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Student Writing Reflection Sheet

Name: Joselyn Ordonez Period: 3 Date: 1/16/2019

Class: Senior English Teacher: Ms. Figueroa

Assignment Title: Q1 End of Unit: Social issue

Student Writing Goal: My goal for the year is to score at least an A for all my essays/assessments and score a 4 on
evidence, punctuation, grammar etc.

1) Re-read the paper (and teacher feedback).
2) Complete this reflection sheet.

What was the purpose of this writing assignment?

I believe that the reason we did this assignment was to challenge us on something semi big and teach us more
on how to find evidence, quotes, etc. Also, they tried making something a little harder for us to make us put
more of an effort since this was going to hit our grade pretty hard and possibly affect graduation.

How did you perform in relation to the expectations of the writing rubric?
I think I scored mostly 4’s according to the rubric. I think something I didn’t pay much attention to were the
contractions. Other than that my transitions were pretty decent, as well as my organization.

What aspect of this piece did you do well? (give example/quotes to support claims)
I think I did pretty well on organization, I knew how to organize my information in each paragraphs and
that’s usually what I struggle with. Ms. Fig said my thesis statement was a good directive and it clearly told
her exactly what I was going to be talking about.

Why have you/haven’t you chosen to revise this writing assignment?

I didn’t really change anything because my paper was decent. I provided good information and facts. I
provided good claims and counterclaims and made sure I could fight the topic in both perspectives.

What will you do better in your next writing assignment, and how will I do it?
Something that I can work on for my next assignment is introducing my quotes. I have the habit of never
doing it and I feel like if I did…it would make my papers look much better so I can slowly introduce the
reader to whatever evidence I want to prove.

To what degree of success did you achieve your previously stated goal(s)?
I did way better than I expected on this assignment, from thinking I was going to receive a B to actually
receiving a 95% which is an A. I’m not going to lie, I did get pretty distracted at times, but I tried my best to
turn it on time and stay on track and that’s exactly what I did.

3) Revise the paper accordingly and highlight any changes.

4) Submit the revision and this reflection sheet.