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TPACK Template

Subject Mathematics

Grade Level 4

Type of Online Class Asynchronous

(please specific if it’s
synchronous or asynchronous)
Learning Objective 4.4 The student will

a) demonstrate fluency with multiplication facts through


12 x 12, and the corresponding division facts

Complete the following sentences:

1. The online course I’m teaching in for this activity is asynchronous.

Pedagogy Planning

2. In this online activity, my online students will use a simulation on multiplication and
division to have an individual experience based upon their unique choices. Each child’s
end result will be different, and I will grade them online by an online quiz.

Online Activity
1. The teacher will record a video reviewing the 12x12
times table for the student. Reviewing how multiplying
and dividing are linked to one another. The teacher will
also provide a personal 12x12 times table so the
student can have their own to practice problems and
refer back to.
2. After watching the video students are expected to
practice multiplying and dividing all numbers up to 12
with the Mental Math Trains game.
3. Students will be able to choose between a truck that
displays addition, subtraction, multiplication, and
division. Which they should choose multiplication or
division. After picking between the two, students are
given the option, which number group they wish to
practice on. 2-12 is available. Mixed tables are also
available for students who don’t need the extra focus
on certain number groups.

4. This activity should give students extra help on

multiplication and division. This game also gives
students multiple answers so they aren’t frustrated in
trying to find the exact answer. By seeing the correct
answer multiple times it will help them remember the
answers of each number and number group.

Technology https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/mental-maths-

Name of the device and/or programs

being used. (The description of what
the students will be doing with the
technology will be included in the
pedagogy/activity section).