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Save trees use e-Question Paper DOWNLOAD THIS FREE AT Go green G3CS Sehenne osx | Time: 3 hrs. Dx-2t-4) 2 Ay meaing of Henfeton. ape evalastor unl equations writen eg, 4240 = 50, fl be usted os alpcice ore ® Ipenan Nate: 1. Oncompltng your answers computor dew dogo cosines onthe rensining nk pgs. nents of the following signals + teost +t? sin t+ 2 costt sin t fi) x)= 1+ costt +0’ sia't + cost. For the signal x(t) shown in Fig Q1(b) find and plot i) M342) i) x(2C4=1). |. Determine whether the syster imiemoryless, causal, time — invat il © Fourth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.2017/Jan Signals and Systems “Oy Note: Answer any FIVE full questions, choosin; “ONE full question trom each module, @ Module-} (os saris (ea sany mo dy =e iD 90 ceases) Given the signa (0), (89) Find ad sketch ca) xl of LCD 1 essary Mod, Find te coor Mager Mota ee and (0 =u) ones) Find y(0)~ gin) cP). Given <1 and fel <1 (outa) Find a x: wing | 20 2 2.3, 4}. (04 Marks) or WN gon@iue the two continuous time signals (0) and x) given below cosntf(t +) t= 3)) and 23) ~ 00. womans uae y(n) = Ben) # win ~3) ever: <1 (ountatsy Show that) (0) * (a) =M(m) HD MCA) # BEAM) = AL~ My. (cents) 10f2 BRANCHES | ALL SEMESTERS | NOTES | QUESTON PAPERS | LAB MANUALS A Viuresource Go Green initiative Save trees use e-Question Paper Go green DOWNLOAD THIS FREE AT 0 Check the following systems for memory less, causality and stability hn) = (0.25) AH =e ute — 1. Find the step response of an LT} system whose impulse response is cl 32, B-¥- bony Evaluate the DTES representation for the Siena) =sin( a) <. draw its magnitude and phase spectra, oR Vode prego fant guten eng resense hy = ii) hd) = Cutt). Ay * (06 Marks) ‘State any six properties of DTFS. (06 Marks) Determine BTS ofthe signa x(n) 604%). Ako dros soe (04 Marks) ‘Module-4 Obtain the Fourier transform of the signal x(t) ~ e@jy(t): Mp. Also draw its magnitude and phase spectra (06 Marka Find the DTET of the signal x(a) = au(a); its magnitude spectra. (04 Marks) Find the FT representation for the peri, 0s wt and also draw its spectrum, (06 Marks) ind the FT of the signum funet sw the magnitude and phase spectra, (06 Marks) Find the DTET of S(n) and cra (04 tara) Hs Rare 1S 5ce—kevand draw the spectrum. (06 mark Find ZT ofthe quences Jindal sketch their RoC : 1 Co) = sin ey, TAREN) = Cy w6a) + C2)" vA, (os tarts Find Wr sequence x(2) 4. (os Marts oR nthe following properties of ZT nT property i) dfferetation property. (08 Mart Find 127 ofthe folowing sequence using pata faction expansion method co ven: ipROC=|2/<3 3 )RoC:|2/>1; ii)RoC:$<|z]<1. (08 Marks) 20f2 BRANCHES | ALL SEMESTERS | NOTES | QUESTON PAPERS | LAB MANUALS A Viuresource Go Green initiative