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Fashion Buyer
CONTACT An highly motivated and hardworking individual, who is currently studing at Nottingham
Phone: Trent University. I achieve all my tasks at my best ability with creativity and individuality.
07709222724 Right now, I’m looking to take my career in a new and refreshing direction by joining an
ambitious company.
Currently studying at Nottingham Trent University in first year learning new skills such as
pattern cutting, working on the stand and Adobe Software; Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop,
PERSONAL DETAILS and Bridge. These techniques have helped me become a more improved designer. The project
we are working on at the moment is for our final grade which is in collaboration with
DOB: 19/01/2000 Emmanual House. The project is to use sustainable fabrics from Emmanual House and create
Nationality: British an outerwear piece that would be suitable for the homeless. Not only as this project taught
me new skills but how important sustainability is within the fashion industry.

51 Parkside Road, EXPERIENCE
Hoyland Common, -While volunteering at Emmanual House on a Tuesday evening, a group of us had to go threw
Barnsley, South York- many bags and rails of clothing/accessories to be filtered. Some of the items we found were
suitable to be sold in their store, however the rest were taken to Nottingham Trent University
shire to help students with the sustainability project. A range of fabrics were found that would be
S740AH helpful for the textures on garments to be constructed. Emmanual House is a great firm that
helps the community that are less worthy and I was grateful to have helped such an amazing
- Highly motivated -When working at Outfit for a company named Arcadia, I leant a lot more new skills that
involved; working on the shop floor, organising the stock room when we recieved new deliv-
- Confident ery’s, clearing the changing rooms on request, opporating the tills on the shop floor and
- Hardworking cashing up on a night. One of my favouite aspects whilst working at Outfit, was to give my
-Team work personal preference for customers who needed help choosing outfits for occasions. Working in
retail isn’t easy as you have daily targets to reach before the store closes, however I found that
- Independant working in retail is such a friendly environment that I would see myself working in again in the
- Adapt to situations near future.
- Passionate
REFERENCES - Available on request
- Focused