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Crete the Correct The Situation Rounded Answer Explanation 64. You need 6.4 pounds of 6 0r7 pounds ‘onions for a recipe. How many pounds should you purchase? (65. You have calculated @ $12.27 oF $12.28, selling price of $12.2704 for the special of the day. How much should you charge for this special? 66.68.65% of amango is (68% or 69% usable. What percent can you use? 67 13.374 pies will be 130r 14 pies necessary to serve the Quests ata party you are catering. How many pies should you bake? (68. 1 teaspoons of cumin $0.04 or $0.05 ql costs $0.0439. How much does the cumin cost? 69, 5% watermelons are 5 or 6 watermelons needed to make fruit order for this fruit salad? Solve each of the following word problems. Show your work. For percent answers, round to the nearest tenth percent. Any partial pennies, round up. 70, A restaurant purchases 80 pounds of sweet potatoes. Twenty-five percent of the | potatoes are peels. How many pounds of sweet potatoes are peels? 71. Ifyou order 300 lobster tails and you use 32 percent, how many do you have left? a Chapter 1. MATH BASICS 32. You made 400 rolls, which is 40 percent of what you have to make. What is the | total number of rolls you have to make? | 45, You have 60 percent of a bottle of raspberry syrup remaining. Tf 10 fluid ounces | ‘vere used, how many fluid ounces did the botdle originally hold? | | a4, Out of 250 cakes, you use 34 percent for a party. How many cakes are left over? 45, What percent discount would you have gotten if the actual price of an item was | | $16.95 and you paid $15.96? 78. Annual recycling costs are $7,000. Annual sales amount to $1,185,857. What | percent of sales does recycling cost represent? 77 Last night you served 30 guests Shrimp Scampi vou served, How many entrées did you serv 800 canapés at $0,06 each and he requires 7. If'a caterer receives an order for 2, | 30 pereent down how much will the client owe after the deposit is paid? | | 79. You paid $508 for a new piece of equipment after a9 percent discount, What was the original price? Round your answer to the nearest cent | go, By 10:00 a.m. only 3 cups remain ina coffee urn. Bighty-five percent of the coffee has been consumed. How many cups of coffee does the urn hold? | | gu, You are serving 3 different entrées at a party you are catering. If 100 guests are | having Beef Wellington, 175 guests are having Pasta Primavera, and 45 percent of che | | guests are having Coq Au Vin. How many guests are expected at this party? ‘CULINARY MATH.