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Student Writing Reflection Sheet

Name: Ana P. Ezrre Period: 3 Date: 4/29/2019

Class: Senior English Teacher: Ms. Figueroa

Assignment Title: Q3 End-Unit: Reflection

Student Writing Goal: My writing goal is to score a grade that’ll maintain ma at an overall grade range of 80%-90%. My
focus this semester is to get a’s and b’s and I will achieve it.

1) Re-read the paper (and teacher feedback).
2) Complete this reflection sheet.
3) Revise the paper accordingly and highlight any changes.
4) Submit the revision and this reflection sheet.

What was the purpose of this writing assignment?

The purpose of this writing assignment was to inform the reader the theme Macbeth brought into society,
explaining the way Macbeth affected society whether it was in the real world or just throughout the story.
Macbeth not only affected society with in the story but it also left a mark behind on the real world which was
very incredible. The play had so much meaning that the reader was able to justify ways that it was real life

How did you perform in relation to the expectations of the writing rubric?
I perform the relation to the expectations of the writing rubric because I based off what the prompt was
asking me, by this I mean I wrote about the way Macbeth affected theme in society and wrote the amount of
length the prompt was asking for etc.

What aspect of this piece did you do well? (give example/quotes to support claims)
I was very good at explaining the way the story worked towards the theme, by this I mean I explained how
Macbeth stood out good in the way it affected the society and supporting the claiming points I had. The story
was very meaningful and extremely powerful which was very easy to catch on and explaining was very easy
for me.

Why have you/haven’t you chosen to revise this writing assignment?

I haven’t chosen to revise this assignment because the mistake I needed to revise are easy mistakes that can
be fixed with no problem, other than that when I get to look over my paper, I will mostly fix punctuation
What will you do better in your next writing assignment, and how will I do it?
After looking over my work now and reflecting on this piece, I would do better on my next assignment. This
assignment was very difficult for me, I mean it wasn’t that difficult to place together but it was honestly very
slacked on. By that I mean I did not really take this assignment serious I knew it had to get done but I just
decided to put other things first before finishing the assignment which it is acceptable but sometimes things
come up that have to get done at the moment and you forget to finish other things but I know for a fact that
my next assignment will be better and done on time for sure.

To what degree of success did you achieve your previously stated goal(s)?
Well, my goal was to maintain my grade in the range of 80%-90% which it was not well achieved, my paper
was turned in late so points were taken off which it left me with receiving an 75% on my assignment which
its totally understandable since I did turn in my essay late. Instead of being mad at my self for turning in late
my essay I’m going to take this as an example for my future because if I want to achieve something I need to
learn from my mistakes and make a change to not do that in the future so I can easily achieve my goals. Now
that I was late on this previous assignment, I must work harder to catch up on the next big assignment to not
be late on it, it’s a learning experience that you cannot stop caring for.