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Mark Wilson

Ms. Figueroa

Senior English 1


The Future of Electric Cars

Electric cars are growing in the automotive industry statistics show last year the

German, automotive industry sold 146,000. “The number of electric cars worldwide rose

to 3.2 million” electric cars sold in 2018. Electric cars are more efficient because they’re

compact easy to operate they have less moving components to repair. And also they are

good for the environment less emissions. First known electric car was built in 1837. “Did

you know electric cars were the most popular car’s in the 1920s during their period Electric

Vehicles were more convenient easier to operate.”

The world is not ready for electric car’s because it’s still in the testing stages isn’t proven

as reliable technology. Charging stations aren’t as plentiful as a traditional gas station the elderly

would have trouble learning new technology. I think if we don’t come together to solve this

issue in our environment then we won’t strive to develop a necessary alternative fuel for a

vehicle, using natural resources is bad for the environment and Ozone layers. I believe that

electric cars should be available for countries with high polluted area’s to solve rough living

situations such as environmental issues I would also offer incentives such as free electricity for

two Years until 2021. Also, I would offer free maintenance for six months my plan would be put

into effect by advertising through car manufacturers, commercial, and electric car companies

such as Tesla. Why buy gas giants which are horrible for the environment instead of damaging
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our air with harmful emissions use the alternative electric car’s better faster efficient for our


Why electric cars are useful and why people are buying them. Electric cars are

dependable unlike gas vehicles. “Fueling with electricity offers some advantages not available in

conventional internal combustion engines vehicles. Because electric motors react quickly Ev’s

are very responsible and have very good torque” (benefits of Ev’s) this quote supports the claim

that electric cars are dependable and will react to any error sooner than a combustion engine.

Why are people buying electric cars, Are electric vehicles fuel efficient? “The biggest

reason people said they would buy an electric car is concern for the environment about 80% of

people who said they would buy an EV cited this as a reason. Next, 67% of people cited lower

operating cost. Electricity costs much less per mile than gasoline or diesel fuel, and electric cars

costs less to maintain since they have far fewer moving parts and don’t require oil changes.

(Peter Valdes - Dapena) More and more Americans are buying Electric vehicles each year.

EV’s are dependable machines, giving Americans more opportunities each year to

purchase these vehicles.

Electric cars are good for the general public because, Electric cars are entirely crash

tested and safer than gas cars. But not only are electric car’s safer than gas vehicles they’re more

efficient easier to use but also to fix in most cases. “Low maintenance and low running cost

Electric Cars, have fewer parts there more easily to fix.” Electric cars have lower maintenance

cost because there are fewer complicated parts that won’t cost so much to fix. Yes Electric cars

have fewer engine parts than gas car’s which only makes them more operational in maintaining

the vehicle.
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“Did you know electric cars were the most popular car’s in the 1920s during this time

period EV's were more convenient easier to operate.” Overall electric cars are just better than gas

car’s altogether cooperating isn’t so different but it’s more convenient for the public everyday

consumers. The main point of this issue is that electric cars are more convenient than gas car’s

but safer to fix but fully operational as well.

Are Electric cars worth the effort to purchase, Are electric cars really a good buy for consumers.

“The price of electric vehicles is coming down but they still look expensive compared with many

gasoline powered cars that comparison though, is misleading once you figure in the cost of

ownership, especially maintenance and fuel, Electric vehicles are a bargain despite the up-front Commented [MWJ1]: Finish your paragraph

price tag. Electric cars seem expensive but past that price tag they are extremely easy to

maintain. Electric car price range is important for consumers. “This year the average electric car

transaction price decreased by two percent from 2016 some affordable models are the 220 mile

range Tesla model 3 for $35,000 and the Chevrolet Bolt with 238 mile range for $37,495.

Price matters for consumers wanting to buy cheaper models for a cheap affordable cost. Electric

cars are worth the price but that doesn’t mean consumers should have a reason not to buy electric


The bright side of EV’s is that gassing up is a thing of the past electric cars are entirely

charged up by energy. No worries electric cars are a thing of the future charging up is better than

burning natural resources “charging is easier than you think owner’s say you become
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accustomed to it immediately like plugging in your phone” Charging up electric car’s isn’t that

difficult it’s actually pretty easy task the more you do it. Electric cars are pretty efficient while

charging make sure to plug up during night. “On average American’s drive cars and vans about

30 miles per day even the cheapest overnight chargers can cover this easily.” Newer electric

vehicles now of days have 238 miles before running out of cars but before electric cars only had

about 100 miles of charge big changes. When buying an EV you will never have to worry about

running out of charge or battery range issues.

Electric cars are different than gas cars because electricity doesn’t pollute the air like gas

emissions. When you start up an electric car it doesn’t pump out exhaust, but it does the

complete opposite it keeps everything on the inside which is safer for the public? “Reduced noise

pollution electric car’s put curb on noise pollution they are much Quieter.” Limits noise pollution

with a simple upgrade electric car are built to limit noise and pollution. “They are heavier than

gasoline cars, but less noisy electric cars are heavy with the big battery but safer because of

weight.” All together electric cars are safer than gas because of their reduced noise but also less

dangerous car fluids less chance of catching on fire. Electric cars are as safe as gas but better

because of heavy engine machines and alternative fuel choices.

One argument against electric cars is that their battery life is too limited. Electric car’s

battery life is limited range is also limited electric cars have a common hassle of running out of

charge. “A gas vehicle range of. About 290 miles but an electric car mile average 265 miles.”

Pretty much gas cars have a higher range miles per gallon than Electric cars with one weak

charge isn’t going to outperform gas cars. Electric cars will never outperform gas vehicles with

such limited range their battery can only go so far when it comes down to the miles per charge.
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“ It takes too long to recharge an electric car because the Chevy Volt can be fully charged in four

hours if you have somewhere to be right now especially finishing up an empty tank, gas stations

typically take three minutes” Electric car recharging doesn’t meet the same expected time as gas

car’s which isn’t acceptable for the everyday working class. Furthermore, into the matter electric

cars will never exceed the further Qualifications of a gas running vehicle because charging and

range is limited. Too Expensive why buy an electric car if there too expensive to buy most

common issue when trying to purchase an EV's Why don’t most people buy electric cars it’s

because electric cars are out of budget plans the most an average person makes is roughly 45

thousand a year which isn’t really that much to afford one of those bad boys. “Lack of service

Center’s if your local dealership doesn’t stock EV's there’s. A chance it’s not certified to fix

them.” Why buy a vehicle that can’t even be fixed that’s costing more money out of pocket then

the original selling price? Don’t buy an electric car if the dealership that you purchase it from

doesn’t service\fix that type of vehicle. “Batteries will wear out most electric cars haven’t been

around long enough to rack up a huge number of miles.” Yes, over time electric car batteries will

wear out just like a gas vehicle engine with a short life span. Electric cars are expensive but not

only price of buying but also price of fixing maintenance is another big issue battery will wear

out and be harder to fix later.

I think that 99% of all drivers should have electric vehicles in his/her garage due to

environmental issues eventually oil will be too expensive for the general public consumption.

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular each year. Electric cars are good for

consumers due to healthy environment history no gas required just charge up powered by clean

energy. Also, electric cars are environmentally good no harmful emissions included I think that

all drivers should have an electric car with them oil won’t be here forever eventually oil will be
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too expensive to purchase. EC's will help end harmful emissions into our planet atmosphere,

environmental is key to our planet safety.

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