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Russian US-9 and US-9DM Receivers

The US-9 receiver is a copy of the American BC-348 receiver. (УС-9)

Whether the receiver has been built in a “lend lease” agreement in the forties or if,- as some
sources in the internet claim,- it has been copied from a “captured” B-29 is not clear.

Manufacturer: Frunze Radio Works, Gorky

Year: 1945–1978 ? Type: Communication Receiver (also Amateur)
Valves / Tubes 11: 6k7 6k7 6k7 6j3p 6j3p 6j7 6j8 6f7 6b8 6p6s sg2s
Principle Superhet with RF-stage; IF-Freq 915 kHz
Tuned circuits 10 AM circuit(s)
Wave bands Wave Bands given in the notes.
Power type and
Batteries (storage and/or dry) / 27 Volt
Loudspeaker For headphones or amp.
Material Metal case
Dimensions (WHD) 460 x 245 x 270 mm / 18.1 x 9.6 x 10.6 inch
AM/CW receiver for airborne purposes. The prototype was the US
radio BC-348N. Coverage 0,2-0,5 and 1,5-18 MHz in six ranges.
Supply from built in dynamo-motor, in latest versions from transistor
changer. Some variations in radio component types at all time, but
not in schematic. From 1955 some models were produced with cable
remote control (model US-9DMS).

Solveij US-9:

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Russian US-9 and US-9DM Receivers

Top view with Dynamotor

Bottom View

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Russian US-9 and US-9DM Receivers

Rear view


A short comment:
The US-9 is fully compatible in size and layout with the BC-348’s that I own.
It even fits into the US-racks.
Tuning knobs, antenna connectors and such are slightly different though. Internally the wiring
and components are slightly different as well and naturally of Russian make.

Two close-ups show how similar the two receivers are:

BC-348 US-9

Personally I do not believe in the story of a not authorized copied receiver.

Some parts within the US-9 are exactly like the ones in the BC-348, so that it would make
sense, that the Russian authorities were given exact construction details of the BC-348 by
the US Government.

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Russian US-9 and US-9DM Receivers

US-9DM (УС-9 ДМС):

In Russia the US-9 was by far longer in use than in the US.
Having equipped the air force with these radios resulted in the need for a remotely controlled

Russian engineering provided the following solution:

Receiver front view with cover

Front view of the modified US-9 receiver,- now called US-9DMS (УС-9 ДМС), with a motor driven front
The receiver itself basically remained as is,- apart from a few modernizations.
It’s power supply still required 27VDC and 115V/400Hz, like the control
unit shown on the following page.

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Russian US-9 and US-9DM Receivers

Receiver unit with the control unit

Control Unit

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Russian US-9 and US-9DM Receivers

Front of Receiver, with cover for remote control

Back side of receiver. On the bottom is the opening for the power plug,- as with the BC-348

Top view

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Russian US-9 and US-9DM Receivers

Detail of the power supply / converter

Bottom view

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Russian US-9 and US-9DM Receivers

Detail of the modernized interior

Power generator – a similar unit was used with the US-9 at 27VDC input and 115V/400hz

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Russian US-9 and US-9DM Receivers

Power Generator

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