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Presentation Framework

This template is to be used when creating a presentation that includes audio and video components.
Presentation Software: PowerPoint Recording Software: Camtasia
Presentation Title: More About Me Camtasia Short Cuts
Mac: Shift + Command 2= Pause Recording
PC: Space Bar= Play/Pause

Slide # Slide Description Script/Action

Slide 1 Main Slide “More About Me” Welcome to “More About Me” I am
Gail Knefel (Click)
Slide 2 Why this Presentation? This presentation is designed to
provide you, as a prospective
 To provide a quick look at who I employer, a better look at me
am and what skill & experience I including my history, an
bring to the table. understanding of what is important
to me as a person and how that plays
into my abilities as a trainer as well as
demonstrating skills that are essential
for any trainer. (Click)
Slide 3 My History. Let’s start with a bit of history. (Click)

Slide 4 Education: I received my Business Administration

 Southern Utah University (SUU) degree with an emphasis in
o BA with emphasis in International Business from Southern
International Business Utah University. I also received a
o German second major in German language.
 Western Governor’s University (Click) I am currently pursuing my
o Masters of Education, Masters of Education in Learning and
Learning and Technology Technology from Western Governor’s
o Estimated completion Aug University. If all goes as planned and I
2020 pass this class, I should complete my
 Life degree in August of 2020. (Click) And
o Ongoing the most important education I have
had is Life. Life has a way of being one
of our best educators as we learn
from our experiences. Life has taught
me a great deal that has helped
shape what is important to me.
Slide 5 What’s important to me? I believe that a person’s history as
well as what they place as important
greatly impact their knowledge and
abilities. I would like to share a few
things that are important to me and

that I believe have shaped the person
I am. (Click)
Slide 6 Family I come from a large family being the
 Picture of my family oldest of 7 children. This required me
 List of lessons learned to learn responsibility at a young age.
(Click) I also learned that you have to
compromise, other people’s opinions
have value and sharing is essential.
Having no children of my own I have
learned that being the favorite aunt
to 30 nieces and nephews has its
benefits and that I have life lessons to
share with others. (click)
Slide 7 Friends Friends have been an integral part of
 “My best friend is the one who my life. True friends tell you the truth
brings out the best in me.” – Henry even if the message is hard. Taking
Ford hard feedback and making changes in
your life is a lesson that goes beyond
family and friends.
Slide 8 Travel Travel has been an amazing part of
 Maps of places I have visited my journey that has allowed me to be
more open to new ideas, appreciate
other differences and (click) find
value in learning from the past. (click)
Slide 9 Fun travel picture illustrating learning from (click) find value in learning from the
the past past. (click)
Slide 10 What Skills do I have? Now that you know some of my
philosophies on life I will share some
of my more practical skills.
Slide 11 Presentation Hopefully, this video provides you
 Audiences from 1-200 with a small introduction to my
 Types presentation skills. Also, I have had
o Live the opportunity to facilitate trainings
o Recorded and presentations for groups ranging
o Remote in size from 1 to 200 people. (Click)
These were done using various
mediums including live, recorded and
remote sessions. In addition to
presentation skills I realize the
essential nature of being able to
utilize computers and software
effectively. (Click)
Slide 12 Computer Skills Specific to computer skills I have
o Word Processing worked extensively with all types of
o Spreadsheets software including word processing,
o Presentations spreadsheet, presentations,
o Multimedia multimedia, Learning Management

o Learning Management Systems (LMS), many of which have
Systems (LMS) examples available on my ePortfolio
website. (Click)
Slide 13 Instructional Design As a trainer we often have to wear
multiple hats and this has allowed me
the opportunity to design trainings. I
have had to take a concept from idea
to completion on multiple occasions. I
believe that my time in the classroom
has helped me to develop training
materials that are relevant and easy
for others to facilitate. I have also
learned the importance of doing
analysis before beginning the process
to assure the product requested and
the product needed are the same.
Slide 14 Thanks Thank you for watching. Feel free to
Linkedin check out my Linkedin Profile or E-
e-portfolio Portfolio.
* Bolded items in the script are actions and should not be spoken.