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Speaking questions were shared by S from India whose IELTS exam update was published
earlier here.

Speaking test


- What is your name?

- Where are you from?
- Where do you work / study?
- Is it easy to get a job in your country?

- How many languages do you speak?

- Is it easy to learn English?
- How did you learn English?
- How long did you learn English for?

- Do you read newspapers?

- Tell me about newspapers that you read.
- What section of a newspaper do you normally read?
- Do you prefer TV or newspapers? Why?
- Do you watch news over the Internet?
- What type of news are you interested in?
£ e £ard

Talk about your favorite outdoor activity, please say

- What activity is that?
- Where do you do it?
- How often do you do it?
- Why do you like this activity?

Disc ssion

Let¶s talk about indoor & outdoor sports.

- Why do people prefer outdoor sports?
- What were the outdoor activities of the past compared to these of the present?
- Why are children less interested in outdoor activities nowadays?


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IELTS exams in Iran in Lithuania were described by M and K and sound very similar. Here is
what these kind people collectively remembered:

istening test
Section 1. A woman wanted to book a restaurant for a party, the questions included the
date of party, her phone number, the number of people at the party, the kind of food, etc.

Section 2. A man was describing an island and mentioning several details about the place.

Section 3. A tutor was advising a student about the structure and contents of his proposal
(introduction, body, conclusion, etc).

Section 4. A man was describing whales and dolphins and the conditions they live in.

·eading test

Passage 1. About sleeping after lunch (day nap).

Passage 2. About various birds.

Passage 3. About e-learning and its usage in companies, its advantages and disadvantages.

Writing test

Writing Task 1 (a report)

There were 2 bar charts that illustrated the influence of bedroom TV and computer on
children¶s scores in the following subjects: reading, writing, mathematics.

Writing Task 2 (an essay)

Some people believe that tourists should accept social and environmental responsibility
while others believe that tourists should not accept any responsibility at all. To what extent
do you agree or disagree?


The following questions were shared by H from Qatar. Here is what she remembered:

Speaking test


- What¶s your full name?

- Do you work or study?
- What do you enjoy more, working or studying?
- Do you have a lot of free time?
- Would you prefer going out with friends or watching TV?
- What kind of food did you eat in your childhood?
- If you had children, would you prefer them to eat in restaurants or at home?
£ e £ard

Tell me about a story that people in your country know well. Please say
- what is that story?
- who told you that story?
- why do you remember that story?

Disc ssion

- What type of stories do children like?

- Would you prefer telling your children a story or reading to them?
- Do you believe it is important to tell traditional stories to children?
- Do you think the modern generation is interested in traditions?
- Is it important to keep our traditions?
- If so, how can one prevent traditions from disappearing?




IELTS exam in Madrid, Spain was described by S (thank you!) who shared the following

·eading test

Passage 1. About London travel.

Questions: True/False/Not Given.

Passage 2. Brighton Festival Exhibition.

Questions: matching headings.

Passage 3. Interview and assessment process in Australian Bank.

Questions: filling in gaps (no more than 2 words).

Passage 4. Giant Barred Frog (specie close to extinction).

Questions: multiple choice.

Writing test

Writing task 1 (a letter)

Write a letter to a singer and invite him / her to your celebration. In you letter
- tell him / her about the event,
- invite him / her to your party,
- explain why you want to have him/ her at this party,
- ask to sing a particular song.

Writing task 2 (an essay)

Paying more money is the only possible motivation to make employees work harder and to
increase their productivity. Do you agree? Give reasons and include relevant examples.
Speaking test


- Introduce yourself.
- What is the most beautiful place in your hometown?
- What do you think is worth improving in you hometown?
- What is your favorite season and why?

£ e card

Describe a TV or radio presenter, please say

- what program does he/she present?
- why is he/she a good presenter?

Disc ssion

- What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a good presenter?

- What are the necessary qualities of a good presenter?

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IELTS exam was shared by H from Hanoi, Vietnam (thanks!), here is what we know:

istening test

Section 1. A conversation between a man, who wanted to register for a camping site, and a
female officer.

Questions: filling in the gaps in a registration form (name, address and a telephone
number), filling in the map some information about the camping site, multiple choice
question (multiple answers) about the 3 activities available.

Section 2. A man was providing information about a charity organization.

Questions: table completion, sentence completion.

Section 3: A discussion between Simon and Anna about a course in International Relation

Questions: multiple choice questions (one answer only), multiple choice question (multiple
answers), matching 4 given courses with their associated benefits.

Section 4. A university lecturer was talking about business ethic.

·eading test

Passage 1. How to become an expert?

Questions: flow chart completion, T/F/NG, summary (sentence completion).
Passage 2. Antarctic¶s climate change.
Questions: Matching information, multiple choice question (single answer), T/F/NG.

Passage 3. History and Movies.

Questions: Matching information, Y/N/NG.

Writing test

Writing Task 1 (a report)

There were 4 pie charts describing the results of a survey by a university about the opinion
of full-time and part-time students about its services (the services were IT support offered
and opening hours).

Writing Task 2 (an essay)

Pollution and other environmental damage are inevitable results when a country is
developing and growing its wealth. To what extent you agree or disagree?


IELTS Speaking questions below were shared by H from Iran (thank you!)

Speaking test


- What is your full name?

- Let¶s talk about your hometown. What do you think is special about it?
- How can you improve your hometown?
- How has it changed compared to the past?
- Let¶s talk about the weather. What kind of weather do you have in your city?
- What kind of weather do you like and why?

£ e £ard

Describe a fascinating job that you heard about, please say

- where you heard about it,
- what kind of job it was,
- what fascinated you, and
- explain why you thought it was fascinating.

Disc ssion

- Was the job in question a well paid job?

- How the working conditions in your country have changed in recent years?
- What was the cause of the change?
- What benefits in your opinion do workers need, apart from salary?
- Does working too much have any influence on family life?
,   !" #$%

IELTS exams in Turkey and Syria were the same, so we are told by H and S, who took their
tests in these countries. Here is what we know:

istening test

Section 1. A woman who wanted to book a hotel for her birthday party called to get
information about hotels.

Section 2. A female presenter was describing changes in a shopping mall that were related
to flowers and different sections in a shop for fertilizers, other gardening supplies, etc.

Questions: there was a map of the mall and we were asked to label locations on the map.

Section 3. A student was describing the resources she used and the problems she had while
writing her dissertation. She was providing information about different sections of her

Section 4. A university lecturer was talking about history of time measurement and different
instruments that were used for measuring time with their respective problems.

·eading test

Passage 1. Agriculture and different methods of farming, including agro-chemical farming

and genetically modified crops versus organic farming.

Question: filling in gaps, multiple choice questions and Y/N/NG.

Passage 2. Paleontology and a database of fossils and their related problems.

Questions: headings matching and sentence completion.

Passage 3. Memory and different techniques of memorizing things, including history of each

Questions: filling in gaps, multiple choice questions and Y/N/NG.

Writing test

Writing Task 1 (a report)

There was a graph comparing birth and death rates in one European country between the
years 1950 and 2010, plus a future prediction in 40 years.

Writing Task 2 (an essay)

These days many people leave their county to work abroad and take their family with them.
Do you think benefits of this outweigh disadvantages in terms of family development?

The following speaking questions were shared by H who took his IELTS exam in Vietnam:

Speaking test


- Where is your hometown?

- What do you think your hometown is famous for?
- Did you learn about your hometown¶s history in school?
- Do you think that people learn history in school?
- When was the last time you went to a place where people go to dance in your country?
- Do you like dancing?
- Have you ever learned dancing?
- Why do you think people love to dance?
- How many languages do you speak?
- What languages do you want to study in the future?
- Why do you want to study a foreign language?

£ e £ard

Describe the last time when you were last late for an important appointment. Please say
- When did it happen?
- What was the meeting for?
- Why were you late?
- Explain the results of being late for that meeting.

Disc ssion

- Are you angry with people who are late?

- Do you think that people have less free time today than in the past? Why?
- Do you think that the quality of living is increasing? How?
- Today people use machinery to automate everything, is it good or bad?
- How does modern technology help to save time?
- Do you agree that people should let machinery do everything?

! $  

I had to interrupt the series of tips from a high scorer to give you the latest update sent by
A from Australia. Here are the questions A remembered:

Speaking test

- What is your full name?

- Can I see your ID please?
- What are you doing, working or studying?
- Have you completed your studies?
- What kind of job would you prefer in the future?
- Let¶s talk about shopping. Do you like shopping?
- Do you like shopping in big shopping centres?
- Which day of the week do you prefer to shop on and why?
- When was the last time you went shopping?

£ e £ard

Talk about the last film you saw, please say:

- where did you watch it?
- what did you like about it?
- what did you dislike about the film?
- why did you choose to watch that film?

Disc ssion

- Would you watch that movie again?

- What do you prefer, staying home to watch a movie on a DVD or going to the cinema?
- Do you find time to relax at home?
- Do you relax while watching a movie?
- What are the effects of movies on children?
- Can you learn other people¶s culture through TV?
- How does watching film/movie affect a person?
- What do you think about movie stars of today and their actions?

IETS Spe aking q esti ons f rom A str ali a an d K ore a

± Febr ar y 2010

Speaking test #1 (Korea)

- Are you a student or a worker?
- What is your major?
- Why did you choose your major?
- Can you drive?
- What do you think, should high schools have a diving course? Is it necessary?
- What do you think about the age suitable for driving?

Cue Card
Talk about an article you read in a newspaper or a magazine, you should say:
- what article did you like?
- why did you like it?
- do you remember the article?
- what was it about?

- Do you like reading?
- Did you read many books in your childhood?
- Do you like to read news and articles on the Internet?
- What do you think about the articles on the Internet?
- Do you think newspapers will disappear because of the Internet? Why?

Speaking test #2 (Australia)

- What is your name?
- Are you working or studying?
- How many times did you go out with your friends?
- Do you prefer that your friends visit you in your house or that you go out with them?

Cue card
Talk about the popular sports that you know, you should say:
- why it is popular,
- what a person needs to play this sport,
- why you like it.

Speaking test #3 (Australia)

- Introduce yourself.
- What do you do nowadays, work or study?
- Do you think your field of work changes your personality?
- Is there any positive effects of your work on your personal life?
- Why did you choose this job?
- What healthy activity do you recommend people to do? Why?
- Do you think healthy activities are being discussed in the schools enough?
- What does the government do to improve people¶s µhealth strategy¶ in their life?
- How many languages do you speak?
- Do you think English language is an easy language?
- How can you improve your English?