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Ivy TM

A New Frontier Solutions product Scenario Analysis & Robust Plans

Business planning & tracking software for well engineers Quickly react to changing circumstances

Diagnostic checking offset data

Risk mitigation analysis
Performance benchmarking

Drilling strategy, Safety, Performance improvement , Risk mitigation, Drilling

Optimizing your well
From coalface programs
to boardroom From coalface to boardroom plan, Test drive the well program, What – If analysis, Costing & Budgeting,
Scenario analysis, Plug & Abandon, Technology trial, Contract analysis, Offset
analysis, Drilling &Reservoir Engineers, CFO, Business planning, Cost
reduction, Real-time visibility.
Benefits of IvyTM
Reduces cost per barrel
Faster well delivery
Intelligence from data to trade Real-time visibility
Warning signalling

Field proven models Modules

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Data intelligence generator
Europe Offset data analyzer Contact us !
Well & campaign planner
Contract analyzer
Russia Vendor analyzer Ivy@n-f-solutions.com
Business reporter
Real-time dashboard

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