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Student Writing Reflection Sheet

Name: Julian Raul Moreno Period: 3rd Date: 1/22/2019

Class: Senior English Teacher: Ms. Figueroa

Assignment Title: Q2 Mid-Unit: Anglo-Saxon Values in Beowulf

Student Writing Goal: My renewed writing goal is to turn in a well put together writing assignments. I will strive for an
A paper. I know that I am very much capable of getting an A. An A in any major letter grade for any writing assignment
that will contribute to my long-term academic goal.

1) Re-read the paper (and teacher feedback).
2) Complete this reflection sheet.
3) Revise the paper accordingly and highlight any changes.
4) Submit the revision and this reflection sheet.

What was the purpose of this writing assignment?

The whole point of this writing assignment was to fully understand the Beowulf story as we, as a class, went
in depth in the religion of Beowulf himself. Not only did we gather a further understanding in the Anglo-
Saxon Religion, we also discovered what the differences between Beowulf and Christians religions.

How did you perform in relation to the expectations of the writing rubric?
I outscored what I predicted. I got a very high grade and was tremendously happy. I received a grade of
95.5/100 which is an outstanding A. I knew I did a good job, but did not realize I did that good. When I
personally grade the essay with the reading rubric I would receive – Statement of Purpose/Focus:4 –
Organization:4 – Elaboration of Evidence:4 – Language and Vocabulary: 4

What aspect of this piece did you do well? (give example/quotes to support claims)
Apparently, according to my graded assignment grade, I did well in every aspect of the essay. I did have a
very low number of flaws due to my punctuation as I had a difficult time making my texted into past tense.
Besides my bad habit of punctuation, everything else was fine.

Why have you/haven’t you chosen to revise this writing assignment?

I did take the liberty to make very few changes to my Beowulf essay. There were only a few flaws. I did
receive a good grade due to the few mistakes. I did fix the few errors and made the essay sound more
punctual. My mistakes related to my ability to make sentences into past tense.
What will you do better in your next writing assignment, and how will I do it?
Something I apparently lack at was the ability to reread and find punctuational mistakes. My teacher stated
that there where mistakes relating to my punctuation. I went back and made the errors as I did go back and
reread like I should have done in the first place.

To what degree of success did you achieve your previously stated goal(s)?
Well my writing goal was to strive for an A paper. Knowing I have the capability to draft and compose a
great paper, I had the courage and confidence to make that possible. I received a great grade which was a
major leap on accomplishing my overall academic goal. I was happy with my performance and my grade and
as a result, I have gained a lot more confidence and courage.