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VIT/Acad/2019/Fall 2019-2020/006 13-03-2019


Academic Calendar: Fall Semester 2019-2020

Date(s) Day Remarks

10-06-2019 to 12-06-2019 Monday to Wednesday Wishlist link (Mandatory requirement)
17-06-2019 to 21-06-2019 Monday to Friday Course scheduling and allocation
26-06-2019 Wednesday Phase-I Course Registration (UC & PC)
03-07-2019 Wednesday Phase-II Course Registration (all
10-07-2019 Wednesday First Instructional Day for senior students
10-07-2019 to 12-07-2019 Wednesday to Friday ADD/DROP link for senior students
13-07-2019 Saturday English Proficiency Test for Freshers*
15-07-2019 Monday First Instructional Day for Freshers*
15-08-2019 Thursday No Instruction Day – Independence Day
18-08-2019 to 24-08-2019 Sunday to Saturday CAT-I
02-09-2019 Monday No Instruction day – Ganesh Chaturthi
04-09-2019 to 06-09-2019 Wednesday to Friday Course Withdraw Option (as applicable)
29-09-2019 to 06-10-2019 Sunday to Sunday CAT-II
02-10-2019 Tuesday No Exam Day – Gandhi Jayanthi
07-10-2019 Monday No Instruction Day – Ayudha Pooja
11-10-2019 Friday No Instruction Day - GraVITas
25-10-2019 to 29-10-2019 Friday to Tuesday Deepavali Holidays
30-10-2019 and 31-10-2019 Wednesday and SET Conference
01-11-2019 Friday Last Instructional Day for Laboratory
04-11-2019 to 08-11-2019 Monday to Friday Laboratory Term Examinations as per the
08-11-2019 Friday Last Instructional Day for Theory Courses
11-11-2019 Monday Commencement of FAT
02-12-2019 Monday Commencement of Winter Semester

 27-07-2019, 15-09-2019 and 09-11-2019 are ‘Reserve Days’. If there is a need, then these may be
declared as Instructional days.
 Calendar for Fall Weekend Semester 2018-2019 will be announced separately.
 File uploads for assessments should be on or before the last instructional day.
 The assessments should be configured by the faculty on or before 22-07-2019.
 *First Instructional day for freshers will be confirmed in due course.

G. Jayaraman
Dean, Academics