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DLP No. Learning Area Grade Quarter Duration
1 Practical research 1 Level 2nd 1hr
11-5-18 11
The learner….. Code:
1. Shares research experiences and CS_RS11-IIIa-1
Learning Competencies knowledge CS_RS11-IIIa-2
2. Explains the importance of research
in daily life
Key Concept Nature of Inquiry and Research
1. Objectives
Knowledge Discuss research and its importance to daily life
Skills Demonstrate the importance of research to improve one’s life
Attitude Display creativity in portraying the importance of research
Values Demonstrate oneness in giving importance on research
2. Content Nature of Inquiry and research
3. Learning Resources Book, internet sources, paper and pen, illustration board
4. Procedures
Group students into three
Introductory Activity (5 minutes) Have them give the meaning of the words (inquire, crucial,
guarantee) in from of a web. Make this in a form of a contest.
Activity In your own perspective, what is the importance of research to you?
(10 minutes) Relate it to your personal experiences.
What is research?
How do you learn something through inquiry or research?
Why is inquiry a scientific way of thinking?
(10 minutes)
Was there any instance in your life when you too, did a sort of inquiry
or research? Explain your point.
The teacher discusses the meaning of inquiry and research,
governing principles or foundation of inquiry and benefits of
(15 minutes)
inquiry0based learning or the importance of research
Mark a check the questions that require more complex thinking and
and X to those that trigger simple and less thinking.
1. What’s did you prepare during the All Saint’s Day?
2. Who prepared the food?
3. Why some people are offer foods in the cemetery?
Application 4. Which practice are Sagbayanons do?
(10 minutes) 5. Do you agree that this will be practiced?
6. Why is All Soul’s day important for us?
7. What did you bring in the cemetery?
8. What did you do in the tomb of your loved ones?
9. How is this important to man?
10. Should we offer prayers to them?
In your own perspective, what is the importance of research to you?
Relate it to your personal experiences. In a small group, students are
asked to portray the importance of research to the daily life.
Group 1- chant
Assessment Group 2- advertisement
( 5minutes) Group 3- tableau
Group 4- dance drama
Group 5- song
Have students present their group output.

Assessment Method

Talking to the Learner’s Output Differentiated Activities/ Oral/Practicum

Assignment ( 5 minutes)
Reinforcing/Strengthening the Day’s .Create an essay about inquiry-based learning/research and post it in
lesson the internet. Request your friends to comment about your post.
Have students reflect on the quotation below:

Concluding Activity

5. Remarks
6. Reflections
A. No. of learners who earned 80% in the evaluation
B. No. of learners who require additional activities for
C. Did the remedial lessons work? No. of learners
who have caught up with the lesson.
D. No. of learners who continue to require
E. Which of my teaching strategies worked well? Why
did these work?
F. What difficulties did I encounter which my principal
or supervisor can help me solve?
G. What innovation or localized materials did I
use/discover which I wish to share with other

Prepared by:
Position / Designation TEACHER-II Division CAMARINES SUR
Contact Number Email Address

Bacaceros, Esther L. Practical research. First Edition.
Sampalok, Manila. REX Publishing house, 2016

Appendices: (attach all materials that I will be used)

1. Activity Sheet
2. Formative Assessment
3. Answer Key
4. Handouts
5. PowerPoint Presentation
6. Others