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Dear, Mr Joan

How is everything going? I hope that your life IS going well.

I am writing because I'd like to know your opinions/thoughts about the email of the culinary club.

The cooking class on Friday is going to be cancelled. The manager of the club sent me an email
where he explained that the club is going to be closed the next week because they need to fix the
rooms. Therefore, our cooking class will be cancelled. I do tell you that because this is going to
affect our plans. I don´t belive that the problem in the club is a strong reason to cancel the class.
The problem on the rooms has been always an excuse to affect all the members.

On the other hand, I need to take this class since I have to practice my cooking skills for the
romantic dinner that I AM going to cook for my wife in our aniversary. I had everything ready to
celebrate our love with Italian food. I wanted to cook recepies from the cancelled class. Please let
me know what you think about that.

Joan, I also had heard that you will have a special dinner for your family and that you want to learn
to cook an Italian food plate.

I consider that the club will have to give us a solution, what do you think? Let me know your