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For the Rise of the Runelords campaign
Version 1.2 September 2013

This guide is collected from many sources on the
ROTRL forum on Paizo.com. I have made 1. NPCs
various edits and additions to suit my campaign 2. Families and
but plenty of the source material is from others,
including Paizo. Please feel free to take and reuse
any parts of this to fit your particular group and 3. Places
play style. Portraits are taken from
May Sandpoint come to life in your hands.
Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

aesrick battlehorn
carpenter’s guildmaster

LG Male Dwarf Expert 5

Role: Carpenters Guildmaster
Father Abstalar Zantus Location: Carpenter's Guild (24)
High priest of Sandpoint cathedral
Appearance: Balding, sawdust in beard,
CG Male Human (Chelish / Varisian) Cleric apron with charcoal pencils, scarred hands
of Desna 4.
Personality: Unhurried, takes time to
Role: High Priest.
consider before speaking, insightful
Location: Sandpoint Cathedral (1).
Social: Sense Motive +1
Appearance: Wiry build, piercing eyes,
touches you when he talks to you. Speaks: Common, Dwarven, Giant, Goblin

Personality: Earnest, good hearted, open Aid: Appraise +8, Craft (carpentry) +15,
minded. Craft (stonemasonry) +12
Social: Diplomacy +9, Sense Motive +12. Topics: Scarnetti family, Banny Harker &
Speaks: Common, Varisian, Celestial. Ibor Thorn, Tickwood.

Aid: Heal +12, Spellcraft +8, Brew Potion, Notes: Feuding with Shipyards (46) about
Cleric spells. choice of best lumber from the mill.
Topics: Desna, Sandpoint fire, the new.
cathedral, Ezakien and Nualia (DC 20).
Notes: Oversees 12 people who work at the
cathedral. See Places section below.

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Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Aliver Podiker
Alchemist & Herbalist

LE Male Human (Chelish/Varisian)

Alchemist 5.
Role: Alchemist, Sczarni fixer.
Location: Pillbug's Pantry (16).
Aldern Foxglove Appearance: Short, rotund, unattractive.
Nobleman From Magnimar
Personality: Cagey, suspicious, structured,
CN Male Human (Chelish) Aristocrat 4/ over-complicates things.
Rogue 3. Social: Bluff +7, Sense Motive +1.
Role: Visiting Nobleman with a Secret. Speaks: Common, Varisian, Shoanti.
Location: The Rusty Dragon (37). Aid: Craft (alchemy) +11, Craft (poison)
Appearance: Handsome, if a bit wan. Well +13, Know (Nature) +8.
dressed. Topics: Herbalism, gardening, black market
Personality: Desperate to make friends, goods from Magnimar (DC 25).
eccentric, sometimes awkward. Notes: Protective of his Sczarni friends.
Social: Bluff +14, Diplomacy +16, Drinks a few to many of his own potions.
Intimidate +6, Sense Motive +10.
Speaks: Common, Varisian, Elven.
Aid: Know (local: Magnimar) +10, Know
(Nobility) +10.
Topics: Magnimar and the goings on of
Magnimar’s nobility.

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Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Alma Avertin Ameiko Kaijitsu

Baker & Owner of Sandpoint Savouries Bard & Owner of the Rusty Dragon

LG Human Female (Chelish) Expert 7. CG Female Human (Tian) Aristocrat 1/

Bard 3/Rogue 1
Role: Baker, Mother of former Sheriff.
Role: Tavernkeep, former adventurer,
Location: Sandpoint Savories (21). daughter of Lonjiku, sister of Tsuto.
Appearance: Motherly, but with a sense of Location: The Rusty Dragon (37)
deep loss.
Appearance: exotic beauty, tattooed, plays
Personality: Sad (lost son Casp to the samisen.
Personality: Informal, swears like a sailor,
Social: Bluff +12, Diplomacy +15, jokes around, lively.
Intimidate +12, Sense Motive +13.
Social: Bluff +12, Diplomacy +12,
Speaks: Common, Varisian, Shoanti, Intimidate +8, Sense Motive +9.
Speaks: Common, Varisian, Minkaian,
Aid: Appraise +15, Know (local) +15, Heal
Aid: Appraise +9, Know (local) +8, Know
Topics: Casp Avertin, former Sheriff, and (nobles) +8.
his death to the Chopper in the Late
Unpleasantness. Belor Hemlock, who she Topics: Glassworks, Lonjiku & Tsuto (DC
mixed feelings about. 25), Adventuring, Shalelu Andosana.
Notes: Mixed Tian and Varisian descent.
Rivalry with Cyrdak Drokkus. Friend of
Shalelu Andosana.

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Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Belor Hemlock
Sheriff of Sandpoint

NG Male Human (Shoanti) Fighter 4

Role: Sheriff, brother of Garridan Viskalai,
boyfriend of Kaye Tesarani.
Location: Sandpoint Garrison (10),
Banny Harker Sandpoint Town Hall (11), The Pixie’s
Manager of the Sandpoint Sawmill Kitten (43).
NG Male Human (Chelish) Expert 3. Appearance: Shaved head. Usually wears
Role: Sawmill manager, partner of Ibor chainmail coif.
Thorn, friend of the Scarnetti family. Personality: Honest, blunt, serious, slow to
Location: Sandpoint Lumber Mill (25). trust but can be a strong ally.
Appearance: Youthful, serious. Social: Diplomacy +5, Intimidate +7, Sense
Motive +3.
Personality: Penny-pincher, secret
romantic. Speaks: Common, Varisian, Shoanti.

Social: Bluff +6, Diplomacy +5, Intimidate Topics: Local banditry, Sczarni, Goblins,
+6, Sense Motive +9. Shoanti, Garridan Viskalai, Jubrayl Vhiski.
Speaks: Common, Varisian, Shoanti. Notes: Warns PCs away from Fatman's
Feedbag (42) and Jubrayl Vhiski. Is
Aid: Know (local) +5. attemting to gain enough evidenced to
Topics: Aesrick Battlehorn, Tickwood. arrest key members of the Sczarni. Changed
his surname from Viskalai to the Chelish
Notes: Courting Katrine Vinder. Murdered
translation ‘Hemlock’.
by the Skinsaw man in Chapter 2.

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Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Belvin Valdemar
Shipyard Overseer and Heir to the Besk Magravi
Valdemar Family Estate Barkeep at Risa’s Place

NG Male Human (Chelish) Aristocrat 2/ NG Human (Varisian) Commoner 2 /

Expert 5. Apprentice wizard.
Role: Shipyard overseer, heir apparent Role: Tavernkeeper, youngest daughter of
ofValdemar family. Risa Magravi (age 28).
Location: Sandpoint Shipyard (46). Location: Risa's Place (13) Turandarok
Appearance: handsome, charismatic, alert. Academy (27).
Personality: eligible bachelor, dedicated to Appearance: Observant, delicate, quick
family business, intense. movements.

Social: Bluff +11, Diplomacy +11, Personality: Serious until she knows you,
Intimidate +2, Sense Motive +1. then warm and full of questions.

Speaks: Common, Varisian, Shoanti, Social: Bluff +1, Diplomacy +3, Intimidate
Dwarven. +1.

Aid: Appraise +12, Craft (carpentry) +17, Speaks: Common, Varisian.

Know (Eng) +15, Know (geo) +15, Know Topics: Risa Magravi, legends of Varisia,
(local) +12. learning magic.
Topics: Sandpoint Mercantile League and Notes: Protective of her mother. Learning
the diminishing role the Valdemar family is to be a wizard from Ilsoari Gandethus of
playing in it, Shipbuilding, The Lost Coast. the Turandarok Academy (level 0 spells).
Concerns for his aging sick father (DC 25) Curious towards all magic users.
Notes: Capable and concerned for the
wellbeing of Sandpoint. Knows he has to
have a good relationship with the Scarnettis
but wants to limit their power. As the
players become more influential he may try
to build a mutually beneficial relationship.

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Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Bilivar Wheen
Bethana Corwin Wheelwright

Cook & Assistant Manager at the N Male Human (Chelish) Expert 3.

Rusty Dragon
Role: Wheelwright.
NG Female Halfling Commoner 2. Locations: Wheen's Wagons (31), The
Role: Cook and general help at the Rusty Hagfish (33).
Dragon. Appearance: Lanky, long-hared, missing
Location: The Rusty Dragon (37). teeth.

Appearance: Elderly, kind face, soft-spoken. Personality: down-on-his-luck, henpecked,

taken to drink.
Personality: Timid, strong principles, loyal.
Social: Bluff +6, Intimidate +6, Sense
Social: Bluff +2, Diplomacy +6, Sense Motive +2.
Motive +1.
Speaks: Common.
Speaks: Common, Varisian, Halfling,
Minakian. Aid: Appraise +6, Craft (blacksmith, siege
engine) +4, Know (engineering) +6.
Aid: Appraise +3, Craft (cooking), +7,
Know (local) +5. Topics: The Late Unpleasantness, Tanethia
(daughter drowned in Mill Pond).
Topics: Ameiko, the Kaijutsu family, The
Rusty Dragon. Notes: Thinking about leaving town, but no
one takes him seriously about it. Henpecked
Notes: Always very busy and visible at the by wife Vora. He lost his daughter Tanethia
Rusty Dragon: helping clean rooms, cook, to drowning in the Mill pond last year.
and see to guests needs. Very good memory Vorah his wife has become more and more
for people. Likes to mother Ameiko. shrill and paranoid that she’ll lose her other
Excellent cook. Moved here 8 years ago children.
from Magnimar after her daughter married
and moved away.

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Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Chask Hadlan
Proprietor of the Curious Goblin

CG Male Human (Chelish) Expert 3/

Brodert Quink Bard 3.
Sage & Thassilon Scholar Role: Bookshop proprietor.
NG Male Human (Chelish) Expert 7. Location: The Curious Goblin (22).
Role: Sage (Varisian history, dwarven Appearance: 70 years old, huge white beard
engineering, Thassilonian archeology).. and bushy eyebrows..
Location: Sage (8), The Curious Goblin (22). Personality: Former adventurer, frugal,
dismissive of the slow-witted.
Appearance: balding, wizened, eyeglasses.
Social: Bluff +11, Diplomacy +14,
Personality: talkative, eccentric, baffled and Intimidate +11, Sense Motive +9.
disgruntled at lack of prestige.
Speaks: Common, Varisian, Shoanti, Elven.
Social: Bluff +1, Diplomacy +11, Intimidate
+1, Sense Motive +1. Aid: Appraise +6, Know (Arcana) +7, Know
(History, Local) +9, Spellcraft +10.
Speaks: Common, Varisian, Thassilonian,
Dwarven, Draconic. Topics: Varisian history, Brodert Quink’s
discounted theories, Esoterica.
Aid: Appraise +3, Craft (calligraphy) +15,
Craft (stonemasonry) +15, Know (Arcana) Notes: His business is secondary to his own
+16, Know (Dungeon) +13, Know (Eng) satisfaction. Generally ignores people in his
+16, Know (Thassilon) +16, Know (Geo) bookshop unless they show an informed
+10, Know (History) +16, Know (local) +16. interest with history, mythology or arcana.
Friend of Brodert Quink, the two spend
Topics: The Old Light, Thassilonian
much of their time in the Curious Goblin
History, Ruins of south west Golarion.
debating Varisian history, frequently
Notes: He may offer a reward for return of accompanied by a bottle of fine Varisian
his spyglass, which was stolen by goblins wine.
near junk beach after he dozed off. His
theories on Thassilon are considered left-
field and unpopular with other scholars.
Friends with Chask Hadlan.

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Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Courrin Whesterwill
Scarnetti Grain Mill Manager

NG Male Human (Chelish) Expert 2.

Chod Bevuk Role: Scarnetti Grain Mill, manager.
Local Butcher Location: Scarnetti Mill (32)
NG Male Human (Chelish / Varisian) Appearance: Constantly sneezing. Nervous
Expert 3. twitches. Middle aged.
Role: Local butcher. Personality: Constantly worried.
Location: Sandpoint Meat Market (36). Social: Bluff +5, Diplomacy +5, Intimidate
Risa’s Tavern (13). +2, Sense Motive +5.
Appearance: Missing little finger of left Speaks: Common, Varisian, Shoanti.
hand. Bald. Bushy eyebrows. Aid: Appraise +6.
Personality: Lies/exaggerates for attention, Topics: Scarnetti family - speaks positively
sceptical. unless pressured (DC 25) then admits that
Social: Bluff +6, Sense Motive +4. the mysterious mill fires have made them
targets for suspicion and resentment.
Speaks: Common, Varisian.
Notes: Manages the Sandpoint Grain Mill
Aid: Appraise +6, Know (local) +4.
for its owners: The Scarnetti family. An
Topics: The Chopper. honourable man: he lowered prices until
Notes: Claims to have lost finger in a other mills can be rebuilt after they burned
struggle with The Chopper, doesn't believe down.
it was Jervas Stoot (and that the real
Chopper will rise again). Likes to drink in
Risa’s Tavern to avoid the ‘itinerant sailors’
at The Hagfish.

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Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Das Korvut
Cyrdrak Drokkus Smith
Sandpoint Theatre Owner
LN Male Human (Chelish) Fighter 1/
CN Male Human (Chelish) Bard 6. Expert 3.
Role: Sandpoint Theater, owner and Role: Smith.
Location: Red Dog Smithy (15).
Location: Sandpoint Theater (23).
Appearance: Bald, wiry muscles, scowl.
Appearance: Larger-than-life, flamboyant
Personality: Bad tempered, impatient, foul-
clothes, gestures a lot.
mouthed, midnight drunken rants.
Personality: Flirtatious with women,
Social: Bluff -1, Diplomacy -1, Intimidate
secretly gay, narcissistic.
+6, Sense Motive +4.
Social: Bluff +13, Diplomacy +10,
Speaks: Common, Varisian, Giant.
Intimidate +1, Sense Motive +13.
Aid: Appraise +8, Craft (armor) +13, Craft
Speaks: Common, Varisian.
(blacksmith) +13, Craft (weapons) +13,
Aid: Appraise +4, Know (Arcana) +10, Know (eng) +5, Know (local) +5.
Know (History) +10, Know (local) +10.
Topics: Smithing.
Topics: Magnimar Theater, notable people,
Notes: Subject of cruel childern's rhyme.
reasons for leaving (DC 30) .
His wife (Madellin) and son were killed by
Notes: Secret relationship with Sir Jasper Chopper. Has two large red mastiff dogs.
Korvaski. Rivalry with Ameiko Kaijitsu Tolerated since he makes fine quality
based on pride more than anything else. weapons and armour.
Will try to recruit any suitable bards in the
player’s party to perform at his theater.

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Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Daviran Hosk
Stablemaster Ethram Valdemar
Town Elder and Family Head
N Male Human (Varisian) Ranger 4.
NG Human (Chelish) Aristocrat 5/
Role: Stablemaster.
Expert 2.
Location: Goblin Squash Stables (38).
Role: Sandpoint Mercantile League
Appearance: Former hunter, he is a lot (shipbuilding, fishing).
older than he looks (distant elvish ancestry).
Location: Valdemar Manor (47).
Personality: Legendary hatred of goblins,
Appearance: aged, weak constitution (lung
cynical, black sense of humour.
infection), watery eyes, bad cough.
Social: Intimidate +7, Sense Motive +2.
Personality: Old, slow and sick but knows
Aid: Appraise +2, Handle animal +8, Heal much about Sandpoint history and people.
+9, Spellcraft +9.
Social: Bluff +6, Diplomacy +17, Intimidate
Topics: Goblin tribes, Chief Whartus +14, Sense Motive +5.
(Bonegrinder Tribe), Shaelu.
Speaks: Common, Varisian, Shoanti,
Notes: Knows Shaelu very well (rumours of Osiriani.
former relationship). They were once lovers
Aid: Appraise +12, Know (geog, history,
but Daviran wanted to settle in Sandpoint
local, nobles, religion) +7.
and Shaelu is only happy patrolling the
Hinterlands. He owns a warhorse named Topics: Town founding. Politics. History of
Squash. the aristocratic houses of Sandpoint.
Notes: Fears for what will become of
Sandpoint. Once he trusts the players he
can be very helpful in terms of influence
and advice. Has a son Kaleb in Magnimar.
Recovered from an addiction to the drug
‘midnight milk’. See Magnimar City of
Monuments p48.

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Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Garridan Viskalai
Innkeper of the White Deer

Gaia Acari LN Male Human (Shoanti) Expert 4.

Messenger & Sczarni Lookout Role: Innkeeper, brother of Belor Hemlock.
CG Female Human (Varisian) Rogue 1 Location: The White Deer (3) cleaner and
more spacious than the Rusty Dragon.
Role: messenger and lookout.
Appearance: Somber, quiet.
Location: Fatman’s Feedbag (42) Risa’s Place
(13) Rusty Dragon (37). Personality: Gruff. Somber and quiet.
Regrets abandoning traditional Shoanti
Appearance: Small, very young (13),
freckles, wears a dark blue hooded cloak. ways.
Social: Bluff +5, Diplomacy +9, Intimidate
Personality: Cocky, cheeky, curses a lot,
+6, Sense Motive +11.
doesn’t trust men, admires other rogues.
Speaks: Common, Varisian, Shoanti.
Social: Bluff +2 Sense motive +3.
Aid: Appraise +5, Heal +1, Know (history,
Speaks: Common, Varisian.
local) +8.
Topics: Good climbing spots in and around
Topics: Shoanti traditions (Shriikirri-Quah
Sandpoint, Sczarni (DC25), Rumours.
Tribe), Belor's name change: his brother
Notes: Works for the Sczarni as a changed his name to the Chelish translation
messenger and lookout, but is actualy ‘Hemlock’ when he became Sheriff.
passing information to Sherrif Hemlock.
Born in Magnimar and ran away to Notes: Doesn't speak much with his brother.
His love of his wife and family keeps him in
Sandpoint recently for reasons she won’t
Sandpoint. Harbours a deep resentment of
divulge. Likely to spy on the players at some
Chelish culture and their ‘occupation of
point. Has Stealth +11, partly by being very
small (counts as small size).

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Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Gaven Deverin
Owner of the Two Knight Brewery

LG Male Human (Chelish) Paladin of

Abadar 2/Expert 3.
Role: Brewer (mead, ale, rum), cousin of
Mayor Deverin.
Dung Sweeper
Location: Two Knight Brewery (39), The
Pixie’s Kitten (43). CN Male Half-Orc Warrior 3.

Appearance: Strong and tall. Steady calm Role: Dung Sweeper,

gaze. Location: Gorvi's Shack (7), Junker's Edge
Personality: Faith shaken since brother (6), The Hagfish (33),
(Wade) killed by the Chopper. Quiet.. Appearance: Heavily tattooed lummox,
Social: Bluff +2, Diplomacy +8, Intimidate unhealthy.
+2, Sense Motive +10. Personality: Drunk, harrasses women,
Aid: Appraise +6, Know (religion) +6, Lay crude sexual humour.
on Hands (1d6, 5/day). Social: Intimidate +8,
Topics: The Chopper, Brewing. Speaks: Common, Orc,
Notes: Cousin of Mayor. Locals say Topics: "The Street Cleaning Game",
brewery’s quality has declined since Wade's Junker's Edge (6), Sczarni (DC 20),
death. Is on the way to becoming an
Notes: Distinctive red wheelbarrow.
alcoholic but keeps this well hidden. He
Tolerated but often in trouble with the law.
spends time carousing at the Pixie’s Kitten,
something that would reflect poorly on his
cousin should it become well known.

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Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Gressel Tenniwar
Tavernkeeper of the Fatman’s Feedback
& Sczarni Front-Man

CN Male Human (Varisian) Rogue 2/ Hannah Velerin

Expert 1. Herbalist

Role: Sczarni tavernkeeper. NG Female Elf Cleric of Gozreh 3/

Location: Fatman's Feedbag (42). The Pixie’s Alchemist 2.
Kitten (43). Role: Herbalist, midwife, nurse.
Appearance: Very overweight, gaudy Location: Hannah's (45), local countryside.
clothes and jewelry, beady eyes, bad breath.
Appearance: Waif-like, ageless, platinum
Personality: Loud, overly familiar, subtly hair, soft voice, piercing blue eyes.
Personality: Serene, professional,
Social: Bluff +8, Diplomacy +4, Intimidate compassionate, hard to get close to.
+4, Sense Motive +6.
Social: Bluff +1, Diplomacy +6, Intimidate
Speaks: Common, Varisian. +1, Sense Motive +10.
Aid: Appraise +6, Know (local) +7. Speaks: Common, Elven, Celestial,
Topics: Anything and everything but saying Draconic.
little whilst listening a lot. Aid: Heal +10, Know (religion) +7,
Notes: Face for Jubrayl Vhiski's operations. Profession (herbalist) +12, Spellcraft +9.
Can act as a banker / broker although the Topics: Gozreh, Herbalism, birth control
not repaying the loan can result in onerous (DC 15).
Notes: Tends to stay out of local issues and
gossip. Approachable but not interested in
becoming friends, although she might
possibly reconsider that for another elf.

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Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Ibor Thorn
Lumber Mill Manager

NG Male Human (Chelish) Expert 2.

Hayliss Korvaski Role: Sawmill manager, partner of Banny
Sandpoint Boutique Owner
LN Female Human (Chelish) Cleric of Location: Sandpoint Lumber Mill (25). The
Abadar 2/Expert 2. Pixie’s Kitten (43).
Role: Boutique owner, sister of Jasper Appearance: Young, handsome if narrow-
Korvaski. faced.
Location: Sandpoint Theatre (23), Personality: A bit arrogant & cocky.
Sandpoint Boutique (41). Social: Bluff +5, Diplomacy +4, Intimidate
Appearance: Stern, disapproving look, +4, Sense Motive +5.
critical yet loves to gossip. Loves to be Speaks: Common, Varisian, Shoanti.
Aid: Appraise +6, Craft (carpentry) +11,
Personality: Devout (Abadar), forthright, Know (local) +6.
temper, hates Scarnettis.
Topics: Scarnetti influence on lumber
Social: Bluff +1, Diplomacy +8, Intimidate production (DC 25). Visits the Pixie’s
+1, Sense Motive +10. Kitten, which would make his paymaster
Speaks: Common, Varisian, Celestial. Titus Scarnetti embarassed and furious
should he find out.
Aid: Appraise +5, Craft (cloth) +10, Craft
(clothing) +13, Know (history, local,
religion) +5.
Topics: Scarnettis, her brother Jasper
(Mercantile League Overseer).
Notes: Upcharges the Scarnettis (despite
the mayor asking her not to). Not afraid of
making enemies. Well educated and
intelligent. Impeccable taste.

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Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Ilsoari Gandethus
Headmaster & Retired Wizard Jargie Quinn
Tavernkeep of the Hagfish
LN Male Human (Chelish) Wizard 4/
Rogue 2. CG Male Human (Varisian) Rogue 2/
Expert 2.
Role: Headmaster, former adventurer.
Role: Tavernkeep, yarn-spinner.
Location: Turandarok Academy (27), The
Curious Goblin (22). Location: The Hagfish (33).

Appearance: Raven familiar ("Pett"). Tall Appearance: One leg, effusive gestures,
and thin. Short grey beard and hair. . booming voice.

Personality: Collector of trophies, patient, Personality: Gregarious, cracks jokes,

speaks slowly and clearly. stange affection for pet hagfish "Norah".

Social: Bluff +7, Diplomacy +5, Intimidate Social: Bluff +7, Diplomacy +1, Intimidate
+8, Sense Motive +7. +5, Sense Motive +10.

Speaks: Common, Varisian, Shoanti, Evlen, Speaks: Common, Varisian, Undercommon.

Gnomish, Draconic. Aid: Appraise +7, Know (dungeon, local)
Aid: Appraise +8, Heal +1, Know (arcana, +5.
geog, history, local, nature, planes) +11, Topics: Old Murdermaw, Norah, Varisian
Spellcraft +10, Scribe Scroll. Gulf, Fishing, "Yarning".
Topics: Adventuring, teaching, Tsuto, the Notes: Fond of spinning yarns about Old
"museum" (his trophy collection), The Murdermaw, and the strange things
Sandpoint Devil, Veznutt Paroohil. He only fishermen sometimes pull up in their nets in
volunteered to be headmaster if he could the Varisian Gulf (Thassilon artifacts).
have the basement of the Academy for
himself, where he houses his exotic
collection of strange maps, weapons and
monster trophies. He’ll happily show his
collection to who asks nicely.

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Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Sir Jasper Korvaski

Mercantile League Overseer

LG Male Human (Chelish) Paladin of

Abadar 3/Expert 1.
Role: overseer Sandpoint Mercantile Jesk “Cracktooth”
League, boyfriend of Cyrdak Drokkus. Berinni
Location: Sandpoint Mercantile League Cracktooth’s Tavernkeep
(40). NG Male human (Chelish) Expert 3
Appearance: Fastidiously put-together, Role: Tavernkeep.
observant, very well mannered.
Location: Cracktooth's Tavern (18).
Personality: Loyal, devout, gay.
Appearance: Looks like a thug, surprisingly
Social: Bluff +3, Diplomacy +12, Intimidate for someone so erudite and witty.
+10, Sense Motive +9.
Personality: Well-read, scathing wit,
Speaks: Common, Varisian, Draconic. urbane (Magnimar politics).
Aid: Appraise +1, Know (local, religion) +5. Social: Bluff +10, Diplomacy + 10,
Topics: Sandpoint Mercantile League. Intimidate +12, Sense Motive +7.
Notes: Chafing under Scarnetti scrutiny, Speaks: Common, Varisian.
frustrated with his only symbolic power. Aid: Appraise +3, Heal +1, Know (history,
Acts as a banker / broker for loans and deals local) +6, Perform (comedy) +8.
in Sandpoint, either using Mercantile
League funds for small arrangements or Topics: Magnimar politics, Cyrdak
finding suitable lenders for the more Drokkus.
significant ones. Notes: Clientele is "the Theater crowd" from
the Sandpoint Theater (23).

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Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Katrine Vinder
Works at the General Store
Jubrayl Vhiski NG Female Human (Chelish)
Scarni Gang Boss
Commoner 1.
NE Male Human (Varisian) Rogue 7. Role: Daughter of Ven Vinder, older sister
Role: Sczarni gang boss. of Shayliss, girlfriend of Banny Harker.
Location: Fatman's Feedbag (42). Location: General Store (26).
Appearance: Lanky, stylish, nervous energy, Appearance: Brunette, attractive, confident.
quick to take offence. Personality: The more serious, older
Personality: Perpetually amused, sarcastic daughter, likes to get Shayliss in trouble.
but charming, witty, cynical. Social: Bluff +3, Diplomacy +2, Intimidate
Social: Bluff +11, Diplomacy +3, Intimidate +2, Sense Motive +1.
+13, Sense Motive +14. Speaks: Common, Varisian.
Speaks: Common, Varisian, Shoanti, Aid: Know (local) +4.
Draconic, Necril.
Topics: Domineering parents, bratty sisters,
Aid: Appraise +13, Know (local) +13. elegible men in Sandpoint.
Topics: Szcarni operations (DC 30). Notes: Has been enjoying the attention
Notes: Wants a piece of the Pixie's Kitten's caused by the rumors about her and Banny.
business. Amused that Sheriff Hemlock is
so far from catching him. Manipulative.
True owner of the Fatman’s Feedbag.

Page 18
Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Kaye Tesarani Notes: Hates the local nickname for her

Madam of the Pixie’s Kitten "honest, respectable business".
Relationship with Scarnetti: Titus
CG Female Human (Chelish / Varisian)
Scarnetti’s ‘chelish values’ lead him to
Rogue 3/Sorceror 1.
disapprove strongly of her business. He
Role: Madam, girlfriend of Belor Hemlock. seeks to use his influence to restrict her
Location: The Pixie's Kitten (43). activities.

Appearance: Distinguished grace. She is under pressure from Jubrayl Vhiski

and the Scarzni who are trying to extort
Personality: Generous, protective, soft- money from her. Belor is aware of this and
spoken. is looking for them to make a mistake and
Social: Bluff +12, Diplomacy +12, offer enough proof for him to make arrests
Intimidate +12, Sense Motive +7. of the Scarzni leadership. Gaia Acari is
deeply involved in this plan. It’s possible to
Speaks: Common, Varisian, Shoanti,
get the players to get involved in a sting
operation, or to work as a double agent to
Aid: Appraise +2, Know (arcana) +6, Know make this happen.
(local) +9, Spellcraft +6.
Kaye knows many other rumours based on
Topics: Scarnetti "prudes", Sczarni pressure who visits the Kitten and what they say in a
(DC 25). ‘relaxed’ state.

Page 19
Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Kendra Deverin
Mayor of Sandpoint

NG Female Human (Chelish) Aristocrat 4/

Expert 3.
Role: Mayor, heir to Deverin family, former
fiance of Casp Avertin.
Location: Deverin Manor (50), Sandpoint
Town Hall (11).
Appearance: Short hair, fine but sensible Koya Mvashti
clothes. Cathedral Acolyte

Personality: Political, direct and likes CG Female Human (Varisian) Cleric of

clarity, honest, very straight. Desna 4.
Social: Bluff +12, Diplomacy +15, Role: Cathedral Acolyte, daughter of Niska
Intimidate +15, Sense Motive +14. Mvashti.
Speaks: Common, Varisian, Shoanti, Location: Madame Mvashti's House (28),
Gnomish. Sandpoint Cathedral (1).
Aid: Appraise +6, Heal +1, Know (geog, Appearance: Spinster, dowdy.
history) +6, Know (local) +15, Know
Personality: Disagrees with mother about
(nobles) +10, Know (religion) +8.
Topics: Titus Scarnetti rivalry, Deverin
Speaks: Common, Varisian.
family accidents, Casp Avertin and The
Chopper. Making Sandpoint prosper. Topics: Desna, the new Cathedral, Father
Notes: Lives with brother's family, sister-in- Zankus, Madame Mvashti and the
law Vana drives her crazy.

Page 20
Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Larz Rovanky Lonjiku Kaijitsu

Tanner Glassmaker & Noble
LG Male Human (Chelish) Expert 3. LN Male Human (Tian) Aristocrat 3/
Role: Tanner. Expert 2.
Location: Rovanky Tannery (14). Role: Glassmaker, Father of Ameiko and
Tsuto, cuckold, richest man in town.
Appearance: Perpetual frown, short and
stocky. Location: Kaijitsu Manor (49).
Personality: Workaholic, ruthlessly Appearance: Middle-aged Tian, pale from
efficient, exacting, perfectionist. stress and anger.
Social: Bluff +7, Diplomacy +7, Intimidate Personality: Bitter, traditional.
+7, Sense Motive +5. Social: Bluff +4, Diplomacy +8, Intimidate
Speaks: Common, Varisian, Elven. +4, Sense Motive +6.
Aid: Appraise +10, Craft (armor, clothing) Speaks: Common, Varisian, Shoanti,
+9, Craft (leather) +12, Know (nature) +5. Minkaian, Elven.
Topics: Leatherworking. Aid: Appraise +14, Craft (glass) +16, Know
(geog, history, local) +8.
Notes: Low opinion of anyone that's ever
worked for him. Offers high quality goods. Topics: Sandpoint Mercantile League,
Minkai, Atsuii's infidelity (DC 25), Atsuii's
death (DC 30), Tsuto, Ameiko.
Notes: Major character in the Burt
Offerings story. Deeply dissapointed with
his daughter.

Page 21
Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Maver Kesk

LG Male Human (Chelish) Expert 3.

Role: Jewler, husband of Pennae Kesk. Naffer Vosk
Location: Jeweler (5).
NG Male Human (Chelish) Cleric of
Appearance: Grey hair, pale skin, furrowed
Sarenrae 2/Rogue 1.
brow, wears velvet and furs.
Role: Gravedigger, ex-smuggler.
Personality: absent-minded, rambling,
repeats himself. Location: Sandpoint Boneyard (2).
Social: Bluff +6, Diplomacy +6, Sense Appearance: deformed, twisted spine,
Motive +6. lurching gait.
Speaks: Common, Varisian, Draconic. Personality: Devout, meticulous, punctual.
Aid: Appraise +10, Craft (gemcutting, Social: Diplomacy +6, Sense Motive +7.
jewelry) +12, Craft (glass) +9, Know Speaks: Common, Varisian.
(history, local) +7.
Aid: Heal +7.
Topics: Sandpoint fire, Kaijitsu glass.
Topics: Sarenrae, Nualia and Ezakien,
Notes: His wife Pennae berates Maver Ezakien Tobyn's vault.
publically for his habit of leaving doors
open. Notes: Devout worshipper of Sarenrae. Very
old but with high energy and a twinkle in
his eye.

Page 22
Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Nisk Tander

NG Male Half-Elf Alchemist 1/Expert 2. Niska Mvashti

Seer & Town ELder
Role: Alchemist,
N Female Human (Varisian) Druid 3/
Location: Bottled Solutions (17).
Oracle 5.
Appearance: Copper hair, scar running
Role: Seer, historian, fortune-teller, town
from his nose to his chin, caused by a flying
shard of glass and an unexpectedly
explosive formulation. Location: Madame Mvashti's House (28).
Personality: Good intentions but prideful, Appearance: Ancient, weathered.
sloppy, disdainful of magic. Personality: Worried, brooding.
Social: Bluff +7, Diplomacy +6, Sense Social: Bluff +4, Diplomacy +14, Intimidate
Motive +1, +5, Sense Motive +14.
Speaks: Common, Varisian, Elven, Speaks: Common, Varisian, Elven, Druidic.
Aid: Appraise +5, Know (arcana, religion)
Aid: Appraise +8, Craft (alchemy) +6, Know +14.
(arcana) +9, Spellcraft +10,
Topics: Harrow readings.
Topics: Alchemy.`
Notes: Visited weekly by local druids, hates
Notes: Not as talented as he believes. Szcarni.
Unreliable potions, which he doesn’t take
too kindly to people looking at too closely
before they buy.

Page 23
Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Risa Magravi
Storyteller & Sorceress
Olmur Dankavus NG Female Human (Varisian) Sorceror 4/
Grocer’s Guildmaster
Oracle 1.
LG Male Halfling Expert 4. Role: Magravi matriarch, storyteller,
Role: Grocer's Guildmaster. mysterious sorceress, former tavernkeep.
Location: Grocer's Hall (29). Location: Risa's Place (13).
Appearance: Chubby, dirt under nails. Appearance: old, mostly blind, shadow of
youthful beauty.
Personality: Respectful, but still an
outsider. Personality: Tells stories of ancient myths
and legends.
Social: Bluff +2, Diplomacy +9, Intimidate
+2. Social: Bluff +8, Diplomacy +8, Intimidate
+8, Sense Motive +5.
Speaks: Common, Halfling, Dwarven,
Elven. Speaks: Common, Varisian, Shoanti,
Ancient Osiriani.
Aid: Appraise +9, Know (geog, local,
nature) +9. Aid: Appraise +6, Know (arcana, dungeon,
geog, history, local, nature, planes, religion)
Topics: Local farms, local weather.
+10, Heal +5, Spellcraft +6.
Notes: Everyone in town calls him “the
Topics: Varisian Folktales, Sorcery.
Notes: Mixes up her children's names: Besk,
Lanalee and Vodger.

Page 24
Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Sabyl Sorn
Rynshynn Povalli Monk at the House of Blue Stones
Vernah’s Fine Clothing LN Female Human (Jalmeray / Chelish)
NG Female Half-Elf Expert 5. Monk 4.

Role: Clothier's guildmistress, daughter of Role: Dedicated of Irori, daughter of

Vernah and Iremiel (both deceased). Enderaki Sorn the Wandering Monk..

Location: Vernah's Fine Clothing (30). Location: House of Blue Stones (19), The
Curious Goblin (22).
Appearance: Most beautiful girl in town.
Appearance: Short but solid build, fluid
Personality: Lonely, cautious. movements, athletic.
Social: Bluff +1, Diplomacy +9, Intimidate Personality: self-disciplined, meditative,
+1, Sense Motive +12. collector of wisdom.
Speaks: Common, Varisian, Elven. Social: Intimidate +4, Sense Motive +8.
Aid: Appraise +9, Craft (cloth, clothing) Speaks: Common, Varisian.
+14, Know (local, nobles) +6.
Aid: Library (DC 25 Diplomacy) grants +4
Topics: Fashion, ladies gossip. to Knowledge (planes, history) checks.
Notes: Looking to form a partnership and Topics: Irori, meditation, Enderaki Sorn,
open store in Magnimar. throwing techniques.
Notes: Acts as arbiter in arguments
between Ilsoari and Veznut.

Page 25
Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Shalelu Andosana Sevah Bevaniky

Hinterlands Ranger Weapon and Armour Merchant

CG Female Elf Fighter2/Ranger 4. NG Female Human (Chelish) Fighter 2/

Rogue 1.
Role: Mercenary/Bounty Hunter, friend of
Ameiko, goblin expert. Role: Weapon and Armor Merchant.
Location: The Rusty Dragon (37), Sandpoint Location: Sevah's Armory (12).
Garrison (10). Appearance: Ponytail, scar across her right
Appearance: Sharp features with a rugged cheek.
demeanour. Personality: Friendly, confident, asks direct
Personality: Loyal, businesslike, questions.
resourceful, tough, often detached. Social: Diplomacy +4, Intimidate +6, Sense
Social: Bluff -1, Diplomacy -1, Intimidate Motive +4.
-1, Sense Motive +1. Speaks: Common, Varisian, Dwarven.
Speaks: Common, Varisian, Elven, Goblin. Aid: Appraise +7, Craft (armor, weapons)
Aid: Appraise +1, Heal +1, Know (nature) +12.
+8. Topics: Weapons & armor. Tales of against-
Topics: Goblin Tribes, Ameiko. the-odds fights.
Notes: Major character in Rise of the Notes: Sizes up people carefully. Lesbian:
Runelords. Former lover with Daviran attracted to fighter-types.

Page 26
Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Titus Scarnetti
Scion of the Scarnetti Family

NL Male Human (Chelish) Aristocrat 6.

Role: Sandpoint Mercantile League (mills
Shayliss Vinder and lumber), last scion of Scarnetti family.
Works at the General Store Location: Sandpoint Mercantile League
NG Female Human (Chelish) (40), Scarnetti Manor (48).
Commoner 1. Appearance: Blonde, mustache.
Role: Paramour, daughter of Ven and Solsta, Personality: Blustering, used to getting his
younger sister of Katrine. way.
Location: General Store (26). Social: Bluff +8, Diplomacy +8, Intimidate
Appearance: voluptuous redhead teenager +8, Sense Motive +9.
(age 19). Speaks: Common, Varisian, Shoanti,
Personality: flirtatious, lustful, trouble- Draconic.
seeker, gossip, insecure. Aid: Appraise +7, Craft (carpentry) +14,
Social: Bluff +6, Diplomacy +2, Intimidate Know (Eng, History, local) +8, Know
+2. (nobles) +9.

Speaks: Common, Varisian, Shoanti. Topics: Sandpoint Mercantile League,

Chelish values (re: Pixie's Kitten, Sir Jasper
Aid: Appraise +1, Know (local) +1. Korvaski & Crydak Drokkus).
Topics: Katrine & Banny. Notes: Exercises leverage over the Valdemar
Notes: Jealous of the attention Katrine is family by controlling lumber supply. Has
getting from Banny and her parents. influential family in Magnimar: Gradon and
Urtilia Mendion the family matriarch.

Page 27
Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords


CG Male Human (Shoanti) Barbarian.

Role: Jailer, hardcase.

Turch Sterglus Location: Sandpoint Garrison (10).

Fishmonger Appearance: Heavily-scarred brute, nose
has been broken many times.
LG Male Human (Chelish) Rogue 1/
Expert 5. Personality: Unflappable, aura of barely-
restrained violence.
Role: Fishmonger, retired fisherman.
Social: Intimidate +7.
Location: Valdemar Fishmarket (34).
Speaks: Common, Varisian, Shoanti.
Appearance: lazy eye, white beard.
Topics: local drunks, Shoanti.
Personality: lovably crochety, constantly
complaining about the weather and the Notes: Hopes to earn money to buy back his
day’s catch or the antics of local youth, but two sons from Kaer Magan slavers.
always packaging his customers’ purchases
with a smile and a wink.
Social: Bluff +9, Diplomacy +7, Intimidate
+4, Sense Motive +13.
Speaks: Common, Varisian.
Aid: Appraise +4, Craft (baskets) +8, Know
(local) +4, Know (Nature) +7.
Topics: Old Murdermaw, stupid children,
terrible weater, terrible catch.
Notes: Five sons all work for him.

Page 28
Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Ven Vinder
Owner of the General Store

LN Male and Female Human (Chelish)

Commoner 7.
Role: Shopkeepers, parents of Katrine and
Shayliss Vinder.
Location: General Store (26), The Hagfish Veznutt Parooh
(33). Mapmaker & Amateur Historian

Appearance: Very strong, traditional NG Male Gnome Wizard 2/Expert 4.

Role: Mapmaker, amateur historian.
Personality: Protective of daughters, quick
Location: The Way North (4), Turandurok
to anger but quick to laugh too.
Acadamy (27).
Social: Bluff +2, Diplomacy +1, Intimidate
Appearance: aged but spry, lizard familiar
+1, Sense Motive -1.
Speaks: Common, Varisian, Shoanti,
Personality: Argumentative, demands high
prices for his maps.
Aid: Appraise +12.
Social: Bluff +2, Diplomacy +11, Intimidate
Topics: Katrine and Banny, Shayliss, "the +2, Sense Motive +9.
wine cellar".
Speaks: Common, Gnomish, Elven, Sylvan,
Note: Reward posted at Rusty Dragon for Draconic.
return of wife's wedding ring (after raid).
Aid: Appraise +7, Craft (Maps) +13, Craft
Drinks at the hagfish where the locals like
(books) +9, Know (geog) +10, Know
to tease him about his daughters when he’s
(Arcana, History, Local) +6, Spellcraft +10.
had too much to drink.
Topics: Maps, local history, Brodert Quink's
crazy theories, Ilsoari Gandethus.
Notes: Best friends with Ilsoari Gandethus.
Will pay for good map information.

Page 29
Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Volioker Brisjaelberd
Vorvashali Voon
LG Male Dwarf Rogue 2/Expert 3. Magic Item Merchant

Role: Locksmith, former street urchin. LN Male Human (Varisian) Wizard 2/

Location: Locksmith (9) Sandpoint Theatre Rogue 2/Expert 2..
(23) Cracktooth’s Tavern (18). Role: Magic item merchant.
Appearance: flamboyant dresser (in the Location: The Feathered Serpent (44).
Varisian style), frequents Cracktooth’s
Tavern. Appearance: bright blue eyes, long red hair,
Raven familiar, older than he looks.
Personality: guarded about past, hates
Sczarni. Personality: Gregarious, excited.

Social: Bluff -1, Diplomacy +7, Intimidate Social: Bluff +4, Diplomacy +9, Sense
+7, Sense Motive +9. Motive +5.

Speaks: Common, Dwarven, Giant, Speaks: Common, Varisian, Shoanti,

Undercommon, Terran. Halfling, Draconic.

Aid: Appraise +11, Craft (locks) +15, Know Aid: Appraise +12, Know (local, nature,
(dungeon, eng, local) +11. planes) +12, Spellcraft +12, Scribe Scroll.

Topics: Sczarni, locksmithing, Magnimar, Topics: Magic.

recent shows at the Playhouse (23). Notes: Fascinated by magical mysteries.
Notes: Owns Masterwork Thieves Tools, Some suspect and spread rumours that he
but needs to be convinced (DC 25) to sell. uses magic to keep young looking, although
Enmity with the Scarni who try to pressure what kind of magic no one knows.
him to supply them illegally. Clos-mouthed
about his past. Never misses a new show at
the theatre. Loves to drink.

Page 30
Or Fam
ga ili
ni es
Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords
sat &
n s
The Sczarni Several of Jubrayl’s associates can usually be
found in the Feedbag. These include:

The Sczarni are a loose affiliation of

Varisian criminal groups operating in most
of the cities and towns of Varisia. These Squigo
gangs generally co-operate with each other
if they have to but at times disagreements Serman
can cause conflict. The Sczarni generally
avoid violent crime, preferring theft,
blackmail, extortion and fraud. They try to
gain leverage over influential members of
Squigo Serman, CN male human
the settlement where they operate in order
(Varisian), Fighter 2. A heavily scarred thug
to gain protection from prosecution.
of a man with his left eye missing.


Jubrayl Vhiski, NE male human (Varisian) Nicu Cuza, CN male human (Varisian),
Rogue 7, is the Sczarni gang boss in
Rogue 2. Nicu is a card sharp, pickpocket
Sandpoint. He owns the Fatman’s Feedbag and petty thief. He smokes heavily,
(42) where he’s frequently found. He keeps a coughing and spitting black phlegm on the
relatively low profile until provoked. ground whenever he feels the need.

Tenniwar Rozalia

Jubrayl’s frontman is Gressel Tenniwar, CN

male human (Varisian) Rogue 2 / expert 1.
He loudly oversees the tavern bar and is Rozalia Marga, CN female human
thought to be the gang boss my most locals. (Varisian), Expert 1 (Forger). Rozalia is
Gressel acts overly familiar to visitors to the skilled with pen and brush. She mostly
Feedback he takes an interest in: subtly helps Jubrayl forge documents, signatures,
threatening as he senses motive with beady and make copies of ‘borrowed‘ contracts.
eyes and loaded questions (Sense motive She has a sharp tongue, quick to be
+6, Intimidate +4, Bluff +8). dismissive and critical of those around her.

Page 31
Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Pressuring the Pixies Kitten

Jubrayl is trying to extort money from Kaye
Tesiarani at the Pixies Kitten. Although the
brothel is technically legal, there are some
visitors who prefer to remain anonymous,
Podiker and Kaye’s reputation relies on providing
this discretion. Jubrayl is threatening to
reveal them, which would put Kaye in a
difficult situation. The most notable of these
secret visitors are Gaven Deverin, the
Aliver Podiker. LE Male Human (Chelish/ mayor’s cousin, and Ibor Thorn manager of
Varisian) Alchemist 5. Aliver run’s Pillbug’s the Sandpoint Lumber Mill, the mill owned
Pantry, but secretly supplies poisons to the by Titus Scarnetti.
Szarni. In turn they smuggle to him some of Jubrayl is asking for a ‘share’ in the business.
the more illicit and dangerous ingredients Right now Kaye is resisting: she believes
and chemicals that he needs. that her (not so secret) boyfriend Sheriff
Belor Hemlock would run Jubrayl out of
town if he acted against Kaye. Jubrayl is
weighing his options: any additional
leverage he can get against the Sheriff will
help him immensely, and he wonders if the
Gaia new adventurers in Sandpoint attracting so
Acari much attention might be of value in that
regard. Known only to Jubrayl and Gressel:
the informant inside the Pixie’s Kitten is the
young redhead Varisian girl Jass. (See The
Pixie’s Kitten below).
Gaia Acari, CG Female Human (Varisian) Blackmailing Ethram Valdemar
Rogue 1, is a young teenage runaway from Jubrayl is receiving monthly payments from
Magnimar. Jubrayl uses her as a lookout, one of Sandpoint’s nobles: Ethram
reporting back to him on people he wants to Valdemar. He’s blackmailing him with the
know more about. What he doesn’t know is knowledge that Ethram was taking the
that she is also talking to Sheriff Hemlock, dangerous substance midnight milk. Should
who has convinced her that he can protect knowledge of this become public, the
her if she can help gather strong-enough honour of the Valdemar family would be
evidence against Jubrayl and Gressel. Jubrayl badly damaged. The evidence consists of
will task her with following the PCs. various reciepts and letters that Jubrayl
Sczarni operations in keeps hidden in a safe in the Fatman’s
Feedbag. Retrieving these would free
Sandpoint Ethram of his problem. His son Belvin
Valdemar may approach the players for
The Szarni are involved in many petty crimes: help with this if they gain his trust, but it’s
pickpocketing, robbery, and fraud. In imperative they don’t fail or Jubrayl will no
Sandpoint they have several larger ambtions doubt greatly increase his blackmail fee. See
and important activities that the players may Magnimar, City of Monuments, p46 Midnight
become involved in. Dawn for more.

Page 32
Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Rigged games at the Feedbag

Nicu Cuza runs various card games at the
The Scarnetti
Feedbag. He cuts the deck and uses extra
cards to win more games than he should,
but is careful to give his victims enough
wins to feel that it’s just their luck that is The Scarnettis are Sandpoint’s most
failing them. notorious noble family, and many of
Sandpoint’s elderly Varisian locals still
Brotherhood of the Seven haven’t forgotten or forgiven Alamon
Jubrayl is aware that the Brotherhood has Scarnetti’s assault on their people more
been paying attention to Sandpoint lately: than 40 years ago. The Scarnetti family is
they have sent several agents to gather now headed by Alamon’s only surviving son
information. When visiting the Pixie’s Titus Scarnetti.
Kitten a couple of them said a little too
much to the delightful and persuasive Jass.
Jubrayl doesn’t know that Aldern is working
for the Brotherhood, or that they are Titus
involved with the Foxglove mansion, but he
does know that they’ve been requesting Scarnetti
land registry information as well as trying
to assess who is wealthy in the town. Jubrayl
is willing to trade this information for
anything that will help his ambitions, and is
Titus controls the only lumber mill in
also keen to learn more about the
Sandpoint, which he uses to leverage
support from the Valdemar family who
Stealing from the players need their supplies for shipbuilding, as well
One way the players may become involved as Aesrick Battlehorn at the Carpenters
with the Sczarni is having a valuable item Guild (24). Titus keeps the guildmaster
stolen from them. Gaia or Nicu might sneak Aesrick and the shipyard overseer Belvin
into one of their rooms at night and make Valdemar at odds by playing them off each
off with valuables. Asking around would other for access to the best lumber.
have them hear that the Sczarni are the
most likely candidates.
The Scarnetti
The Sczarni and Scarnetti have no direct Lucia
connection, although there are rumours Scarnetti
that Titus Scarnetti paid them to burn
down his competitors lumber mills. Titus
despises the Sczarni and only considers
dealing with them as a last resort: his strict
Chelish values conflicting with the Varisian Titus is married to Lucia Scarnetti. Younger
than him but no less traditional, she usually
group’s methods. Meanwhile the Sczarni
hold no trust towards the Scarnettis, still remains aloof at Scarnetti Manor (48),
mindful of the attempted massacre of except for the occasional visit to the
Sandpoint Theatre (23) or Vernah’s Fine
Varisian locals by the deceased Alamon
Scarnetti. Clothing (30).

Page 33
Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

The couple have three young children, two to good lumber in exchange for support in
boys, Dario and Gradon, and a daughter matters of political and business concern.
Benta. More publically and problematically, Mayor
The Scarnettis are Sandpoint’s most Kendra Deverin is currently obligated to
traditional family, clinging to old outdated him given his control over the only grain
Chelish values that are out of step with the mill in the region. Despite the rampant
common views of Sandpoint and Magnimar. rumours that the fires are his idea, she is
publically forced to support him. She is
The Scarnettis are also influential in
currently putting energy into a plan for a
Magnimar, led by Titus’ cousin Gradon and
new water wheel-driven mill built just along
aunt Urtilia Mendion, Alamon’s sister. See
the Turandarok river, paid for by Deverin
Magnimar, City of Monuments, p8.
and Valdemar money, but the need for
The Grain Mill Fires lumber for contruction is forcing her to
The only operational grain mill in consider letting Titus have shares in the
Sandpoint is also owned by Titus: the construction. Unless she can come up with
Scarnetti Grain Mill (32). Mysterious fires a source of additional funds from someone
have claimed the Soggy River Mill, the that Titus has no influence over (perhaps
Biston Pond Mill and most recently the the players as they acquire wealth?) then she
Cougar Creek Mill, leaving the Scarnetti will likely have to give in to the Scarnetti
Mill the only functional grain mill in the ambitions.
area. Accusations of Scarnetti-sponsored Once Ameiko Kaijitsu gains ownership of
arson have been flying high, but the the Glasssworks, Titus attempts to buy it
manager of this mill Courrin Whesterwill from her. She has no desire to run the
has gracefully lowered prices until the business directly but is loath to sell to him,
outlying mills can be rebuilt. instead she looks for a talented manager to
run the business for her. Titus starts a
subtle campaign of influence and rumours
to try to force her to sell. Mostly Titus
spreads the word that Lonjitsu and Tsuto
Courrin were ‘untrustworthy foreigners who wish to do
Whesterwill harm to Sandpoint, and likely the remaining
Kaijitsu girl is no different’. Public support
for her by Sandpoint’s new heroes will go
far to keeping her reputation intact: after all
they are the ones that uncovered the plot
Courrin speaks positivively about the
and captured Tsuto.
Scarnettis until pressured, but (DC25)
admits the fires have made them targets for The Pixie’s Kitten
suspicion and resentment. Titus is lobbying for Sandpoint’s brothel to
Influencing the other nobles be outlawed, the place an affront to his
traditional values. Kaye Tesirani’s not so
Titus is using his assets to pressure the
secret relationship with the town Sheriff has
other noble families of Sandpoint, and in
kept him from being successful so far, but
particular gain leverage in deals done in the
Belor Hemlock can provide only limited
Mercantile League.
protection. Any accusations of irregularities
The Valdemar family need him for lumber at the brothel will only make Titus’s case
for their shipbuilding, he gives them access stronger. See The Pixie’s Kitten below.

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Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Brotherhood Hearing of the PC’s activities he becomes

increasingly concerned that they may

of the Seven become a problem. Posing as a merchant

from Magnimar looking for deals he
attempts to learn what he can and report
The Brotherhood of the Seven is semi- back to his masters. He has a proclivity to
secret society of Magnimar bankers, pleasure and frequently spends time at the
moneylenders and politicos. It is in turn a Pixie’s kitten. See Pixie’s Kitten below.
cover for a cult of murderers known as the Otherwise he’ll be found drinking in the
Skinsaw Men that has been taken over by various taverns of Sandpoint, asking
the lamia Xanesha, see The Skinsaw Murders innocent seeming questions about trade and
introduction. produce whilst all the time making notes on
the flow of gold within the town. He aims to
Their focus on Sandpoint primarily involves
avoid a direct confrontation with the PCs
their ownership stake in Foxglove Manor
but if encountered keeps his cover as a
and ensuring Aldern Foxglove follows up
merchant whist attempting to discover their
on his commitments. However they are also
motivations and intentions.
interested in indentifying the greediest
souls of Sandpoint for potential future
claiming by Xanesha.
Valdemar family
To this end they have dispatched agents
The Valdemars are one of the founding
from time to time to Sandpoint to survey
families of Sandpoint, owning the
the area and local population and report
Sandpoint Shipyard (46), the Fishmarket
back to Magnimar. These agents have come
(34) and numerous fishing boats.
to the attention of Jubrayl Vhiski via Jass at
the Pixie’s Kitten, where they have been They are honest, seeking to do what’s best
rather too loose lipped in their moments of for the town and its people. However their
excess. Whilst no one in Sandpoint knows influence has been waning due to Ethram
of their real ambitions, Jass and Jubrayl Valdemar’s ill health and his son Belvin
know that they are gathering information Valdemar’s preoccupation with running the
on trade and the wealthy in town. shipyard. This is complicated by the
blackmail that the Sczarni are forcing on
them (see Sczarni above).
Belvin spends almost all his time at the
Jonal shipyard, only participating in meetings at
the Town Hall (11) and Mercantile League
Medor (40) when he must. However if he hears
that the PCs are a positive influence for
Sandpoint then he may seek them out to try
to get to know them, attempting to work
out how honest and trustworthy they are.
Jonal Medor, NE Male human (Chelish),
Rogue 3, is the agent currently assigned to He may involve them in trying to recover
Sandpoint, travelling frequently to the town the documents the Sczarni are using to
via horseback. He is a soft-spoken, discreet blackmail his father. Or he may beseech
man who has an air of determined them to invest in a new grain mill to
professionalism. prevent the Scarnettis getting involved.

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Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords es

1. Sandpoint Sarenrae, NG goddess of the sun,

redemption, honesty and healing. Her

Cathedral symbol is of a winged angel its arms

outstretched in supplication.

The town’s cathedral is very recently

completed, replacing the previous wooden
structure that burned down five years ago. Father
The cathedral is built of plain grey stone, Abstalar
with simple but well-crafted details, and zantus
thick buttresses jutting out between
stained glass windows.
Inside high arched stone ceilings are
supported by thick columns. Six separate Father Zantus, CG Human male Cleric of
chapels surround a large central chamber, Desna 4. See main NPCs section.
which in turn encircles an open courtyard
containing seven rough standing stones
with a stone altar at its center. Each chapel
contains wooden pews, and painted wood Koya
panels on the walls depecting events from Mvashti
their God’s past.
There is a restful calm within the building,
sunlight casting long beams through the
coloured glass windows across the Koya Mvashti, CG Human female Cleric of
polished flagstone floor. Desna 4. See main NPCs section.

The cathedral has a staff of seven priests, as

well as various assistants. It serves six gods:
Desna, CG goddess of dreams, stars,
travellers and luck. Her symbol is the Night Celia
Monarch Butterfly.
Erastil, LG god of farming, hunting, trade
and family. His symbol is a longbow made
of stags antlers. Sister Celia, NG Human female priest of
Abadar, LN god of cities, wealth, merchants Shelyn. Adept 3.
and law. His symbol is an intricate key. Personality: Flirtatious, forward.
Shelyn, NG goddess of beauty, art, love and Appearance: Early-40s, voluptuous, wears
music. Her symbol is a bird with an flowing robes and strong floral perfume.
intricate colourful tail.
About: Best friends with Sister Giulia, they
Gozreh, N god of nature, weather and the are often seen together. Plays the lute and
sea. His symbol is is a hanging leaf with a sings with a soft clear voice.
drop of water at its tip.
Aid: Heal +5, Knowledge local +4.

Page 36
Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

boneyard, hidden behind a thick hedges.

Aid: Marriage counsel.


Sister Giulia, NG Human female priest of
Gozreh. Cleric 1.
Personality: Open minded, free spirited, Sister Arva, LN Human female priest of
helpful to those that are nice to her. Abadar. Adept 2.
Appearance: Young, black hair, pale skin Personality: Hoarder mentality, friendly,
with pink cheeks. very precise.
About: Loves being outdoors has a bird Appearance: wears a band of gold leaves in
house she made on the west side of the her curly brown hair set with a ruby.
temple with an ornate bird bath. Loves
hanging out with Celia, and finds it fun to About: As a side job she is also one of the
flirt with people especially the more shy towns bankers / brokers. She is notorious
they get. for ensuring loans are paid on time, and
secretly has even used the Scarnzi to help
Aid: Craft (wind chimes, bird cages) +3, can retrieve money from those that dont pay.
understand bird song. Has sworn celibacy. She doesn’t provide
anything but small loans directly but rather
structures loans between others.
Aid: Will give loans 20% rate up to 5,000 gp,
Sister Knowledge of Scarnzi, but will not openly
Erica share.

Sister Erica, LG Halfling female cleric of

Erastil 2. Brother
Personality: Family oriented, anything for Walter
the community, traditionally minded.
Appearance: aged, modest clothes, covers
her hair. Brother Walter, NG Human male monk of
About: Loves kids, but was unable to have Sarenrae 3 / Cleric 2.
any. If not at the temple, she is usually at the Personality: Very quiet. Interested in
Turandarok Academy. She doesnt usually demons and darkness.
socialize with the other priests. Maintains a
flourishing small vegetable garden hidden Appearance: middle age, powerful, right
between the side of the cathedral and the eye burned out and scars around wrist.

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Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

About: Was captured as a young monk and living rooms, and a small infirmary for any
tortured by slavers, escaped after a year of sick that need watching over.
capture, when all the slaver and a dozen Healing and cures
captives were killed.
The cathedral provides healing and cures to
Aid: Knowledge demons/planes +7, detect the population of Sandpoint. For those that
evil. can pay normal rates apply, but for the
poorest and neediest these fees are waived.
Help available includes Cure light and
medium wounds, and Gentle Repose.
Zantus also has a collection of potions of
Naffer Remove Disease / Blindness & Deafness /
Vosk and Neutralize Poison. These cost full price
plus extra for the service however, and are
in limited supply. These are provided to the
cathedral by Aliver Podiker.
Ressurection is not available. However
Gentle Repose (4 day duration) is provided
Naffer Vosk, NG Male Human (Varisian) and will buy time to find an alternative
Cleric of Desna 2/Rogue 1. See NPC section. solution. PCs will be recommended to take
the body to Magnimar to Bevaluu
About the cathedral Zimantiu, CG Female human (Varisian),
Cleric of Desna 10. See Magnimar, City of
The Sandpoint cathedral is divided into Monuments p25.
three sections West (Shelyn and Gozrah),
South (Erastill and Abadar), and East Aiding the Cathedral
(Sarenrae and Desna). Zantus frequently talks with Mayor Kendra
Services: Deverin and supports her aims for a
Moonday and Oathday: Shelyn 1000 and prosperous and stable Sandpoint. He sees
Gozrah 1400. the role of the cathedral as providing solace,
support and inspiration for the population.
Toilday and Fireday: Sarenrae 0600 and If the PCs seek to aid him he will not offer
Desna 1700. rewards but can help with healing and
Wealday and Starday: Erastil 1000 and prayer.
Abadar 1400. He can ask a cleric of a neutral or good god
Sunday: all faiths 1000-1600. to lead a service, asking them to provide
wisdom and perhaps an exciting story.
Tithes are expected during services.
The seven stones in central courtyard are
venerated for Desna and Gozreh. However
(unknown to Zantus) they are truly ancient
and represent the seven schools of
Thassilonian magic.
Connected to the Cathedral is a wooden
building containing accomodation for the
priests, as well as their offices and various

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Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

12. Savah’s but amongst the weapon racks stands a

cluttered workbench where she assembles

Armoury armour using components from Das. This

could be making chainmail, stiching leather
to armour or around a sword grip,
Owned and run by Savah Bevaniky, NG orengraving fine detailing into a blade.
Female human (Chelish) Fighter 2/Rogue 1. Notable Equipment
See NPC section.
Masterwork composite shortbow. A simple
design of yew and heartwood, toughened
with horn strips. Savah is able to adjust the
strength rating of the composite bows on
sale (up to a limit), by adjusting the tension
in the bow’s limbs.
+1 Repeating light crossbow, with a
darkwood and ivory stock that bears the
name ‘Vansaya’. Savah isn’t sure what the
name means, she bought the weapon from
an adventurer on the way to Riddleport a
The store sells a wide range of armour, year ago, and its high price and complexity
weapons and other combat-related items. have ensured its semi-permanent stay in her
The Armoury is sturdy wooden two story shop. She’ll sell it for 2,500 gold pieces.
building, its purpose is anounced by an Masterwork short sword. This functional
array of weapons bolted to the wall next to weapon has a straight 2ft steel blade with a
the front door: a greatsword, a flail, a black leather-wrapped handle and single-
scimitar, and a warhammer. spike pommel. It comes with a green copper
The ground floor is one large open room, scabbard with leather lining.
with armour and various shields filling the A set of three masterwork throwing axes.
front and weapons the back. Smaller items Vicious looking angular blades, with quick-
hang from hooks in the thick ceiling release buckled-straps around the handles.
beams: gauntlets, belts and all manner of
knives and daggers. Masterwork chain shirt made of several
layers of small links with thin supple leather
Along the back wall are a set of well-made in-between. The shoulders are strengthened
longbows and composite bows, beneath with thick leather pads with metal strips.
which sit bundles of arrows tied with thick
twine. Masterwork chainmail, a full set of
chainmail meticulously assembled by Sevah.
In the far corner is a narrow staircase Her signature is a subtle zig-zag pattern of
leading upstairs, below which lays a long bronze links arranged amongst the steel.
bench covered in tools, chainmail links
and leather strips. Masterwork studded leather, a particularly
well made form-fitting suit of dark-grey
Savah spends her time oiling, waxing and leather and complex pattern of protective
otherwise making sure her store’s stocks are metal studs and strips, a swirling pattern
in good condition. Whilst Savah trades embroidered into it with red thread. Sevah
many items as well as ordering from Das made the armour to fit herself but can make
Korvut, she is herself a skilled weaponsmith adjustments to it to fit another given a day.
and armoursmith. Her store lacks a forge,

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Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

13. Risa’s Place

Owned by Risa Magravi, NG Female Lanalee
human (Varisian) Sorcerer 4 / Oracle 1.

Lanalee Magravi, Risa’s middle daughter,
bustles in the kitchen, rarely appearing in
the main room. Risa’s serves many varieties
of cider fermented by Lanalee, as well as
Risa leaves the running of the place to her
local wines and brandies. Amongst her
youngest daughter Besk Magravi, NG
various varisian dishes the spiced potatoes
Female human (Varisian) Commoner 2 /
are much loved, coming with a variety of
apprentice wizard. See NPC section.
potent herb dips.
Food & Drink
Spiced potato & herb dip 2s
Fresh onion bread 1s
Fish & potato pie 4s
Golden drop - cider 6% 5s
Ember red - cider 9% 8s
Besk is learning magic from, and is
inquisitive toward any arcane magic users ‘Bakari Vése’ red wine 1g
that visit the tavern. ‘Irespan’ Magnimar brandy 2g
One of the oldest buildings in Sandpoint,
this single story bulding is colourfully Rumours & Visitors
painted in the patterns seen on Varisian
wagons. A wooden sign hangs outside Chod Bevuk and Gaia Acari are often
depicting the Old Light with tents and found here. See NPC section.
caravans gathered around a campfire Rumours: The Sandpoint locals that frequent
where Sandpoint now stands. Risa’s are a good source of gossip and
Inside is a warm comfortable room packed information. The PCs might hear of tension
full of small tables and stools, with between the Scarnetti’s and the other noble
colourful tapestries covering the walls familes of Sandpoint. Or that Ethram
showing mountain ranges, forests and sea. Valdemar, the head of the family, is rumoured
to take a strange liquid to try to cling to his
The Tavern’s out of the way location makes fading health. They can hear that the Sczarni
it a favourite with the locals, since strangers have robbed travellers on the Lost Coast
rarely come by. Known for the ancient Road, but that the Sheriff has been unable to
legends and myths that Risa Magravi relays, catch the culprits. The Sheriff that seems to
which she tells in a cracked voice as the spend too much time at the Pixie’s Kitten.
firelight glints off her cloudy white eyes.

Page 40
Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

43. The Pixie’s Inside is a small reception, with an arched

doorway opposite covered by a curtain. A

Kitten curved polished wooden counter and

several comfortable chairs fill the room. The
walls are hung with woven fabric, patterned
Owner: Kaye Tesiarani, CG Female Human with flowers and vines heavily laden with
(Varisian) Rogue 3/Sorceror 1. See NPC bunches of grapes.
section. Behind the counter works Sara Beck, NG
Female halfling. Friendly and animated, she
makes sure visitors understand the rules, plus
takes their weapons and places them in a
Kaye locked cupboard behind her.

Kaye runs the Pixie’s Kitten with discreet Beck
grace, protective over her girls and
appreciative of clients that exhibit good
manners and pay well.
The wooden three story building stands on
The rest of the ground floor consists of the
the corner of Salmon Street and Razor
lounge area where guests can drink and
Street, the closed curtains inside its
socialise with the girls.
windows prevent seeing inside. There is no
sign on the building but by the door hangs a Through the curtain a sumptuous lounge
chain and bronze panel with the words greets you. The walls are covered floor to
‘Guests Welcome’ engraved into it. ceiling with plush red velvet curtains, the
ceiling painted in a muted pattern of leaves
Pulling on the bell chain the door is opened
and butterflies. Various sofas, divans and
by one of Kaye’s three bouncers.
comfortable chairs stand artfully arranged,
small side-tables beside them on which
stand elaborate glass vases filled with fresh
flowers. At the back of the room a curving
Churl staircase with an opulent burnished copper
Bra’aak balustrade leads upstairs.
The intoxicating smell of perfume fills the
air, along with the scent of more exotic
herbs. Soft light glows flatteringly from a
hidden and likely magical source.
Churl Bra’aak, LN Half-orc male, Barbarian
The girls relax here when not upstairs with a
3. Churl speaks only in single words and
grunts. He is fiercly loyal to Kaye and will client. They fetch drinks for guests, from a
wide range of wines and spirits to suit all
turn away anyone that looks like trouble.
tastes and pockets. They negotiate directly
with clients for services, although Kaye keeps
a watchful eye at all times.

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Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Jass Chiara

Jass, CN Human female (Varisian). Red hair, Chiara, N Human female (Chelish). Aloof,
young, intelligent and confident. Jass is under elegant and cool, Chiara is perhaps the most
the influence of Jubrayl Vhiski and the attractive of Kaye’s girls and the pickiest
Sczarni, and passes information that she about her clientelle. She smokes with a
learns at the Kitten to him. As a consequence slender cigarette holder made of black bone,
Jubrayl knows the names of everyone visiting the sweet smell of tobacco mixed with an
the place, as well as their pecadillos. She is a exotic herb she obtains from Aliver Podiker.
charming, attractive and witty, and finds If she’s not interested she’ll respond with a
these talents useful when it comes to wink and “I’m an expert at this, and trust me
obtaining mens secrets. She luxuriates in I’m not your type. Have you met Jass?”.
walking around the Kitten’s lounge topless,
running her fingers through guests hair. Jass
has learned from Jonal Medor, an occasional
client of hers, that the Brotherhood of the
Seven are interested in the goings on of the
wealthy in Sandpoint. See Brotherhood of the Kasja
Seven, above.

Kasja, CG Human female (Chelish). Long

dark hair and the darkest red lipstick. A gold
Laure Andoran medal hangs around her neck
depicting a resplendent eagle perched atop a
shattered shield, a gift from a former client.
Kasja is friendly, relaxed and natural around
guests. She loves to joke and tease, and will
Laure, NG Human female (Chelish). Petite keep the wine flowing (and the guests
brown hair female: shy, soft spoken yet paying). Always one to enjoy a party, she’ll
passionate. Laure dreams of saving up encourage singing, playful games and general
enough gold to sail to Absalom, but keeps merriment. She knows many songs and
spending her spare coin on the poor and rhymes from around Golarion, mostly of the
needy of Sandpoint. She loves to hear stories salacious and humourous variety:
of adventure and travel, her eyes sparkling as
she imagines herself in distant lands There is a young lady of Solku,
surrounded by exotic people and outlandish Who fills her vagina with glue,
goings-on. Laure has never left Sandpoint! She says with a grin,
If they pay to get in,
They’ll pay to get out again too.

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Pictures from http://fdasuarez.deviantart.com
Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

There are two bouncers in the lounge at all

times, armed with saps, keeping a low profile
but ever observent:



Irmelin, NG Half elf female. Irmelin is the

only non-human at the Pixie’s Kitten. Born to
an elven father from the Twilight Academy in
Galduria, she moved to Sandpoint when he Tachek ‘Rock fist’, NG Human male
mysteriously disappeared without a trace, her (Shoanti), Fighter 3. Tachek is patient and
mother long since dead to bandits from always icily calm, but brutally efficient with
Churlwood. grappling and choking his opponents when
Irmelin has an aura of apathy about her, he needs to be.
content to let events happen whilst she drifts
along with them. Deep inside there is still a
spark of zeal, but until the day she finds it
again she listlessly trades on her elven beauty:
a flawless complexion and dark eyes that Kanat
glitter with silver speckles like stars on a clear
& moonless night.

Kanat ‘Tireless giant’, CG Human male

(Shoanti), Barbarian 3. Towering 6’7” with
Gretchen broad shoulders and enormous strength.
Kanat wears fur trimmed leather leggings but
usually has his torso bare, displaying his
collection of angular tribal tattoos and many
battle scars. He has a sap hanging from his
Gretchen, LN Human female (Taldor). belt, but keeps a morningstar hidden in the
Older than the other working girls, Gretchen room in case of emergencies.
is always immaculately made-up and The bouncers never get involved with the
coiffeured. She has a deep musical laugh that girls, it’s one of Kaye’s strict rules, but they
would seem carefree if there wasn’t are very protective of them and will forcefully
something in her eyes that speaks of past escort anyone to the exit if Kaye gives them
struggles and suffering. She prefers not to the command.
speak of why she left Taldor, other than to say
“When we travel we are free to re-invent The girls and bouncers have developed a
ourselves”. Gretchen and Kaye have been series of subtle hand signals that they use to
friends for many years, with Gretchen communicate and manage their guests.
watching over the Kitten when Kaye is busy.

Page 47
Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes - Rise of the Runelords

Drinks & extras Ibor Thorn, co-manager of the Scarnetti-

owned lumber mill. He keeps his visits
Wines hidden from his paymaster: Titus Scarnetti,
who would unequivocally disapprove.
Vése red wine (gl) 3s
Vése red wine (bt) 15s
Plots and Intrigue
Vad sparkling white wine (bt) 5g The Pixie’s Kitten and Kaye Tesiarani are
Vad summer harvest white wine (bt) 6g beset by various troubles that the PCs may be
able to help with, should they gain her trust.
Fog Shoulders 4705 red wine (bt) 10g
Sczarni Extortion
Fog Shoulders 4693 vintage red (bt) 30g Jubrayl Vhiski is attempting to force Kaye to
Sur 4685 ‘Sleeping giant’ red (bt) 70g give him a cut of the Kitten’s business. He
threatens to spread rumours about some of
Spirits her more secretive visitors: information he
Magnimar Dockway rum (gl) 5s obtains from his informant Jass. See Sczarni
above. Not only would that create
Sur ‘Firewater’ Grappa (gl) 1g embarassment amongst the noble families of
Sandpoint, it would give Titus Scarnetti more
Absinthe: Korvosan ‘Arkona’ (gl) 3g
ammunition to use against her, accusing her
Absalom Cayden brandy (gl) 10g of ‘bringing Sandpoint into disrepute’.
Intoxicants Scarnetti pressure

Qat (stimulant, euphoric) 5g Titus is lobbying for Sandpoint’s brothel to

be outlawed, the place an affront to his
Flayleaf (hallucinogenic, sedative) 10g traditional values. See Scarnetti family above.
Frequent guests The Scarnettis own the only lumber mill
and grain mill in town: this gives them a
The Kitten has numerous regulars, several of great deal of leverage. Mayor Kendra
which keep a low profile to avoid rumours:
Deverin is unwilling to introduce onerous
Gaven Deverin, cousin to the mayor, has restrictions on The Kitten, encouraged by
taken to visiting, although wary of being seen Sheriff Belor Hemlock who she holds in
entering to avoid rumours. He drinks heavily. high regard. However should it become
known that her cousin Gaven Deverin is
Jonal Medor, the Brotherhood of Seven
agent, always visits when in town. He has a spending time carousing at the bordello, the
straight-laced mayor will have a personal
mild Qat addiction and becomes boastful and
reason to close the place down and the
loose-lipped when he smokes it.
Sheriff may find his ally reconsidering her
Belor Hemlock visits, although always position.
behaving formally under the guise of
‘business’. His relationship with Kaye is one of
the worst kept secrets in Sandpoint.
Gressel Tenniwar, front man for the Sczarni,
is an occasional and unpopular guest but pays
well. He likes to take Irmelin and Jass upstairs
together accompanied by a bottle of
Korvosan absinthe and three glasses.

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