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Perla Hernandez

Mr. Figueroa

Senior English

15 December 2018

Beowulf and the Angelo- Saxon

Who were the Anglo- Saxons? The Anglo- Saxons were converted into Christianity and

valued many things. They were Germanic people who invaded Great Britain after the Romans

and spoke old English. In the epic poem of Beowulf, it consisted of Pagan and Christianity

elements. The epic poem describes three monsters: Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the dragon.

Grendel is the off spring of Cain and he terrorized the Danes for as long as they could remember.

Grendel’s mother goes back to avenge the death of her son lastly, the fire breathing dragon was

not an easy battle compared to the last two. Through all the dangerous adventures and

experiences, the Angelo- Saxons have faced, they kept their values of honor, courage, and

loyalty close to them.

One value the Angelo- Saxons believe in is courage. The reason being is when Beowulf

heard what was going on with the Danes he did not hesitate to go. The poem states, “Heard how

Grendel filled the nights with horror and quickly commanded a boat filled out proclaiming that

he’d go to that famous king, would sail across the sea to Hrothgar. Now that he needed me”

(Beowulf 110-115). This shows the Angelo- Saxon value courage when Beowulf was courageous

and decided to fight Grendel naked and with no weapons. “It is so great that he needs no

weapons and fears none” (Beowulf 165-170). Beowulf decided to fight Grendel with no

weapons because he wanted to be equal to Grendel. Overall, Beowulf was so courageous that he

did not fear Grendel at all.

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Another value the Angelo- Saxon believe in his honor. They value honor when the Geats

built a tower for Beowulf. According to this quote “Then the Geats built the tower, as Beowulf

had asked, strong and tall…” (Beowulf870-875). Beowulf’s men built a tower so they could

remember their strongest and bravest king the Geats have ever had. Honor was also shown in this

epic poem when Beowulf asked Hrothgar if he could kill Grendel. This poem stats “A single

request I have come so far for… That I, alone and with the help of my men may purge all evil

from this hall” (Beowulf160-165). Beowulf didn’t want to make it seem like he wanted to go to

Herot and take the tile by killing Grendel. All in all, Beowulf showed honor by fighting Grendel

the same and for asking permission from the king to fight Grendel.

Lastly the Angelo- Saxon value loyalty. They value loyalty by standing by each other no

matter what. According to this quote “Remembering everything this lord and coursing given

him… Wiglaf’s mind was made up; he raised his yellow shield and drew his sword” (Beowulf

700-705). When Beowulf was going to fight the dragon many men fled, but Wiglaf did not

because he remembered all the things Beowulf did for him. Loyalty is also shown in this epic

poem when Beowulf served for his people. According to this quote “when he crossed the sea, my

comrades and I, I already knew that all purpose was this; to win the good will of your people or

their in battle” (Beowulf 632-635). This shows how Beowulf can face many Dangerous battles

just so his people can feel safe and for them to continue to respect him. Overall, loyalty was

shown off of Wiglaf by staying on Beowulf side when he had to fight the dragon, and it was also

shown off of Beowulf when he served his people in the time of help.

Courage, honor, and loyalty is shown a lot in the epic story Beowulf. The people depend

on their king and the soldiers all the time, especially when someone comes and destroys their

land and homes. Courage was big to them because they depended on their soldiers to have
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courage and to protect them. Loyalty was also big to them because they had to stay together and

show that they had each other through everything. Lastly, they valued honor if there is no trust

especially when they’re in a battle filed then how are they going to win. Beowulf the epic hero of

the time fought monsters to help out the people. He kept in mind his Angelo- Saxon beliefs close

to him.
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