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Drama Analysis 407


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Table of Stages in Tragedy Drama

Stages Detail of the Play Act … Scene … Explanation

Anticipation I have sent the son of Menoeceus, Act 1 Scene [28- Oedipus appeases his people
Stage Creon…to learn what deen orword I 79] in high self confidence that
might deliver this town. he will find out what causes
the plague sent to the
Thebans by sending Creon to
Apollo’s oracle so that he
will know what to do.

Dream If indeed thou knowest it not deom Act 1 Scene [297- Knowing the message that
Stage the messangers—sent answer to our 392] the Laius’ murderer should
question; be banished to heal the town,
Oedipus devotedly takes part
What restlessness of soul, lady, that in order to uncover who the
tumult of the mind hath just come Act 1 Scene[704-
732] murderer is by gathering
upon since I heard thee speak! information, from Teiresias
to hear about the prophecy,
Jacosta to know about the
issues of how Laius been

Frustration Know that he had received thee as Act 1 Scene Oedipus knows from the
Stage gift from my hands of yore. [1017-1032] Herald that he was adopted
child, and that the truth is
getting clearer that he was
not son of Polybus and
Merope. He begins to realize
that he is the Laius’
murderer. This leads
Oedipus to find the Shepherd
in order to listen to his
Nightmare Ill-fated one! Mayst thou never come Act 1 Scene Both Jacosta nd Oedipus are
Stage to know who thou art! [1051-1072] in great despair, guilty, and
shame. Jacosta realizes that
Oh, oh! All brought to pass—all true! Act 2 Scene Oedipus is both her son and
Tou light, may I now look my last on [1175-1212] husband and that she warns
thee—I who have been found him not to find out about it
accursed in birth, accursed in for more. No longer after
wedlock, accursed in the shedding of Jacosta’s leaving, Oedipus is
blood! now at the peak of evidence
to unravel his anxiety all
along, and that he has shared
bed with his father’s wife.

Destruction But the hand that struck the eyes was Act 3 Scene Oedipus blinds his eyes after
or Death none save mine, wretched that I am [1297-1335] he knew that Jacosta hanged
Wish Stage herself, for he lost both wife
Cast me out of this land with all Act 3 Scene[ and mother. He thinks that
speed, to a place where no mortal 1432-1465] nothing’s left to see and to
shall be found to greet me more. face the world, for the worst
cursed man like him. He then
he asks Creon to send him
away from theThebes where
no one will find him.
Reading Events

Number Name of What do they Detail of the Play Explanation

Character want?

1 Oedipus Want to knows who In scence 356-373 Oedipus dare

killed Laius Tieresias to speak
again, and he wish
hear better. But
Tieresias said that his
trusth is strenght. In
here Oedipus thinks
that Tieresias want to
overthrow him as the

2 Oedipus The meaning of Oedipus “He says that I Oedipus getting

Creon words stand guilty of the blood of haerth conflict, he
Laius” doesnt understand
about the Creon’s
words. It make him

In the last scence,

when he find that
Jocasta is dead and he
is the son’s of Jocasta
he blinding his eyes. It
represented to redeem
his fate.

2. Jocasta Prove that Oedipus When Jocasta having Jocasta was confuses
is her son conversation with stranger when she get
conversation with
stranger. It make her
having the big
questions and she
asking to Oedipus.
But in her hearth she
still keep her

When she find the

truth if Oedipus is her
son. She decided to
ended her live.

Num Characters Type of Detail of the Play Explanation

ber Involved Conflict

1. Oedipus External Page 371 [80-104] Oedipus as a king has the responsibility to

“By banishing a man, get rid of the plague that attacks Thebes.
or by bloodshed in So that, Oedipus sent Creon to Apollo's
quittance of Oracle to find a solution to stop the plague.
bloodshed, since it is
that blood which Creon gave the news that Laius' murderer
brings the tempest on
must be found and Oedipus wants the
our city”
murderer to be brought to justice.

Number Conflicts Ways of Conflict Details of the Story Explanation

Developing Developing

1. Oedipus vows to find Oedipus orders a man to Page 373 [128-166] As the king of
out Laius’ murderer. bring Tiresias, a famous Thebes, Oedipus
seer, to the palace. “… For whoever was feels responsible
the slayer of Laius for the plague that
might wish to take has been
vengeance on me spreading widely.
also…. Therefore, in Creon says it’s
doing right to Laius, I due to Laius’ (the
serve myself.” former king)
murderer who
lives in Thebes.

Oedipus vows to
seek him and
bring him to

He then sends a
man to take the
godlike prophet
named Tiresias to
help him
revealing the

2. Oedipus doesn’t Tiresias reveals the Page 382 How can someone
believe truth revealed truth that Oedipus is the be accused as a
by Tiresias and even murderer. However, doer—in this
accuses him of Oedipus feels he never case, murderer—
dethroning him. did that so that he when he has no
rejects it. idea about it?

Tiresias reveals
that Oedipus is
the murderer, yet
Oedipus feels he
never killed

Hence, Oedipus
rejects everything
spoken by
Tiresias. He says
that Tiresias is not
a true seer and
even accuses him
that Tiresias has
allied with Creon
to dethrone him.
Climax (How are the conflict(s) resolved?)

Num Conflicts Developed Ways of Conflict Detail of the Play Explanation

ber resolving

1 This is the part when Through his Page 405 to 408 This shows how Oedipus
Oedipus decided to investigation by asking at first determines to find
find and punish the Teiresias, messenger, out the truth for his people
murderer of Laius and herdsman, Oedipus sake. Then, along the way
finds his origin is in finding who the
related to Laius’ murderer is, he also finds
murderer case. out more about his origin.
The more facts about the
murderer revealed the
more it looks like Oedipus
himself. Because of it, he
feels doubtful about
himself and has internal
battle whether or not all of
it is the truth.