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Grades 1 to 12 School DepEd School Grade Level Grade 6


Teacher Learning Area Agriculture
Teaching Dates and Time SY 2017-2018 Quarter 1st (First Week)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
I. OBJECTIVES Perform propagation of Trees and Fruit trees following agricultural standards s
in the industry.
Demonstrates an understanding of scientific practices in planting trees and fruit
A. Content Standards trees

Applies knowledge and skills in planting trees and fruit trees

B. Performance Standards

TLE6AG0a-1 1.2a. Identifies

C. Learning 1. Discusses the 1.1 Explains benefits successful orchard 1.3 Prepare and 1.4 Maintaining your
importance of planting derived from planting growers in the undertake nursery work. nursery.
and propagating trees trees and fruit-bearing community or adjacent
Objectives and fruit-bearing trees communities.
trees to families and
and marketing seedlings. communities. 1.2b. famous orchards
Write the LC code for farms in the Philippines.
II. CONTENT 1a. Importance of trees 1.1.1. Characteristics of 1.2.1 Identifying 1.3.1 Common nursery 1.4.1 Benefits derived
and fruit bearing trees trees and fruit bearing successful orchard work. from a nursery.
Activities: trees. growers in the 1.3.2 Proper use of 1.4.2 Nursery plant
Classification of the 1.1.2. Benefits derived community. nursery tools and maintenance, operatio
different trees and fruit from trees and fruit trees. 1.2.2 Sources of Trees equipment. and activities.
bearing trees in your/the 1.1.3 Products obtained and Fruit bearing Trees: 1.3.3 Nursery hygiene 1.4.3 Greening the
community. from trees and fruit trees. Commercial Nursery and safe work practices. nursery.
Importance of planting Agricultural Institutions 1.3.4 Varieties of
and propagating trees Department of seedlings of trees and
and fruit trees. Agriculture fruit trees, and their
Bureau of Plant characteristics.
Industry 1.3.5 Ways how to care
for seedlings.
Curriculum Guide for Curriculum Guide for Curriculum Guide for Curriculum Guide for Curriculum Guide for
Grade VI-Agriculture p.32 Grade VI-Agriculture p.32 Grade VI-Agriculture p.32 Grade VI-Agriculture p.32 Grade
A. References