost always fear. This black
energy can appear in just a part of one’s emotional body or it can completely
surround it
Velvet black There is much depth and space in dark velvet black energy. This is in
contrast to the pitch-dark black energy of fear, which is tightly sealed and shuts
everything out. Velvet black represents the Infinite Void. Someone who has this
energy within himself is in contact with the primal source within himself, with God,
with the invisible godlike energy. Such a person has access to other dimensions,
ancient cultures, and past and future lives.

White Clear white often points to transparency. Cloud white indicates protection from
the universe. Milk white can point to non-transparency or hypocrisy. Silver white, on
the other hand, symbolizes contact with the Soul.

Gold Golden energy is usually the sign of a person with higher spiritual awareness.
Golden emergy is materialized love. Someone whose emotional body radiates gold is
an exceptionally conscious person of an exceptionally great spiritual caliber. We all
know the saying: “He/she is worth his/her weight in gold.” A chakra that has
achieved its full development often has a golden aura. Gold is the most complete and
perfect color. It represents the highest knowledge, the highest love, and the highest
wisdom in al its facets.
3. The mental body connected to the solar chakra
In the third, or mental body, I see the images that each
of us forms. If we go to the mental body, which has yet a
higher frequency than the emotional body, we see something
completely different. There, our thoughts take shape. Our
thoughts take actual form. In the mental body, we
immediately create what we think, the mental body takes the
shape of our thoughts. It remains mental; it has not yet taken
physical shape. It is a wondrous world without compare. Let
me give you a few examples.
Roland came to me with a question
about his work. He felt unhappy. I saw
a “muzzle” on the head of his mental body. I asked: “Do
you feel trapped in your job?” He hesitated, and looked
surprised and said: “Yes.” The thought: “I am trapped, I
am stuck,” was visible in his mental body, in the form of a
Agatha came with several questions and, while I
observed, I saw, among other things, that the heart in her
mental body was in flames. It was a truly beautiful sight. Her heart was not large,

but sturdy and really glowing red. I asked: “Are you in love?”
and she brightened. “Yes,” she said proudly, “we just got
married and I am totally in love.”
Kurt told me: “I’m annoying. I’m
trouble to those around me. I’m restless
inside.” In his mental body, I clearly saw
many “spines” above his head, which
pointed outwards. Kurt’s thoughts were
rather “prickly,” and he thought that
others were to blame for his problems. He directed his inner
dissatisfaction towards others.

Sophie was sad because she failed to get her degree. In

her mental body, I could clearly see a veil over her heart,
a grey veil of sorrow.

4 The intuitieve body, connnected to the heartrt chakra.

This body is also called the fourth aura
layer.The energy there is fluid, vicious.
It streams and flows slowly in this body.It
is an transition between the forming energy
in the fifth body and the mental body, where
thoughts take shape.It is the body of fluid
love.In this body, every thing happens
according to the law of love.
If you turn your attention or love towards your cells, your
organs, or specific parts of your body, you are using your fourth
body. The fluid substance (plasma) then goes to the cells, parts,
or organs in an uninterrupted movement, like the unceasing flow of water. If you
try this, you will experience the beneficial healing power of this fluid substance.
The liquid nectar from this body provides all of the other bodies with this godlike
energy. You can feel this energy if you concentrate on your heart, if you become
one with it. If you do this, you will experience that everything in the universe
vibrates to the same basic rhythm: love.

5. The causal body connected to the throat chakra

Also called the fifth aura layer, the causal body is where form
is emptiness and emptiness is form. This is the body which
is most difficult to discern. Its background color is very dark
blue, almost black, and where there would normally be a
shape, there is emptiness. It is a hollow form, surrounded by
a dark background. This body is the model for the physical
Our seven bodies 123

body. Just as the sculptor, the creator, first makes a model for his artwork, this body
creates the model for the physical body. It consists of “hollow shapes” and “hollow
lines,” emptiness, space. Here, divine will, wish, and life are first manifested. Light
becomes denser, but does not yet express itself in concrete form and color.
Still, much happens on this level in this body. Creation also finds a place here,
not only to “start” the physical body, but to maintain and heal it as well. So if
the physical body is ill because one’s thoughts and/or emotions have created the
wrong energies, the first changes take place, or are found, on this level. From the
fifth body’s perspective, the changes and healing which it initiates take place in the
first, second, third, and fourth bodies at the same time. Maybe also in the sixth and
seventh body, but I have never experienced something incomplete or in need of
healing there.

Caroline, a middle-aged woman, had a bad back, very slack and weak. She also
had, figuratively speaking, no spine. She came to me with this and other problems.
When she asked for my help, I saw the “hollow,” “empty” blueprint of her physical
body in her fifth body. At the moment that she asked for help, I could see that
hollow “splints” where placed on either side of the spinal cord on this level, the fifth
In her mind, in her third body, the thought: “I am weak,” was visible in the shape
of a flower with a broken stem. In her emotional body, her second body, I saw very
vague, faded, pale, undifferentiated colors. In her first body, her physical body, the
energy was leaking away. Not all of the energy, of course, but part of it, as a result
of the thought: “I am weak.” When she became conscious of this thought and it
could change into: “I am actually pretty strong,” I saw the flower straighten out
and the energy no longer ran out of her body.

In this process, it is very important to become aware of what you think and feel,
to talk about it, and to change the thought that lies at the bottom of it. And above
all, do not forget to ask your Inner Self and/or another person for help. This is how
you can both help yourself and be helped.

6. The sparkling soulbody connected to the third eye chakra

This body is, in my observation, so indescribably beautiful,
that even the word “perfect” is inadequate and insufficient.
It looks like an explosion of spheres of energy, very tiny balls
which move, sparkle, and splash. It produces light in every
color, the most beautiful colors, colors we have never seen, of
the most unbelievable clarity and intensity. It is almost like
fireworks of energy, only it does not shoot away, it stays there.
Your eyes can hardly take it in, so much powerful energy.

Not only do people have this energy, but plants and animals as well. If you see a
“common” wild mushroom in its full intensity, not just in its visible physical form,
but its true “nature,” then you see a sparkling beautiful whole, to which the largest
diamond, the Koh-I-Noor, cannot compare. If a small simple wild mushroom can
be something so beautiful, so unimaginable, then how much more unimaginably
beautiful is an human being?

7. The golden soulbody connected to the crown chakra

The seventh body is made out of a sort of golden network
which encloses all of the other bodies. At the same time, it
penetrates and is connected by thousands of golden strands
to all of the visible and invisible energy that surrounds us.
It is literally and figuratively a golden network and, again,
breathtaking to behold. It reaches out into the infinite
universe, connecting with the energy which exists there, so that
we can also receive that energy and information, consciously
or subconsciously.
Because the Soul can stretch itself into infinity, there can be
no question of a divided Soul, but of only one Soul. Every Soul is a part of the
same infinity, is infinity. On this frequency, everything and everyone is one, you
feel one with everything and everyone.


The goal of this meditation is to bring you in touch with your seven bodies or your spiritual
body and Soul and to let the energy of these seven bodies flow delightfully through your

First, you make conscious contact with your physical body.

Sit or lie in a quiet place and relax. Maybe you would enjoy some beautiful background
music, maybe not. Now slowly tighten and relax every part of your body, beginning with
your feet. Tighten, and release. While you release, send all of your loving energy to the part
of your body that you are releasing. So, while you relax your feet, send your warm loving
attention to your feet and toes. Continue from your feet to your lower legs, then your upper
legs, your lower body, your upper body, your arms, your neck and, finally, your head. Enjoy
the delicious, relaxed, loving feeling in your body.

Now you are going to ground yourself.

Concentrate on your root chakra and make a connection from it to the middle of the Earth.
Anchor yourself well to the center of the Earth.
Our seven bodies 125

Now consciously go to your emotional body via your navel chakra.

You can cleanse your emotional body and bring it in harmony through this chakra. Focus on
this chakra. See its orange color in the shape of a calyx with a large opening towards the
front and another large opening towards the back. First, let the energy that should not be
there flow out. When the calyx is a pretty shade of orange once again, let the Earth’s energy
flow in. You now go to your spiritual navel chakra, which is a mirror image of your physical
navel chakra. Maybe you will experience if both are flowing, or if they are more open or more
closed. Maybe they are open, your emotions are open, aimed outward, towards others, or
on the contrary, open towards yourself, or both, or neither. How do your emotions flow?
Now go to your mental body via your solar chakra.
Look at your thoughts. Watch them from a distance. What kinds of images have you
subconsciously formed? Which images have you created which disappoint you, or hurt you,
or make you angry, or sad? Which images will not let go? You remain calmly watching from
a distance. And every time when you are tempted to go with the images, take another step
back. Leave it, not just yet. They can manage without you. Maybe you could place a cloud
between you and the images, so that you see and hear them a bit less. Maybe you want to
change the images and you are happy about it.

Now go to your intuitive body via your heart chakra.

You let this fluid, golden, pure, loving energy slowly flow through your body. Begin with your
heart. Feel your heart grow warmer and warmer, larger and larger, and from there this nectar
spreads itself slowly out like a healing stream. Concentrate on your heart again and vibrate to
the basic rhythm of the universe.
Now go to your causal body via your throat chakra.
Concentrate on your throat and maybe you will feel how the energy there spins in
progressively larger circles, like ripples in a still pond after you have dropped a stone into it.
Maybe you hear chants or sounds, or you let yourself be carried along on the vibrations of
this body.

Now go to your soul body via your third eye chakra.

You concentrate on your head, on the center of your head. A large empty space is located
there, a dark space: The Great Void, the great silence. There, where creation originates, you
you are still. You are satisfied with whatever happpens the peace which reigns there, and
you enjoy the deep peace which you experience. Then you let go.

Now go to your soul body via your crown chakra.

Let the white cosmic soul energy slowly descend now through your entire body: through the
crown chakra towards your head, your throat, your arms, your upper body, your lower body,
and your legs. Now you are going to switch over to another thought frequency: that of your
soul. Slowly feel all of your bodies open up. All the bodies open themselves. You feel yourself
expand. You feel freer and possibly happier. You do not think anymore, you simply are.

After a while you may see a flash of light, a stripe of light, or a point of light. Let it happen.
Maybe you will see a small flame slowly come into being out of this point of light. The
small flame becomes larger and more intense. The flame spreads itself out and becomes
larger. And, slowly but surely, you become one with the flame. The flame is your soul, which
envelops you, which is in you and around you.

You feel the joy of your soul, the wonderful energy of your Self, the deep healing peace
which quickens and charges you. You enjoy yourself, and maybe you hear the quiet voice of
your soul, which answers you before you have even thought of the question.

After a while, close all of your bodies again.

With your entire consciousness, you return to your physical body. You are conscious again
that you are well connected to the Earth. And in your heart, you save what you have
chapter 10 | Aura and chakras
The aura
The chakras

The aura

he aura is the combined energy of the emanations of all of the bodies.
Every spiritual body has its own frequency, its own radiation, and the
combination of all of our seven bodies is what we call the aura. However,
what we usually commonly refer to as the aura is the radiation of the emotional
body, which is the most recognizable and the most directly visible.
Seeing the aura of the emotional body gives clarity with respect to emotions, but
is limited in the sense that this radiation is comparable to symptoms. You may see
all colors from white to black in many shades , but this indicates only how you
are feeling at that exact moment, no more and no less. It does not explain why
someone feels like that at that moment. The mental body gives us a clearer view of
what we think, and what we create thereof, on an emotional and physical level.
To become totally conscious again, it is first necessary to clearly distinguish all of
the layers so that we know what we are doing, where what is, and how we can use
them. Then all seven bodies will become a conscious whole again. Naturally, they
are and will always remain a whole, whether we are conscious of it or not.
However, we have infinitely more possibilities if we know how to make use of them.

The chakras

The chakras are the gates to God. Chakras look like spinning
energy spirals, spinning bundles of energy. You can compare
them to a calyx, or vortex, with a sprayer on the end, like a
showerhead. Chakras are the energy transformers which
connect all of the different bodies to each other. They transform

the different energy frequencies from one body to the other, they recieve and they give
You could also call them the connecting gateways between the different bodies. They
are comparable to a sluice through which ships pass from one water level to another.
All of the bodies are connected to each other through the chakras. The root chakra
is connected to the emotional body, the navel chakra the mental body, and so forth.
The chakras act like transformers. Through them, energy flows from our seventh
body to our sixth body, from the sixth body to the fifth body, and so on. Through the
chakras, you can go from a higher frequency to a lower frequency and back again.
They work in both directions.
Chakras are interconnected, just as everything is interconnected. Chakras transform
not only energy, but also information. They transmit a lot of information from our
spiritual bodies to our physical body. The energy, which flows in through our seven
chakras, is spread through the body by a network of very small energy paths, which
look like small sprinklers (also called nadis. Conversely, much excess or harmful
energy is removed by this network.
Chakras are also gateways to other dimensions. A dimension is an area
which has its own frequency and corresponding level of consciousness, which is in
direct proportion to that frequency. Through the different chakra's, you can travel to
the different dimensions.Once you are in another dimension, you can travel from
one place to another via strong beams of light.
We can also use chakras to move from one body to the other. By this I
mean from the first, to the second, to the third, all the way to the seventh, and back
again. Therefore, our chakras allow us to shift, or transform, our consciousness from
one body to the other, emotional, mental, causaletc)from one dimension to another.
The chakras contain all of the information about our past, our present,
and the direction in which we are headed in the future. Our chakras record
all of the main themes we are working on in this life. It is often happens that we
have worked on the same theme in a previous life and continue on with it in this life.
The higher the chakra, the more detailed the information is about these life themes.
The physical body is connected to our root chakra. Here we find a lot of information
about our position with respect to health, work, money, success, safety, and how
much trust we have in earth.ly matters.
In our emotional body, which is connected to our navel chakra, we find information
about how we deal with emotions, sexuality, feelings, instincts, and desires.
Our mental body, which is connected to our solar plexus, tells us how we convert
feelings and emotions into deeds and relationships. You often see the inner child and
the child you once were in the mental body. Past lives which relate to this theme can
also often come forth here.
The intuitive body, which is connected to the heart chakra, tells us how we connect
the consciousness of our lower chakras to that of our higher chakras. How you can
give and receive earthly and cosmic love, how you can allow them to come together
in your heart and express it on earth. In your heart, you can either carry a cross, or
be carried by your cross.
Aura and chakras 129

In the causal body, which is connected to the throat chakra, we find information
about how we communicate with ourselves and our inner voice, and how we
communicate with others, not only externally, but internally. Here, we make
contact with other dimensions and with our telepathic abilities. Our “third ear,” or
“clair-hearing,” is also connected to this body and chakra.
knowledgeIn our sparkling soul body, which is connected to our third eye chakra,
we see our clairvoyant abilities. It lets us see how much we perceive in ourselves
and, beyond that, in others. Eventually, we may even perceive other dimensions.
Vision means sight and insight, vieuw and overvieuw.
In conclusion, we have the crown chakra, which is connected
with our golden Soul body. It harbors our “clair-knowing.” This
chakra is connected to both our Inner Self and the universe. Here
we “know” that we are unique, why we are now on Earth, and
what the sense and meaning is of this life . Here we can
experience true wisdom, universal knowledge and unconditional
love and express them through our heart.

The basic colors of the chakras are as follows:

chakra color
root chakra red
navel chakra orange
solar chakra yellow
heart chakra green
throat chakra blue
third eye chakra violet
crown chakra white gold

These colors can vary from person to person. The same applies to the shape.
One chakra may be more or less closed, or more or less open.
Chakras, or energy spirals, spin clockwise (when viewed from the outside). If
our chakras are healthy, they all spin in the same direction. If one chakra is not
healthy, it may spin more slowly it may not spin in the same direction and can
even spin in the opposite direction. If this is the case, they do still emit energy,
but they cannot absorb any energy from the spiritual body with which they are
connected to.
Chakras can spin quickly or slowly, in a jerky motion, or
quickly on one side and slowly on the other. Sometimes
you can even see a fracture in a chakra (just as in the
aura). Sometimes they droop and sometimes they are
clogged with dark inert energy.
Sometimes they are open in front and closed in the back,

or vice-versa, or they may be completely closed. Everything is possible. You may

sometimes see one or more of the chakras drooping down towards the back of the
Chakras are always in motion and they grow in proportion to the growth of our
consciousness. We are in the process of evolving from seven chakras to thirteen
chakras. This is inherent to the growth in consciousness of the present time. By
meditating on the chakras, we develop our consciousness and, therefore, our
chakras. As a result of this, we are able to absorb more information and more
energy for all of our bodies. This in turn, results in a further growth of
consciousness and increased health, peace and happiness. This is how our
upward circle of consciousness continues in motion.
Images of chakras in the mental body
When we observe the chakras in the emotional body we only see colors
When we observe chakras in the mental body, we see coloured images and symbols.

Root chakra in the mental body

This chakra’s basic color is red. It is located at the height of the
sacrum and is in direct contact with the Earth and our physical
body.Red stands for life force, the will to live, to work, make
money, and be healthy. It represents safety, faith in life, bodily
consciousness, and abundance. This chakra has the ability to to
receive and give terrestrial energy and to pass it on to the other
Henry’s root chakra opened and closed in a rhythmic motion.
If his root chakra is open, you see red energy flow coming from the Earth. Because it
quickly closes again, it can receive less earthly energy than when it would stay
open. Henry could give energy but was not able to receive very much.
Karl’s root chakra was pinched shut. This may have been the
result of a lack of confidence in Life , his constant fear that he would
experience a lack of something, particularly money. In such a case,
not enough energy flows through to the other chakras, which can
result in back pain and fatigue.
After a while, his trust in providence and in himself returned, and
then his root chakra looked very different. He had let go of his fear
and the root chakra opened itself again. He had
become well grounded and the chakra was open.
Energy flowed into the Earth and new energy could be received.
Sometimes you see a dent in this chakra. Justin had been
deprived of any kind of permanent care up until the age of
nineteen. There was an energy leak in the first half of the dent.
In the second half, the leftover energy continued further to the
Aura and chakras 131

back in the shape of dark pathways, where they could go no

further because of a shifted vertebra. He had clearly suffered a
blow to his self-confidence.
Peter also had a dent in his root chakra. A gentle energy
still flowed in, which was light pink to light red. He was loving
and sweet-tempered, but sometimes not strong enough. His lack
of self-confidence appeared as a dent in this chakra.

This chakra, just like the other chakras, can appear in many different colors. For
example, sometimes you see green mixed in with this chakra, which means that
green energy is sent from the heart to this chakra. Depending on the color of green,
it can be energy from the heart, complete trust (fresh green), or hateful energy
(poison green).
The symbol of the root chakra is the rose
In Carl’s mental body, this chakra contained a dark black ball,
but there was a lot of light on the inside of the ball. He was afraid
of women. When I looked further, it appeared that he was actually
afraid of his own feminine side, of his feelings. Carl mentally made
himself very small in this chakra, as a result of which he could not
ground himself. He actually felt very uncomfortable on this Earth, and did not have
much desire to live. When Carl became conscious of this, he was able to change and,
after several sessions, his root chakra became a beautiful yellow ball of energy.

Evelyn, who was twenty-eight, had a root chakra that looked

like a big sun. She was truly a child of the sun. She enjoyed
everything life here had to offer her, without going to extremes.
She enjoyed genuinely, full of gratitude, and with much joy. If a
chakra looks like a golden sun it means that the earthly energy
and the cosmic energy in that chakra have melded together to
form one energy. Earthly and cosmic energy combined are the
expression of the living God within us, visible as pure golden fluid
In Agatha’s root chakra, I saw the image of a bear who struggled to get up and to
stand up straight. Agatha was struggling to use her own physical strength again after
having undergone a new operation.

The navel, or sexual chakra in the mental body

The basic color of this chakra is orange and is found at the height of the navel. It is
connected to our emotional body. It looks like the root chakra: a calyx, or vortex, of
spinning energy.

Here we become aware of emotions. The navel chakra stands for emotions, desires,
instincts, the creative urge in general, and the quality of physical love. In this chakra
we become aware of all of these emotions and can feel them clearly. It is also the
chakra of self-worth and respect. The emotions and desires experienced in this chakra
function as a “motor” for the other chakras.
If this chakra is open, the enjoyment of all of these possibilities is a natural given.
If it is half-open or closed, then a person will be less, or not at all, able to feel and/or
enjoy emotions, among others sexual emotions. Sometimes it looks like a small half-
shut/half-open swelling. Sometimes there is a lot of pink energy in this chakra, which
means that the person is very gentle in the expression of his or her feelings.
Sometimes this chakra is completely white. This indicates that it is very healthy and
pure, but that sexual activity is out of the question. Sometimes you see a brown
energy in or around it, which means that the person is angry with himself, or
someone else.

There was much unrest in Jack’s navel chakra, a lot of dark

energy. This brown energy indicated a lot of anger. Behind
this was fear and unrest which continued to thrust towards the
following chakra, the solar chakra. This energy was not allowed
to go further because Jack did not want to feel these feelings
- that would be too painful. Instead of this, he bounced this
stream of dark energy back towards his navel chakra, where he
vented it through sexuality. You often see that emotional energy
is not allowed further than the solar chakra, and so it bends back towards the root
chakra in order to be expressed through sexuality.
In Estelle, the emotions were allowed to move up towards
the solar chakra, where the emotions could be expressed
through relationships. From there, the energy traveled further
towards the heart chakra, where the emotions could express
themselves through love. It then moved on to the throat chakra,
where all of this energy bundled itself up and expressed itself
through speech.
The symbol of the navel chakra is the white lily. If this chakra is open enough, it
looks like a horn of plenty, filled with golden energy. Only when this golden energy
flows, does this chakra function optimally. It is then a feast for the eyes.
You also see many other images in this chakra. Sometimes
you see a wooden cask or a shield around this sexual chakra.
This can be a way of protecting yourself from sexuality, but when
you do this, you actually hinder yourself because you block your
Sometimes you see an iron framework around it, or a metal
curtain. These defenses usually stem from fear, be it fear of one’s
Aura and chakras 133

own sexual feelings, or of someone else’s. These fears are not always unfounded.
One’s feelings and sexual organs may be damaged as the result of undesired
intimacies, or rape. If a person has been raped, you sometimes see a thick gray, or
brown, muddy energy in and around this chakra.

Suzanne loved having sex with men. However, her relationships never went past physical
intimacy, because she would always become angry afterwards. She could not understand why
this happened but did not want it to be that way.

I saw the following images in Suzanne’s navel chakra:

As soon as she came in contact with a man, she appeared as a nun. By this I mean that,
spiritually, she looked like a nun. Then, she immediately made the sign of the cross and said:
“God forgive me” three times, took off her habit, and let her beautiful blonde hair tumble
over her naked body. She was then no longer a nun, but a very seductive and " innocent
being." She quickly lured her prey into her trap in this way, and men naturally made no
attempt to resist! Once this was done, the true nature of the temptress rose to the surface.
Cursing, she threw them out the door, which gave her a sense of power. Now she was the
boss. At that moment, I saw the poison green eye of a predatory animal in the navel chakra
of her mental body. At that moment, she was a predator who had taken her victim for a ride.
After this, she quickly regained her normal appearance and I saw nothing more.

When I described the images to her, she recognized them and it all became clear.

“Nun,” in this context, symbolizes hypocrisy. This is not to say that the image of
a nun always stands for hypocrisy. This is different in every situation. Suzanne often
felt powerless, and by exercising her power over a man, she felt temporarily strong!
Let me give you another example of an image which has to do with sexuality:

I sat in a lecture hall with many other students. I was sitting in the
seventh row. I must have been bored at the time, because I was
daydreaming. Suddenly, I saw that the professor had an enormous
tongue and he was directing it towards me! The tongue must have
been twenty centimeters long. I was very shocked at first, even though
I realized that these were images from his mental body and not a
physical reality. It was very clear what it meant. He was attracted to me,
and his mental body clearly showed this! In other words, his mental
body clearly showed what he thought and wanted. The next day I put on
my least sexy clothes to test what would happen. Nothing happened. His “love” soon died.

The solar plexus in the mental body

The base color of this chakra is mainly yellow, from light to golden yellow. It is
connected to our mental body. This chakra is located under the diaphragm at the

height of the physical stomach, also called solar plexus. It is the center of your will
power, your drive, your purpose, and the ability to realize the goals you have set
yourself in this life. This is the center which directs your outer and inner goal, or
goals, and turns them into reality, which is often quite an accomplishment.
What differentiates this chakra from the others is that you see many white threads
extending from it to other people. Here, feelings are turned into relationships. If the
emotional relationship with yourself and with others is healthy, you see the many
threads as cheerful tubes which stretch out to others. If this is not the case, then you
see the following, for example:
In Lea, some of the white threads extend towards others,
while others are rolled up. Some of the threads towards others
are severed and have not made new connections. The threads
on the left of this chakra usually go the mother and feminine
relations , the right ones to the father and masculine relations
In Art you see most of the white
links hanging limply. He is not yet able,
or no longer able, to tackle relationships
with others. Some threads are hooked up
to others, but they are not healthy exchanges. You literally
see hooks at the ends of these white threads.
Mathew’s solar chakra is a tangle of threads. His
relationship with himself and others is a
big confused jumble. He invariably projects his own emotions
on to others, by which he repeatedly gets into trouble. He can
not differentiate between the emotional “mine” and “yours.” He
feels suffocated, confused, misunderstood, and treated unfairly.
He does not see that it is his own projection. He has few long
term bonds with others.
In Heather, you see the white
threads extend outwards, but then
they curve and go back to the center of the solar chakra.
Her chakra is open, and her relationships are definitely not
confused or disturbed, but she is very self-centered.
In Patricia, on the other hand, you see many fine white
threads connected to very many people. She has many
relationships, superficial and deep warm ones. She is very
sensitive and vulnerable, just like her relationships.
In Allison, you see all of the threads directed to one side. All of her attention and
energy go out towards two people who are dear to her. Besides these, she has few or
no relationships, and has no need of them.
Aura and chakras 135

The symbol of the solar plexus in the mental body is the sun. If this chakra is
cosmically open, you see a shining sun. Here you see the solar chakra as a large
sunny ball and when it is completely open, it looks like a real shining sun. It is
indescribably beautiful to see. As in the other chakras, you can see practically
everything, beautiful and less beautiful. Past lives often come forth in this chakra
as well.
Tim’s chakra looks like a ball, a closed ball which does not shine very far.
You also see that the rays of the solar chakra are directed entirely inwards. Tim is
quite closed off to himself and to contact with the outside. He either no longer has
room, or has yet to make room for other relationships. He has chosen complete
introspection in this period in his life.
Angela has a black disc in front of this chakra. When she is
completely lacking in self-confidence, you see a complete “solar
eclipse.” A black disc slides in front of the sun. When she is
feeling a bit more self-confident, you see a half eclipse, and with
yet more self-confidence, you see a quarter eclipse.
Florence has a large dent in this chakra
as the result of a break-up. Sometimes you
see the dent on the right side as the result
of a torn relationship with a man (father,
boyfriend, son, family member, or colleague). If the dent is on
the left side it indicates a problem with a female relationship
(mother, sister, girlfriend, colleague, or daughter).
Tony’s chakra had two beautiful wings. The first time that I
saw him, there was still a disc in front of his
solar chakra. He was closed off, unsure, and
fearful in situations involving several people. This time, the discs
had completely disappeared and had made way for two wings. I
also saw an opening to his throat chakra. He said: “I feel more
free now, I have had good conversations with acquaintances,
I’m closer to my emotions, I’m more myself, I’m back to being
myself, I can show who I really am.”
Sometimes you can see past lives in your own solar chakra, or
in those of others. You very often see that emotions automatically resolve themselves
in this chakra. For example, anger, fear, sadness, hate, and jealousy can be worked
out, provided that they are expressed verbally, or otherwise. The best way to do this
is through the heart. Then they disappear like snow under the sun. You make a
connection with the heart, whereupon the negative emotions are literally taken in
and dissolved in the sun of this chakra. It is an unbelievable and moving sight every
time (see case story: Lea).
136 Images of the Soul

This is one of the many ways in which the mental body itself can resolve
emotions. Of course, you can also consciously do this yourself. Once you recognize
and acknowledge your emotion, concentrate on sending it through your open solar
chakra to your heart chakra, or the other way around, and your chakras will do the
work for you. If it can happen subconsciously, you can definitely do it consciously.
Once again, this emphasizes the importance of not suppressing emotions, but
doing something with them. As I said before, you can do this very successfully via the
heart, but there are many other ways to express your emotions. You can use any form
of art, sports, or music. Use water, earth, air, or fire. You can meditate, or whatever
else works for you. Expressing your emotions through your heart appears to be very
effective. I will discuss this in further detail in the chapter, “Coping with Emotions.”

Heart chakra in the emotional body

The basic color of this chakra is green, from light to dark green. It is located at the
height of the heart and is connected to our intuitive body. The heart chakra is the
center of all of the chakras. Here, earthly and cosmic energy, sub-consciousness and
consciousness, come together. It “floats” in the life energy like waves in water. Here
you can look at your emotions without being your emotions. Here you sit in your
center. Here you are the center.

And, as the Soul says: “You can only receive God in your heart” and: “If your heart is
open, you can do anything.”
Sometimes the heart is so filled with the blue energy , that it appears to be blue.
Sometimes the heart is so filled with sorrow, that you see a red stain, or red spots, or
red cloudy energy. Sometimes the heart is so filled with anger, that you see a dark
brownish stain. Sometimes the heart is so filled with fear, that you see
a black stain. Sometime the heart is so filled with love, that you see a shining red
energy. Sometimes the heart is so filled with spiritual love, that you see a pure golden
heart. Sometimes the heart is so filled with the invisible divine energy, that you see a
velvety black energy. These are but a few examples of the infinite possibilities.

Heart chakra in the mental body

The symbol of this chakra is the heart. If the heart chakra is open in all of the
bodies, you see a pearl on top of the heart. The pearl is the symbol of the soul. Heart
and soul are consciously one. It is the transformation from the “I” love to the “we”
love, from personal love to uncoditional love.This chakra is connected with the
fourth dimension.
Here the heart takes on many forms and many images. Several of these are
included in this book. Sometimes you see a small sturdy heart. Sometimes it is
contorted, small, almost shriveled. Sometimes the right side is larger than the left
side, which means that the person is more able to think than to feel with his heart.
Sometimes the left side is larger, in which case the person is more able to feel than to
think with its heart. Sometimes only the left side is dark, indicating dark feelings in
Aura and chakras 137

the heart. Sometimes only the right side is dark, which means
that the person harbors dark thoughts in his heart.
Patrick’s heart is enclosed in an open white niche. The
heart is pure, but still vulnerable. The niche, which is open in
front, protects it. This means that the heart
does want to receive impressions and feelings,
but protects itself at the same time.
In Clara, you see a heart with a
crown. It is a symbol which means that the
transformation of energy through the heart is
honored, or crowned.
Bart has a blue flower growing out of
his heart. He gives very precious,small feelings
from his heart, to another. It can be warmth,
love, attention, or understanding. He modestly
gives something substantial of himself,
something very precious to him.
In Jack, you see a heart hanging down
limply, purely out of sorrow. The thoughts that
go along with this are often: I am worthless
anyway, I have nothing to offer, I am inferior.
Sophie’s heart is divided into many
compartments. There are separate

compartments for different people and things.

There is no unity. The term narrow-minded can apparently also
refer to the heart. You could call it pigeonholing.
Ken’s heart is imprisoned by bars.
Esther’s is wound up in barbed-wire. The emotions are
imprisoned, the heart cannot speak. It is stuck
and locked up.
In Francis, you see a heart, almost as big
as the rib cage, shining, blazing red, warm and
loving. It is pure love.
In Jackie, you see a heart of pure gold. Here
earthly and cosmic love combine in one heart.
It is pure joy to be allowed to see and feel this.
Simone’s heart contains a large pure
diamond, through which light reflects in all directions. It
sparkles and glitters. This pure heart reflects everything and
everyone. In this heart you see yourself reflected in all of your
facets, purely and without judgment.
138 Images of the Soul

Throat chakra
The throat chakra’s basic color is blue. It is located at the height of the throat
and is connected to our causal body. It is the center of
communication, of receiving and sending on all levels, from
the outer to the inner self, from terrestrial to extra-terrestrial.
It is also the center od Inner hearing.Its color is a pretty azure,
medium blue, in contrast to the light blue energy of the Earth.
If the throat chakra is open in the emotional body, it looks
like this drawing when viewed from above. If you look into it
from above, it looks like a vortex, like the other chakras.
During a workshop, Mary sung a song straight from her
heart. While she was singing, this chakra opened itself fully. It looked big and strong,
and vibrated harmoniously. If you don’t sing but speak from your heart, the throat
chakra can also be completely open and developed.
Marianne’s throat chakra was very elongated towards the outside. It was
completely directed towards the other person. It spoke less from within itself, but was
more directed towards how it came across.
In Richard, this chakra hung limply towards the outside. It was not allowed to
speak much and it was barely used. When it was used, it was not from within and
was, therefore, very weak. You sometimes see several or all of the chakras hanging
limply, not only in the emotional body, but also in the mental body.
Agatha had a dent in this chakra. The energy flowed out intermittently, not
smoothly. Sometimes you see this in people who stutter.
In Steven you still see sadness in the throat. He does not
allow himself to express this sadness, this red energy. It does
not always have to be this way. Sometimes you can remove
the angry or sad energy, neatly packed in a ball. It depends on
the situation. Sometimes small balls filled with emotion can
also be removed.
Sometimes you see the opposite:
In Veronica, you see heavy wavy emotional energy, which
flows up through the throat and out of the mouth, wich she
does not control.An "unguided missile"
In Henry, the brown stream is mud. Spiritually, he slings
mud at another person.
In Simon, it is poison green energy, which literally spouts
poison out of the mouth.Sometimes it is as black as ink, and
you are covered in a layer of fear. Sometimes you see the fear
in the shape of a dark, pointy black energy, wich pinches your
throat alsmost shut
All of us are sometimes doused with unsolicited emotions from someone else in this
Aura and chakras 139

way. Or we douse someone else with our uncontrolled emotions. Neither situation is
very pleasant.

The symbol for this chakra is the grail, or goblet As said above, in this chakra,
feelings, emotions, intuition, and information about ourselves and others, both
spiritual and physical, terrestrial and extra-terrestrial, are received and combined
in order to be communicated. It is the center of communication, of receiving and
You see many images in and around the throat chakra in the mental body.
Sometimes you see a very clear clamp, which squeezes the throat nearly shut, or a
ring, or several rings. You see this clearly when someone cannot,
or will not, allow himself to express his /her emotions.

In Barry, you see two small wooden partitions, which are

closed on the top and open on the bottom. A portion of the
emotion is neatly held behind the partition, and the rest of the
energy is allowed to pass through.
In David, you see a sort of sieve, through which he filters all
of his information before he assimilates it or speaks Sometimes we also
sieve our emotions and feelings in this way. What do we say and
what don’t we say? It is very healthy to choose for ourselves what we do with our
emotions, instead of allowing our emotions to choose how they are expressed.
In Estelle, you see a silver ball in the throat. The saying “words are silver and
silence is gold” seems to fit this image.

Joanne asked me if I would look at her chakras. At the height

of her throat chakra, on the back side of the body, I saw beams
of light, like from a lighthouse, which constantly went back and
forth from right to left, and from left to right, forming a half
circle. The beams continuously searched the back of the body,
at the height of the neck, in an unremitting rhythm. I could not
understand it and I told her what I saw. “Oh yeah,” said Joanne,
“I understand it. Last week a friend of mine was massaging my
back and said that I had to be careful not to allow a negative
entity to enter my body through my throat chakra"
The fear of this, and the thought, “I must be very vigilant of my throat chakra,”
had resulted in these images, the realization of her thoughts. In the throat chakra
of the mental body, she had created a security system, in the shape of a constant
What this friend said was partially true. Joanne had periods of extremely negative
thinking, during which her emotional body did look very dark. However, this did not
140 Images of the Soul

come from negative entities, but from her own anxieties. Joanne should therefore
watch herself. It is true that when you think very negatively, you easily attract
negative energy, in whatever form, and this can also be negative entities. But
when you attract them yourself through your own negative thinking, no amount of
searchlights or security systems will help!
In Robert, I saw a fairly large iron collar around his neck.
Fortunately, it was not completely closed in front, but it was
closed in the back. He completely resisted using his own
strength. He was literally afraid of sticking his neck out, of
showing who he really was, of speaking what he really
thought And he not only wore a collar in the mental body,
he sometimes physically wore a brace around his neck, as a
result of an accident in which he suffered a neck injury and
whiplash! Body and mind are literally one. By becoming
aware of this and doing something with his fear, the collar

The third eye chakra in the mental body

Its basic color is lilac, light purple, or silver gray. This chakra is located in the
middle of the forehead and is also called the third eye. It is connected to our
sparkling Soulbody. Here, color, light, and images can be sent
and received. It is the chakra of clear sight (clairvoyance) and
can be used to see yourself, others, the earth, and beyond.
In younger people, this chakra is usually fairly compact and
closed. They still need all of their energy to explore this
earthly life and to find their place in it. Of course, exceptions
are possible. If it is fully open, you can see 360 degrees, in all
directions. However, you usually direct a clear beam, or lens,
outwards, which becomes increasingly wider. This clear beam
can direct itself towards the person or persons, objects, or dimensions upon
which the consciousness of the sender is focused. That which you direct your
consciousness upon is illuminated.

Once, when I first began to consciously work on this, I saw some dust on the lens. I
understood that I could not see clearly at that moment, because my own emotions
clouded my view. Another time, I saw an opaque piece of glass blocking my view and
then I knew: this is not meant for my eyes.

Sometimes the beam of this chakra is directed completely inwards. This usually
means that someone is looking inside at himself. Sometimes you see that a
portion of the beam is directed inwards and another portion is directed outwards.
So the lens can also be directed both outwards and inwards.
Aura and chakras 141

Sometimes the lilac energy is mixed with a color from another chakra. For
example, you may see the green energy from the heart mixed with the lilac of
the third eye chakra. This means that that person is looking from the heart.
Sometimes there is light blue energy from the Earth present. This person is very
good at using the earthly perspective in his total outlook. If there is yellow energy
present, it points to extra warmth in the way of looking at things. These extra
colors can be present whether the third eye is directed inwards or outwards.

The symbol of this chakra is the star, which shows the way to clairvoyance. It is
the chakra of vision. It is connected to the sixth dimension. From this chakra, you
recieve the images from your Soul. And from here the images that the chakra is
directed upon are sent to the mental body.

George has a star in front of this chakra. A very clear star is a

sign, or symbol, that he has insight both into himself and others.
The chakra is not necessarily completely developed, but the
insight is very clear, and that is the beginning of clairvoyance.
Sometimes you see the star as an indication that you are going in
the right direction both spiritually and physically.

In Albert, a reasonably clear ray emanated from the third eye

chakra, which was directed outwards, but not inwards. Nothing could be directed
inwards because it was closed off. Albert could see others pretty clearly, but his
vision was less clear when it came to himself. He had physical pain, and this pain
provided him with “benefits.” Because of his pain, he received the attention that
he did not yet know how to ask for in an adult manner. It was clear that he did not
want to see this yet, and so he did not, or could not, look inside. In a case like this,
it is not wise and there would be no point in telling him this. He clearly did not
want to hear the truth. He was not ready for it yet.

The crown chakra

The color of this chakra is intens transparant white to shining gold.
Its symbol is the lotus blossom.
It is located on top of the head. It is connected with our golden soulbody and
with the seventh dimension.
The crown chakra is connected with the highest form of energy that we can
receive. It forms a connection between the divine person and the earthly person,
between our Inner Self and outer Self. If we make this connection, resolve this
difference, in love, in our heart, we feel, we experience, we hear how unique we
are with all of our qualities and limitations, and we are again conscious of the
God within us. This also means that we are again in a position to use our divine,
or cosmic abilities, just as we use our earthly abilities with our physical body.
142 Images of the Soul

In other words, our divine body can express itself more and more fully through
our earthly body. It is the chakra which gives us meaning and confirms our
If it is not yet open and you look at it from above, it looks lake a ball, a closed
ball. Sometimes you see that it is round underneath and a bit open on top. It is
clearly still in development.
If the crown chakra is completely open, you see a lotus blossom in the mental
body, with an infinite number of petals, symbolizing the infinity of God’s cosmos.
The lotus blossom indicates that this chakra is open in all seven bodies. The
more this chakra is open, the more cosmic energy you can receive and transform
towards your other chakras and bodies.

What can happen if the crown chakra is open?

One morning I was doing a chakra meditation and my

consciousness landed in the crown chakra. I felt a golden stream
of energy flow from the base of my body to my crown chakra.
This golden stream had a will of its own and it set to work. My
waking consciousness had no effect on it whatsoever as I quietly
watched what happened next.

First, the snake of golden energy moved to my head to take away the pain that was
there and to heal me. I no longer know precisely how long this lasted, but it seemed
like a couple of minutes. Then the golden snake went further into my body, to places
that were in need of improvement and healing. Then it turned back towards my crown
and it was finished.

It was a wonderful experience. I just stood by and watched. Afterwards, I felt much
better, had less pain, and more energy. I was grateful and happy, and at the same
time, amazed that my own highest body could do this and did do this all on its own.
Everyone’s energy is capable of doing this, has done this, does this, or will do it.

The God in us is truly divine.

What do you see if the crown chakra is open?

If the crown chakra is open, you can sometimes see that your open heart is
supported by a golden scale or crescent. You are carried by your inner Self or Soul
or Divine love. In this situation you are carried, instead of you carrying your cross.
It is a very pleasant experience.
Aura and chakras 143


Chakra meditation is very beneficial for the entire energy system of our seven
bodies. It helps you enormously if you are tired, or if your energy level is too
low, for whatever reason. You can easily do it once per day. Start with ten to twenty
minutes at first, definitely no longer, and don’t force anything. Then you can
slowly build up to doing it once in the evening and /or once in the morning.
The easiest time to do this is before you go to sleep and before you get up in the
The chakras provide direct access to all of our bodies. They are the gateway to
our own seven bodies. By stimulating the chakras we can make direct use of the
energy of all of our bodies. However, the development must go slowly and in
proportion to your level of consciousness. In other words, it should be a result of
your awakening process, and not the other way around. If this is not the case, then
you could destroy everything that you have carefully built up.
It may sometimes seem that nothing is happening, but I assure you, the only
thing that never happens is “nothing!” Even if you don’t feel or see anything, a lot
is happening on other levels, even though you can’t always perceive it. If you could
only see what you do, simply through concentration and attention, you would be
very surprised. Perseverance is key.


Sit or lie down quietly and relax. Pay attention to your breathing. Breathe through your
diaphragm. If you place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly, you can feel
exactly how you breathe. If the hand on your chest rises, then you are only breathing
with the tops of your lungs, which is not deep enough. If the hand on your belly rises,
then you are breathing deeply through your diaphragm, and using all of your breathing

Now you are going to ground yourself. Visualize that you are making a connection from
your root chakra to the center of the Earth. Feel the energy flow from your tail bone,
through your legs and feet, to the center of the Earth, and back from the Earth to your tail
bone. You feel supported by the chair or the sofa on which you sit, or the bed in which you

Now focus all of your attention on your root chakra

Send all of your energy and all of your loving attention to it. You may feel it become warm,
or begin to tingle. Keep your attention there and feel what happens. Maybe it is simply
delicious to feel the warmth. Feel what it’s like to truly be fully conscious in your physical
144 Images of the Soul

body, sturdy, well grounded, in contrast to the times when you are only half there, or less.
Maybe you also see images. Maybe you spontaneously see a color, a shape, a
movement, a change. Maybe you hear a sound, or tones. Stay with it and follow it. If
there is something that you don’t understand, you can ask the image something like: “I
don’t understand, can you let me see more, or feel more, or allow me to understand?”
Remain calm and watch and feel. Whatever is best for you at this moment will come.
You can also ask your chakra what it has to tell you. Images are not the goal, but a result.
Images help you to heal, when necessary. If it is not necessary, they will not come at that

Now go to your navel chakra: connected with your emotional body.

Focus all of your attention and all of your energy on it. You may feel it pounding,
or vibrating, or simply become a bit warmer on that spot. Enter into it with your
consciousness, with your loving attention. Maybe it will allow you to feel or see
something. Maybe you experience a feeling, an emotion, or an image. Maybe you hear
your own sounds. Just let it come and you will understand it.

You never receive more than you can handle at that moment, and what presents itself
always appears to be beneficial, maybe not right at that second, but always later. Maybe it
tells you what it is missing and what it likes.

Now connect the energy of you root chakra with your navel chakra. What is most
important is that your chakra can further develop itself thanks to your loving
concentration, and that you have further expanded your consciousness thanks to your

Now turn your loving attention to your solar chakra: connected with your mental body.

Lay your hand on this chakra and feel what you can feel. Do you feel the warmth, the
radiation, or do you perhaps feel it vibrating? Does it make a difference if you send energy
to it or not? Does it make a difference if you send warmth to it or not? The most important
thing is to pay attention to it, so that it can do its job. Your solar chakra removes excess or
harmful energy from your body, and receives positive terrestrial and cosmic energy.

Maybe you also see an image, or images. You may spontaneously see a color, a shape,
a movement, or a change. Maybe you hear specific tones, or sounds. Let it happen.
Whatever happens is always what is good for you, no more and no less. Now go to your
root chakra and let the energy stream from there to your navel chakra, and to your solar
chakra. Connect your three chakras.
Aura and chakras 145

Now move on and focus all of your loving attention and concentration on your heart
chakra: connected with your intuitive body.
Feel the warmth of your own heart. Feel the warmth flow all the way through to your
back, or through your entire back. It is wonderful to feel your own warmth. Enjoy it. It
often helps if you lay your hand on the chakra. Not only do you send energy directly
through your hands, but you can perceive better, feel better through your hands.

Maybe you also see images. Maybe you spontaneously see a color, a form, a movement,
or a change. Maybe you hear its sound. Remain calm, watching and feeling, and then
whatever is best for you at the moment will come to you.
Now go to your root chakra and let the energy stream from there to your navel chakra,
your solar chakra and your heart chakra. Connect the four chakras.

Now you focus all of your loving attention on your throat chakra: connected with your
causal body.

If it helps you to lay your hand on the chakra so that you can feel and perceive more
easily, I definitely recommend it. Feel the warmth, the tingling, the energy, the life on
this spot. Maybe you begin to feel if it is a bit open, or more open. Maybe you can
feel or distinguish its contours, its shape, its movement. Maybe you can influence the
movement, or the energy, by concentrating. You can think of all kinds of nice things to do
with your throat chakra. Maybe you see a color, a shape, or an image. Maybe you hear
a sound, because every chakra has its own sound and sometimes words as well. Let it
spontaneously well up in you and play with it. This is a pleasant way of giving attention.

Now connect the energy from your root chakra with your navel chakra, with your solar
chakra, with your heart chakra, and with your throat chakra. Everything flows in one fluid

Now move to your third eye chakra: connected with your sparkling soul body.

Concentrate with all of your loving attention and energy on your third eye. You can also lay
your hand on your forehead to strengthen your attention and perception. Maybe you feel a
clearness there, a transparent light, which can direct itself inwards, or outwards, or both.

Maybe you feel lighter, less heavy, or you receive different insights or ideas. Maybe you
just enjoy yourself. Let it happen. It will be different every time, depending on how you
are at that moment, or what can or may happen.

You can try directing this chakra towards a place in your body, which you want to know
more about, or a problem you would like to gain more insight into. Or maybe you just
146 Images of the Soul

want to listen. The most important thing is that you stimulate this chakra lovingly, so that
it can do its work more effectively, to your advantage, and in your interest. Maybe you will
experience or see what happens, simply by the fact that you concentrate.
Now connect the energy from your root chakra with your navel chakra, with your solar
chakra, with your heart chakra, with your throat chakra, and your third eye chakra.
Everything flows in one fluid motion.

Now go to your crown chakra: connected with your golden soul body.

Concentrate with all of your loving attention and energy on your seventh chakra. This is
your direct connection with the cosmos, with everything and everyone. You could
visualize that this shining golden white energy from the Universe streams into you
through your crown chakra, flowing further into your body, through all of the chakras.
It flows through you, setting all of your energy centers and channels in motion, and you
slowly feel yourself become larger. Your energy becomes lighter, both in color and shape,
and spreads itself outwards. Your perception becomes broader, and you feel wonderful.
Let it flow and flow and happen.

Breathe in deeply. Now breathe out, letting the energy flow down from your crown
chakra, through your spine, to your root chakra. Then breathe in, letting the energy flow
up the front of your body, through all of the chakras, to your crown chakra. In this way,
you can let the energy flow from top to bottom, and from bottom to top, in big circles.

Finally, remain quietly in your heart chakra and stay there as long as you like, vibrating to
the universal rhythm of the Universe. “Because you can only receive God in your heart.”

Now slowly come back to your fysical body with your waking consciousness. You feel
solid in your body again. You quickly make a good connection from your tailbone to the
Earth and you realize that you have a lot more energy, that you are able take things on
again. This works better than drugs, is always available and in stock, and costs nothing!
Not even time. It does take time at first, but afterwards you get more energy and
therefore more time back, so in the end, you save even time.
chapter 11 | Coping with emotions
Coping well with emotions in your daily life
Expressing your emotions can help
How your heart can influence your emotions
How your mental body can influence your emotions
How your soul can influence your emotions
How you can protect yourself against fear and other external emotions
Grounding yourself
Exercise: how to recognize your emotions and let go
Accompanying meditation

would like to give you an example of one of my own real fear situations, and
how I dealt with it.

I lived with my children in a house close to the woods. Early one morning, my daughter
woke me up, saying she heard a noise downstairs. I was about to go downstairs, when
we heard burglars running away. They had made a mess, taken a lot, and left filthy
footprints all over the floor. The worst thing was that they had actually been upstairs in
my bedroom and taken all of my papers , and money out of my purse while I lay

Naturally, I was scared the next day! After all, I lived there alone with the children and
the idea that they had been in my bedroom at night while I was sleeping was not really
appealing. On the other hand, if I were to give in to the fear, I would not be able to
continue living there. I did not want that, so I had to choose. I chose to stay and find a
way to get rid of my fear. I decided to give myself three days and nights to talk it over
and to dream about it. At night I dreamt about the burglars, how they had come into
my bedroom, how they stood over my bed leering, and how they emptied my purse.
These were definitely not pleasant dreams, but at the same time, I saw what fear was
doing to me. It made a tear in my aura, a big crack, because of which I had less
resistance, and through which all sorts of unwanted energies could enter. This only
strengthened my resolve to do something about my fear.

After three days and nights of talking about it and dreaming about it, the fear was in
fact gone. I did not want to give into the fearful thoughts. I did not want my fearful
thoughts to run my life. I was not about to allow my life be ruined by burglars and to
be forced to move because I was afraid. Being broken into was enough harassment. I
would not allow them to harass me any longer.

And so it was done. As I said, after three days and nights, the fear was gone and the

tear in my aura was healed. Since then, I have often seen a tear in someone else’s aura
after they have experienced an intense fear or trauma. Usually, the tear heals by itself
and there is nothing further the matter.

How do I see my emotions in general?

One time, I was experiencing an intense emotion and I saw

myself as follows: I sat in a diving bell, in the middle of a large
“ocean”. There were huge waves and I was adrift and was thrown
every which way by the waves. The fact that I was in the diving
bell meant that I still had contact with my inner self and was
therefore protected. Because of this, I did not drown in my
emotions and I had a measure of protection, but that was all. I was still literally the
plaything of my emotions and had no handle on them at that moment.

If you are in the midst of an emotion, you don’t see what the other person wants or is
doing. You, therefore, not only you lose all insight into yourself, you lose all insight into
the other person as well. Luckily, I could also see that I would touch dry land. I could
see a beach where the sun was shining, so I knew that, at some point, I would be able
to “set foot on dry land” again and play with my emotions, instead of them playing with

Sometimes I see that someone is standing in still water, but it’s murky, and there is a
pole that they can use to get out of the water. When the water is murky, it means that
the person’s emotions are not clear (murky) at that moment. Emotions are like water:
they can be smooth, calm, restless, or very wild.

Why am I writing a chapter about emotions?

Because clear and peaceful emotions are essential for seeing clearly
(clairvoyance).)If I am in the midst of an emotion, my vision is murky, clouded
instead of clear. I know then that I will not be able to see. I must fi rst do something
with my emotion. Sometimes it is as if there is hanging a cloth over the lens of my
third eye. This means it is not appropriate for me to see this, for whatever reason.
Emotions are like water. They can be as smooth as a mirror, as clear as a crystal,
as wild as a hurricane, or they can sweep you away like a tsunami. As Gandhi said:
“External wars are nothing compared to internal wars”.
Coping well with our emotions is absolutely necessary to our spiritual evolution.
Essential for having contact with your Inner Self or Soul,in other words, you cannot
reach out for your Soul if you are in the midst of an emotion.
We are now in the 4rd dimension (the evolution of emotions) and will soon move
on to the 5th dimension (the evolution of our heart). Emotions are the motor of
evolution. The secrcet is to dare to feel them, and then express them without
judgment to your self or the other, so to mention them without emotion.
Controlled emotions are the gateway to our Inner Self, our Soul. Well-expressed
Coping with emotions 149

anger leads us to our inner strength, real grief leads us to our inner mildness, a
healthy bit of jealousy encourages us towards something we really want, controlled
hatred leads, in the end, to inner love, and anxiety leads to taking steps. If we do not
want to feel our emotions, (fear, pain, sadness, jealousy etc ) we close our hearts and
we can no longer make direct contact with our Inner Self, or Soul. As a consequence,
will be no longer be in contact with ourselves and with others, and it is impossible to
see or hear or feel clearly.
If you dare to open your heart again (by daring to feel pain , fear, and sadness)
you can come into contact with your Soul again, yor Soul solves the emotion and
you can let go of your fear. And so it comes full circle. The way you treat yourself is
the way you treat other people. If you are good to yourself, you are automatically
good to others. If you are angry with yourself, you often take it out on those around
you. If you are sad, then you are not open to others.
Coping well with your emotions is essential because, as Neale Donald Walsch
said, “What is necessary for peace in yourself and for world peace is not a change in
circumstances, but a change in yourself.”
Emotions come from, are a result of, our core thoughts. Positive emotions are a
result of our core positive thoughts and negative emotions are a logical result of our
core negative thoughts. If you change your core thoughts, when necessary, you
automatically change your emotions. This is the most effective approach. In other
words, you don’t undergo your emotions, you become the creator of your emotions.
If you think positively, you automatically create positive emotions. If you think
negatively, you automatically create negative emotions. Conversely, if you change
your emotions, if you cope well with your emotions, you also automatically change
your core thought. All of our bodies are bound to each other as one whole, so what
changes in one body, always results in a change in the other bodies.
You can experience the most intense emotion and keep pointing the blame at
someone else. Then I can guarantee that you won’t get out of it. If, however, you
understand what the emotion is telling you, you feel it deep down, and decide to
change it, then the emotion will stop. After a while, you suddenly realize that the
emotion has disappeared.

What is the difference between sensations, emotions, and intuition?

– You have feelings that stem from your physical body, such as physical pain,
hunger, gnawing sensations, feeling physically satisfied, and physical delight -I
I call them physical sensations.
– You have feelings which stem from your emotional body, such as sadness,
disappointment, fear, jealousy, emotional pain, anger, I call them emotions.
– You have feelings which stem from the Soul, such as sheer happiness,
gratefulness, unity, total freedom, mildness, devotion, compassion, love -and
feeling deeply moved -I call them intuition.

These correspond to the different forms of intelligence:

IQ = rational intelligence, physical body
EQ = emotional intelligence = emotional body = emotional feeling
SQ = spiritual creative intelligence = Soul = intuitive feeling.

Everyone has one or more of these different types of intelligence.

Total stupidity does not exist.
In our society, being stupid often means that one possesses less, or little, rational
intelligence. This is not to say, however, that the person possesses little or no
emotional intelligence, or less or no spiritual intelligence. A person can be very
highly developed emotionally and at the same time be less rationally gifted. Such
a person is definitely not stupid. One does not cancel out the other. Everyone has
their own gifts and specific talents which don’t necessarily have to lie in the
rational area

Coping well with your emotions in your daily life

We all have emotions, but the quality of our lives is also definitely determined
by the manner in which we cope with our emotions. It is very important that we
recognize and acknowledge our emotions. It is very important that we do not act
as if they don't exist. It is important that we be aware of them and that we do
something with them. If we do not, then our emotions will determine the quality
of our life. I am sure it is not difficult to guess what sort of quality that will be! As I
said before, if you dare to feel them, and then express them without judgment to
your self or the other, so to mention them without emotion.onlythen do you set the
changing - and healing - process in motion.

What are the most common negative emotions?

The most common negative emotions are fear, anger, sadness, self-pity,
jealousy, and hate. Emotions are not negative in themselves. On the contrary, they
help us to feel what we want to experience. You can experience an event
rationally, 'or emotionally, or in both ways. The experience is only complete if you
can also feel it. We do not have a right and left side of the brain for nothing. Left is
for the rational part, and right is for the emotional part. Emotions are only
experienced as negative if we have no control over them.

There are two types of fear. A realistic, instinctive fear, that calls for carefulness
and self-preservation. This is a useful fear, directed towards your survival.
Unrealistic, ego-related fear stems from unrealistic thoughts about being threatened,
infringement, insecurity, humiliation, or danger to the ego. In other words,
unrealistic fear is a sort of protection that you do not need if you concentrate
yourself on love. Or as my soul says: “Fear is a signal that you are forgetting your inner
strength, your love.”
Coping with emotions 151

You can positively influence your emotions in four ways:

– through your mind (your reason)
– through your heart
– through images of your Soul
– through your soul

How can you influence unrealistic fear?

First, it is important to go back to the cause of your unrealistic fear. “Oh yeah,
you will say, that’s very easy, that situation, or that event, or that person caused
my fear.” Yes, that is true, that was the trigger for this fear. But what is behind it?
Why do you react with fear to this situation? You could also have had a different
reaction: you could be angry, sadn, jealous, or avoid the situation or person.
Maybe you can ask yourself what this situation has to say to you? Are you walking
away from other emotions, such as old, or recent, pain and sadness?
Or does this situation make you conscious of a subconscious negatieve thought.
It is a well known fact that when you suppress emotions, you negate yourself and
fear always arises as a result. In other words, suppressed emotions are a breeding
ground for unrealistic fear.
In this case you can irreverently compare your body to a garbage bag which is
stuffed full of trash (unprocessed emotions) year after year. Your inner strength gets
more and more buried under your trash. It becomes increasingly difficult for you to
access it and, eventually, weeds of fear will start to grow profusely on top of your
trash, causing it to become more deeply hidden.
If you remove the garbage from your body by recognizing, admitting, feeling
and expressing your emotions, in whatever way, then your inner strength will
automatically come forth again and you will have all of your strength to combat
your fear. There will then no longer be a feeding ground for fear.
If you look at what a particular situation has to say to you, instead of fighting
against it, then you recognize a wonderful pattern, so ingenious and intelligent,
that you would never have been able to come up with it yourself.
It is very important, when dealing with unrealistic fear and every other emotion,
to recognize the fear (not suppress it). Various authors have touched on this subject,
among them, Alice Miller. In her book The Drama of the Gifted Child, she writes:
“He discovers that he no longer has to compulsively follow the earlier pattern
(disappointment-suppression of the pain), because he now has another way to cope
with failures, namely the experiencing of the pain.”
You can compare fear to a burglar. A burglar comes into your house uninvited; it
is not something you want. He comes in uninvited and makes a big shambles of
your house, causes trouble, makes a mess, and causes much sadness. It is the same
with unrealistic anxious thoughts. They also come in uninvited and cause a lot of
trouble and unrest in your body and often reactions that you absolutely don’t
want. Furthermore, you often can’t think clearly anymore.

Not acknowledging means pretending there is no fear, or no burglar. He comes in,

you see him, you lock him in the cellar and you leave. After a while, the burglar
refuses to remain sitting quietly in the cellar. He comes upstairs and, if you’re not
there, he makes a mess again and causes a lot of trouble. Our anxious thoughts do
the same. They remain in our bodies as negative energy, cause a lot of trouble, and
have all sorts of unpleasant consequences. It is, therefore, very important that we
do not suppress our emotions, our fear,in this case.

Recognizing the alarm signal

Your body experiences various symptoms when you think negative or fear
thoughts of wich you are not conscious . Your body is not separate from your Soul
it is one with your Soul and always acts in unison with it. Your body has an alarm
system. It reacts very clearly to every negative thought and emotion – in this case,
fear – with a signal. It is comparable to a burglar alarm in your house. If a burglar
tries to break in, the alarm goes off! When that happens, you don’t think “Help,
there’s something wrong with the house!” No, you simply know that someone has
broken in, or that something undesirable is happening and that you must react
Your body also has an alarm system. Every time that you have negative
thoughts, fear for example, your body reacts in a certain way. Among the
symptoms are nervousness, tension, headaches, stomach aches, or stabbing pain in
or around the heart (the heart closes itself instead of opening itself as a result
of fear). Some people’s faces turn red, some become blocked, while others feel their
entire bodies tense up. It is different for every person, but the alarm always works. It
is very important to identify what your own signal is, to know how your body reacts
when you are afraid or you have another negative emotion.
Once you find out what the signal is, which is really not so difficult, then every
time the alarm sounds, you know: “Oh, I’m having an anxious or negative
thought.” This is better than thinking: “Oh heavens, I must be ill, there must be
something terribly wrong with me,” which is the most common reaction. As soon as
the alarm system in the body goes off you think or see instead for what it actually
is: an alarm, a warning from the body, no more, no less.
When something happens against your will, and which you are not conscious of
(an anxious thought enters your mind), you body helps you to become conscious of
it. That is why it is of utmost importance that you get to know this alarm signal in
your own body.
Coping with emotions 153

Recognizing the fear

If you know what your alarm signal is and it goes off, then it is very important to
look at what you were thinking subconsciously, at that moment. It is not so hard to
find out what you were thinking if you go back in your mind. Maybe you have a
dentist’s appointment and you were thinking something like: “Oh dear, I hope I
don’t faint; I hope it won’t hurt too much; I hope I won’t need a root canal
Thoughts are constantly going through our heads and we often don’t even
pay attention to half of them. You may not realize it, but your body always pays
attention and will react with the familiar signals: stomach ache, headache, tension,
nervousness, et cetera When this happens, you know: “Oh yeah, wait a minute, this
is my alarm, this is my signal, what was I just thinking about?”

Responding to your negative thought

Once you’ve found out what you were thinking about, decide if this thought is
realistic. Is it in tune with reality? For example, you must go to the dentist: is he
really going to give you a root canal? Is it true, or are you just afraid of it? Is it true
that it will be very painful? Do you know already you’re going to faint? Do you
know already that you’ll have heart palpitations? Is it true that it is going to be a
terrible morning because of the dentist? No,you do not know yet.
Maybe you won’t need a root canal but, even if it is necessary, you can always
discuss whether you want it right away, or during your next appointment. And if
you do decide that you want it right away, you can choose to be anesthetized so
that you won’t feel a thing. And you can ask for painkillers so that it won’t hurt so
much afterwards when the numbness wears off.
When you look at it this way, you can see that a lot of anxious thoughts are not
realistic, but that they do make your life miserable because of something that has
not even happened yet, and will most probably never happen. At that moment, you
can make much better use of your energy by trying to recognize and acknowledge
your fears. You can then rid yourself of them and calm down. Then you can at least
go to the dentist calmly, or as calmly as possible. You will be in control of yourself
and of the situation, and able to confidently discuss with the dentist what you want
and don’t want

Getting rid of fear

If it turns out to be an unrealistic anxious thought, then you must literally throw
it out. In your mind (you obviously don’t say it out loud when others are present),
you tell your anxious thoughts: “This doesn’t make sense, it is not realistic, so get
out of my head! I’m not letting these unrealistic thoughts ruin my life!” It doesn’t
matter what you say, or how you say it, as long as you kick clearly the negative
thoughts or energy out of your head, literally and figuratively.
You can do this in several ways: friendly, strict, or gently. Everyone has their own
way of doing this and it is important to try out what works best for you. One way is
154 is to express your fears so that they really get out and don’t stay in your head. You
can literally see the dark black or grey energy leave through the top of the head.

Above all, you must be clear. If you manage to throw out your fear, you can
dissolve the negative thoughts even further by sending loving thoughts towards
them. Fear is a kind of protection that you don’t really need if you concentrate on

Now you concentrate on your heart and visualize how you want the situation to be.

In this way you Spiritually closing yourself off to new anxious thoughts

You spiritually lock your front door so that negative thoughts can’t get in so easily
anymore? To use the same analogy again, you lock your front door so that the
negative thoughts can’t get back in so easily.
You can do this spiriually by not thinking about it anymore, by thinking of
something pleasant instead, or doing something you enjoy, by creating what you
really want.You could think about something you’ve done really well, for example,
or something you really like, or something you would like to do. It doesn’t matter
what it is, if it is enjoyable and, therefore, positive. In this way, you can prevent
yourself from being carried away by unrealistic negative thoughts again.
The further you let yourself get carried away by anxiety, the more difficult it
becomes to stop it. When you think positively, your aura closes itself on its own, which
automatically protects you against intrusion by negative thoughts.
When you feel good, your aura closes itself automatically and you are barely
bothered by anxious thoughts, if at all. They may try to get in, but they just bounce
right off. Even if they do manage to get in, you are able to throw them back out
again easily. You often do this subconsciously. It is by no means necessary to do this
consciously if everything else is going well. Above all, don’t forget to fill the emptied
space with love.
If you do all of thiswhen the alarm goes off, you acknowledge the anxious
thoughts, you throw them out, you spiritually lock the door by creating what you
really want, then, at that moment, the anxious thoughts are gone. Of course, this
is not to say that they won’t return. They will keep trying to get back in at first,
because your aura has been open for a long time and they used to be able enter
whenever they pleased. You must, therefore, slowly work towards learning to close
your aura, so that you form a natural protection against fear and other negative

Short summary

You feel an emotion

It is very important that you do not suppress the emotion. You must acknowledge
it, because everything you suppress remains in your body as an unpleasant
troublesome energy. You can express fear or any emotion by talking about it, writing
it down, or via many types of art and sports.
Coping with emotions 155

The signal
Stomach ache, headache, tension - check it out. What’s going on? Is this a signal
that you are thinking negatively?

Become aware of what you are thinking

You look at what you were thinking a minute ago, or what you were thinking last
night when you went to bed, or this morning when you woke up. You consciously
bring this thought to the surface. You consciously look to see if it is realistic. If it is
not realistic, what can you do to change the situation?

Throw the fear out

If it is not realistic, don’t pursue the matter. Throw it out. Don’t believe in it. Say
it quietly to yourself, say it out loud, talk to someone about it, or write about it.
You can also directly send the negative emotion to your heart. Fill your heart with
love instead of fear. The only thing that negative energy is not immune to is loving

Close yourself off to new fear

Ceate what you really want.Think about something pleasant. Do something fun.
Find something to distract yourself. This is a very different way of dealing with the
negative emotion. You are not continuously giving in to the anxious thought, until it
is out of control and unstoppable. Your stress level can then increase to such an
extent that you are no longer in a condition to do something about it (panic attack).
This process may seem difficult, but once you pay attention to it, if you have tried for
yourself and you know how it works, then at some point it will no longer be difficult.
After a while it will happen automatically, almost on its own.

Will the anxious thought or negative emotion return once it is gone?

At some point, the thoughts will try to return, but it will occur less and less often –
you always see this. Just like burglars, they may try again after they have been
kicked out. It is more difficult for them to enter than before, they may stay away for
a while, but they will try it again because they could get in so easily in the past.
Throw them out right away and close your aura well, then you will see that they will
come back less quickly. This will give you the courage to keep it up. At first, you will
have to repeat the process often: “What is wrong, what am I thinking, is it realistic
or unrealistic?” No? Throw them out and close your aura. After a while, the anxious
thoughts will return less often. The more you get used to this whole process, the more
you will do it automatically. It doesn’t take more than a couple of seconds to do it.
You throw them out and you’re done.
It will become more difficult for negative thoughts to get inside, because your aura
will grow increasingly healthy, more stable, stronger and the time will come when
they hardly ever get in anymore. They will only try once in a while. We all have our

weak moments, moments when we feel less well, both spiritually and physically. They
will try to get in when you are weak, because your aura is slightly open. However, you
will be accustomed to being on the alert for this and to throwing them out.
This whole process of negative and anxious thoughts that enter, are thrown out, and
come back again, flows in a rising and falling wave-like motion. You will have less and
less trouble with it, but it will not constantly go better. No, it will go better for a while
and then you always see that you have what seems like a “dip.” In reality, it is not a
dip, it goes on in a wave-like motion, rising. If you have triumphed, then it rises again
in a wave-like motion until you, eventually, barely have any trouble with it anymore.

What is the dip?

It is just like when you’re studying something. When you are studying a particular
subject, or profession, you have exams now and then. Daily life is exactly the same.
You are studying something, trying to learn it . You feel that it’s going better, that
you have a better handle on it and can do it better. Then something awful happens.
You become a bit anxious again and you think: “Oh no, I’m back where
I started again, it’s going badly again, it is terribly difficult again, one step forward,
two steps back.” But if you look closely, this is not the case.
In life you are tested, as it where. You are given the opportunity to see what works
and what doesn’t work yet in daily practice. There are always things that work in a
difficult situation and there are things that do not. When things go wrong, you
automatically determine what the problem is and then you analyze it. You take a
look to see what is clear, what you have done well, what is wrong, what you could
have done differently.
If you can see all of this clearly, then the wave will rise again and things will go
much better for a while. When this happens, you often hear reactions like: “I have
better control over myself. I have more of a handle on things. I have less problems
with it.” You then feel extremely happy.
You can also describe it in another way. It seems as if you are climbing a
mountain, maybe not a very steep mountain. After you have climbed a bit, you
place a fence on that spot. In this way you know that if the climb becomes steeper
and you fall, you will only fall a short way. Your fall will be broken by the fence
and you won’t fall all the way down again. In this way, you continue climbing and
putting up fences.
The process of mastering anxious or negative thoughts works exactly the same
way. Every time you take a step, you figuratively put up a fence, or an internal
signal, in order to protect that step. When you fall against that fence (or your signal
is raised), it gets your attention. You know then that you have to watch out, look at
what’s going on, what you were thinking, and what you did, or did not do, with that
Coping with emotions 157

During this process, you have gradually built in so many warning systems, that
you can handle falling back a small way. You cannot fall all the way down, because
then you would fall through so many fences, or internal warning systems, that you
are familiar with and to which you already know how to react. You cannot lose what
you have consciously made your own. Nothing and no one can take that away from
you anymore. You have done it yourself and it is completely yours. Many things can
be taken away from you, you can lose many things, but the knowledge which you
have consciously made your own can never be taken away from you. Knowing this
is a very reassuring idea and feeling. That is why you never have to think: “Oh no, I
did all that and now I’ve lost it again, completely lost it,” which is what most people
think when they re-encounter difficult situations. Let me assure you once again:
you cannot lose that which you have consciously made your own.

Expressing your emotions can help

One of the ways to deal with emotions is to talk about them, when
possible, or write them down.This you see in this image.The dark energy is
changed in calm blue energy. You will often find that it is a relief and that
you have less rouble with anxious thoughts after you have talked
about them.
If you can share them with someone, if you can say, “I’m scared
of that,” “I’m dreading that,” then you will see that you feel
relieved. The word says it all, ‘you are relieved of your anxiety,’
you have room to breathe again,’ you have space again (there is
literally space again), your anxiety is lessened, or it is completely gone.
The same thing happens when you write it down. Writing down what you are
afraid of, what is preying on your mind, what you are angry about, what you
disagree with, or what you don’t understand. Writing is a way of getting it out
of yourself. If you write and write, then after a while, the emotion will leave on
its own. You will also notice that new observations, thoughts, or ideas often
surface. These are ideas that you have registered, but were not yet conscious of.,
can be the ideas or suggestions of your Soul. You will be surprised at what you
come up with. They can also be observations from your past, or associations that
you had no idea were still in your subconscious. Once this has happened, your
Soul or inner, Self can suggest another thought, another idea, or another
viewpoint, because there is space again. The emotions are not swimming circles in
your head anymore, unable to get out.
This not only works for emotions like fear and anger, but for other emotions as
well, such as sadness, pain, and jealousy. Discussing and writing equals out. You
will no longer be bothered by them, or at least not as much. You got rid of them.
You have done something about them. They are mostly or completely gone.

How can your heart influence your emotions?

Chinese writings, set down on sheets of bamboo, show that the ancient Chinese
knew that the heart can actually influence our thinking, but the fact that there are
neurological paths between the heart and the brain has only very recently been
discovered. Scientists at the American HeartMath Institute are still researching how
the heart physically communicates with the brain. The heart influences not only our
thinking, but our entire body as well. I myself can clearly see energy paths that go
from the heart to the brain, to the arms and hands, and to the
In practical terms, you can use your heart as a tool for healing
at any moment. If you are experiencing a difficult emotion, lay
your hand on your heart and concentrate yourself with all of
your loving attention on it. Now send this emotion from wherever
it is, directly to your heart. When you feel that your heart has
transformed it, send the loving energy from your heart to the
place, or places, in your body where you were feeling emotional
pain. You can then literally see the slow, fluid, loving energy from the heart stream
to the head, or other parts of the body, and mix itself with the other energy. Your
thoughts and feelings will then become milder. If you have had an argument with
someone, for example, you will feel that although you may be right, the other
person’s point of view may also be right. The truth often has many sides.
My soul also added the following: “The most direct, simple and effective way to let go
of fear, anger, or sadness is not to relive them time after time after time, but to send them
to your heart and cradle your heart.”
If you express your anger, sadness, or fear directly, you feel relief. It is gone for a
while. However, if you express your anger or sadness not from the emotion, but from
your heart, through your heart, then you are rid of the emotion for good. You express
your emotion without emotion .So you do not need to relive the emotion hundred or
thousand times.
Just try it. It is miraculous how it works. The most basic primal feelings reside in
the brainstem. Psychology has discovered that if nothing else works, if someone is
completely unreachable, rocking is the only way that can still calm them. You can
also rock your own heart, and how! In this way you connect yourself to the great
universal stream. You are at peace again .After a while, you may be able to express
the emotion from your heart instead of directly out of anger, or sadness, or fear.
Instead of saying: “It’s your fault,” you will be able to say “I’m in pain, it affects me.”
You will speak directly from your own heart. It works wonderfully!
My soul also said: “If you open your heart again, you are directly connected to the
universal vibration of the cosmos and no fear can arise.”
We close our hearts for all sorts of reasons (pain, sadness, fear) and we “protect” our
hearts for the same reasons. The problem is that by doing so, we actually create what
we are afraid of (pain and sadness). If you dare to open your heart again (by daring to
Coping with emotions 159

feel your pain and your sadness), you can make contact with your Soul again(trough
your heart), with the cosmos, and you can shed your fear. So the circle is once again

How can your mental body influence your emotions?

You can also influence emotions by directly changing the images in your mental
body. You can do this by recalling positive images of pleasant memories (resource
installation). If you have no pleasant memories, and therefore no pleasant images,
you can create them by visualizing them (resource development). As Gandhi said:
“An ounce of practice is worth a ton of preaching.” Trying works best.When you do
this, you see that your bodies open one by one, and you are open to your Soul’s
energy again your heart opens again and so you are connected once again to the
energy of your Soul, the universal energy.
If you find it difficult to open your heart, you can also send
the emotion directly to your solar chakra. Visualize that it is
open, there is no disc in front of it, you are full of confidence,
and then send the emotion directly into your solar chakra.
There, the emotion will melt like snow under the sun. Ask for
some extra help from your Inner self orSoul. It is worth the
effort to try it.

Using visualization
You can visualize that you close your aura, that you close the opening in your
aura. Visualize your fear, your anger, or your sadness as a dark cloud, which you
knead or shape into a ball. Then you throw this ball out of your body with all of
your might. I have seen others do this in the fifth dimension and it works (see
chapter 13). The intention alone sets this process in motion.

Using intuitive drawing

If you are troubled by an emotion, try to set it on paper. Draw the emotion. You
will be surprised at what comes out. Van Gogh was a master at setting his emotions
on canvas and paper. However, you do not need to be Van Gogh to do this. If your
emotion is out of your system, another more peaceful feeling will surface in you,
and/or on paper.

How can your soul influence your emotions?

Your dreams allow you to see precisely what images you have created. You see
your anxious images, your jealous images, your hateful or vengeful images, or your
pleasant images, the ones you still enjoy after you wake up in the morning. Your

Soul does send you these images, so that you can change
them and create new ones.
Your dreams allow you to see the images of your
subconscious anxious thoughts, so that you can literally see
the kinds of things you create ,right in front of you. Then you
can change these into positive images. That it will work, that
you will succeed, that you can do it, et cetera. For example,
when your heart is so heavy with sorrow, that is has become
top heavy. If you then consciously create the image that your heart is standing
upright again, the sadness will come out, or present itself in another way. You might
dream that you have barbed wire around your heart. You can change this into an
image of a healthy heart, that is allowed to express itself
In the paintings of Ans Markus, you see bandages falling
off of a body. You can see this in the mental body as well, if a
wound is healing. When you have healed, the bandage falls off.
By consciously visualizing these images, you speed up the process.
You can also consciously “complete” a dream by thinking of, or
visualizing, how you could solve it. If you have just woken up and
are still conscious of your dream, this can be very easily done.
Alternatively, you can draw your new images.
If you do not know, or are not conscious of the fact that you
create images, then you cannot change them. Dreams are an effective aid that you
can use. Indeed, it is a pity to not make use of so much informative material. They
are, after all, your images, no one else’s.
As my soul says: “Your soul creates earthly circumstances – not always equally
pleasant! – to expand your consciousness, to make you conscious of your subconscious
thoughts or to make you conscious of how you deal with yourself. That is why everyone’s
life is perfect.”
Look at why you are in this circumstance, or what causes your fear. Is this
situation a mirror of how you deal with yourself? What have you suppressed? Which
emotions do you not want to feel? What is your most negative thought towards
yourself ? For which emotions do you create defenses and, therefore, fear?
Your Soul creates earthly circumstances – not always equally pleasant! – to make
you conscious of who you are, who you were, and who you will be: a child of God, a
Divine being, created in His image and likeness, with the same creative abilities.
Open your heart, connect yourself to the rhythm of your soul, the rhythm of the
universe, and create with love. Some of us will be able to influence our emotions
more effectively through thinking. For others, the heart may be the best tool. Some
may find that drawing suits them best, while others may prefer to work directly with
images. What you use will depend on what you are geared towards and what your
specific learning capabilities are. Everyone chooses the method that suits them best.
Coping with emotions 161

There are many possibilities. You can also influence your emotions through all the
other forms of art, through sports, through yoga, and so on.
If nothing works, my Soul says: “Sit still in a short meditation empty your mind
embrace your fear and give it to me.”

How can you protect yourself against fear

and other external emotions?

My soul says the following: “If your heart is open, you know that everything will go well.”
In other words, if you open your heart, you do not have to have any fear, because
if you are connected to the great stream of the universe, all of your power is present.
Of course, that’s not always possible. There is still often a difference between
knowing something and being able to do it. Yet, there are still more possibilities.
You can always ask for protection, or give yourself protection, by creating golden
clouds around yourself, by setting a glass dome over yourself, for example, or by
consciously placing a wall between yourself and the other person if it can be no
other way. I often see these around others, sometimes placed there on purpose,
sometimes subconsciously. Do not forget to take them away again if the need is no
longer present. Sometimes you see people walk around with these protections for a
very long time, even when they are no longer necessary. You can also wrap yourself
in a silver blanket. It is also very effective to close your solar chakra when you are
in large spaces, busy places, or streets, or in stores. You can do this by moving your
hand in a clockwise circular motion in front of this chakra seven times. In this way
you pull back all of the lines of energy which go out in all directions from this
chakra. This prevents others from subconsciously taking energy from you, and
prevents you from subconsciously spilling your energy.

What does a person’s aura look like when they are afraid?
When someone has many anxious thoughts, you see cracks
form in the aura. Through these cracks and openings, even
more negative thoughts can enter. You then lose your natural
protection and are open to all sorts of undesired influences.
By being as positive as possible and doing things you enjoy,
you automatically form a natural layer of protection around
yourself, so that negative influences bounce off and do not
enter your aura. That is why it is so important to spiritually
close your door. People who are positive have very strong auras without any cracks,
holes, or openings. These people are simply less troubled by anxious thoughts. This
is more or less naturally present in some people, but for some it is easier than for
others. However, this is something you can definitely learn to do by becoming more

aware of yourself: what signal is my body giving me, what am I subconsciously

thinking and what can I do about it?
In chapter 7, the case stories of Mark and Lea illustrate how
you can form dark spikes in the mental body. The spikes can
point inwards or outwards, and can be seen around the entire
body, or a part of it. Dark spikes pointed outwards mean that you
blame someone else for your fear. Dark spikes pointed inwards
indicate that you blame yourself. If you think that you are the
cause, but are not to blame, then it never looks negative. If you
cause something that you are not conscious of, you can never
be to blame. Dark energy can be seen in many different forms.
Sometimes it is a dark cloud, or sometimes a dark ball within which fear and/or rage
are locked.
When all of your fear is taken away, everything can be taken away from you and
you will not be angry. You know that everything that you have created, can be
created again, so it does not matter.” A New Conversation With God, Neale Donald

When you suppress your anger, you cannot make use of its power. The emotion
of anger, expressed properly, brings you back to your own strength. If you
constantly suppress your anger, fear arises. This is, of course, not the case with
uncontrolled anger. Just as with fear, it is very important to recognize and
acknowledge the anger and to do something with it. If you have recognized and
acknowledged your anger, you can either be stuck
with it yourself, or you can find a good way to express it.That is,
mention it whithout judgment to your self or others.
When someone is very angry with him/herself, you see,
among other things, a dark vortex of energy, which spins
towards the heart, or nails being hammered into the heart, or
the person hitting himself on the head with a wooden stick.
The variations are endless.
If you do not let go of your anger, or if you do nothing with it, you will feel
restless inside. The anger cannot escape, and you will continue thinking about it
and worrying about it. Worrying always has to do with emotions. You will relive the
emotion over and over again.
What you very often see is that the emotion, anger in this case, stays in your body,
trying to get out, but unable to. This form of anger appears as dark ribbons of energy,
which can be located in the head, neck, chest, or lower body. This energy then travels
through the backside of the neck towards the head and stays there, where it keeps
turning over and over. It is literally stuck inside your head. You often hear a person
Coping with emotions 163

say: “It keeps going through my head.” You can then

literally see the ribbons swarming inside the head. These
ribbons are often thoughts and emotions that cannot get
out. This dark energy then keeps going in circles making
the person feel unwell. In this way you carry a heavy load
with you, which is not necessary, because many times it
can be solved in another, better, and more pleasant way.

Henry was really angry at his boss. He felt betrayed, left out
in the cold, and abandoned. Above all, he was very angry
with himself, because he could not stand up for himself. He
said that the word “No” always tripped him up. “I can’t say
no, I’ve never allowed myself to get angry.”
Once he learned to get angry, he could try to use his anger as
strength, instead of either suppressing it, or getting carried
away by it. What I saw was that he tried to suppress his
anger, his inner fire. He tried to put the fire out with a stick,
but it didn’t work. Then he tried to sit on it, but by doing so he burnt his bottom
and caused himself pain. He had to stand up again. The fire forced him to stand
up, to figuratively stand up for himself and to say what he really wanted to say.
In this way, he finally used his anger and strength by converting them into words.
As he said himself: “I am pumping up my inner self.”

In this way you can use anger, in a controlled fashion, to do what you have wanted
to do for so long, or what you haven’t felt like doing anymore for a long time.
Some people are able to express their anger (and all
of their other emotions directly from the heart, without
sadness or fear getting in the way. They don’t think, they
are not emotional; it comes directly from the heart. The
other person then receive their anger in the right
proportion, no more and no less (see section: How can
your heart influence emotions).
Another option is to directly transform the anger. This
can happen consciously, subconsciously, or even completely on its own. What you
see is that the anger goes directly from your navel chakra to your solar chakra,
which is open at that moment. The emotion disappears into it and literally melts,
like snow under the sun, the sun of your open solar chakra. Once the anger is
gone, you can feel a gnawing or empty feeling in your stomach. That can be the
emptiness that arises after the anger has gone (or the fear, or the sadness). It feels
as if it is in your stomach, but it is actually the healing process in your solar
chakra. You can quickly fill this emptiness with the warmth from your heart.

It is beautiful when you experience acceptance and

respect for yourself and the other person, and the processes
you are both experiencing, from your inner mildness, or
gentleness. At that moment you can see your outer self
being rocked by your Inner Self in the mental body. This
never fails to move me. This can happen with any emotion.
If you are troubled by an emotion, and you have recognized
and accepted it, send it directly to and into your solar chakra
and/or your heart and these will do the work for you.
When you experience fear along with your anger, you
may either strike out with words or express yourself in deeds
(aggression). Another common reaction is to flee and clam
up. If you do this, your anger strikes inwards. You aim the
anger towards yourself and you are consumed by your
own fire (depression). You often see this as a shell which
closes around you, locking you completely in yourself. Fear
fans the fire and causes it to shoot out in all directions. It
becomes uncontrollable and, at that moment, you are literally on fire.
Simon tried to suppress his anger with all his might, but it did not work. What
you see when someone does this is the following: the anger shoots up like fire, a
fountain of fire splashes out in every direction and carries you away with it, instead
of you carrying the fire away, or doing something with it.
You can also express your anger towards someone in a good way. The other
person can then say: “OK, sorry, I hadn’t seen it that way,” or “I misunderstood,
I’m sorry,” or “OK, you’re right,” and then it’s resolved. It can also happen that
the other person tells you that you have misunderstood, or that you only heard
half of what they said, or nothing at all. Then you can think about it, apologize,
and then your anger will leave you. You have probably learned something from
the experience and the other person has as well. In this way it is well solved.
What if you cannot express your anger for whatever reason? Perhaps the
person is not there, or is too far away, or has passed away. Maybe you’re simply
not ready to do it. Then there are many other ways in which you can still express
your anger. Everyone does it in his or her own way.
In Gestalt therapy, it is advised to use a cushion and to hit it really hard. This
is a way to get the emotion of rage out of your system. “Voice dialogue” is
another way to express your anger in a controlled manner. You visualize that the
person you are angry with is sitting in a chair, or standing in front of you and
then you say what you want to say. Just let it come: exactly the way you think or
feel. Whether it’s right or wrong does not matter, just let it come. When the
emotion of anger has been released, you very often find that another thought or
idea enters your mind all on its own. This comes from your inner self or Soul
The anger is gone and is no longer blocking the contact with your source, your
Coping with emotions 165

core, your Soul. You often feel a lot better afterwards. Sometimes you won’t even
find it necessary to talk about it anymore because you see things differently, or
because you think it’s not important anymore, or it’s out of your system.
What I said before about writing as a way of getting rid of your anxieties also
applies here. Writing can be an excellent way to get rid of any emotion. In
general, it is important that you find your own way to channel your emotions in
a good way, to rid yourself of them, to do something constructive with them. This
is different for everyone and it is very important that you find the way that suits
you best. We all have emotions, in whatever form, and it is very important for
everyone to personally do something with these emotions.

My soul says: “Do you know what my secret is? I am always happy with everything,
every circumstance, however difficult.”

The first reaction of my outer Self was: “Oh, not me!” Later I understood it, but to
feel that way all the time is another matter entirely! What this viewpoint does,
however, is helps you to see your emotions in another light. In short, experience
is the best teacher, and who knows, maybe it will work one day.
What do you see in the mental body when you recognize and acknowledge the
At the moment when you recognize the emotion, you see the emotional energy
come loose and often disappear,and the worrying lessens. You see the clamp
loosen in the mental body, or become increasingly lighter, or the concrete block
opening itself.When the negative thought is acknowledged, you see the undesired
energy in the emotional body disappear, or dissolve on its own. If the cause is
understood, the results vanish by themselves. (Sometimes there is a bit left over, a
residue, but only if it serves a purpose. It can still serve as a warning or signal, as
a reminder, in case you still have negative thoughts once in a while.)
If a person has experienced a trauma and has blocked their thoughts, then you
observe that the left side of the brain (in the mental body), which is often larger
in our culture than the right side, becomes dominant, or larger. If the trauma is
solved, the left side of the brain in the mental body goes back to its normal shape.
The same goes for blocked emotions. In this case, you see the right side of
the brain shrink as the emotions
break free, or unfold itself from the
blocked trauma. After this process is
completed, both sides of the brain are
usually in balance. Then you see that
the left, or right, side of the brain in
the mental body no longer blocks the
energy from the Soul body. You see
the emotional body and the mental body

open up and make direct contact with the Soul body. The color of the right and left
side of the brain has changed as well. Before this process, it was dark, now its
color is clear again.
“When you don’t need to be afraid of anything, there is also nothing you
have to be angry about. If you are not obsessed by desires, you are also not angry
because you don’t get something. You don’t become angry because others do not
do something that you want them to do. You don’t become angry because
someone is nasty, because you don’t need them to be nice. You don’t become
angry when someone acts cold-heartedly, because you do not need them to love
Neale Donald Walsch, A Conversation With God

As with anger and fear, it is important to recognize and
acknowledge your sadness and to do something with it. You
can do this in the same way as described above with anger.
You can do it alone, or with someone’s help. It does not matter,
as long as you do not remain stuck with your own sadness.
You can see when your body is full of sadness. When you do
not permit yourself to let the sadness surface, you may see the
following: your sadness gushes into your stomach and it stays
there, because you dread having to do something with it.
If you allow yourself to let the sadness come, if you give
yourself the space to be vulnerable at that moment, you are
protected simultaneously. Your outer self is rocked by your
Inner Self. A protective energy surrounds you so that during
and after the expression of your sadness, you still feel protected
and above all mild. You feel safe and you decide what you want
to express, when, and how much. In this
way, sadness brings you back to your own
gentleness, your Soul, which is a wonderful
feeling. Actually, this not only happens with sadness, but with
any emotion you can and want to express.
You can choose whether or not you want to receive someone
else’s sadness. Sometimes you will choose to let someone else’s
sadness in and then transform it consciously, or subconsciously.
Sometimes you will keep it outside of you. That does not mean
that you are not concerned for the other person, certainly not. You then have energy
left over to help the other person, how and when they wish for it. This is sympathy.
Pity, or commiseration, means that you co-miserate, that you share in their
misery. When you join someone down in the dumps, you no longer have enough
Coping with emotions 167

energy, or enough distance, to help them if they need it. In that way you are neither
helping the other person, nor yourself. Sometimes you just can’t handle it. You have
no energy left over to let another person’s sadness enter you. Whatever you do is
fine, as long as you consciously choose it and as long as you – as much as possible –
let the other person know what is going on.

The same five-step approach applies in this case, as with
all of the other emotions. What you see with self-pity, is that
the person’s energy just drains away through the legs and
into the Earth. You literally see the person become empty. A
person who feels self-pity, also feels him/herself become weak,
lifeless, and empty. This weak lifeless feeling is an important
warning function of self-pity. The mental body also looks weak
and lifeless, bent over and almost collapsing. This is the opposite of sympathy. With
sympathy you keep your own energy, but you are prepared to give some of your
energy voluntarily, if the other person asks for it or needs it.

The color of jealousy in the emotional body is an
unmistakable garish shade of green, bright green, and you
sometimes see horrible prickly shapes. Poison green spines
pointed outwards indicate that you are jealous of another
person. The expression “green with envy” is literally true.
There is, however, an important difference between healthy
jealousy and uncontrolled jealousy. A healthy bit of jealousy
encourages you to do something that the other person does or
has done. In this case, you are jealous of the example that has
been set by another and this healthy energy encourages you and pushes you towards
something that you really want.
Uncontrolled jealousy rules you instead of you ruling it. You
sometimes see that someone is actually consumed from within
by jealousy and that this energy spatters out of the body with
enormous power. One of the signals of uncontrolled jealousy
is a strong feeling of agitation and unchecked fury for the
person the jealousy is directed towards, a desire to inflict harm
in one way or another.

When jealousy turns to hate, the color of the energy is really poison green, a
phosphorescent green, like the color of the eyes of a predatory animal in the night.

You never forget its piercing quality. There is no doubt that hate takes on the most
terrible forms and it is definitely not a treat to see it. You literally claw at the other
person. The energy of a person who is feeling hate looks like pitch and tar, black,
heavy, and dirty. This may sound awful, but you really don’t have to be afraid,
because there is one thing they cannot withstand, and that is true loving energy.

I once directed a ray of pure love from myself towards an very black mean entity,
and as I continued to do so, I saw this syrupy, tar-like energy melt before my eyes.
It is still there, but it can no longer take shape and can therefore
do nothing. What they are essentially doing is destroying
themselves. Hatred is a complete denial of the self.

Why is it that in one person, energy gets stuck in the head, while in another
person, the energy gets trapped in the heart, or somewhere else?
If someone is a thinker, the energy will settle itself in the head. If someone reacts
from their heart, the energy will imbed itself in the heart. If your heart is sad, you
see the sadness in or around the heart. If someone reacts from their emotions, the
energy will get stuck in or around the lower chakras. If someone feels suffocated,
like they “can’t breathe,” the energy will clog up the lungs. If someone does not
express themselves, it will get stuck in the throat. If someone forgets to listen to
themselves, it will concentrate in the ears. In this way, the energy can block all the
parts of the mental body. If the problem is not resolved, the negative energy will go
on to affect the emotional body and, eventually, the physical body.

Suppose that the emotions are not your own?

Sometimes another person’s emotions can come at you. These are purely theirs
and have nothing to do with you. In the fifth dimension I was clearly shown a
good way to handle this. You do not need to see the emotion to be able to do this.
You can always feel it and that is enough.
For example, someone is furious with you, while it is completely undeserved.
Particularly with anger, it is very difficult to react well, to not get angry too. The
other person is then rid of their anger and you’re stuck with it. When you see or
feel the ball of energy, the rage, coming towards you, ask yourself: “Is it mine, or
the other person’s, and what do I want to do with it?” Try to remain calm and
don’t let the energy into your aura. This anger is not your own and you can
simply send it or throw it back to the person concerned. You will see, or feel, that
your own aura protects you completely, like a shining light, and nothing can enter
if you don’t want it to. Your shining aura forms a natural protection. It works and
it feels wonderful.
You can also choose to transform the other person’s emotion. While still keeping
the emotion outside of yourself, send all of your love towards the ball of energy.
Coping with emotions 169

Let your warmth shine on the negative energy and you may see or feel it slowly
change color and dissolve. Another option is to simply send it to the cosmos. Your
loving intention is more than enough.

I sat across from a young girl. She was telling me everything she had been through.
Suddenly I saw that she had a red ball full of sadness in her body, at the height of
her stomach, in her mental body. During our conversation, I asked her, “Are you
sad?” “Yes,” she said. Without her knowledge, I was allowed to take her ball of
sadness, transform it, and send it away. This happened while we sat talking. She
did not see anything, but when I casually asked her later, “How do you feel?” she
said, “Good, it seems as if my sadness has disappeared.” The sadness was gone. It
was allowed to be resolved at that moment.

Say that the emotion is yours and the other person has nothing to do with it. Then
you must take the emotion back. Take the emotion, in whatever form, and look at
it from a distance. What can you do with this emotion? You need to figure out what
you want to do with it, because you are presumably troubled by it. Maybe you are
disappointed or angry because you had an expectation that the other could not
fulfill. Then you can re-adjust your expectations, or cast them aside, and you will see
or feel the emotion disappear. Maybe you are sad because the other person does not
love you enough, or does not love you at all. Does it have something to do with you
or not? Look at it and feel, and a lot will become clear about yourself. You will then
see or feel the emotion dissolve. Maybe you are afraid of something or someone.
Change your anxious thoughts into the thought: “I am love.” Feel that you are love,
feel your own love, and you will see or feel the fear disappear.
Say that the emotion is an interaction between you and the other person. You can
then look at your own portion of the emotion. Keep it at a distance from yourself,
look at the shape, the color, feel the feeling that goes with it. Dissect it or analyze it.
You can also give it a name, a voice, or a shape. You can let the feeling speak or ask
it questions. “What does it say about me? Which emotion in me wants to be healed
and how? Has this situation called up an unprocessed emotion from my past?” Turn
it around, look at it from all sides, feel it, do what your Self inspires you to do, or
whatever occurs to you. Then decide what you want to do with the emotion. Dissolve
it in yourself, give it back to the other person, or transform your part and/or the
other person’s through your love. Maybe you want to add another energy to it, light
blue or pink energy for example, the energy of the Earth’s gentleness. Play with it
and it will become and remain light and airy. If you resolve or change your own part
of the emotion, the other person’s part will automatically change.

Kevin had a long standing quarrel with his ex-girlfriend, which resulted in huge
fights, after which they wouldn’t speak to each other for months. Lately he found

himself often thinking, “Should I go talk to her?” but the idea seemed ridiculous to
him. She had cheated on him with someone else and called him every name in the
book. In short, she was wrong, not him. So he felt that she had to take the first step.
Even so, the thought that he should talk to her kept creeping into his mind.

One evening he quietly sat down, tuned his thoughts out as much as possible, and
asked himself a few questions. “What should I do? How can I resolve this situation?
No matter what we do, we keep running into each other, at work, with friends, and
during sporting activities.”

Suddenly, he saw a rose sticking out of his heart in his mental body, which made
his heart milder. A while later, he saw a diamond in his heart. From within this
diamond, a pure ray of light shone towards his ex-girlfriend. First she stuck her
tongue out at him, but the ray continued to shine towards her heart. A part of her
heart became clear and gentle, and another part of her heart remained dark. Kevin
continued to shine the energy from the diamond in his heart towards her. He saw
how she did everything she could to get attention and how she messed things up for
herself up every time. She always managed, but later she would do the same thing
all over again. Eventually, a rose also appeared in her heart. Then the rose and the
dark part of her heart combined, spinning together to form a whole.

His attention then turned to his head. If he sat and thought, a divider formed
between his head and his heart. This blocked the energy and did not allow it to
flow. Then a half circle formed around his head, with the curve around his neck
and the opening on top. The half circle filled itself with very gentle energy, which
continued to flow and flow. Thinking and feeling were one again, but they now
had a gentle perspective. From this new gentle viewpoint, Kevin looked at his ex-
girlfriend and saw again how she repeatedly messed up her life and backed herself
into a corner. This time he felt completely different. He was not angry. It was the
way it was. That was simply the way she was. While he was thinking this way, he
saw that they shook each other’s hand.
That same evening, he called her to ask if she wanted to talk. After some hesitation
she agreed. He had bridged the rift, not only between his reason and his emotions,
but between himself and his ex-girlfriend as well.

Grounding Yourself

It is very important to ground yourself well, not only during meditation,

but as often as possible during the day, until it becomes a habit and you do it
automatically. If all is well, the Soul is in charge, and then the earthly energy
Coping with emotions 171

out the exact amount of energy the soul needs, not too much, and not too little.
Without the Earth’s energy, the Soul would have no vessel to pour its energy into. In
other words, the better grounded you are, the more you will be able to receive the
direction or leadership of your Soul.
The Earth doles out the right amount of energy at exactly the right moment. Too
much energy leads in the wrong direction, as does too little. The energy of the soul
points the way and the Earth’s energy translates this into the right dosage here on
Earth. That is why being well grounded is essential to your totality in the here and
now. If you are well grounded, you concentrate your thoughts on your center, your
heart, and you are a living trinity: body, spirit, and soul. In this way you are
supported by your cross instead of carrying your cross.

Reading your own emotions.

You can do this exercise by yourself, or with someone else. If you want to do this
with another person, then invite someone you know very well and who you feel safe
Make sure you have a large blank piece of paper, color pencils, and pens on hand
so that you can draw the emotions in your body. On this blank sheet of paper, draw
a large outline of your body. It makes no difference if you are male or female, just
draw a rough outline of your body. It does not need to beautiful or perfect, as long
as it is a large drawing of a body in which you can draw the many emotions after
you have seen them.

Connect yourself to the earth’s energy.

Sit quietly and relaxed, and begin with a short meditation to ground yourself.
Starting with your root chakra, radiate your energy in a wide stream towards the
center of the earth and anchor your energy there. Now move through all of the
earth’s layers and take in the color of energy that you need,that makes you feel safe
and secureand send them to the places in your body that need it the most. Draw
this energy into your entire body, from your root chakra, all the way up to your
crown chakra, and then, very carefully, open your crown chakra as far as possible.
Allpow the cosmic energy to flow in your entire body. Now move with your
consciousness into your Aura. Make it large and pleasant around you, in a way
which you find agreeable. Some people feel comfortable in a very large aura, while
others prefer a smaller aura.

You are ready to begin.

Close your eyes. Focus on your Aura as a whole, on that part which is closest to your
physical skin. What does the energy look like there?

Where is there great joy in your body?

• Go back to a situation in which you felt this.
• What does it look like?
• Have you expressed this joy in a recent situation, or not?
• If you have not expressed it, where have you stored it in this body?
• If you have expressed it, how did you do it?
Draw and color this in the body you have on the piece of paper in front of you.

Where have you stored anger in your body?

• Go back to a situation in which you felt this.
• What does it look like?
• Have you expressed anger in a recent situation or not?
• If you have not expressed it, where is it stored in your body?
• If you did express it, how did you do it?
Draw and color this in the body you have on the piece of paper in front of you.

Where have you stored pain in your body?

• Go back to a situation in which you felt this.
• What does it look like?
• Have you expressed pain in a recent situation or not?
• If you have not expressed it, where is it stored in your body?
• If you did express it, how did you do it?
Draw and color this in the body you have on the piece of paper in front of you.
Where have you stored fear in your body?
• Go back to a situation in which you felt this.
• What does it look like?
• Have you expressed fear in a recent situation or not?
• If you have not expressed it, where is it stored in your body?
• If you did express it, how did you do it?
Draw and color this in the body you have on the piece of paper in front of you.

Where do you find self-worth in your body?

• Go back to a situation in which you felt this.
• What does it look like?
• Have you expressed self worth in a recent situation or not?
• If you have not expressed it, where is it stored in your body?
• If you did express it, how did you do it?
Draw and color this in the body you have on the piece of paper in front of you.

Where do you feel love and affection in your body?

• Go back to a situation in which you felt this.
Coping with emotions 173

• What does it look like?

• Have you expressed love and affection in a recent situation or not?
• If you have not expressed it, where is it stored in your body?
• If you did express it, how did you do it?
Draw and color this in the body you have on the piece of paper in front of you.

Now let your love and affection flow through your entire body and your entire
aura, and heal the emotions which can be healed at this time. If you do this with
another person, thank them for the trust you have received in being allowed to read
his or her emotions.

Exercise: recognizing and letting go of your emotions

Sit in a quiet place and relax. Breathe deeply through your diaphragm, and connect
your root chakra to the center of the earth so that you are well grounded.

Part One:
Visualize a screen in front of you.
Play your own movie on this screen. Visualize a situation that you found, or still find,
very difficult. Watch this event in which someone acted aggressively towards you, or
irritated you.
Concentrate on this person’s navel.
Which emotions do you see first?
Pull back a curtain. Now what do you see?
Pull back another curtain. Now what do you see?
Pull back another curtain. Now what do you see?
Concentrate on this person again, and speak to him, or her, via his, or her, navel chakra.
Say something like: I see why you act this way, but I find you impossible to deal with.
I would really like it if you would act in such and such a way, etc.
Now concentrate on your own navel chakra.
Why are you so affected by this behavior?
Which emotional button does it push, or which thought does it trigger in you?
Which emotions do you see first?
Pull a curtain aside. Now what do you see?
Pull back another curtain. Now what do you see?
Pull back another curtain. Now what do you see?
How would you like to behave towards this person?
How can you make room for these emotions in your navel chakra?
Do you find this situation interesting?
What would you like to do with it? Can you use it to your advantage in any way?
174 Images of the Soul

Do you want to be continue to be involved in this person’s behavior?

Before you continue with this exercise, you should write down what you have

Part Two:
Visualize a screen in front of you.
On this screen, visualize the situation which was so difficult for you and which you
would like to let go of.
Now imagine that you open up the side of the screen a bit and, through this opening,
you let the emotions that this situation calls up flow out.
Send these emotions to your heart, the seat of your soul.
Watch your heart lovingly receive and process your emotions.
Now you can let go and leave the rest to your heart.
Watch the same difficult situation on the screen again, but this time without negative
Now try out some other emotions in this situation, emotions that do you good.
Try out different ones.
Which emotional approach, or behavior, makes you feel best without harming the
other person?
Place this emotion in your navel chakra and then move it from your navel chakra up to
your heart, the seat of your Soul
Finish this experience off by cradling your heart for as long as you like.

Accompanying meditation

Sit or lie down in a quiet place and begin by breathing through your diaphragm. When you
breathe in, your stomach fills like a balloon, and when you breathe out, the balloon
deflates itself.

Now ground yourself. Visualize that you are connecting your root chakra with the center
of the Earth, with a chord, for example, or a thread, or a channel. You feel that your
energy flows from your lower body, through your legs and your feet to the center of the
Earth, and from the center of the Earth back to your feet and your legs. They become
heavy and begin to tingle.
Now imagine someone in spirit with whom you have problems. You see the person very
clearly before you and you look at him, or her, from a distance. What kinds of emotions are
there, what do they look like, what do they feel like to you? Now look and see if the
emotions belong to him or her, or if they have to do with both of you. Look and feel from
your heart., the seat of your Soul.
You will be surprised that you know it. If you draw on or use your inner source, you know,
or feel, or see. Take your time and let it happen slowly. Finally, enjoy what
Coping with emotions 175

happens, because no matter what, it will always make you more conscious and, in the end,
you will always be glad about it. Maybe you can end with a healing energy after you have let
go of the negative energy. Remain in your heart for a while and feel the energy there.

If you have trouble looking from a distance at the thoughts that cause the emotions
from a distance, the following exercise can help.

Relax again. Sit or lie down and let your breathing go to your belly. Breath slowly through
your diaphragm, in and out, until you feel that you are breathing naturally again and at your
own tempo. Concentrate your energy in your legs and your feet, and visualize that you
connect yourself to the Earth with a rope, a channel, or a string. You are now well grounded.

Imagine a windowsill. You sit there and, from that windowsill, you look at your emotional
thoughts. You do not brood over your thoughts, you don’t feel them. They are like a passing
train, a slowly passing train, or a flock of chirping birds. You don’t think about it. You do not
judge. You are not frustrated by it. You only observe. You let go.

You might also visualize a white isolated cloud between you and the train, or the chirping
birds. Gradually, you feel more and more calm. Your thoughts become slower and slower
and there is more and more space in your head. You become lighter inside, literally and

Now concentrate all of your thoughts on your solar chakra. Space has been created, space
for new insights and ideas from your intuition. Let the ideas come, and go with them.

If the other emotional thoughts keep coming back, do not become emotional about it
(angry, sad, annoyed, or disappointed), because then you will get caught up in it again. Do
not answer your emotion with emotion. You cannot fight an energy with the same energy,
only with love. Just try it again.

Now concentrate all of your energy on your heart and stay in your heart. Look at it from a
distance now, with the eyes of your Soul, and you will smile. Space has been created once
again, space for your Soul, for your Soul’s thoughts, your Soul’s inspiration, and you are your
Soul again, the Soul.

Slowly return to your body with your consciousness and ground yourself again. Take
everything you have seen and felt with you to your physical consciousness and save it in
your heart.

chapter 12 | The mental body processes

self-defeating thoughts
How does the mental body process our negative thoughts about ourselves?
What do unprocessed negative thoughts and feelings look like?

How does the mental body process our

negative thoughts about ourselves?

H erman suffered several traumas years ago as the result of a sporting

accident. The physical result of his accident was a permanent invalidity.
Because of this, his career suffered and he was forced to accept a lower level job.
And because of all the tension, he lost many of his friends. His acquaintances
couldn’t really understand his changed situation and, as a result, he found himself
in almost total isolation.

After several EMDR sessions devoted to the processing of these traumas, I saw the

In his mental body, at the height of his upper body, there was still a layer of energy,
consisting of very fine grains, which was concentrated on his back and shoulders.
It was not really heavy or drastic, but a typical residue and an unnecessary weight.
When he became aware of this, the energy sunk further and further down to his
knees. Little bags of mucous formed immediately and hung from his knees. The
bags of mucous caught what was left of the thick infected energy from his upper
body and the grains of sadness from his knees. The energy surrounding the slime
bags then caught the residue from the bags and so it was processed in stages.
The following day the bags still hung there, but now they were filled with a clearer
energy. The “waste treatment” (just as the healing process) was moving quickly and
was in an advanced stage. The next time the slime bags were empty, the infected
grains had disappeared.

Ramona had always had the unpleasant habit of unconsciously thinking very
negatively, so she had built up a lot of negative energy (in the shape of black
The mental body processes self-defeating thoughts 177

moving strings) in her head. She suffered from severe headaches, which lasted
several days at a time. This caused her to build up even more negative energy in
her head by thinking: I have a tumor, I have cancer, I am incurably ill, I’m going
to die. In her imaginary world, she would shortly be dead and buried, her children
stood crying by her grave, and her husband was on the verge of a complete nervous

After a long time, when she was able to turn around the whole process of piling
negative thought upon negative thought, she felt a strong pain in her kidneys. The
strings were gone from her head and had been replaced by a clear energy. Only a
few negative thoughts remained on the left side. A whole stream of crystallized
energy (the left-over thoughts of grief, fear, anger, disappointment, etc.) flowed to
her kidneys. It looked like a coarse sea salt which streamed towards her kidneys:
Rafa was clearly working out the residues through her kidneys, which were not
prepared to handle so much at once. By concentrating with love and attention, with
the intention of healing her, I saw a “filter” placed in front of her kidneys so that
the process became somewhat easier. The stream of crystallized energy was re-
routed to the surrounding energy, so that her kidneys did not have to process so
much at once. Her kidneys could handle it again and the pain lessened.

The next time, the kidneys looked different. The upper-left side was clean, sparkling
white; underneath there was still a layer of residual energy, darker in color, and
the lowest part was orange. The orange energy indicated that she was increasingly
more aware of how she coped with her thoughts. The remaining pain also had a
function, a signaling function, a small alarm to remind her when she sometimes
unconsciously thought negatively. This is how she realized that the pain was not
negative or something to be afraid of, but positive, an aid, a signal. “Oh yeah, I’m
being reminded, by the light pain in my kidneys, that I’m unconsciously thinking
negatively again.”

We all have the capacity for self-healing and self-cleansing in our physical body,
and our other bodies do as well. We all know our body’s ability to eradicate foreign
objects such as splinters, to defeat bacteria and viruses, to heal its own wounds, and
to grow back lost nails, among other things. In fact, the body heals and recovers
from most of our complaints and diseases on its own, often without us even noticing
it. We know it and feel it, but we can also see it, not only in our physical body, but
also in our mental body.

What is an mental body?

See also chapter : " Our seven bodys ". The mental body is a real body. It can recieve
the images from the Soul , and like our physical body, it also processes thoughts
and thought images.and heal them.Our emotional body gives more specific
informations, or differentiates further, the images of the Soul,by adding colour to
them.Not only can we communicate with our mental body through images, we can
travel with this body, and it listens to our requests.
You also see how self-defeating thoughts leave clear traces (spiritual or
psychological remnants or residues), behind in the mental body,just as unprocessed
emotions leave traces in our emotional body, and unprocessed negative thoughts,
178 Images of the Soul

memories, or traumas leave residues in our physical body. These traces can be found
anywhere in the mental body, but are most often found in the head, neck, shoulders,
back, and knees. The stomach, kidneys, liver, and gallbladder are also favorite
places. Actually they can be found in every part of our mental body, but depending
on the person, one area will be more favored than the other.

What do unprocessed thoughts and feelings look like?

Some residues can be seen as coagulated grains and are found in the head or in
the intestines, for example. The color and shape of the grains changes, depending on
the nature of the memory. If they are still infected, they are dull yellow, if they are still
full of anger, they are dark in color, and if they are full of sadness, their color can be
red to maroon.
Other remnants take the shape of rods or crystals (crystallized emotions). Others
are packed together in a sphere, while some attach themselves to the body as a layer
of mucous. All shapes and colors are possible in all parts of the mental body. It is
good to recognize them for what they are, but it is even more important to get rid of
them. By dealing well with your emotions,our traumas, being aware of your negative
thoughts about yourself, and changing them into realistic positive thoughts, you can
help your mental, emtional and physical body to rid themselves of these annoying
remnants. I will come back to this at the end of the chapter.
If the unprocessed emotions, the negative thoughts, and the memories of traumas
in the mental body are recognized and admitted to, then you can sometimes see
that the mental body itself throws out the remnants. This is one way the mental
body throws out “garbage.” Every body is different, every situation is different, and
therefore every “cleaning” process is different.
Another way the mental body rids itself of bad memories is by placing a “screen”
between us and the bad memory of a trauma (see Case story Sarah, chapter 7). You
also see this literally happen at the end of the healing process. The memory is still
there, but its nature or substance has changed. You are no longer “in” it and it is no
longer in you. The memory is more at a distance and you can look at it just like a
film, and it is no longer affecting you. It is not good, it is not bad, it is as it is. You
have learned what you wanted to learn, and you have done what you wanted to do
with it. It is still there if you want it, but as images without emotion, as something
that was, but is no more.
Another way the mental body can free itself of a trauma, or bad memories of a
personal experience, is to break the bond or bonds with the event. People are literally
tied to each other with a bond or bonds made out of a white flat energy which looks
like a ribbon. People who have relationships – and we all have relationships of one
kind or another: parents, partners, children, family, friends, colleagues, etc. – form
The mental body processes self-defeating thoughts 179

bonds with each other, literal bonds. Often you see a white ribbon attaching the back
of one person to the back of another person, regardless of where that person
is located. If this bond is broken, (literally and figuratively)during or after a divorce -
a broken relationship in families - between friends at work, you sometimes feel it
physically.You may feel pain between your shoulder blades, on your back, at the
height of your heart chakra. They are also bonds formed in your heart. You not only
feel the emotional pain, you often also feel the physical pain. With the figurative
breaking of these invisible ties you often feel a literal and fierce pain, but when your
Soul, through your mental body places an “separation” between you and the
problem, it can be resolved more quickly. After a while the memory of the event itself
still remains, but without the corresponding emotion.
Sometimes you see that the memory is shaken out of the body, like one would
shake out a comforter, or a sheet. The memory is “loosened.” The “coagulated”
energy is loosened, the frequency is made higher, the energy becomes one with the
“higher” energy in and around the body, and then disappears before your eyes.
The memory energy is literally “transformed.”
At other times, the mental body burns the remnants of negative thoughts and/or
emotions and, presumably, as the purpose of the situation becomes understood, the
mental body illuminates and transforms them into other thoughts. This often
happens during an EMDR session.
Fred was someone who had always had difficulty doing things, taking things on. His
body wanted to, but the thoughts in his head blocked him all too often. He
frequently thought, subconsciously: “I can’t do that, I won’t be able to do it, I can’t
make that,” and so forth.

In his head, I still saw remnants, or “grains,” of pain, residual

pain from his many self-deprecating thoughts, such as: “I
cannot do this, I limit myself, I hinder myself.” That also hurts.
We discussed this, he became aware of this and confirmed it. At
the moment that there was insight and also the intention and
the will to change it, a small flame IMMEDIATELY appeared, a
clear fire that burned up the residual grains. The goal, or
function, of the remnants was now understood, the change was
achieved, and the burden disappeared.

Sometimes the remnants of negative thoughts are pulled out, as it were.

Joe had experienced a lot of fear throughout his entire conscious life. Fear to go out,
to go out into the street, to the city, or to the store (agoraphobia). Fear of speaking
to people, no matter where; work and parties were completely out of the question
(social phobia). Fear that something was wrong with his health, fear that there was

something wrong with his body, fear that there was something seriously wrong with
him (hypochondria), and fear of doing any kind of work, because he would not be
able to do it anyway (fear of failure). So he also did not work, all the while having
more degrees and diplomas than most of us. In short, fear from the past, fear in the
present, and fear of the future. I saw the following: the middle of his brain was full
of black strands of energy which were really entrenched, stuck. There were many.

The request was clear. He wanted to be rid of his fear. In Joe’s case it was not so
simple. There was a lot of fear and there was always fear. What diminished on the
one hand, increased on the other.

We began with fear from the past, with everything that affixed itself then. When
he recognized those fears and said them out loud, I saw that the dark strands were
pulled loose and pulled out one by one, they left small wounds behind, presumably
because they had been there for so long. The wounds were immediately filled with
an energy that looked like antiseptic powder, through which the wounds closed and
healed. There was now room for lighter energy, thoughts and ideas that were a bit
clearer. Joe described this as “a lessened pressure in his head.”

But the problem with Joe was that the newly made “space” in his head was quickly
filled up with negative thought images about the present and the future. These were
easily gotten rid of, but they were replaced almost as quickly. This was a long and
tiring process, especially for Joe. He really did everything within his power. The fear
was so strong, however, that it was almost not a fair fight sometimes. Still Joe went
further ahead, step by step, and won a bit more ground every time. The first step
was to go live on his own for the first time at age thirty. First he would live with a
friend, then alone, then with a girlfriend, and so every time a step further. And at
the same time I saw more and more residual strands disappear from his head. With
Joe’s every attempt to control his negative thoughts, more and more remnants left his
mental body. The mental body itself was very active and working on its own.

These are a few examples of how the mental body rids itself of remnants or
leftovers of thoughts, memories, and traumas. It may seem miraculous or strange
but, as Einstein said: “Matter is nothing more than energy in another form.” Or
as the theory of quantum mechanics states: “Every physical component is
ultimately a form of energetic vibration.” Remnants are also nothing more than
energy in yet another form. The mental body itself processes the remnants of
negative thoughts and emotions, but you can lend a hand by consciously
cleaning them out. There are many ways:
– through all forms of art, sports, and creativity;
– through the Earth, grounding yourself well, and then sending them to
Mother Earth;
The mental body processes self-defeating thoughts 181

– through water, cleaning, swimming;

– through fire, burning, send your emotions to your solar chakra and your
mental body burns it up itself;
– through air, talking about it, shouting it out;
– through your heart;
– through your Soul; celebrating the God in you, praying, meditating.

Everyone chooses the way which best suits them. Your mental body will do it
for you, with or without you knowing it. If you lend a hand by being conscious
of it, it all goes faster. You can choose to focus on your pain, fear, and negative
thoughts, or on your joy, love, and positive thoughts. I once stood with my back,
leaning against a tree. I somehow tried to make contact with this beautiful oak.
All of a sudden I heard it saying: “Look at me ,I have roots in the dark earth and
a crown which is directed towards the sun and reflects its light. Both are a part of
meand both are reality. It is where you direct your attention that makes the
The most important thing is, and will always be, your love. Love towards
another, or towards yourself, works in a healing way. The pure loving desire to
heal someone, or to heal yourself, sets this process in motion. Love is the healing
energy in ourselves which is visibly at work in all of our bodies, our mental body

Visualize your heart, your heart of gold, your shining heart of gold, open your
beautifull heart to your self and your Soul and send your negative thoughts or
emotions to and into your heart and let it do the work for you. You will be
surprised at what will happen.
182 Images of the Soul

chapter 13 | Traveling with your soul

Cosmic journeys to the fifth, sixth and seventh dimension
Types of dreams
Astral projection
Cosmic journey to the fourth dimension
Cosmic journey to the source of good and evil

What you can do with your bodies (mental, intuitive, causal, and soul)

s I mentioned earlier, you can do a lot with your bodies. You can travel
whenever and wherever you want to go, for instance to other people on
earth, to other planets, to other dimensions and spheres, to the past and the
future, to your deceased loved ones, your guides and other entities. You can make
contact with your dreams and all forms of life, whether it is with plants, flowers,
trees, animals, water, fire, mountains, you name it.
There are no limits for your bodies. In this chapter we are going to deal with
thinking from your different bodies, because we not only think rationally (from our
physical body), but also emotionally (from our emotional body) and intuitively
(from our heart or intuitive body, which is the seat of our soul.)

Cosmic journey to the fith, sixth and seventh dimensions

I go to see my guide again and, when I arrive, he very warm-heartedly says, “Today
you’re getting a lesson in Cosmology. As you know, in the fourth dimension, the
dimension to which most people on your earth belong in the present evolutionary stage,
many of you are very destructive. You destroy much of the earth, of nature, of the
animals, and of yourselves, for many reasons.” He needn’t continue. This is more than
“In the fifth dimension,” my guide continues, “where we live, everyone and everything
maintains each other. You have experienced this yourself on previous visits here. The
plants give energy to each other, to the earth, the people, and the animals. The animals
give energy to each other, to the earth, the people, and the plants. The people give
energy to each other, to the earth , the entire atmosphere around the earth, to the
animals, and the plants. The earth gives energy to the atmosphere, the people, the
animals, and the plants. In this way, every living thing maintains every other living thing.
In this way, all of the energy remains constant, like in a perpetuum mobile. If you look
closely, you also see this energy as ovals, which revolve through each other, unremitting
and never ending.
Traveling with your soul 183

In the 6th dimension, we begin to create. We get our own space, our own small cosmos,
just as a radio station is allocated a certain frequency in the ether, and just as an airplane is
assigned a certain altitude in which it is allowed to fly. Therein, everyone is allowed to learn
to create from his, or her, inner source.

In this place, you can experiment with creation to your heart’s desire. You can create over
and over again, without it having consequences for the whole. You can transform your every
wish, thought, and desire into reality. Of course, here they no longer have the desire to be
destructive or negative in any way, or to realize something from that. In this dimension, the
6th dimension, you can learn a lot about creating, and experience the consequences thereof.

After telling me all of this, my guide starts to spin his body and, in this way, raises his
vibration frequency. I quickly copy him, and we take off. I don’t need to ask where we are
going. The introduction makes it plain. “We are now going to the 6th dimension. There we
are going to attend a class, a demonstration of creation.” Wow! This is exciting!

We go through a sort of golden gate or vortex and arrive in a landscape that looks like a tale
from 1001 Nights. It is beautiful, but my guide says, “Forget it, it’s not reality, it is a mirage.
This is how they practice here.” Oh! Well it is a remarkable mirage! I’d like to stay here.
But he has other plans, and so we go “past,” and arrive in a space where a class, a
demonstration, is being given in creation. We sit towards the front, although it isn’t really
necessary, because it becomes apparent that the demonstration is being held especially for
us. We are the only ones there.

The Teacher, an unbelievably beautiful shining creature who is holding this “workshop”
for us says, “Today we are going to create a flower. He shows us a small flower, with a
yellow center, white petals, and a green stem with green leaves. I find it very exciting. He
continues, “Now you may create a flower yourself. You must direct your full attention and
concentration within yourself, until you land in the deepest of the depths, in the apparent
NOTHING, in your latent Divine energy, in the EMPTINESS. Now stay there. Feel and
experience this energy. You feel the endless peace and space of what is nothing and
everything, of pure love.”

I am allowed to stay here for a while. “Now look into this energy with your Divine Eye and
see the flower that you want to create. YOU SPEAK THE WORD: I AM , send this image
outside, outside of the latent energy, and let go. You only have to send out one small bit of
energy, because this one small part contains everything it needs to manifest itself as a
flower, the flower that you want to create.”
No sooner said than done. Well actually, sooner said, but not exactly done. It requires more
than one try, but the amazing thing is that it works, if you know how it works. And so I AM
allowed, step by step, to try repeatedly to create something new, because my faithful and

loving guide and companion already knows how to do this. Time and time again, we return
to our latent Core, the apparent Emptiness, the seeming Nothing, which is, in reality, the
great source of everything,
God, Love, Life.

From this starting point, we can create what we want, merely by seeing it with our divine
spirit’s eye AND SPEAKING THE WORD I AM .I can’t believe my physical eyes.

I continue creating flowers, which are gradually more beautiful, have more colors, new
shapes, and finally also scents. I can’t get enough of it.

I would like to create two whole planets full of flowers, but enough is enough. Finally it is
time to go back to the new earth.

I am allowed to remain with my guide for a while to let everything sink in as much as
possible. After a while, I ask, “And the sixth dimension then, what does it hold? What more
could there be?” “In the 7th dimension you are pure joy and you create out of pure joy.
You and everyone there are a pure sparkling fount of energy, pure pleasure, from within
which you want nothing more than to create and give.” Pure happiness sounds great to me.
“Shall we go there?” asks my guide. These words do not fall on deaf ears and, before I can
answer from my heart, my guide raises his vibration frequency. I do this as well and, before I
know it, we depart again and arrive instantly at the place where we want to be: the 7th

I am a beautiful crystal-clear fount, more radiant than a pure diamond which shines and
shines and shines. I can barely believe it. Is this me? Is this really me? Only after a while
do I dare to look around me, and I see that everyone there looks like a beautiful crystal-clear
fount, a fountain like a living diamond. Then I realize that, in this domain, we all appear as we
actually are, pure radiant beings, everyone, we are all alike. Then I dare to look further, and I
see a source of effervescent energy in myself which flows, and flows, and flows without
stopping. The only thing I want is to give, and give, and give. And I see the same
effervescent source in everyone, which also keeps flowing and flowing. Then I realize: this
is our being, our core, our source. This is what we are in reality. This is our core, a crystal
clear fount, as radiant as the purest cut diamond. My heavens, we’re so heavenly,
unbelievable. It’s hard to imagine that such a thing is true when you dwell in your physical
Then I wonder how I can use this in my daily life. It is wonderful to experience who I AM
or what WE ARE , but it must also be possible to transpose this into daily use. I now take my
source and diamond back to, and into, my physical body. It feels great. I shine, and shine, and
shine, and I want to give, and give, and give. I realize that we carry this source, this living
diamond, within us all of the time. It is always present in us, even in our physical bodies, only
we are not conscious of it. We walk around daily as living founts, as sparkling diamonds, and
we don’t even know it.
Traveling with your soul 185

In the 7th dimension, I can observe my fount, my diamond. I can see it. I can feel it. But it is
very difficult to feel this source in my physical body, even when I really concentrate, when I
am three dimensions lower. I can feel it a little and, after a bit of practice, it works a bit better.
The shining energy remains conscious in me, and I can continue to enjoy it. I can extend the
energy and draw it in again. When I draw this energy back into myself I feel like a butterfly.
My body feels very narrow, and the shining energy feels like the wings of a butterfly.

Then I wonder what I can do for others when the energy is drawn back into my body. I try it
out. I can radiate this energy from my eyes directly to the eyes of another and, in this way,
give love directly from my Source. If it cannot be received directly through the eyes, I pull
their lower lid down a bit and then the energy can still enter through the eye. I can express
the energy of my diamond, of my source, through my mouth and speech. I can let this
energy out through my ears and by listening to others, to what they are really saying. I can
give and receive this energy via my hands. This energy also radiates from my feet.

“What can I do for myself with the energy from my Source” I wonder. I send the energy to
my head, and this shining energy dissolves the heavier energy there, sweeps it aside, and
transforms it. Then a fount forms in my head, or rather, the fount is also in my head and feels
wonderfully light. Now I send this energy to parts of my body which are painful. It feels
better. After trying it out, I realize that the ways in which I can use this energy for others,
through the eyes, mouth, hands, and ears, I can also use for myself. Amazingly beautiful.

After a while, my guide continues. “IBeyond the 7th dimension, there is no longer a
difference between you and God. Everything is God. You and God are one. You are a God
again. God is you. I understand that we are going to go one dimension higher and further
again. I have no time to think and do what my guide does. I quickly raise my vibration
frequency, because I absolutely do not want to lose sight of him.

And so we come to the edge of the “Divine Zone,” beyond the 7th dimension. My guide
remains where he is. You may enter,” he says kindly. I become nervous. “Am I allowed to?
Can I do that? Aren’t you coming with me?” “No, this is for you.” “Oh my heavens, I’ll
never be able to do this,” I think. “That’s too much.” But I am given no more time to think.
With much trepidation, I enter.
What an energy, what colors, what shapes. I can’t describe it. It is so Divine and, at
the same time, it feels so normal. It is so unfamiliar and, at the same time, absolutely
recognizable, so full of words and, at the same time, so wordless. After a while, I feel
completely happy again, from the inside out. I am bursting with joy, and I realize that
the birds sing purely out of the same joy, that the flowers open themselves purely out
of pleasure, that this is the basic energy of everything that lives and is. It is the feeling
of intense happiness because you may take part in creation, that you can consciously
experience creation, that you can simply be, and to experience this is the greatest joy
186 Images of the Soul

that there is. It is the realization that love is pure joy and that everything dances and moves
on the waves of love and joy. I can’t get enough of it.
For me, the most amazing thing is to experience that we all, including myself, are
completely good just the way we are. There is nothing wrong with other people. There is
nothing wrong with me. I am good the way I AM .Everybody is good the way they are. Everyone is
unique, and everyone is different. I enjoy my own uniqueness and the uniqueness of
others. Everything and everyone is a unique expression of the Source , of God and this is
good. What a wonderful feeling.

Then I am also allowed to experience being one with everything and everybody, and the joy
is even greater, even greater than great. What a moving experience.
It is pure experience……………….
Words can no longer describe the depth of my feelings. so I leave them behind. My
feelings and I go further,
to the depths of complete happiness……………………….
What a future awaits us, while it is already the past, and we have already experienced it.
What a heaven for everyone…………………………………………………
After a while, I am back with my guide , Ezechiel and we slowly turn back again, back
into consciousness, to the new earth, and I back to my waking consciousness, to our
mother earth.
Everything is simply a matter of consciousness.

Dimensions and spheres

On Earth, as far as consciousness goes, we belong to the fourth dimension, or fouth
cosmic degree. There are, as far as I know, seven cosmic degrees, or dimensions, and
beyond these many more. Each dimension contains another seven spheres and in our
complete process of evolution, we pass through all of the dimensions and all of their
Through my journeys, I have learned that much more is possible than we often
think. Our sky is not the limit.We can travel without a ticket and without a physical
body. Just as you can travel on earth with your physical body, you can also travel
cosmically, without your physical body. You can do this with your spiritual bodies on
many levels and to many regions, regardless of where you want to go. There are no
limits . On this level, there are no boundaries of time and space.
I would like to comment however, that cosmic law applies here as well. You can
always go to people and places with the same, or a lower, frequency without any
problems. However, you cannot travel to regions with a higher frequency. You need
to ask permission and, if it is good or necessary for you,
Traveling with your soul 187

you will be picked up and escorted to the place and the people you would like to visit.,
or your guide.

Can anyone travel cosmically?

Not only can everyone journey cosmically, everyone does journey cosmically,
mostly every night, in what we call ‘dreams.’ Most of us do not remember, some of us
do. You often hear people say, “I don’t dream.” We now know, from scientific
research, that every person and every animal dreams when they sleep, not only once,
but many times a night.
There have been studies done about the need and effect of dreams on animals. You
can see that sleeping animals and people begin to dream when their eyes begin to
move rapidly from right to left and from left to right.. This is called Rapid Eye
Movement, or REM. The tests consisted of waking the animal every time it went into
the REM-phase, thus preventing it from dreaming. What did this show? If the animal
was prevented from dreaming, it began to show symptoms of psychological and
physical illness, became ill, and eventually died.
Even if we rarely remember it, we still dream. Dreams are the memories of our
nightly travels. Just because you don’t remember your dreams, does not mean they
did not take place. If you were to get drunk one evening, it could cause the same
degree of memory loss. This would not mean that the evening never happened.
Just as nightly travels are dreams to our waking consciousness, earthly physical
consciousness is a dream to our inner consciousness, our Soul’s consciousness.

Types of dreams

C.G. Jung distinguished four types of dreams: compensative dreams, telepathic or

prophetic dreams, reactive dreams, and prospective dreams.

Compensative dreams are dreams that “automatically call up that which is suppressed
and ignored, or unknown” from the subconscious to the conscious. They contribute in
a very positive way to psychological “self-regulation” (C.G. Jung: Dreams). The dream
corrects the situation, or the attitude, of the dreamer with respect to himself and/or
others. In other words, the dream helps the dreamer to deal with a particular
An example of a compensative dream is an anxiety dream. Sometimes you
consciously, or subconsciously, suppress your anxieties during the day. You have
formed anxious images and anxious thoughts during the day and, at night, they
surface to let you see that they exist. This happens so that you can do something with
them, recognize them solve them.They certainly do not surface to frighten you.
It is the “dream” that tells and shows you what images you have subconsciously
formed in your mental body. In fact, you simply have contact with your mental

body. At night, you see the anxious images which you yourself subconsciously
created in your own mental body. You then take the memories or fragments back
with you to your waking consciousness. What the “dream” tells you in symbols, or
in realistic images, is which anxiety is still there, still not dealt with. Your “dream”
tells you this with a conscious goal: to help you to become conscious of your
anxiety, so that you can do something with it and free yourself from your anxiety.
If you want to be certain that you had an anxiety dream, go back to your feelings
about the dream. Ask yourself , what kind of feeling did you have during the
dream? How did you feel when you woke up? If your dream is accompanied by an
anxious feeling, it was certainly an anxiety dream. If your feelings are not anxious,
but neutral, or rather, you feel nothing, then it may have been a telepathic
(prophetic) dream:

Telepathic or prophetic dreams are dreams “in which a particular emotional matter
is telepathically anticipated, spatially, or in time.” (C.G. Jung: Dreams) These occur
frequently. Many of us have thought: “Oh yeah, I’ve dreamt that.” We have traveled
at night and have seen what was going to happen. The Soul, let us see , this through
our mental body,so that we will be better prepared when it actually happens. The
Soul often speaks to us in symbols, which we remember in the morning, or
sometimes later, and then understand. Who has not experienced déjà vu? It is as if
we have been to that place before, or experienced this situation before, or said these
words before. It is true! We have experienced this situation before, we have met this
person before, we have said these words before, at night, during our nightly travels,
or “dreams.” It could also be that we recognize this place, or situation, from this life,
or a past life, and that there are still unresolved emotions attached to it. This is the
case in a reactive, or coping, dream.

Reactive, or coping, dreams are the dreams “in which a specific event
has caused a psychic wound, or trauma, a trauma which not only reveals itself
psychologically, but which often also signifies a physical damage to the nervous
system, or a shock.” (C.G. Jung Dreams) For example, you had an experience which
was traumatic for you in your youth. It could be anything. You can then dream
about it for years until you have completely coped with the trauma. You then also
know: “This is the last time I’m going to dream about this.” It is really in the past
now, and you don’t dream about it again.
At night we go to all sorts of places to deal with our issues. We come into contact
with our inner, or higher Self, our Soul. We can visit people and places where we can
find comfort and gain insight, find out why we were, or are, in this situation, what
we can do with it, what we can learn from it. When necessary, this information can
enter your consciousness on its own, or you may come into contact with someone
who helps you to access the information.
Traveling with your soul 189

Prospective, or insight-giving, dreams: The symbolic content of prospective or insight-

giving dreams often gives guidelines for a conflict resolution; the prospective function
is an anticipation that happens in the dreams. (C.G. Jung: Dreams)
You wrestle with a problem and you can’t solve it with your intellect. All of us have
woken up in the morning, once or twice, with a clear idea or an inspiration: “That’s
how I’m going to do it. That is the best solution. That is what I want.”

What are dreams really?

Dreams are recollections of our nightly journeys. That goes not only for our
compensative dreams, but also for our anxiety, prophetic, insight-giving, and coping
dreams. So if you want to learn, and dare to change, then you visit people and places
at night where you can receive instruction, just as we go to schools, universities,
workshops, symposia et cetera, during the day. During the day, you consciously
choose what you will study, and the place where you hope to learn what you want to
learn. At night it’s no different. You choose the people and places that can teach you
and help you to find the solutions to your problems (insight-giving dreams).
At night, your choices and possibilities are much greater than during the day. Your
Soul knows, you know, without fail, where to go and to whom. During your nightly
travels you often run into people you know, people you associate with in your daily
life. You meet them again in specific “classrooms” (they are larger and more pleasant
than on earth). You can meet them in a place, a dimension, where an entity tells you
something about a particular subject. You can meet them in a large space where a
demonstration over a particular subject is being held (for an example of this, see the
section on Astral Projection in this Chapter : "Traveling with your Soul)). Sometimes
you give a class to a group, or groups, about the subject you are good at. This does
not have anything to do with your earthly schooling. It can, but it doesn’t have to.
Everyone has his or her own qualities and it doesn’t have to be on an intellectual
level. Everyone can, on their own ground, teach something to another and learn
something from someone else. Your heart could contain much wisdom, which you
don’t let others clearly see, or which may not be appreciated here and now, but which
is considered to be of vital interest on other life-levels, or dimensions.
You can also visit other areas, or spheres, where mainly children of a particular
age group dwell, to help them in all sorts of areas, to give them love and whatever
they need. You can also travel to other planets, to other life-forms. In this case, the
possibilities are endless. As I have already said, you must always take the cosmic laws
into account, which apply everywhere and always.
Sometimes you take a look at what you have subconsciously suppressed and bring
it to the surface to see if it’s right, or not, so that you can correct or compensate for
it during the day (compensative and anxiety dreams). Sometimes you take a look
at what is going to happen in the future and, through your dreams, take images or
signals back with you to your waking consciousness (prophetic dreams).So you are
better prepared when it happens .

What is the difference between prophetic dreams, anxiety dreams and wishful dreams?
If you are asking yourself what sort of dream you had, then go back to the
moment that you woke from your dream. What sort of feeling did you have?
Anxiety? Then it is definitely a subconscious fear which has surfaced. Do you
feel good, but are not sure if it is a wishful dream or a prophetic dream, then it is
definitely a wishful dream. If it is a prophetic dream, you will know for certain. It
will be so clear, so insistent, so clear in every detail, that no one will be able to
convince you you, did not dream it. You just know it. Sometimes, at night, you go to
places where you can exactly re-create the unresolved situation in order to “play” it
out again and to experience it. You can do this for as long as it takes to give
everything a clear place in your world, and to understand and deal with it (coping
For the Soul, earthly situations are like a set on a stage. As soon as it is no longer
necessary, it can disappear to make way for a new set and new situations. It makes
no difference whether it is day or night. You give and you receive.
At the “end” (time does not exist) of your nightly journeys, you often go to areas
where you don’t have to do anything, where you can simply rest and recover. These
places are so beautiful and serene that just being there has a healing effect. We often
go to these places at the end of our nightly journeys, or “dreams,” to recharge our
energy for the next day.

Do tranquilizers have an effect on cosmic travel?

It is my experience that, if I take a tranquilizer or sleeping pill based on
benzodiazepine, I wake up tired the next morning, even if I have slept for eight
hours. I have noticed that it is more difficult, or impossible, to leave my body, that I
can deal with less issues at night, and I certainly cannot recharge fas well for the
next day.
I feel more rested without medicine and with less hours of sleep than with
medicine and more hours of sleep. I have also noticed a difference in the way I deal
with and cope with emotions during the day. The “half-life” of medicine can be quite
long. In other words, after eight hours of sleep, the medicine has not stopped
working. There is still a residue in your blood stream and if you do this day after day,
the residue in you blood becomes greater and greater. It is eventually broken down,
but not necessarily as quickly as you want it to be. So it can affect your performance
during the day.
I am not by any means advising you against taking tranquilizers. Sometimes it is
absolutely necessary and the damage could be greater than the benefits of not
taking one. But unnecessary prolonged use is definitely not advisable. The same goes
for excessive and prolonged alcohol use. It can be difficult to leave your body at
night under the influence of alcohol, let alone know where you want to go. Your
sense of direction can become a bit fuddled!
Sometimes you remember your dreams, what you did at night, where you went.
Sometimes you don’t. If you don’t remember, it does not mean that you did not
Traveling with your soul 191

dream or that you did not travel. In that case, it is simply not necessary for you to
remember what happened. You have dealt with it and it is over and done with. You
have obtained insight and, if necessary, it will come back to your waking
consciousness at the right time and the right place. You do not need to be conscious
of it at present. Too much information could interfere with your daily functioning.
Anyway, the Soul, your own Soul, knows without fail what to send and not send
back from your nightly journey to your waking consciousness.

Astral Projection

If it is possible to leave your body and travel cosmically while you are unconscious
at night, can you also do it consciously during the day?

It is possible to do it consciously during the day. Transpersonal experiences, which

include cosmic travel, are discussed in: "Clinical Studies in Transpersonal
Psychotherapy," by Boorstein, and in Wilber in dialogue: "Conversations with Leading
Transpersonal Thinkers," by Wilber. We also find clear and detailed descriptions of
conscious astral projection during the day in "A View Into the Hereafter," by Jozef
Rulof. Robert A. Monroe writes about his astral travels in many dimensions in his
book "Far Journeys." In his book "One with Nature", Michael Roads comes to the
conclusion that “time and space are nothing more than a three dimensional reality
and it is possible to broaden one’s mind and to travel to other realities and other

How does spontaneous astral projection work?

The first time it happened to me, it was spontaneous. It happened automatically
and while I was fully conscious. The first trip was and is a wonderful experience and
every time it is different.

Spontaneous conscious excursion to the fifth dimension

It happened during a session with Cara.
Cara is a self-confident beautiful fifty-one year old woman. She can express her
feelings and ideas very clearly, is very social, creative, and has a good sense
of humor. Her problem was that, in her zeal to do good, she sometimes gave
unsolicited advice. Because of her very different view of many situations and people,
she did often gave the right advice. Therefore, she couldn’t understand why people
became so angry. She was right after all! This happened often. She did not realize
that, if someone does not ask you, he or she is not open to your advice, let alone
your opinion. It is then wiser to act like the three monkeys: don’t hear, don’t see,
and don’t speak. The person concerned is either not ready for it, or does not want to
know at that moment. Cara forgot to respect other people’s free will.

She had difficulty controlling the emotions that went along with this quality.
Irritability and anger ran away with her. After all, she was right and she meant
well! Underneath it all, she clearly harbored a negative thought about herself: “I’m
doing it wrong.” Then, in her zeal to do it right anyway, she tried to control the
situation and forgot other people’s feelings, which led to irritation and anger on both
sides. Instead of recognizing and admitting her emotions, she dove right in and
often drowned in them. This led again to the thought: “You see, I’m doing it wrong.”
During her second session, the negative thought: “I’m doing it wrong,” was brought
to light. It then diminished and she could think of a positive thought to replace it.
Her new and much more realistic thought was: “I am good enough.”

We spent the following session learning to deal with emotions in a better way.
When she dove into her feelings of irritation and anger, she saw the following image:
her emotional body was in murky, troubled, muddy water. She could not see
anything under the water, but luckily there was a pole she could hold on to and use
to pull herself up. It was clear that when she lost herself in irritation and anger
(brown murky water), she could no longer see or feel clearly. Fortunately, she did not
lose herself completely (a hold on the pole, inner Self) and it was still possible for
her to pull herself out (she could pull herself up using the pole, literally and
figuratively). This image suggested how she could deal with her emotions in a better
way. This was – and is - a very important insight for her.I asked my inner Self if we
could gain more insight in dealing with emotions.
First, we did a relaxation/concentration exercise. Then I asked her to direct herself
inwards and to concentrate on her inner Self. First, I saw her eyes become rounder
and bluer. She saw dark blue energy, the energy of power. Then the energy level in
her navel chakra rose quickly. It looked like a rapidly rotating upward movement, like
an upwardly spinning vortex, coming out of her chakra. Suddenly, her mental body
left her physical body. The same thing happened to me spontaneously and I left my
body too.

Just outside of our bodies, four entities waited for us, two for Cara and two for
me. Each between two entities, we were taken to the “fifth dimension.” I saw my
emotional body and the other person’s emotional bodies. I saw my emotions and
those of the other person’s. I saw what I felt and what the other person was feeling.
It was beautiful to behold. Everybody is genuine there, has a natural self-respect,
and strength is natural and simple. Absolutely nothing is forced. No one has to do
anything or prove anything. Everything simply is. Everything is transparent.

In this dimension, we can have the same emotions that we have in your physical
body, although I’ve never seen hate there. I saw some anger, sadness and, of course,
Traveling with your soul 193

a lot of happiness and joy as well. Anger in your emetional body looks the same as on
earth, like small dark clouds, no large ones. Sadness also looks the same, red energy
in several forms. The main difference here is that everything is transparent and the
emotions don’t get stuck in you.

You play with your emotions in this place. For example, if you are angry, you do not
suppress your anger. It’s not necessary, because everyone can see the anger anyway
and no one judges you. It’s not good or bad, it is there and it is played along with.
The anger simply comes out of you as a little cloud and goes to the person to whom
the anger is directed. The person, who consciously receives it, sees the cloud coming
towards him, looks at what the cloud contains (why you are angry), and decides
what to do with it. Why is the other person angry? Is it my fault, or his or her fault?
“OK, it’s clearly my fault, I accept it and I’m going to do something about it.” Or,
“No, it has nothing to do with me. It’s his or her problem. I do not accept it and
send it back with my message.” Or, “OK, it is not mine, it has nothing to do with
me, but still I will transform it with my feelings of love” and then it is resolved.
Something is done with the emotion and it does not touch you. You do not lock the
emotion up inside yourself as unprocessed energy. The same thing happens with
sadness and all of the other emotions we know so well.

Cara and I were also allowed to see how children are taught to deal with emotions.
They throw wisps, balls, or clouds of emotions back and forth to each other, and do
all sorts of things with them in a pleasant way. They play with emotions, literally
and figuratively, and that is fantastic to see. Here children are taught to deal with
emotional energy in a pleasant way.

After seeing all of this, we were brought back to and into our bodies by our guides.
This happened to both of us while we were sitting in our chairs and fully conscious,
and we both enjoyed this cosmic excursion.

What is the fifth dimension?

The fifth dimension is an area with a frequency that is an octave higher than that of
our dimension on this Earth, the fourth dimension. In cosmic travel, I have
experienced that there are seven dimensions and that every dimension consists
of seven spheres, thus 49 spheres. But perhaps there are many more dimensions
and spheres. There are dimensions which have a higher frequency than the Earth,
and dimensions which have a lower frequency than the Earth. In other words,
there are areas with a higher level of development, and areas with a lower level of
development than the Earth. We on Earth are, as far as our level of consciousness
goes, in tfourth dimension, or fourth cosmic degree.

The beauty of the fifth dimension is unprecedented. The “sphere” is delightful,

almost unbelievably beautiful, and much more transparent. People who have had a
near death experience know this sphere, its serenity, its gentle beauty. The water,
the trees, the flowers, the fish, and the people are transparent. You can see the
fish swimming through the water and you see everything move in the water. You see
everything in the water and everything that is alive.

This experience made me realize that we can consciously learn to deal with
our emotions, to recognize and admit to them, and to choose: “What shall I do
with them,” or “Shall I do nothing with them?” The last choice is also fine, if you
consciously choose it and accept the consequences. In the fifth dimension they
literally play with their emotions. Here, in the fourth dimension, we are often the
playthings of our own emotions. To be no longer controlled by your emotions
gives a great sense of peace and an even greater feeling of freedom and strength
all the different levels of your being. You feel freedom and strenght on a physical,
emotional , mental level, and on a spiritual level. You are, and always will be,
free on a spiritual level, only you’re not always conscious of it. That is what I
mean by total freedom.
This journey made me think a lot, not so much about the journey in itself, but
about the different ways in which you could deal with emotions. Of course I had
to try it. I have found that it works and the results are very positive, as I have
described and elaborated on in chapter 11 (coping with emotions).

Can you also consciously choose to journey out of your body?

Yes, an excursion can also be an conscious choice. I make a distinction between
three different sorts of out-of-body excursions or experiences.: unconscious
spontaneous excursions, conscious spontaneous excursions, and conscious
planned excursions.
1. Unconscious spontaneous excursions
Unconscious spontaneous excursions often happen at night in our dreams.
Everyone does this, only we usually don’t remember. We remember that we “dreamt,”
that we went to all sorts of places, spoke with all sorts of people, did all sorts of things.
Sometimes it is very clear and easy to understand, and sometimes it’s impossible to
understand. If they are not anxiety dreams, they are often fragments of our nightly
journeys. We often don’t remember because it is not important where we’ve been,
what we’ve done, or who we’ve spoken to. What is important is the solution, the
thought, the insight, the idea that we bring back with us to our waking consciousness.
the consolation or peace we have received.

2. Conscious spontaneous excursions

By this I mean excursions, which we do not consciously plan, but which do
happen while we are fully conscious. According to an article in Nature magazine
Traveling with your soul 195

(Sept. 2002, volume 419, p. 269-270), “If you stimulate a particular section of the
cerebral cortex, the gyrus angolaris, which is located between the temporal lobe and
the parietal lobe, you achieve an out-of-body experience.” You can look at your body
from another perspective. That doesn’t mean that you can consciously go traveling
in other dimensions.
In the case of spontaneous conscious excursions, you can go to other levels of
consciousness. I have just given an example of this in Spontaneous conscious excursion
to the ffifth dimension. You can also remain on earth and visit there all sorts of people,
or go to all kinds of different places for different reasons. You can also stay in the
area surrounding the earth, in the same vibration frequency as the earth, the “astral
domain.” You can go to places with lower vibration frequencies, or with higher
frequencies, but the later, as I have said, is only possible with permission and mostly
with a guide. Sometimes you are guided in the beginning because you “don’t know
the way yet,” or because you have never been to that dimension before.
A spontaneous conscious excursion happens without you knowing how it
happened, but you are conscious that it is happening. You could, for example, be
thinking very hard about someone. Suddenly you see that person before you - you
can smell him or her, you can feel that person’s emotions. You have the impression
that you have seen the person and know what he or she is doing, thinking, or
It could be that you spontaneously went, with your spiritual body, to see the other
person for a while. This happens more easily, and more often, when a strong bond
exists between two people.
3. Conscious excursions
This is the type of excursion you can consciously take. Personally, I only began
doing it consciously after a number of spontaneous conscious excursions. They just
happened and, only after that, did I start asking myself: “How does it happen and
how can I consciously set it in motion?” I received an answer during the following
conscious spontaneous excursion.

Cosmic journey to the fifth dimension

Vera came to me because she wanted to know more about astral projection and
wanted to experience it. Apparently, the wish was legitimate and the time was ripe
for it. We did a relaxation/concentration exercise and I asked Vera to direct herself
inwards. After a while, the energy in both of our navel and solar chakras sped up
to a very high tempo. This energy took the shape of a vortex, an upward spinning
energy funnel, through which our non-material bodies could get out more easily. You
know this is happening, but it is so subtle that you barely feel it. It happens within a
split second and it is very pleasant.

Four entities stood ready to take us to an area, or sphere, where leaving the body was
first being demonstrated and then practiced. We arrived in a very large space, a sort
of huge open arena, and it was very crowded. There appeared to be much interest in
this demonstration. We were allowed to stand up front so we could get a good look.

A conscious entity , a great shining Soul, demonstrated that, by concentrating your

thoughts, you could quickly raise the vibration frequency of your energy body via a
rapidly rotating, upward, vortex-like movement. We immediately saw the substance
of his/her spiritual body change. It became more and more wispy, clearer, and more
transparent. Then, suddenly, there was no more body, at least not a body that we
could still see. They said: this is dematerialization.

Then the reverse was demonstrated. First there was “nothing,” we saw no entity, no
Soul. Then, gradually, the energy actually began to condense itself and took shape,
more visible light, and suddenly the entity was there again. This was, they said:
materialization. This was possible because this living Soul, by consciously focusing its
thoughts, caused the super fast rotating energy to slow down more and more, so that
we could see the body again. It was a splendid and clear demonstration.

Then came the moment for us to try it ourselves. This was very funny. I could not
get the energy to spin fast enough through my power of thought, so my immaterial
body spun around like a loose top! Everyone had a good laugh. The opposite
happened as well and that was just as funny.

What to do, and not to do, during a conscious excursion

It is very important, especially in the beginning, not to do it alone. Always do it in the
presence of someone else. You can journey out of your bodies together, or you can go
alone, but then in the presence of someone you trust. Do not experiment on your own.
If I consciously choose to travel, I did it in the presence of Hannah, my steady
companion for these journeys. Hannah is a colleague. Through her loving presence,
I feel completely accepted and safe,and I dared to consciously leave my body. At the
same time, because of her presence, my physical body is sufficiently protected. All
together, the trip I just described took about 5 minutes. It is normal to leave for an
hour and a half, but it can be any amount of “time,” one hour, two hours, or even
longer. However, it is not enjoyable to be in a hurry. That does not work.When I
travel cosmically now, mostly once a week, I first prepare myself:

• Beforfe I start, I go on an “information diet” at least an hour before leaving. I

don’t read newspapers or books, listen to the radio, watch TV, answer the
telephone, or see or speak to anyone, to calm down my thinking.
• I then check my thoughts and my emotions. I am very conscious of what I am
Traveling with your soul 197

thinking. I rid myself of negative thoughts, and the positive thoughts can stay. If
there are any emotions left, I calm them down.
• I sit down and ground myself very well.
• After that, I ask my guide and Master Ezechiel to protect my physical body and
ask permission to go together to that place or that person or that dimension.
• I then direct my consciousness completely inward and visualize the person I want
to go to, or the place to which I wish to travel.
• If I have no special goal, wish, or question, I ask Ezechiel to come and take me
wherever and bring me whatever is good for me at that moment.
• When I return, I try not to forget to thank the Souls I’ve encountered during my
journey for all the wonderful things I have received.
Do you encounter negative entities?
Certainly, but you do not have to leave your body to encounter them. At night,
when you’re going to sleep and you slowly go from your waking consciousness to the
deepest level of “unconsciousness,” your aura automatically folds up, like a flower
closing its petals when darkness falls. By closing or folding up your aura at night,
you automatically protect yourself and no uninvited energy can enter. When you
consciously leave your body during the day, your aura is still open, and you are open
to all sorts of unwanted negative influences. So it is very important to protect yourself
well during the day when you want to travel and to ask for help and guidance. It is
then not possible for an undesirable negative entity, an aura hitchhiker, or obsessor
(as Henri de Vidal calls them in his book, "My Child is Different)", to enter. This can
have unwanted consequences. Letting them in is one thing, but getting them out is
In fact I see them more often in my daily life than during my travels. If I see them
during my excursions, I am always forearmed. I choose to see them in order to learn
something from them, or to do something with it, so it is never a complete surprise.
Meeting them unprepared would come as a great shock! This can happen during
“bad trips,” as a result of drugs or too much alcohol. So it is very important to
protect your self during an day travel by asking for help.

What kinds of negative entities can you encounter?

There is a great variety, from reasonably harmless aura hitchhikers, to “Men
in black,” to extremely evil. An aura hitchhiker is a non-conscious entity that has
crossed over without being aware of the situation they are in at that moment. They
do no harm, but they can extract a lot of energy from your aura and, therefore,
from you. An aura hitchhiker often looks the same as in his or her last life on earth.
You see the male aura hitchhikers, for example, with checked pants or a baseball
cap, with a suit or work clothes, and the female hitchhikers with flowered dresses,
hoopskirts, or very special clothes. They can be wearing anything, but it’s usually
the same sort of thing they wore in their past lives.

Negative entities don’t have to be in someone’s aura they can also hang around
someone’s physical body. It could be one, but there can also be several. In this case,
you also come across every manifestation, depending on the person in whose
presence they like to dwell, from smart dark guises, “Men in black,” to everything
but smart gents.
An obsessor is an entity who wishes to do harm, who will
relentlessly keep trying to keep you in its power and let you
think and do all kinds of things which will definitely not make
you happy. Some are smaller and less harmful and some can be
a bit funny, but they are relentless.
“Men in black” belong to the less pleasant
obsessors. They can look look like
smart gentlemen. They dress completely in
black and they act very proper. They are more cunning than the
smaller and more obvious members of their kind, and are more
misleading because their appearance is exceedingly polite and
smart. Do not be fooled, their smart black clothing conceals their
true nature, literally and figuratively. You mmight see them
near a person in groups of two or three.
The most relentless and, therefore, most difficult entities to defeat
belong to the worst category of obsessors. They prey on power and
destruction and do everything to carry others in their wake. They can
look extremely frightening, but because of this, they are also clearly
There are also entities which scarcely have form. The only thing you
see is a pointy black triangle with two eyes, like a
predatory animal, ready to attack its prey.
However, under no circumstances do you need
to be frightened. One thing they cannot bear is
love. If you stand eye to eye with them and you keep
sending love towards them, you see them, slowly but
surely, shrivel up or melt away. What then
remains is a little pile of misery, which will be unable to do
much of anything for some time.

How do they enter your aura?

They cannot come in ,only if for some reason, there is a tear in your aura (and
therefore in your spiritual bodies). There is a sort of membrane around your
spiritual bodies, as protection. A tear in this membrane, which also translates
itself to a tear in the aura, can appear for different reasons. It can come from a
serious physical or psychological trauma. An serious auto accident, for example,
can also
Traveling with your soul 199

cause a tear. There are things that happen in a person’s life which are too terrible
for words, things a person may not even dare to feel, such as psychological shock,
an attack of high anxiety, or an event or incident that you absolutely can’t cope
with. At such a moment, one of the spiritual bodies may (and I emphasize “may”),
but does not necessarily have to, leave the physical body, leaving space open for
another entity.
But let’s not twist things around. The result of a trauma is not, by definition,
that an entity will enter one’s body. It happens sometimes. Usually the aura heals
itself, just as the physical body also heals itself. Entities also go away by themselves
if they no longer have a function, or if we change the way we think or act. If we
think positively, our aura heals and closes by itself and we are naturally protected.
Sometimes you see “poltergeists” with children. They are usually a bit smaller and
friendlier than the grown-up members of their kind, but they can still be a nuisance
to the child.
The most common cause, however, of an entity entering a person’s aura are our
own negative emotions and thoughts, and the resulting formation of negative
images. In this case, equals attract equal. Certain types of thoughts, strong and
persistent anxious thoughts, for example, can attract the same type of entity with
the same energy

How can you protect yourself?

When you start leaving your body, you need the presence of a loving person who
has an strong aura, and whose Soul is present enough to consciously, or
subconsciously, protect you. It is also advisable to ask for help and protection from
your guide or guides, from your higher Self, or from God, before you leave your body.
Then you know for certain that nothing can happen. As I mentioned earlier, I now
always ask the presence of my spiritual master Ezechiel .
You cannot always protect yourself against traumas, calamities, or other
unexpected drastic events. All you can do is at least try to keep thinking as positively
as you can when something drastic or moving happens. As my soul says, “Know that,
whatever happens, it is always ultimately your Soul’s choice.” Often you don’t see the
reasons for the choice until later, but if you can remain reasonably positiveand try to
keep your heart open then the tear in your aura will quickly heal itself. This happens
anyway, in most cases. It is probably fortunate that most people are not even aware
that there is a tear in their aura. After all, you don’t make a big deal about a small
wound in your physical body which usually heals on its own.
If your life is quiet of turbulent, creating positive images, thinking
positively, and feeling positively is always the best way, because then your aura will
always provide you with the protection you need at every moment. You may also
want to create extra protection for yourself in places where there are a lot of people, in
the street, or in large stores, for example. Many people start to feel unwell in these
kinds of places, or become tired, nauseous, or dizzy. People who’s chakras and chakras

are open, are an especially easy prey for lower entities. Before you know it, you can
lose a great deal of your good energy. You can prevent this by creating the image
(visualizing) of a glass dome around you, clouds around you, or a golden aura.The
best thing however is to keep your energy as often as possible concentrated on your
Inner Self, your higher Self, your Soul or the God in you. Then your are automatically

How can you journey out of your body?

In the beginning,you often leave your body through the naval chakra, or solar
chakra, especially if it happens spontaneously. If you are more experienced and
consciously leaving your body, it happens through the heart, throat, third eye, or
crown chakra. These chakras offer more possibilities, in the sense that you can travel
further. If you return from a lower dimension, then you re- enter through your foot
Your spiritual body is attached to the physical body by a cord, a silvery band of
energy connected to the navel chakra, so that the Soul, or spiritual body, can always
return to the physical body. Just as a fetus is physically attached to its mother by the
umbilical cord, we are attached to our spiritual mother, our soul, through the navel
chakra. Only after we’ve passed away, when the Soul leaves the body for good, is the
silver chord, or spiritual chord cutt of definitively.
What exactly happens when you consciously travel out of your body?
The energy vortex of the navel chakra, or one of your other chakras, begins to
spin faster in an upwardly rotating motion. The vibration frequency of the chakra is
raised until the vibration frequency is the same as the dimension you want to travel
to. Depending on your level of consciousness, the emotional body leaves first,
carrying within it all of the other bodies. After this, the mental body breaks free and
“later,” possibly, the other chakras. You could compare it to the phased firing of a
rocket. First the entire rocket is launched, then the heaviest part stays behind, and
the other parts continue further. At a later stage, only the core of the rocket goes
further on to its destination. We return in the same way we leave, with all of our
bodies, all in the right order. This all happens in less than a fraction of a second.
Sometimes the journeying body is met by other entities who travel with you to
your destination, to show you the way. Sometimes you know them, sometimes you
don’t. Sometimes your body travels alone at first and is “later” met by other Souls in
the other dimension who take you to unknown territories .But you are always
accompanied and protected by your guide or spiritual Master, whether you are
conscious of it or not. And not only during cosmic traveling , every hour of the day
and the night you are protected. Sometimes I see them , hovering over me, or
standing before me always loving and caring.
If I have been to a lower dimension, I return through the foot chakras. Apparently
the energy frequency is lower there, which gives me more “time” to adjust my energy
frequency before I am again definitively in my body.

How does this work in practice?

Traveling with your soul 201

I went to my friend , I turn the music on (I like to use EMDR music, which contains
bilateral stimuli – but that is personal), and I put on the headphones so I can
concentrate better. Then I usually begin with a question, something I don’t
understand, or something I am very preoccupied with, rationally or emotionally. I
ask my inner Self, or Soul, a clear question. If there are emotions present, related to
the question or the problem, they surface.and I first have to process them. It is very
goal oriented, very controlled. Then my Soul clearly takes over and takes me along.
First we visit either an earlier part of my present life, or a past life, if necessary. Then
we go further, my Soul and I, to other dimensions and non-material people, where I
receive an answer or insight to my question and much more than I have asked for.
I am completely conscious and I report in at regular intervals. I am completely
aware of Hanna’s presence and of my own physical body, and I tell her what
is happening, where I am, what I see, what I do, whom I speak to. What I am not
conscious of is time. Every so often I have to ask what time it is. During the journey, I
think consciously, I can ask questions of myself and other non-material people in
other dimensions, I am skeptical, or I laugh. Everything is just the same as when I am
in my physical body. During my trips, we often make jokes about very earthly
matters. Hannah and I often laugh. Non-material people, Souls, like to laugh as well.
I am thus conscious of my physical body and surroundings, and at the same time of
other dimensions I am in. All the levels of consciousness are present at the same time.
Only, I have absolutely no concept of time during the journey.
For a few years now, I have been traveling " alone", without the physical presence
of another person,but always guided by Ezechiel. But this is only possible if you are
very well trained.I Make contact with my spiritual master , I connect myself with his
enertgy , with his immense heart and ask where we are going to or ask to go to some
place or some people. Then I am protected and can travel safely. And the moment
we think to go somewhere we are there. As I said earlier, I do not advise anyone to
do this alone, without the necessary knowledge and experience. You would have no
idea where you could end up!

How do you prepare your body?

Before the physical body is left behind, it is usually first enclosed in a white
protective energy. The sparkling energy from the Soul.This protects it from unwanted
outside negative influences. Sometimes a person lacks a certain type of energy, or has
too much of it, so that the body is out of balance. Then the physical body itself must
first be prepared. The deficient energy is supplied, sometimes cobalt blue, for lack of
strength, or light blue, if there is not enough earthly energy present. Light pink energy
supplies gentleness or kindness, and yellow is necessary if the person lacks self-
confidence.wisdom or insight. Only then can the spiritual body, or bodies, leave.But do
not worry, it all happens by itself.Your Soul or higher Self does it all for you.
202 Images of the Soul

As I said, you can leave your body through your solar chakra (or navel chakra, or
crown chakra). However, you don’t have to go on a journey. Sometimes you go just
outside of your body, or your spiritual body is lifted out of your physical body. You
remain conscious of your physical body, while the other bodies rest just above it on a
fountain of energy. After ten minutes of this you are literally refreshed and energized,
both body and soul. This is a very good way to get quickly a lot of new energy

How do you consciously go to another dimension?

A clear strong inner wish, question, or desire, is enough to go to the place, person
or dimension, to which you wish to go. Love strength, and wisdom are the natural
qualities of the Soul. Together, they form the key to the Soul and thus cosmic travel.
The soul is gentle, infinitely gentle, immeasurably gentle. If you are in that
vibration frequency, you are automatically in harmony with the vibration frequency
of your Soul – our collective Soul - and you can then “join” inand be connected with.
Trust, one hundred percent trust, is another important quality of the soul. If
you don’t trust, a disc automatically slides in front of your solar chakra. It is very
important to dare to let go of the natural resistance and fear in your mind, and to
dare to trust in your inner Self. To your mind, it sometimes looks like a big black
hole. However, once you’re in the black hole, it turns out to be something completely
different. It turns out to be the most gentle, warm, nourishing, and happy energy
there is. It is your inner Self. Strength is another important quality of the Soul.
Your Soul has all of the strength you can imagine and much more. It is capable of
realizing everything it wants to through love.Let me make it clear that weakness is
something completely different from gentleness. Strength without gentleness
degenerates a person. Gentleness without strength leads to nothing.
Sheer happiness is another important quality of the Soul. Your Soul knows no
gloominess, or negative thoughts, or fear. Your Soul is always bursting with joy,
happiness, and optimism, because it knows that everything is perfect and everything
goes the way it is supposed to go, even if it seems like a tragedy, a disaster, an
insurmountable problem, or a hopeless agony from an earthly point of view.
If you want to travel, you must first put your emotional and mental bodies into a
state of calm. If you have emotional problems, you will first have to do something
with your feelings, give them the chance to come outand to process them. Your
emotional body must first be put into a state of calm by calming your emotions. If
you wish to leave your body, this is an essential requirement. .
In order to go from one dimension, to another dimension, you often go through a
tunnel, or a shell-shaped passageway an vortex. Many people experience
it as a sluice or a dark hallway. This shell-shaped passageway is often thin in the
beginning and wider at the end. It is the same tunnel you enter during a near
death experience. This is the spinning energy of your own chakra.If you travel with
your Soul,
Traveling with your soul 203

you travel at the speed of light, on a beam of very intense light.

Leaving the body in full consciousness, or going to another dimension, also happens
during what we call “pre-birth and near death experiences.” Many people have
experienced it and will recognize this.

As a girl of eleven, I was very ill. The doctor said that everyone had to leave my room
immediately. I had an immense high fever.He had barely finished saying this, when I saw my
life flashing before my eyes, everything that had ever happened to me, down to the
smallest details. Nothing was left out. I saw every situation with my parents, my brothers
and sisters, and even the dog. I watched, but without judgment. It happened, it simply was
the way it was, no more, no less. Then I went through a sort of shell-shaped funnel, or
tunnel, to a place of intense beauty, especially the colors. It felt so harmonious, warm,
radiant, happy, and real. My deceased grandmother stood waiting for me. Other people
where there as well. Evidently it was not my time, because “at a certain moment” I was
back in my body. How much time had passed, I have no idea. I only know that I have never
forgotten a single detail, that’s how wonderful it was.

At that moment, I didn’t know what was happening,

When I read Dr. Kübler-Ross’ book, “Life After Death,” thirty years later, I recognized it
immediately. I had experienced that dying was far from scary. It just happens and life
goes on, not with your physical body, but with your other bodies.
Also in life after death, you create what you think. If you are afraid, you will meet
your own created fear, but as soon as you realize that they are your own creations,
they disappear again. Because you don’t have the “inconvenience” of time in that
dimension, everything goes much “faster.” Everything appears at the moment you
think it, so you soon realize what you’re doing and then you can enjoy yourself again.

How do you get back into your body?

There are different ways to get back into your body, through one of your chakras,
among others. You learn to consciously lower the vibration frequency of you spiritual
bodies again, so that they have the same vibration frequency as the body that you
want to return to. Once this is done, you find yourself in your physical body again.Do
not worry, again, it happens all by itself. Your dear Soul does it all for you, without
you being conscious of it.If you come back from a lower dimension, you can also
return to your body through your foot chakra. Sometimes you can feel this chakra in
the arch of your foot as a very warm spot. Occasionally you may also feel it burn. My
experience is that, if I go to a dimension where the vibration frequency is lower than
that of the Earth, I return through my feet. If I go to higher dimensions, then I return
through my navel chakra, or one of my higher chakra's.Being level-headed, well
grounded, or with both feet on the ground, is of essential importance when traveling
out of your body. Someone who is well grounded looks like this: the energy in the
lower body is strong and flows from the root chakra to the center
204 Images of the Soul

of the Earth and back. You are, as it were, drawn to the center of the Earth. The energy
in the upper body is very light and the cosmic energy has, in essence, a vat to fall into,
a stronghold, an instrument through which to express itself, through which it can let
itself be seen. Without this well grounded, sensible body, it can do nothing. The cosmic
energy then continues to float and, if you make contact with it, you float along with
it. There is nothing to hold on to and there is no vessel this energy can be poured into.
There is no solid body though which it can express itself.
If you are not really level-headed and do not have enough earthly energy, then you
are in no condition to travel with your Soul in a good way, or to consciously travel with
your Soul at all. People who are under the influence of drugs
or alcohol sometimes travel to all sorts of places, pleasant and unpleasant, without
knowing where they go to. They have no control. It just happens without them having
any say in the matter and with all the consequences thereof. It happens, unfortunately,
out of ignorance.
It is therefore very important to be well grounded during spontaneous, or conscious,
cosmic travel. If you do this during the day, then always do it in the presence of a
loving person and your guide .A number of unpleasant situations can be avoided if
you are forearmed with knowledge, but never fear. Even things which seem negative
to us turn out to be learning experiences. However it happens, in the end, everyone
becomes more conscious through their experiences. I am thoroughly aware that this
subject lies in barely explored territory, of which I can hardly begin to describe what I
know. It seems that the more I begin to know, the more I realize that there is even
more that I don’t know. I hope that it will be possible to record and research more of
these experiences in the future. Maybe then we will be able to draw up better, more in-
depth guidelines.
I can travel to other dimensions and be consciously present in this world and others
worlds and communicate with all of them.Every journey is a very fascinating and special
experience that I never forget, and from which I learn a lot. Here follows a description of
such a cosmic journey.

Everything is love

This time, Ezechiel takes me to an great , sparkling, white beautiful, big amphi theater in the fifth
dimension, in the astral world. In the middle of this amphi theatre he stands an radiant white
being , who welcomes us with the most warm smile.A lot of Souls are already present and we wait
with our hearts full of hope and anticipation. And then I see, it is Ezechiel who is standing in the
middle of the amphi theater.How beautifull he is and how proud I am of him.

I hear in my heart his voice as he is asking us to connect our hearts.He goes on, saying:
"Concentrate on your spiritual body, not on the compact form of it, but on the open radiant cells of
your higher body.Concentrate on the light, the space, the freedom of your Soul's body. And you feel
how it becomes lighter and lighter, and more free".What an delicious feeling.

Traveling with your soul 205

You feel now how your spiritual body becomes bigger, greater.It becomes greater than the trees,
bigger than the biggest tower, and slowly it becomes so big that your spiritual body stretches it
selfout till in the cosmos."
We do as he is requesting and we experience that our other body becomes enormous, huge,infinite

From far I hear his beautifull and warm voice , telling us: "Together with all our
spiritual bodys, we form an circle around the earth and we give her a lot of energy.
Now we form a plateau of energy under the earth to support her. " I have the feeling
that we could easily uplift her, but that is not what he wants. Together we give a lot
of energy to the eath from this plateau of energy. We really enjoy it and so does our
earth. Then my master and guide continues: You feel how you become greater and
greater , you can almost touch the sun. You actually touch the sun, you become
greater than the sun, You are the earth, you are the sun, you are the cosmos, you
are the infinite space." What an immens joy. At this moment there is only joy,
nothing but joy. And slowly I hear the voice of Ezechiel again, saying: "Now, you
make your spiritual body smaller and smaller again, until its normal size and you
feel how how you are sitting again in the amphi theater. Whit our consiousness we
go back to were we started and for a moment we stay there. This gives me the time
to ponder how wonderfull it is, not only to see the cosmos, but more special to feel
the cosmos. To feel and feel and feel. But the wonder has not yet come tot an end.

Ezechiel continues:

Try tomake your spiritual body small , still smaller and you go with your
consciousness , with your spiritual body in the body of an dolphin. you become an
dolphin, you are one with the dolphin. You fee how the dolpnins experience the
ocean, as an infinite space of freedom, in wich they can play , frolic around and live
in love and dye in love. I feel that they experience the ocean, as we experience the
cosmos. Infinite, endless, pure joy and happiness. After a while we go back to our
amphitheater and Ezechiel asks us to make us even smaller, as small as an drop , as
an drop of water in the ocean. We are now one with the conciousness of a drop of
water in the ocean. I am really stunned to te feel, to experience, how much space
there is in a drop of water. Of course, there is materie, but the space innerhalf in
the materi, in each molecul, in each proton, in each neutron, is a lot larger than the
solide materie.There is an ocean of space in each little drop of water and the drop of
water does experience the space, at the same way we experience the kosmos. A

But the wonder has not yet come tot an end yet.
20 6 Images of the Soul

Ezechiel continues:

Try to make your spiritual body small , still smaller and you go with your
consciousness , with your spiritual body in the body of an dolphin. you become an
dolphin, , you are one with the dolphin. You fee how the dolpnins experience the
ocean, as an infinite space of freedom, in wich they can they can play , frolic around
and live in love and dye in love. I feel that they experience the ocean, as we
experience the cosmos.Infinite, endless, pure joy and happiness. After a while we go
back to our amphitheater and Ezechiel asks us to make us even smaller, as small as
an drop , as an drop of water in the ocean. We are now one with the conciousness of
a drop of water in the ocean. I am really stunned to te feel, to experience, how much
space there is in a drop of water. Of course, there is materie, but the space innerhalf
in the materi, in each molecul, in each proton, in each neutron, is a lot larger than
the solide materie. There is an ocean of space in each little drop of water and the
drop of water dos experience ten the space, at the sasmen way we experience teh
kosmos. A wonderfullexperience.

If you think, the small drop does feel itself as small, you are mistaken. This drop, in
our eyes a tiny, unimportant little drop, does experience itself as endless space of
light, love peace and the rest, as ancomplete cosmos. After a while, our guide asks
us to make hourselvers even smaller than small and to unite our conciousness with
the consciousness of a molecul and then I experience also an immnece space. Theres
is also matter, but the space in the matter , in each molecul, each proton and each
neurton is a lot vaster than than the "solid" matter we see.. This seemingly tiny
molecul does experience itself as an endless kosmos of light, love and peace . We
make hourselves even smaller (what is small and what is big, seems to depend
totally of the one who is observing and not what is observed.) and we go with our
consciousness in the consciousness of an quark. With our fysical, eyes, we can not
see an quark , so tiny it is, but the moment I unite my consciousness with the
consciousness of a quark, I again experience an immense vastness, a universe . This
tiny tiny quark does experience itself also as an unlimited universe of light, love,
peace and rest. It is unbelievable, it is breath taking. There is no end to it, there is no
end , there is only endlesness in us, in everything , in eveybody.Ezechiel then askes
us : " Try to feel with what iare these endless universes filled? It is not difficult to feel
this. There is only one feeling LOVE. All the universes in the one endless universe
from the nucleus of a quark to the center of a planet, is filled with LOVE. So,
everything is LOVE

Images of the Soul 207

Nothing existing or not existing is not pure love. The unmanifested energy is pure
unmanifested love. Nothing exiting is without love. The seemingly void , the big
cosmos, the borderless universe is pure love and at this moment we are all love. At
this moment, there is nothing more or better I can feel. My only wish is that time
may stand still.

Here is no time. From far I hear the voice of Ezechiel, asking us to return to our
mental body. Slowly I start feeling the energy of the God in us , so sweet, so tender,
We are al touched, hovered, protected, lifted up .We are always lifted up by this
energy It feels so wonderfull that words cannnot describe anylonger my feelings…
Time then reenters my reality and somewhere I hear the sweet voice of Ezechiel,
asking us to go back to our fysical bodys and to open it

This is the other side of the coin of clairvoyance! You not only see the most
beautiful things, you also see less beautiful things, even awful things .The heights
are soaring, but the lows are profound. It can touch you very deeply,

down to the depths of your toes, and this is something you also have to cope
with. The crazy thing is that you are ultimately very happy about it, because reality
is easier to accept than illusion. It makes you more level-headed and, therefore,
stronger. Things are the way they are.
20 8 Traveling with your soul

What became clear to me during this journey is the role negativity plays in
creation. I think this is a question many of us wrestle with. From what I was allowed
to see, it seemed that it was no mistake made by the Creator, no accident, no
injustice. As my soul says: “It is the motor of evolution and at the moment that it is
no longer necessary, it will also disappear.”


This meditation, which comes from the fifth dimension, is to help you to have more trust in your

Sit or lie quietly and relax in a place that is pleasant to you. Breathe calmly through your belly , in
and out, at your own pace, your own rhythm. By grounding yourself well, you will be protected.
While you are breathing calmly, relax your entire body, beginning with your right foot and your
right leg. Tighten the muscles in your foot and leg for a moment, then let go. Once they are
relaxed, send all of your loving energy to your foot and your leg. You love your foot and you love
your leg. Now do the same with your left foot and your left leg, right foot and leg, then your left
arm and right arm, your neck, your shoulders and your head. Continue to send all of your loving
energy to the part of your body that you have relaxed.

Once you are completely physically relaxed, try to relax your thoughts and emotions. Maybe you
have noticed that every time you go back to a particular thought and emotion, you also go back
to the particular situation which is connected to it. Allow yourself to express this emotion. If you
are angry, express it. If you are sad, express it. Whatever it is, become conscious of it and let it
come. If you are anxious, become conscious of it, throw the fear out and fill the empty space
with love.

Now visualize a place, a place where you feel wonderful, maybe in the water, in the sun, up in
the mountains, in a garden, in a tree, or at home in bed. See this place. Smell this place. Maybe
there are animals you love. Maybe there are trees, plants, or flowers you’re crazy about. Make
your place as pleasant as possible. Maybe you are not alone, maybe there are others, and they
are all happy with you and you with them, and you feel their warmth and sincere affection. Relax
and enjoy.
Traveling with your soul 209

If others are present, they stand in a circle around you and they begin to rock you, like a baby is
rocked. Enjoy it. Let it happen. You feel yourself become more and more peaceful and gain more
and more self-confidence. Above all, you feel yourself become milder inside; you feel your own
gentleness. You feel wonderful, you feel cherished, and you feel “carried.”

Now visualize that you all sit together in a circle. First you lean forward together. In this way, you
join forces and you give yourself, and the others, a lot of energy. Now lean backward together. By
opening the circle in this way, you all receive a lot of cosmic energy. You repeat this a couple of
times, and you feel like the petals of a flower, which open and close again.

Now you visualize a big black hole, or the Great Void, in the middle of the circle. While you look
into that big black hole, a marvelous energy emanates from it, sparkling in color and exactly the
kind of energy that you need at this moment. Maybe you need strength or gentleness, love or
self-confidence, humor or playfulness, or maybe a bit of everything.

You take the energy into yourself with much joy. Let it work its magic within you. Now an energy
in the shape of very soft large leaves comes, and you are nourished in the big soft energy again,
fed and rocked , only more intensely than the first time. You feel even more trust. You don’t have
to worry about anything. There is enough of everything for you, for everyone. Whatever happens,
you will be protected, carried, fed. There is always warmth present in you and around you. Enjoy
Slowly, you return to your waking consciousness in your body. Maybe you need to ground
yourself again. You feel yourself full of trust again.
210 Images of the Soul

chapter 14 | Thinking from your soul

Cosmic journey to the fifth dimension
Hoe to get in touch with your Soul

Cosmic journey to the fifth dimension

Making contact with the “not yet manifested energy”

At first I am angry and sad. I stand with my back to the wall, both literally and figuratively.
This is not the ideal state of mind in which to travel. First I have to express my anger.
After the anger is resolved, there is room for the sadness, and if the pain is allowed to be,
I am mild inside again. After the anger and sadness have been given space and attention,
and have been processed, I come to another level of consciousness.

The next moment, I am lying in an iris and the petals of the flower fold up around me.
The sun shines on my face and the nectar of the flower feeds me. I am like a baby, so
soft and vulnerable, and at the same time so full of trust. At that moment, I realize how
miraculous it is that you can be so soft and vulnerable and so strong at the same time.
These can apparently go hand in hand. It is wonderful and enjoyable. After a while I am
so warm and nourished that I can go on. A tunnel of light appears. I look at my stomach.
If I doubt whether I should go into the tunnel or not, a disc appears in front of the light of
my solar chakra, just like a solar eclipse. If I do not hesitate and full of trust again, the
disc in front of my chakra disappears and I can go through the tunnel, to the fifth

Once I arrive, I look around at the others present. What do they look like, how do they
act towards each other? Their bodies look like shining suns. The way in which they deal
with each other is of an even greater intensity than in the fourth dimension. There is even
more genuine warmth and interest. Everyone is equally important and equally attentive,
without any kind of unpleasant emotions. That is not to say that there are no differences
in consciousness there. Some are clearly more conscious than others, but that is
experienced as pleasant.

I try to be open, I try to be full of trust, but it doesn’t really work yet. Gradually, I
realize that I begin to think differently, that I think differently there. Because of the
weightlessness, because of the lack of gravity, because I am not bound to my physical
Thinking from your soul 211

body, my thoughts are very clear and I no longer have doubts. I hear my Inner Self saying:
“If you are incapable of handling something, you won’t come across it in this earthly
life.Give it to Me" It’s as simple as that.” At that moment everything is so uncomplicated
and clear.

I am enthusiastic and full of good spirits again. Doubts and fears melt like snow under the
sun. I speak to a number of conscious souls there, tell them about my experiences and
gratefully receive their warmth and support. I realize that, at this moment, I do not have
the mental space or spiritual room to ask about or listen to their experiences, but that is
alright. I am still too busy solving my own problems.

Gradually, I regain my strength and I enjoy myself. I now sit in a circle, together with a
group of about nine non-physical people, or Souls.and we do the meditation as I described in
the last chapter. A big black hole appears in the middle of the circle, a space filled with
energy. We bend our heads forward and back. We bend forward to combine our forces,
and back to open ourselves and to receive the energy that is present. I look more closely
and I see a beautiful energy coming out of the apparently dark space, the Great Void.
First, it is very clear, almost colorless, and then the energies unfold like the colors of the
rainbow. Everyone takes the energy that he or she needs. We bend forward again to
combine our forces, and then backwards again to receive the energy. We do this several

After a while, I go to a separate area, where I am allowed to ask my questions to my wise

guide, Ezechiel. I receive clear answers to my questions. “What if I approach it in this way,
what would be the consequences ? And what if I do it another way?” I receive an answer,
in all imaginable ways. It is demonstrated with books, maps, charts, and images. In
situations like this, you sometimes hear the answer clearly, and sometimes you see it
and you know it’.The answer is clear and, at that moment, I know for certain that it’s
right. I don’t doubt it for a second. I know, I understand, and I draw my own conclusions.
My fysical consciousness had forgotten, but now I take this with me to my waking
consciousness. I now remember exactly what I want, and why I want it, and I once again
have the strength and the energy to do it.

Now I look at specific situations, how these will probably develop in the future. I don’t
see it literally, but in symbolic images and landscapes, the kind you also see in dreams. I
understand it and can accept it more. Then I go back to the group. Again, we sit in a circle
around the seemingly Great Void. Now a very gentle energy comes out of it, in the shape
of a calyx or petal, endlessly gentle. Wonderful, the nectar of the flower feeds me and
her petals open and close. I feel quickened again and feel like talking to the others . I ask
them about their experiences in other dimensions and in other forms of life. After a
while, it is time to go back again, and I return to my body full of confidence and good
212 Images of the Soul

What is thinking from your Soul?

I have often asked myself how it’s possible that I always think so differently about
the same problem or situation when I am in another dimension, than when I’m on
Earth. It always surprises me how differently I think and feel there. Everything is so
simple, clear, and easy when I am free of the Earth’s gravity, the limitations of my
physical body, and, above all, the heavy thinking and feeling of the matter that is
bound to the Earth. Everything is crystal clear from the perspective of my Soul.
How often have I asked myself if we realize what life on Earth will actually
be like while we are staying in other dimensions during the period between two
incarnations. Do we actually grasp what our choice of what we want to experience
on Earth will entail? I know that before we incarnate we all make our own choice,
and that we are very enthusiastic about it while we are in the other dimension.
But once we are are living in a physical body on earth, it feels very different , heavy,
difficult and often very sad.
Life on Earth is a pleasant experience for a large number of people, seeing as they
do not wish to leave and, and once on the other side, want to return as quickly as
possible. Of course, not wishing to leave also has to do with having to part with
loved ones and also with unfamiliarity and, therefore, fear of death, but for many
people, this life is definitely not a pleasant experience, and that’s putting it mildly!
The way I see it now, after having experienced many cosmic journeys, is that we
choose what we want or don’t want to do on Earth from the consciousness of our
Souls. However, I think that while we reside in other dimensions, we do not exactly
feel what we are going to feel on Earth, or at least not entirely, otherwise we may not
make the choices we make and would, therefore, not evolve.

My Soul answers this question: “I am happy with everything that happens.”

(From my physical point of vieuw I answer: Not me!" )

I am struck every time by the difference in the way I feel when I am in the fifth
dimension and when I am on earth and I can only conclude that we think
differently from our Soul consciousness than from our fysical or emotional
consciousness. For example, you’may have noticed that ,before you are completely
awake in the morning, you still know exactly what you dreamt about. The dream is
so clear and you understand it so completely, that you don’t think you need to write
it down to remember it. Once you are fully awake, however, it’s not so clear
anymore and you’ve forgotten half of it. Your thinking, knowing, and feeling were
so clear and, suddenly, you don’t understand it at all anymore. This has happened
to me several times and I find it extremely frustrating. In the last phase before
waking, I was working on a specific subject, and it was perfectly clear to me. Once I
was awake (awake in our earthly conception) I still knew what it was about, I
remembered the sentences, but I did not understand the subject anymore!
Fortunately, this is not the case during cosmic journeys. What I experience is clear
and it remains clear, because I am then conscious on every level. With every new
journey, I take insights with me which gradually change my feelings. My Soul’s
“thoughts and ideas” begin to resemble my earthly thoughts and ideas more and
more.I increasingly allow my earthly views to be influenced by my Soul
Thinking from your soul 213

because, in the end, my Soul’s views seems to be the most wise and the closest to
the truth.

Thinking from your soul is “thinking” from the cosmic or divine part of your being, of
which your Soul is the first manifestation
Does your Soul think? Your Soul is, knows, sees, and wants to experience. Your
Soul does not think in the same way that you physically think, does not feel as you
physically feel, does not see as you physically see. As I said before, for our Soul, this
earthly life is a “dream,” just as the life of the Soul is a dream to you. Your Soul does
not have to think. It knows. It Is. Your physical consciousness no longer “knows,” so
you think and feel in order to know again .Cosmic thinking is, therefore, a
"contradiction in terminis" – because cosmos does not need to think , cosmos knows.
However,it does express itself through our thinking. Since I don’t have a better word
or expression at my disposal right now, it will have to suffice for the time being.

Cosmic, rational, emotional, and intuitive thinking

There is a clear difference between ‘thoughts’ which originate from the Soul, or
intuition, and thoughts which originate from our reason, or our physical or
emotional feelings. It is very fascinating and relevant to consider where our
thoughts actually come from. We are so inclined to suppose that we generally think
very rationally, and that may often be true, but perhaps not as often as we think.
Thoughts usually come from one area in ourselves or another, and are less rational
than we realize. If we know where they come from, it is also easier to accept them,
or to change them. In the previous chapter, we discussed feeling and thinking, and
made a clear distinction between physical, emotional, and intuitive feelings. Our
thoughts can spring from:
– physical perception
– reason
– emotion
– intuition

Why is this distinction significant?

Thoughts which spring from subconscious, or conscious, physical perceptions are
worth listening to, but they must also be scrutinized once and a while. It is healthy
to listen to your body, but if you let it take over, it can lead to all sorts of addictions.
Thoughts which spring from our pure reason are definitely worth following and
acting on. Uncontrolled thoughts which spring from subconscious or conscious
emotions are definitely not worth following. You had better recognize and
acknowledge them as quickly as possible. Do not, under any circumstances, take
them for rational thoughts,because you might make a fool of yourself, with all of
the consequences thereof. Let alone intuitive "thoughts" surge and listen to them.
214 Images of the Soul

How many of our thoughts spring from emotions while we think they come from
our ratio ? It is important that you recognize and acknowledge your emotions.
You will then know what thoughts go with them and nothing will be the matter.
If you do not recognize and acknowledge your emotions, or not enough, then you
will remain caught up in the maelstrom of these " thoughts" , and every intuitive
and rational thought will quickly fail, or be blocked completely.
Thoughts that are a translation of our intuition are more than worth following up
on, and it is definitely worth doing something with them.
With a bit of good will, you can easily figure out where your thoughts come from:
your physical body, your pure reason, your emotions, or your intuition. You may be
surprised by the result.

How do you recognize rational thoughts?

If, for example, you are angry and you think rationally instead of emotionally, then
you think: “I am angry. Why am I angry? Because of this and this. Do these reasons
make sense? No, then I have to put my anger aside. If it does make sense, then I
can do something with the anger. What can I do with my anger? Can I express it
now? If I can, then I should.If I cannot express them now, may be later.” You think
all of this in a split second. You then express your anger in an appropriate manner.
If you cannot, or if you do not want to express your anger at that moment, then
you can do it later.
Say, for instance, that your leg is badly broken. You have to go to the hospital,
they put a cast on it, and it will take a long time to heal. Your rational thinking
says: “I broke my leg. I can’t work. This is going to take longer than I expected. How
am I going to solve this medically, practically, and financially?”
How can you see that you are thinking rationally? You see that your head is filled
with a clear almost white energy.

How do you see that someone is thinking emotionally?

In the top of his head you see small red and black currents.
Red means he/ she is having al lot of sad thoughts, his/her
head is full of sorrow and the little black currents means he/
she is having a lot of fearfull thoughts at the same time.
If you are angry and you think emotionally, then your head
is filled with little brown currents, with thoughts like: “I
could just strangle him. I’m going to get back at her. I’ll take
revenge. I’ll teach him , her , a lesson. I won’t put up with
it,” etc. You don’t ask yourself if your anger is justified, or
unjustified, or what you should do about it. No, you are only
carried away by an emotion, an emotional feeling and
emotional thoughts of revenge, retaliation, doing someone a
bad turn, etc.
Thinking from your soul 215
Here you see someone who is thinking very emotionally and does not
have access anymore to his rational or intuitive thoughts.

He/she keeps walking, in his , her mental body , in circles.

He/she is very angry and thinks emotionally, thoughts
like: “I could just strangle him. I’m going to get back at
her. I’ll take revenge. I’ll teach him a lesson. I won’t put
up with it,” etc. You don’t ask yourself if your anger is
justified, or unjustified, or what you should do about it.
No, you are only carried away by an emotion, an
emotional feeling and emotional thoughts of revenge,
retaliation, doing someone a bad turn, etc.

How do you recognize your emotional thoughts?

Worrying always has to do with emotions. One or more negative emotional

thoughts block the rest of the information that comes from your reason, your
physical body, a positive emotion, or your intuition. If you cannot receive these
other thoughts, you are trapped in a vicious circle. You see the person literally
walking in circles with his mental body, unable to get out, and the negative
thoughts keep piling up. This also goes for emotions that have been suppressed or
rationalized, emotions which have been intellectually, but not intuitively accepted.
These unprocessed emotions continue to send out signals, which often express
themselves as physical symptoms. The cause of these symptoms is not of a physical
nature, but of an emotional nature.

Gerard often suffers from migraines. He has a very good job and has been married
for twenty years. There are many repressed tensions, but they are rarely discussed.
What you see in his emotional body is a lot of very dark anxious energy, which is
mostly concentrated around his head and throat.

In his mental body, the anxious thought: “I can’t do it alone,” seems to be the
strongest. What if they were to talk? They might decide that it would be better
if they both went their separate ways. Never! Anything would be better than
that, because then the greatest anxious thought of all would come: “I can’t do it

The main emotion here is fear, fear of ending up alone. Because of this, all of the
other thoughts and possibilities are blocked. It cannot be discussed, no help can be
sought, not a single other solution can be considered.
Images of the Soul


This is a clear example of an emotional thought for which all kinds of rational
arguments have been produced. It does not have to be a problem, as long as you are
conscious of the fact that you are thinking emotionally and not rationally.

If you are angry and you think intuitively, or from your Soul, then you are
conscious of the fact that you are angry, while your Soul smiles inwardly. You know
that you have the right to be angry, but at the same time, you understand yourself
and the other person. You know that there is anger within you. You are not the anger.
It is a conscious emotion which is but a small part of you at that moment. The anger
is no more than a part of the whole, definitely not the whole.
What do you see when someone thinks intuitively?

You see a triangle, which points downwards around the head

How do you recognize your intuitive thoughts?

A number of thoughts and feelings clearly come from the Inner Self, your Soul, the
source or God. They are there at every moment of the day and night.
They are always present in us.

Intuitive thoughts are loving, wise, mild and full of strength and clarity at the
same time. They are never coercive, tough, relentless, or frightening. You clearly
feel or know that what you said or did, or what someone else said or did, was right
or wrong. You have no proof, you may even have no reason, but you feel it, you
know it. You feel if it is good or not good. It won’t let go of you.
You can also speak from your conscience. Your Soul knows no judgment, nor does it
judge. It’s not about good or evil. For your Soul, it’s about experience. I know
this from my near death experience, which I described earlier in this book. Before I
crossed over to another dimension, I saw the film of my life play right before my
Soul’s eyes. I watched and there was no judgment. Whatever happened, it was the
way it was, no more and no less. I have never forgotten this. You never have to be
afraid that you are doing something wrong. There are no mistakes, only
experiences and you learn from your experiences. Your Soul always points you
towards your own responsibility.

Let me give you an example of an answer I received from my Soul. I was very angry

with someone, and felt that that person had done me a great injustice. Seen rationally, I
was completely right to be angry. It was unjust, incorrect, and dishonest. From an
emotional standpoint, I had every right to be angry, disappointed, and sad. Why would
someone do something like that? Why? I asked my Soul and the answer was surprising.
“What someone else does is his or her responsibility. What you do about it is your
responsibility! Maybe this is a chance, an opportunity to learn to place your emotions
outside of yourself, and not allow them inside. These actions have nothing to do with
you personally. It could just as easily have happened to someone else. Of course , your behaviour
has also consequences, but that does not mean you are guilty.Only if you do something to harm
some one on purpose.
Thinking from your soul 217
So you can learn a lot from this, instead of being angry, sad, and wronged.”

The answer was pure and clear, and the reasoning was watertight. It did help me
to see a number of matters in a different way. If I ask my Inner Self a question, the
answer is often surprising, in the sense that I could not have thought of
it myself. With my reason and my emotion, I may have thought of a hundred
answers, but the answer that comes from my Soul often pops up like a jack in the
box, completely unexpected, and seen from a completely different perspective.
In the beginning I may think it is difficult, I may resist, but after a lot of thinking, I
think, it is very wise.
The answer always brings more understanding. Understanding not only of my
own self, but also of the other person. It always moves me, always touches me.
Sometimes it even brings tears to my eyes. Sometimes I feel a lot of respect and that
is also wonderful. It can also make me feel joy, pure happiness, that I am
brimming with pleasure, or that I cry from laughing so hard.
Many are not conscious of the “thinking” of their Souls and yet, many more do
know it, feel it and accept it. “Intuitive” thinking means nothing more than being
connected, consciously connected to your Soul, to recognize the words, the images,
the emotions, and the impressions of your Soul (and to hopefully do something
with them). In his book Friendship With God, Neale Donald Walsch describes it as:
“The gift of gentle wisdom that allows you to know the truth at moments in which
it is better not to judge on the basis of outer appearances.”
It is very practical for us all to look at daily things in life from a bird’s eye
perspective, i.e. from our Soul’s perspective. If you were to look at both your private
and professional life from a wider perspective, then you would see that many
incomprehensible events fall together like the pieces of a puzzle. You would think
and say: “How beautiful, that’s how it fits together, how perfect.” It would also be
easier for you to make the right choices, since you could see the whole picture. This
is no utopia, but a realistic possibility. Such a perspective would spare all of us so
many emotions, because our Souls knows evrything is fine the it is.Not for us a a
human being, because it is often very hard , difficult, or even heatbreaking and
completely incomprehensible,but our Soul knows why.
Michael was having a hard time deciding whether or not he should sign a contract.
He knew he was being swindled and that signing the contract would be like signing
his financial death warrant. He did not have the money to hire expensive lawyers,
and even if he had, it was still uncertain whether they would be able to prove that
it was fraud. On the other hand, if he did not sign, he could be missing a great
opportunity. Who knew? His Soul gave him the following answer:

“It would be more profitable

To let go,
Than to receive money.
It is the Soul that counts.”
218 Images of the Soul

This is how you can reconcile the difference between your outer self and your inner
Self. Ask yourself what is important to your Soul, not only what is important to your
ego. Do not only think about your own physical interest. Which choices are important
to you as a Soul and, therefore, to the common good. Ultimately, the common good is
always in your own interest, because we are and remain connected to each other on
all levels and areas. What happens on one level or area has influence over all levels
and areas. We have always been global, but we are only now becoming more aware
of it. We have always been cosmic. We are now gradually becoming conscious of this

How can you reconcile the differences between rational, emotional,

and intuitive thinking?
We all have problems, often more than we’d care for. No one can escape this. There is
often a rift between our rational- ,emotional- and our intuitive thinking, because the
viewpoints are sometimes so completely different.
The only thing you have to do is dare to go into the depths and to trust, trust the
answer, the feeling, the thoughts that you receive from your intuition. You can reconcile
this difference by asking yourself if your thoughts come from your reason, your emotions, or
your intuition (your Soul. Then you can make a choice in any situation. “Do I want to keep
thinking rationally, do I want to keep thinking emotionally, or should I add another
dimension to it?” For every situation, for every event that you do not understand, or that
you find very difficult, let the light of your Soul shine over that which is taking place in you,
around you. Take the time and find the peace. You will have a completely different image,
a totally different sight and insight into yourself, another, and the situation. What comes
from your Soul is always mostly a surprise, miraculous, and often completely different from
what you yourself rationally and emotionally think. If you let it sink in, you know that
what the Soul knows and passes on is right, that it actually is that way, and that it is better
that way.
As I said, the only thing your Soul wants is to to communicate with you in every possible
way. All of us can “hear clearly,” if we just take the time and the quiet to listen. All of us
can “see clearly,” if we just take the time and the quiet to look.
Personally, I sometimes negotiate with my Soul. For example, I tell my Soul: “I accept
that the situation is this way, however difficult, or unpleasant, or frightening. I understand
it, but then I would really appreciate it if this or that changed, otherwise it’s just too hard.”
I find that if the goal of the situation is understood and my thinking and/or actions are
adjusted, it works. This is not a miracle, but can be simply explained. At that moment, one
or more accompanying signs fall away. In other words, the signal (pain, for example) is no
longer necessary. You understand the signal and are acting and thinking differently. Then
the pain, or the sadness, or the anger disappears. They can disappear because they no
longer have a function. This is how you reconcile the differences between your emotional
body, your mental body, and your Soul body.
Thinking from your soul 219

Vera was very sad. She had had an unpleasant conversation with her ex-boyfriend,
who blamed her for everything. Some of it was her fault, and some of it was not.

At night she quietly meditated to see what was actually the matter. Suddenly, she
saw a drab gray ball at the height of her chest. She continued to look at it and
it gradually began to move through her throat and out of her body, towards her
hands. The ball changed color, from gray to light blue. Now she held a light blue
ball, full of sparkling energy, in her hands. Gradually, a deep rest came over her,
followed by a feeling of happiness and openness. While she sat enjoying this, a
thought came from inside her: “It wasn’t that bad.”
By asking for insight into this problem, her emotions could move away and there
was space for her Soul to shine another light on this situation.
Vera had solved and transformed her grief herself.

It is wonderful to see and to feel how this works, in yourself and in others. This does not
go for very severe problems and traumas. For these I advise you to ask for help.

How do you get in contact with your soul?

A good way to get in contact with your soul is to start by being quiet inside and
listening. As my soul says: “You only have to be quiet in your heart and listen, because in
the silence of your heart, you feel that you vibrate to the basic rhythm of the universe,
love . Everything in the universe vibrates to one basic rhythm and, from within the
silence, you hear the answer clearly. The answer is there, all the time"
Your Soul wants nothing better than to communicate with you. This can be
achieved by listening to your inner Self, through meditation, music, dance, painting,
or writing. In short, any form of art or sport that your inner Self inspires you to do.
You Soul always wants to communicate with you, every day, every moment, so that
you can become a “living” Soul once more, the word of God in a physical body.

Listening to your subtle inspirations

An easy way to develop your “listening powers,” is to listen to the subtle
whisperings of your silent voice during the day. For example, you have an idea, an
inspiration, or a “flash.” Someone suddenly appears in your thoughts, or you can’t
stop thinking about them. Try to listen to this and act accordingly. Ten to one that if
you call, that person will say: “It’s funny you called, I was just thinking about you.”
Your Soul received the “silent communication” of the other Soul and its “silent
voice” passed it on. You then translated it into the thought: “I was thinking about
This type of communication is always present everywhere, without satellites,
220 Images of the Soul

computers, gsm’s, or e-mail. We receive a thousand and one of these silent messages
every day. It is up to us whether we react to them or not. The more you listen, the
more clear and frequent the messages from your silent voice will be, and the more the
din of your rational and emotional thoughts will subside. Then all three will become
equal and you will be able to use one, two, or all three of them whenever you choose.
You decide what type of thinking you want to utilize and when. It is up to you.

Listening to the signals from your body

You can also develop your listening technique by paying attention to your body.
The Soul speaks also to us through what we call “psychosomatic symptoms” (psyche
means Soul and soma means body). These are symptoms which have no physical
origin, but a psychological one. We all know them. You have a headache, while there
is nothing wrong with your head. You have a stomach ache, while there is nothing
wrong with your stomach.
What are they telling you? Where in the body do they express themselves? What
signal are they giving you? If the symptoms are in your head, you may be thinking
too much, or worrying. Are they in your throat? You may be expressing yourself too
little, or not at all. Pain in your neck and shoulders could mean that you carry too
much burden on your shoulders. These symptoms can appear anywhere in your body.
Everything has a meaning and, with a bit of good will and attention, the language of
the Soul is easy to recognize. You will see that when you recognize the signal and do
something about it, the symptoms will disappear. Your Soul has conveyed the
message. Mission accomplished.

Listening to your dreams

The soul also speaks to us through dreams. As I described earlier in chapter 13, there
are many types of dreams that can tell us much.
If you write down your dreams, you will gradually recognize the symbolism, the
language of your mental body. You can lay a pen and paper next to your bed at
night, so that you can write down a few notes about your dream or dreams before you
are completely awake. Dreams are a type of language used by your Soul and often
contain valuable information, especially if the same dream repeats itself.
You can also ask your Self a question, or give it an assignment, before you go to
sleep. You then take this with you on your nightly journeys and you will complete the
assignment, or an answer will come, in one form or another in the morning, that day
or later.
There are symbols that are universal: the elements, water, fire air ,earth and
means of transportation, symbols of our different bodies, the means of transportation
of the soul). There are also symbols that are individual, which have a different
meaning for every one of us. For example, you dream about a snake. A snake can
stand for wisdom, but it can also stand for temptation, danger, or poison. In order to
interpret such a dream properly, it is important to ask yourself what a snake means to
you. Does it stand for
Thinking from your soul 221

wisdom, danger, poison, or is it divine (snake) power, the kundalini)? Maybe it

means something completely different. Your interpretation, not the general one, is
the one that counts.
You often have a feeling that accompanies the dream. You wake up happy or
anxious. The content of the dream may not be very pleasant, but if it makes you feel
happy, you know that it’s alright. You don’t have to worry about it. If you wake up
anxious, then there is a big chance that it is a dream in which you experienced your
own fears, fears that you have most likely suppressed during the day. Your Soul helps
you to become aware of your own suppressed feelings of fear, so that you can do
something about them.

Meditation is an active way of coming into contact with your Soul. There are
countless books and tapes on meditation for sale, which can help you to bring your
physical, emotional, or mental bodies to rest, and to make contact with your Soul.
There are many roads which lead to Rome, and you can choose the one that suits
you best.
You can do it alone or with others. Meditating with two or more people more than
doubles the energy of the people present. It is unbelievable how much energy is then
available to the group. It is more than worth trying this.
If you meditate with a group of people, it is extremely helpful to sit in a circle and
to ask everyone to give energy to the person to the left of him/her, all at the same
time. What you then see is that the energy quickly spins to the left and upwards and
in this way, the energy level of the entire group is quickly raised and at the same
time you build an skylight of protection .

Consciously making a connection between your Soul and others is not restricted to
time and place. Wherever you are, you can arrange to connect your Souls at a set
time, and it will happen (our Souls are always connected to each other, only we are
not always conscious of it). You can do it with a specific goal in mind, like peace,
help, or healing of someone or something: the Earth, people, or animals. You can ask
for a solution or insight, or give thanks for that which you have received, or what you
are yet to receive, because you know that your wish is God’s will, and your deepest
desires will be fulfilled.
Luckily, tele-meditation is happening more and more frequently
on an increasingly large scale. It is occurring not only in small
groups, but globally as well, with the intention to bring peace to
the world, to ask for insight for each individual, and help for us
It is good to end the meditation with the plea for help and
222 Images of the Soul

strength for the people who need it, and healing for the Earth. Let me give you an
example of tele-meditation.

We were assembled in a group and, at one point, our thoughts turned to Tara. She
could not be with us, but had asked for help beforehand and was taking part in our
meditation from her own home.

First we connected the hearts of those present. Then we let the

energy move to the left and I saw the energy around us quickly
build up, like a dome with its point on top. The energy looked
sort of like a really big diving bell around all of us, a skylight.
Then the impure energy was very quickly sucked out without
anyone consciously noticing it. The energy in the bell, and in
us, became pure, so that we could think and feel more clearly.
It is different every time, surprising every time, new every time.

Tara did not feel well. She was angry,

rebellious, restless, and didn’t give a damn about anything or
anyone. This was not because she was cold by nature. It was
a defense mechanism against her own suppressed pain and
sadness. She simply did not want to feel them. One way to do
this, is to close yourself off from everyone and everything, and
to be indifferent. Then you don’t feel anything! That’s what you
think! But you do feel your own coldness!

I could clearly see a big block of ice at the moment, in her belly and she felt frozen to
the bone, cold, numb, closed off from herself and from everyone. You could literally
see a big block of ice berg inside of her, bright-blue transparent ice. By combining
our energy, we melted the ice, so that she could have contact with herself and with
her own feelings again, feelings that she did not want to experience. I clearly saw a
yellow-white ball of energy thaw her out. It was beautiful to see.

The next day she told us the following: “In the afternoon, I did nothing but cry and
I felt so cold that I couldn’t feel my feet anymore. My body was shaking so badly
that I couldn’t even make a phone call. At 8:30 at night, I sat down to meditate
(with you) and I asked for help with my sadness and coldness. What became clear
to me was very moving: the crying was necessary to melt my ice. Five minutes later,
I saw a big yellow-white ball, just like a comet, which went right through me and
into the ground. My body, and hands, and feet became so warm that later, in bed,
I didn’t know where to put them. I cooled my hands off under cold running water,
and then I fell into a deep sleep. The next day I heard that you saw the same thing.
Thinking from your soul 223

In short, just as the Soul is infinite, so is the variety in which it can communicate.
The Soul makes use of all channels and possibilities in order to communicate with
us, to inspire us, and to make things clear to us. Our Souls also communicate with
us through art, in the widest sense of the word, in all its forms of expression, in all
forms of creativity. Of course, this is not to say that all art is inspired by the Soul, or
that all forms of clair-hearing, clair-seeing, clair-feeling, and clair-knowing are
equally “clear.” Because: “Above is as below.” Just as things are not always as they
appear on Earth, there are just as many things which are not what they appear to
be in this mostly invisible world, and the pitfalls are many. But that is all inherent to
our process of evolution. Without pitfalls, there would be no development.


Here is one way to come into contact with your spiritual bodies (your emotional,
mental, intuitive, causal, and soul body).

Let’s first make conscious contact with our physical body and ground ourselves.

Sit or lie in a quiet place in a relaxed position. Maybe you enjoy pleasant background
music, maybe you prefer silence. Now, slowly tighten and relax every part of your body,
beginning with your feet. Tighten, relax, tighten, relax. While you relax, send all of your
loving energy to the part of your body that you are relaxing. While you relax your feet,
send your warm loving attention to your feet and toes. Move from your feet to your
lower legs, your upper legs, your lower body, your upper body, your arms, your neck, and
your head. Enjoy the wonderful relaxation and loving feeling in your body. Enjoy your

Now consciously go to your emotional body (second aura layer). You’re going to cleanse
it and bring it into harmony using your chakras. Start with your root chakra. Concentrate
on it and see its red color in the shape of a calyx, with its wide opening on top and on
the bottom. First, let the energy that does not belong there flow out and, when the calyx
is a pretty shade of red again, let the Earth’s energy stream in. Move on to every chakra
in this way. Go to your navel chakra, with the pretty color orange. Then go to your solar
chakra, with the pretty color yellow, to your heart chakra, with the beautiful color green,
your throat chakra, with the radiant color blue, your third eye chakra with the shining
color violet, and your crown chakra, with the sparkling color pure white. If you see or feel
different colors, that is also fine, as long as it feels right to you.

Now let the white cosmic energy of your crown chakra slowly descend through your
entire body, to your head, your throat, your arms, your upper
224 Images of the Soul Thinking from your soul

body, your lower body, and your legs. Your emotional and physical bodies are now evenly
filled with earthly and cosmic energy.

Now go to your mental body (third aura layer). Listen to your thoughts for a moment,
and look at them from a distance. See your thoughts as a couple of chattering birds, for
example. Don’t chatter with them; don’t go flying all over the place with them. Remain
quietly and calmly watching them from a short distance. Every time you are tempted to
chatter with them, or fly with them, take a step back. Let it be. They can get along
without you. You might place a cloud between you and the chattering thoughts, so that
you hear them a bit less. You are going to switch over to another thought frequency, your
Soul’s. You no longer pay attention to the chattering birds. You focus on your intuition.
Gradually, you feel yourself become more peaceful, you hear your thoughts less, you
Now move on to your intuitive body (fourth aura layer). Send slow moving loving energy
from your heart to your thoughts, and gradually they dissolve more and more. They
become languid and loving.

Now go to your causal body (fifth aura layer), which is connected to your throat chakra.
Feel how open and radiant it is and how easily the words from your heart come out
through this chakra like little silver singing bells, like beautiful church bells ringing on an
sunny quiet Sunday morning.

Now you go your sixth aura layer, which is connected to your third eye. Concentrate
on your forehead. In the middle of your head, you find a large empty space, a dark
space. This is the Great Void, the great calm, the great silence, the place where creation
originates. You might see nothing, you might hear nothing, you are quiet. You are
satisfied with the peace that rules there. You enjoy the deep peace that you experience,
and you let go.

Now go to your Soul body (sixth and seventh aura layer). Feel all of your bodies open up
and become very light from within. The light spreads itself out and possibly becomes
bigger. Slowly but surely, you become one with your light. The light is your Soul, the
wonderful energy of your Self, the deep and beneficial rest that refreshes and re-charges
you. Enjoy it. Maybe you hear the silent voice of your Soul, which answers you before
you’ve even thought of the question. Maybe you feel the energy of your Soul stream in,
like great waves. You feel all of this in your heart. You feel the warmth in your heart and
you continue to feel it.

Slowly return with your consciousness to your physical body. You feel solid in your body
again. Ground yourself well again before resuming your activities.
During the day, go back to the warmth of your heart over and over again. Continue to
feel this, day in and day out. Feel who you are again: warmth and love.
chapter 15 | Speaking from your soul
Two souls consciously speak with each other
How beautiful the souls of all things created!
Subconscious communication between souls
Contact with the departed

hen you speak from your soul, your heart is completely open and
tuned-in to your soul. You dare to speak with your “heart and soul.”

Two souls consciously speak with each other

Ellen, a beautiful elegant young woman of about thirty, has had a very difficult
life so far. In all respects, her youth was extremely traumatic. She was emotionally
neglected by her mother and father and ended up in a foster home, where she
went out of the frying pan and into the fire. She was sexually abused by her first
husband, and is now in the middle of her second divorce. She has a five year-old
son, but it is not yet clear who the father is. It may be her lover, who she is crazy
about, but who is married and has four children.

Naturally, we needed many conversations and EMDR sessions to work through all of
her traumas, calm her emotions, and gain insight into this very confusing situation.
When we had done all of this, the following happened:

Ellen said: “The other night, I couldn’t sleep well. I was restless, unsatisfied, and
pretty angry. I woke up at around 4am. It was as if I heard a voice asking: ‘Do you
want to wake up and read?’ Next to my bed there was a book, "A Third Conversation
With God," by Neale Donald Walsch, and the voice said: “Just open it.” I flipped the
book open and it was a page about Souls, where they come from, what agreements
they make with each other before they incarnate in this life, and so forth. I asked, ‘Is
someone going to die? Is it Grandpa?’ ‘No.’ ‘Is it me, your second husband?’ ‘Yes.’

It was dark in the room. Only the spot light over my bed was on. I thought I saw
my own shadow on the floor. Breathless, I looked at it. I barely dared to move.
226 TImages of the Soul

Gradually, the shadow changed into the figure of my former husband. He said,
‘I’ve come to say goodbye to you. I’m not from Earth. I come from another planet
and I’m going back. I’ve come to ask your forgiveness for everything I’ve done to
you. I know that your lover, Jacob, is the father of your son. I’ll help you to get
together.’ ‘I was also wrong,’ I said. ‘No, no,’ answered Frank. My hands were
brought forward in his hands and we said our goodbyes. That’s how I saw him
leave. I looked at the floor. The book was open to the page about souls crossing

I was moved, confused, unsure, happy. It was Frank, my second husband. I

recognized him, his voice, his being, but still! What if I just imagined it all?! What if
I fantasized it, made it up?! I called Frank to ask how he was. He suffered from a
heart condition and was often in the hospital. I heard that he was at home and that
he was reasonably well. He could not come to the phone. I went back and forth
between doubt and certainty, until I was able talk to you about it and it became
clear to me what was uncertain and what was real.

One night, a week later, I hadn’t completely fallen asleep yet and he came to me
again. ‘Ellen, Ellen, I just came to see you. To set your mind at ease.’ I said, ‘Is
it real? Are you really leaving?’ ‘Yes,’ he said. My hands were brought forward in
his hands again, and I was flooded with memories from our two-year marriage.
Pleasant and unpleasant memories, joy and sadness, happiness and pain. I
smiled and I cried. Tears of pent-up rage and emotion streamed down my face,
until all the emotions slowly ebbed away and only peace was left. In this way, we
took leave of our marriage.

I was happy again, but also confused. In daily life he was a really mean bastard.
He did everything to bully me and to humiliate me, and during our divorce he did
everything to thwart me. How can there possibly be such a difference between his
outer self and his inner self. His Soul is so beautiful, and I could hardly believe that
he would do everything in his power to bring me and Jacob, my lover together.
Miraculous, but true.

At the moment that we actually had Soul to Soul contact, I was happy. I was not
angry. I loved him again like in the beginning of our relationship, and talking to
each other felt completely normal to me. When the contact was over, the doubts
began again, but now I recognized them immediately and could calmly see them
for what they were. What was left over was a greater peace regarding this part
of my past, acceptance, and a bit of gratefulness for being allowed to experience
Speaking from your soul 227

To me, speaking from Soul to Soul is the most beautiful form of communication
that exists, absolutely pure and free of distortions from the ego. It is always possible,
at any moment of the day or night. A pre-requisite is that you be calm, relaxed, and
not in the middle of an emotion. It often happens spontaneously during the night,
or the early hours of the morning, while you are in the state between REM-sleep and
waking consciousness. As the poet P.C. Boutens so beautifully put it in his poem,
“The Still of the Night,”

What cannot be spoken from soul to soul

Through the day’s airy murmuring,
Speaks from lofty regions
Clear as a star refracting into light,
Untainted by language or signs,
God in each of us.

All Souls can speak to each other. Souls can speak to each other, because all Souls
are connected to each other. Every Soul can speak with every other Soul, but Souls
which are connected by a bond of love can communicate with each other more
easily than Souls with a lesser bond. Everyone who has experienced this knows it
and recognizes it, because it is so clear and plain.
Believe me, the Soul or essence of everything and everyone is of an indescribable
beauty. However large or small it appears on the outside, however beautiful or ugly,
however fat or thin, however old or young, it doesn’t matter, the Soul is and remains
of indescribable beauty.
It also doesn’t matter what kind of misery we create with our thoughts. The Soul,
our Souls, are not changed by this at all, not in form or character, nor in quality or
characteristics. It continues to retain its beautiful qualities. It remains happy, giving,
loving, understanding, absolutely without judgment, and always gentle, infinitely
gentle. At the same time, it is extremely powerful, of an immeasurable strength,
which can not be compared to anything. We possess all of these qualities. Our Souls
possess them.
That we are not always conscious of this, is clear. That we do not always make use
of our qualities, is also clear. That we cannot understand it with our intellectual
capacities, is more than clear. However, that changes nothing, absolutely nothing,
about our Souls. Our Souls are the first emanation of God and, therefore, absolutely
divine. We cannot change this with all of our creative capacities. God is God,
everything is in God, everything is God. With our creative powers we can add to,
increase our consciousness and become one with, but, fortunately, we cannot remove
anything from our Soul, from our divine Being. We can make a mess, ruin, damage,
but not our essence, our being, our Soul. In this way, you can view this life as a big
playground where you can experience everything, and in which you can choose
what you want and what is good for you, for whatever reason.
228 Images of the Soul

How beautiful is the soul of all creation

A tree
If you direct your Soul’s eye towards a tree, you can actually see the bark, the
trunk, and the contours, but these quickly fade away. You then immediately see a
pure sparkling energy in the tree, in an elongated form: the being, or the Soul, of the
tree. The being, or the Soul, of the tree can communicate with your being, or your
soul, and can tell its story. It can tell you what it’s like to be a tree, what it’s like to be
with other trees, and how they see people.

I was once walking in the woods. I have always wanted to come in contact
with a tree, but it has only happened twice. All of a sudden a very tall tree was
communicating with the other trees and I overheard it saying “Oh what a small
being” It meant me! At first, I felt offended, but then I realized that compared to
the very tall tree, I must have looked very small indeed! The tree went on, “ But she
enjoys being in the forest.”

That was absolutely true. So the trees could not only communicate with each
other and with me (as had occurred on other occasions), they also knew how I felt!
Amazing! They tell how they enjoy producing oxygen, so that the people on Earth
can live, how they enjoy the rain, the wind, and the sun. Trees mirror our power
on Earth, our connection to the Earth, and the Cosmos. When we see a tree, we are
consciously (or subconsciously) reminded of this. It is with respect that they allow
you to see their being, or core, and it is with respect that you should behold it.

A flower
You can also look directly at a flower from Soul to Soul. First, I saw the exterior,
but she quickly let me see her being. She showed me her pure shining “light.” She
was cheerful, playful, and above all pretty, splashing out in all directions, sparkling
towards me. She said that she wanted nothing better than for people to enjoy her
beauty. She enjoyed it even more when someone said, “What a beautiful flower.”
She wanted to delight, please, and enjoy. A feast for the Soul’s eye, flowers mirror
our gentleness and our joy, our inner and outer beauty, and our playfulness. They
give this back to mankind. It’s what they mirror wonderfully for us. As I took my
leave of her, I expressed my respect towards her and thanked her for allowing me to

A mushroom
If you look directly at a “common” mushroom, you won’t believe what you see. It
is a small jewel of shining and sparkling light, with all the colors of energy, which
burst in a breathtaking play of light and color. The mushroom’s “being” also has its
own story. It showed me how it cleans the soil with its infinitely long roots, how
Speaking from your soul 229

it combines beauty and usefulness in a game of mirth and joy. I was stunned by its
utmost beauty.
In her book, Isis Unveiled, H.P. Blavatsky says, “If we could view nature spiritually,
then we would see everything shining and flickering around us in a miraculous
mixture of colors, a delightful spectacle.”
I saw it and it is absolutely true.

Water crystals are more beautiful than the finest diamonds. Water glitters
and sparkles, and every water crystal shows all of its facets in an unprecedented
splendor. It shows itself as nourishing, caring, nurturing, refreshing, in short, as
life-giver in all its facets. Water mirrors all of the emotions of humanity. It reflects
profound silence, calm, babbling, and playfulness. It can be powerful, lashing, or
pounding. It can also be destructive and devastating. Water gives and takes, floods
and recedes, overwhelms and calms. It can be refreshing, but also freezing cold. It
can be warming, but also boiling hot and even scalding. It reflects the entire scale of
emotions, from total peace, to what seems like completely uncontrolled savagery.
Water does not only reflect all of our emotions. As life-giver, water also heals
all of our emotions, if we are open to it. Water cleanses, not only physically, but
also emotionally. Who does not feel “invigorated” after taking a bath, a shower,
or a swim, after they were dead tired and filled with tension. You not only become
physically clean and fit when you bathe or shower, you are also emotionally
cleansed and are, therefore, relaxed or full of energy again. Water heals, always and
everywhere, if you allow the inconceivable gentleness and the power of the water to
help you. It is good to thank the water for what it does. Whether it’s the water that
you drink, or the water that you use, gratitude and respect are always in order.

A flame, or fire, is more than its visible exterior. Fire can scorch the earth. Fire
can burn anything and everything. It looks like it’s burning, but an empty space
presents itself in the fire, the being or the core of the fire. In this empty space, the fire
is enlightening and creative. The fire mirrors the clarity, the transparence. Above all,
the fire mirrors the creativity of humankind, because in the emptiness, peace and
creativity take place.
The fire, the flame, is the symbol for the being of the core of man, the Soul. Fire,
flame, reflects the eternal flame, the eternal God, the God in us. Our flame, our Soul,
is clear, transparent, eternal, and divine. The flame symbolizes our Soul and
contains all of the qualities of the soul. Just as water contains and reflects all of our
emotions, the flame contains and reflects all of the many qualities of the Soul. As
Gandhi said, “Where an eternal flame burns, you cannot help but find wisdom,
truth, and love.”
230 Images of the Soul

Subconscious communication between souls

As I earlier said, there are different forms of communication possible between

Souls, subconscious and conscious. Two or more souls can talk to each other, but not
be conscious of it. This can happen during the day or at night. If it happens at night,
then you can take this information, or this conversation, back to your waking
consciousness and it will translate itself into a clear thought, idea, “flash,” or
recognition. You may recognize this thought in something you read or hear, in
words or music, in images or in nature. A lot of us will recognize the following
Frank kept brooding and brooding about how to tackle a nasty situation with his
client. He knew that he was being cheated, but at the same time he could not get
along without this important customer. If he were to openly tell his customer that he
knew the truth, he would surely deny it, and he would lose the account. If he were to
do nothing, it would go from bad to worse. He felt completely stuck. He was angry.
This customer really had him. He became more and more angry, but that did not
solve anything. Then, he remembered an old habit that he had learned as a child:
pray for help before you go to sleep at night. One morning, he woke up and he knew
it! He had dreamt that his friend, a lawyer, who was also on friendly terms with this
customer, spoke to him. He would discuss it with him, and he would approach his
client in a friendly way. That was it..

How do you suddenly come up with that great idea or the information? You
went to visit another Soul or Souls while you were asleep, and you received the
information or insight you were looking for from that Soul or Souls

Two or more souls speak to each other: one is conscious of it, the other is not

Steven was sixteen years old, friendly, and introverted. He got along with everyone,
but did not easily show who he was. For a long time, he refused to eat enough
and suffered from a type of “anorexia nervosa.” His mother wondered if he was
unhappy and wanted to help him. Her question to me came from genuine concern
and love, and I asked his Soul if I could make contact. After a bit of concentration,
I came into contact with Steven’s Soul. (A photograph of the person concerned is
not necessary for me, just his or her name. The desire to help is “the passport to the
Soul.”) He (his soul) told me the following, in words and images:

“I have had many lives in which I was intellectually very gifted and I was able
to use this intellectual gift in many ways and was able to do many extraordinary
things. That has always given me much joy and satisfaction. As an assignment in
Speaking from your soul 231

this life, I chose to develop my feeling - only my feelings. In order to do this, it is

necessary that my intellectual powers become secondary, that in this life I only use
a small portion of my intellectual gifts.

My ego, my body, my emotions, everything is rebelling against this. I am angry

and sad. I feel inconvenienced, small, insignificant, and stupid. Deep in myself, I
know that I am not “dumb,” that I am intelligent, but I can’t access it, not yet. I
have chosen to use less of my intellectual powers in this life, solely for the purpose
of developing my feelings more easily. If I complete this assignment, then I may be
able to access my exceptional intellectual powers again in this life, if I still want to.
To have a good chance of succeeding, in order to complete my assignment, I chose
a mother who can deal really well with her feelings, and a father who can express
his thoughts very well, but seldom talks about his feelings.”

By hardly eating, he was subconsciously expressing his resistance to his assignment

in this life. He did not wish to continue. He wanted to stop. He found it too difficult,
which is very understandable. It is a very difficult assignment, one that you don’t
take lightly. His mother told him about our talk and he actually recognized it.
Steven even reacted pleasantly surprised. It was a deep memory for him.

His Soul was very happy that he was reminded of his assignment in this way, that his
goal in this life was brought to his consciousness once again. Because of this, it
became a bit easier for him to deal with it. His problem with shyness was not
immediately solved, but he could discuss it now and he understood the cause.
Naturally, there were still many obstacles to be negotiated, but it no longer seemed
pointless to him. Steven knew that on a higher level (his Soul’s), it had been and
still was his own choice, and he also knew why he chose this in particular. It
remained difficult, but inwardly he was now behind it.

A fifty-nine year old man came to see me. He had a daughter who he loved with all
his heart. After his wife passed away, he had raised his daughter alone and a very
deep bond had grown between them. His daughter, Anna, now twenty-nine, lived
with her boyfriend and had a very good job. To his great sadness, Anna refused
contact more and more often. It seemed as if she was rejecting her father, as if she
preferred to have as little to do with him as possible. He was upset about it and
could not understand it. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened between them,
so he could think of no explanation for her behavior. He didn’t dare to talk to her
about it, for fear of losing her. Besides, there was no real concrete evidence. She was
not unpleasant, she didn’t do any nasty things, she just distanced herself from him
little by little.
232 Images of the Soul

I asked Anna if I could contact her Soul, and she told me the following:
In a past life, they had been mother and daughter. They lived in the far North, and
belonged to an Eskimo-tribe. Life there was hard. In order to survive, they had to
cross great expanses of snow and ice together in search of better places to stay.
Anna was weak, both physically and spiritually, and could not handle this journey,
however grown up she was. Her mother had to drag her behind her, endlessly
pulling her on her shabby sled. Anna felt she was an enormous burden. She was
deeply ashamed and felt guilty. Her older mother had to drag her along, at the
cost of her own strength. Her mother did not complain, she just did it. She loved
Anna. In that life, Anna decided that she never wanted to live off of someone else’s
strength again. She wanted to do it herself.

Now that she was independent, she wanted to do that. She wanted no help from her
father, or from anyone, however much she loved him. She wanted to do everything
on her own and, taking her past into account, that was very understandable.

Her father understood. It explained many things from the past, and still more from
the present. It explained their deep bond and the motto she’d had since she was a
child: “I’ll do it myself.” It explained that she preferred never to accept help from
others, even thought it would have made some things so much easier.

Because Jeremy understood, he could more or less accept this, and their relationship
became more relaxed on his part. He hoped that he, one day, would be able to tell
Anna their story.

Incidentally, it is always a joy to talk to your Soul, or to someone else’s Soul. It

always makes you happy and for me it is always moving. Your Soul, The Soul, It,
He, She, always touches your heart. It is always a joyful and moving encounter, a
must for everyone. The same happens during a really good conversation, or a very
intense encounter, spiritual or physical. In such a case, you also speak Soul to Soul
and your entire being is affected, touched by the being or the Soul of the other.

It once happened spontaneously while I was in the car. I was driving on “automatic
pilot,” it was quiet on the road, and I did not have to pay close attention. Suddenly
the Soul of another spoke to me. I instantly recognized the being of the person. It is a
wondrous experience and I never forget it.

I entered the office of a doctor I had never met before. I saw his mental body
bowing towards me with great respect with both hands in front of his chest. I saw
that his Soul recognized me from another life. We had both been monks in the same
monastery where we had eventually become very good friends
Speaking from your soul 233

It can happen any time, at any moment of the day or night. The only condition is
that you are calm, relaxed, not in the middle of an emotion, and that it is peaceful
around you. It is a bit difficult to see and hear a Soul amid bustle and noise. However,
it is definitely not impossible. On the contrary, if you want to do something very
exciting, something very important to you, something you find very worthwhile, then
it is especially important that you remain in contact with your Soul. This will help
you to know what you have to do or not do, and what to say or not to say. This works
if, during such moments or circumstances, amid all of the commotion and
excitement, you continue to concentrate on your quiet voice, or the quiet of your
Soul. Continue to concentrate, both on the inside and on the outside. It is both. It is
like simultaneous translation. You listen and you speak at the same time. You not
only hear what others say to you, but you also switch to the channel which is tuned-
in to the frequency of your Soul. Ten to one that you know, feel, hear, or see what
comes from within. It is simply a matter of continuing to concentrate, continuing to
do it. One day it will work, because it is not only you who wants it. Your partner, your
Soul, wants it even more.

Before you meet someone for business or pleasure, send energy from your heart
to that person or persons. He, or she, is open to you, and you are open to them. You
can then definitely send the message you would like to communicate from your
heart, and all of the energy that goes with it. While you drive, or sit waiting, you can
consciously connect your heart with the heart of another. If it is someone you love,
for example, you can feel his or her warmth. That is wonderful and very enjoyable.
You can also connect with the heart of someone you have difficulty with. You can
then feel why this person has difficulty with you and why you have difficulty with
him/her. At that moment, you can change it, or do something with it by sending
that person love, warmth flowers and forgiveness instead of hatred, angry,
jalousy, disappointment and judgment. I f you are with that person later, you will
see, literally and figuratively, that it feels different! Something has happened.
You have done the most important thing you could do. You have transformed the
energy and the result follows automatically.
This is worth trying, because we now know that the largest part of communication
is not verbal, but nonverbal! We communicate not only through gestures, facial
expressions, and body language, but above all, through the emotional, mental, and
Soul bodies, via the heart. Why not make use of them, conscious use?

Tip to quickly function in unison, body and soul

You can do this no matter where you are. You can be sitting, lying down,
standing, or walking, at the office, in the train, in the car, at work, or at home.
Focus your attention, and therefore your energy, on your legs. Feel that your legs
become heavy, or begin to tingle slightly. You are connected to the Earth’s energy.
Images of the Soul

You are grounded. Now open yourself to the cosmic energy or to your Soul. Visualize
an open channel , open to top and open to the bottem, full of light around you
Feel the energy from the cosmos and your Soul flow through you.
Feel that you are opening or are already open.
Now concentrate on your heart. Connect the terrestrial energy with the cosmic
energy in your heart. You can only receive God in your heart. You need an earthly
vessel to be able to receive this energy, a place for the Soul to express itself.

You will notice that you function much better in unison, that you have much more
energy, that your insights are clearer, that you have a broader view of things, and
that you act with more love, strenght and wisdom.

Contact with the departed

If it is necessary for the healing process of the person who asks for help, deceased
loved ones may come to help. They often make themselves known to me through an
object, or a memory that only the receiver knows. Guides and other loved ones can
also make themselves known, depending on whether it’s useful or applicable. Even
events from a past life or lives can present themselves, if the events are still clearly
stored in the emotional body and something needs to be done with them, or worked
through, or recognized, as a clue to this life.
Vicky, who I loved very much, died in a very horrible way. It was so terrible, that I
couldn’t get over it. It must have been so difficult for her, an unspeakable death.
At one point, I sought contact with her and asked how she had experienced it. She
said, “I found it very difficult and I am still trying to come to terms with it, but,” she
added, “it only happened with permission from my Soul. Without permission from
my Soul, it never could have taken place.” That gave me peace. I now knew that it
wasn’t unfair and, with this knowledge, I could make peace with it.

Michelle was a fifty year-old woman and, physically, as strong as an ox. She lived
alone and had a good job. She told me her stomach was bothering her. Sometimes,
she experienced pain and a heavy feeling in her belly.
Michelle: “I was born in East Germany during WWII. My mother, who was Dutch,
was pregnant by a German soldier and brought me to my grandmother five months
after I was born. Child Welfare decided I would be better off in an orphanage
and I stayed there until I was four. I was well cared for there and I still have good
memories of that time. After that I was put into a foster home. I ran away after two
years. When I was sixteen, I went to live with my boyfriend and his mother. My first
child, a son, died an hour and a half after he was born. It seemed he was physically
Speaking from your soul 235

handicapped. Fortunately I had a healthy daughter and son after this. After
eighteen years of marriage, we divorced. I didn’t love him. I no longer have contact
with my in-laws, and my own grandmother and mother have passed away. I really
miss that family contact.”
It quickly became apparent that her original negative thought about herself was: “I
am not good.” She said it herself. “If I were good, I never would have ended up in
an orphanage or a foster home. Only a bad person could have ended up there.”

She clearly saw a heavy stone resting on her belly, solidified rage and sadness, which
had gradually turned to stone. Through E.M.D.R. we went back to the rage and
sadness. She went back into the womb. She was very angry that she was in the
womb and did not want to be born. She kicked and kicked. After that, she was very
angry with her mother, who abandoned her after five months, and angry with her
grandmother, who gave her to an orphanage. When the anger had been released
for the most part, I saw the solidified anger slowly dissolve, and the sadness, which
lay beneath it, could rise to the surface. Luckily, she was able to cry. During this
session, her grandmother suddenly appeared on her left side, a sturdy strict-looking
woman, and on her right side, her mother, young and shy.

Michelle’s mother told her, “It was terrible during the war and, most of all, as a
Dutch woman who was going to give birth to the child of a German soldier. The
scandal, the fear, the humiliation.” We saw how she almost pushed Michelle out
during her pregnancy. She didn’t want the child at all. She said, “During my life,
I never realized what this all meant to you. I was so busy with my own trauma
and my own life.” She asked Michelle for forgiveness and for permission to touch
her right arm and hand. She promised to stay at Michelle’s side for the rest of
her earthly life and only to go to her own destination after Michelle’s death. She
remained modest and remorseful.

Meanwhile, I saw Michelle’s hardened rage and sadness dissolve. It was replaced
by a soft pink energy in her stomach. She then became conscious of her uterus.
Her departed son was also present. Cheerful, full of high spirits, and with the
appearance of a sixteen year old boy, he said the following to Michelle: “Mom, I am
very grateful that you gave me the opportunity to experience a handicapped body
and to be born with one. I understand your sadness and still love you. Thank you
and all is well with me.” Then he took his leave again.

Michelle was moved and thankful at the same time. She now understood more, and
her past was easier to accept. The burden had become less heavy. This was enough.
236 Images of the Soul

This and other stories speak for themselves. I have barely begun to describe the
possibilities that lie in our physical and spiritual bodies. I do not pretend to know
everything; I simply describe what I now know now . Tomorrow and the day after
tomorrow, the knowledge will be different again, hopefully more than yesterday, and
better than today. I hope from the bottom of my heart that these few examples will
lead to recognition and a better, or even better, contact with your own Soul and
those of others. I hope that you will again remember and feel warmth and love in
your own heart.

My soul added:

"Whatever you think and feel

Whatever happens to you
You are always in my energy
Surrounded and protected by my energy and I will always be there to catch you
when you fall. No matter what.
Whatever happens to you, nothing will happen."
Word of Thanks

First and foremost, I would like to thank all of the people who have opened their
heart and Soul to me and have often trusted me with their innermost feelings these
many past years. Because of this, I can see and understand more and more. This
book and all of these stories would never have existed if they had not done so and
continue to do .
Because of this, I could observe with respect, in the same way that I could observe in
myself, and in this way we were able to build up this knowledge together and pass it

You can never do something like this alone. You do it together. Thank you Inge, for
empathizing with me from the beginning. Jo, Liesbeth, Marjolein, Marion, Milia,
Petra, and Willemijn, you have allowed me to see a lot, and we have experienced
many joyful and moving moments together, because of which we could all move
further. Thank you Constance, for encouraging me to set this all down on paper.
Thank you Simone, for coming up with ideas, and Gemma, for more than fifty years
of friendship. And Annie, Betty and Betty, Minette, and Roos, thank you for the
many cheerful and relaxing hours we have enjoyed together for almost 25 years.
Thank you Desiree, Ineke, Liesbeth, and Simona, together we were active and are
still active. And Rita and Gea, our work together was short and valuable. Clara and
Hans, thank you for many very special moments of inter-vision. And Loes, we have
walked many roads together. Thank you Jill and Bate, for your special friendship.
Thank you Joris, for your enthusiasm and ideas. My thanks and recognition to
Antoinette, who supported me from the beginning, even when there was still not
much on paper, and for Paul and Anke, who put their faith in me. And Joanny,
because of your unconditional acceptance, I dared to be myself. Thanks Diny - we
have been able to share so much, so often. Thanks Jan Dirk, for your support in
realizing this book. And Adri and Corry, my trusty mates on this difficult road, you
are always there when I need you and also when I don’t. Because of you, I could

My special thanks to you Adri, for helping me with the drawings. We worked on it
together with great pleasure. My very special thanks to Pavanne, who did a great
translating job. It was a huge and demanding job, and she was not satisfied until
she found the perfect word or expression. And, last but not least, Serge and Valesca,
my dearest son and daughter, your love and humor mean everything to me.
238 Images of the Soul


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