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Name : Azmil Mufidah

NIM : 201701044

Class : 2B

Describing People Indonesian And International Public Figure

Qahtan Halilintar

Gen halilintar is the name or nick

name of a family in Indonesia. I like the last

family members. His name is Muhammad

Shalaheddin El- Qahtan Halilintar. And the

nick name is Qahtan. He was born at 12

august 2012. Now he is 7 years old. He is an

elementary school.

He is younger and shorter person. He

is very cute. Wathan has thin, short and black hair, flat nose, chubby cheeks, small

mouth, beautiful eyes, and white skin.The favorit colour is orange. And the

favorit animal is a cat.

He has nick name Superhero, because he is very innocent and brave. He is

very friendly and funny, so many laike him. Qahtan is a cutes and has many fans

named Qahtan Dinos. Although still small, Qahtan can speak English well. Qahtan

is an independent child and rarely cries, he is still handsome.

Maher Zain

Maher Zain is an Islamic musician

a Swedish singer and Lebanese music

producer born in 16 March 1982 in

Lebanon. And now he is 37 years old. He

has real name Maher Mustafa Maher

Zain. Men of Arab and European descent

who present with Islamic breathing songs

in catchy and absorbing modern and pop music. His debut album Thank You

Allah. He received many awards in the music world.

He brought new colors to the world of Islamic music that was swept away.

the music entertains and inspires many people, while bringing a message of peace

and hope to the world. Some of the song titles he created are InsyaAllah, The

Chosen One, Forgive Me, Ya Nabi Salam Alayka, Assalamualayka and so on.

He has bald hair, a sharp nose, beautiful eyes, pointed chin, has a thin

beard, a thin mustache. He is tall . He has a fashion sense that always wears a hat.

I like him, because the song is very touching and nice to listen to. Heart-warming

Islamic songs. he also has a very sweet smile, and a very sweet voice.