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Episode 13 – Do unto Others


Episode Number: THIRTEEN

Episode Title: Do Unto Others
Focus: Violence Against Women
VO1: Sister Constance
1 Opening Program Signature tune 45”
2 Signature tune fades out as the Presenter’s Intro comes in… 1’15”

VO1 Hook: There comes a time when everyone in the community has to come together as one
to say no to men who beat their wives. Yes! Men are still beating their wives in many parts
of Uganda and it’s your duty as a citizen to step in and help.

Well, thank you for tuning in to Obbanywa, Uganda’s first ever distance learning radio
program for Village Health Teams. I am Sister Constance and I work at the Health Center 4
in Obbanywa. Once again, we meet this week on our favorite radio station. And as the
Village Health Team members continue bringing us health information to our homes and
most importantly, linking our villages to health centers, we also continue bringing their lives
to you so you can know what they do and as a community, to give them more support.

And all VHT members can expect our regular assignment near the end of each episode,
that you can share with the other VHT members in your listening groups, with health
workers at the health center, and VHT Coordinator during your regular meetings. Now,
over to one of our Village Health Team

VHT (BONIFANCE) Hello, and once again, I am Boniface, one of the VHT members in Obbanywa.. In our
village, many men beat their women. But that is not all the abuse men do. They also call
them bad names, and tell them that they are no good or useless. And many times, the
men refuse to give the women money to buy even buy food or other household necessities
yet the men are the providers in the homes. And worse still, they go ahead and deny the
women the right to visit their friends and families. Now, understand this; these are all
forms of violence against women, and we all know that it is not acceptable behaviour. And
yet, it is also very dangerous. Many men have ended up seriously injuring or even killing
their wives, and ending up in jail. Also, a woman who has been abused is very unlikely to
tell her husband if she has HIV—because she is afraid she will be beaten. This puts the
man at greater risk of getting HIV from her. Many men think that their women expect

Episode 13 – Do unto Others

them to beat them—that this is a sign of love! Don’t believe what these people say.
Nobody—man or woman—wants to be in pain. When you bring pain to someone, they
never forget. You might stay together but she will never respect you ever again. Can you
imagine living under the same roof with a wife who feels betrayed? Things do not have to
be this way. But for some men in this Obbanywa of ours (As the narration fades out, in
fades the Obbanywa tune…)
3 ‘Obbanywa’ tune (Intro) 30”
4 The Drama – “Do unto others!” 14’30”
 The first three scenes of the drama
 Break - Infomercial from Domestic violence prevention
 After break – Last three scenes of the drama
5 ‘Obbanywa’ tune (Outro) 30”
6 Issue & Focus 9’
VHT (BONIFANCE) NARRATION: But was it? That is not the Mabongo we know. But thank goodness for the
law. At least Mabongo now knows that he cannot go untouched just because he is a
husband and thinks he can beat his wives as he wishes. Beating your wife does not make
you a man. It makes you a coward. There is a law in Uganda that protects everyone against
violence, and that includes wives and partners. As a VHT, you must report these acts to
the LC or police immediately, and you need to make everyone in your community aware
that violence against women is a crime. Only when we all speak openly about this issue
can violence against women stop.

VO1 But Bonifance, I’ve heard some people still think that violence is just part of love

VHT (BONIFANCE) That is one thing that I have also had many questions about. How can we say that?
Violence against women is a bad thing and it can cause serious injuries. And when you
look at it, it seems like, there’s no week that goes by without hearing news of a woman
who was battered or killed by her partner.

VO1 But why do people do that in Obbanywa?

VHT (BONIFANCE) I don’t think it is only in Obbanywa. We even hear stories from other villages and I think it
also happens in other parts of Uganda. But I think, abuse is motivated by a desire to
control and not love.

VO1 I have heard you using words like, “Violence Against Women”? What does that actually

Episode 13 – Do unto Others

VHT (BONIFANCE) It means that any time a man mistreats a woman, that is called violence against women.
It includes rude or degrading language, forcing a woman to have sex, refusing to give
money for basic needs in the home, denying a woman the right to visit her family, friends,
or even going to the health center. Then; Beating a woman! I

VO1 (QUICKLY ADDS…) It is amazing that people do this.

VHT (BONIFANCE) I know. Like I said, it is caused by a desire to control and not love. Violence against women
can be in many forms as long as they are meant to cause pain. They can be physical,
sexual, emotional, economical and psychological.

VO1 Indeed. And by the way, this is not only in homes, people. It also takes place at the places
we work from and even schools.

VHT (BONIFANCE) And then, there is thing where some people believe that there is no rape in marriage. This
is not true. Rape is any act of sexual intercourse without consent. Rape can still happen in

VO1 And it’s not only rape, Bonifance that is an act of sexual violence. There are actually some
traditional practices, like female circumcision, and widow inheritance that are forms of
violence against women in our communities.

VHT (BONIFANCE) Sister Constance, you will be surprised with the consequences of this violence to women. I
have known women who have been beaten to a point where they have lost pregnancies,
and some have gotten unwanted babies. In fact, most women who have been sexually
abused will turn up with sexually transmitted diseases and HIV.

VO1 So, for the benefit of the listeners, Bonifance, what part do VHT members play in this?

VHT (BONIFANCE) Well, since violence against women has such a big impact on the health of the women and
girls of our communities, there is a role we have tried to play. And some of the things we
have tried to do when we are faced with this is remember some of the things we have been
trained to do and use some of those skills.

VO1 And what skills are those? Can you share them with us?

VHT (BONIFANCE) For instance, as a VHT member when a woman comes to tell you about their abusive
husband, they need help. So, believe her story- do not doubt her or try to make her story

Episode 13 – Do unto Others

seem unimportant. So, LISTEN AND UNDERSTAND what she is telling you.

And please, BE RESPECTFUL. - do not tell others what she has told you in confidence. After
listening to what that woman has to say, tell her where she can get help from. Kindly
provide this Information

And why you are talking to her, do not forget to help her to know her choices - however, do
not decide for them what they should do but help them think of solutions. At this point, the
abused woman should be able to get more interested and from what I have experienced,
most of them go ahead and talk about the choices. This is when you carefully discuss what
the next step can be. As you discuss this, I believe that it gives them more confidence to
know that they have the ability to stop the abuse. These are some of the things we do as
VHT member

(Sweeper – “You are listening to Obbanywa”)

7 VO1 Tip of the Week – 1’

 All VHT members should learn to be alert to signs of violence against women and be
ready to take action

 The two most important things you can do as a VHT about this are ‘ask about abuse’
and ‘support’ the women who tell you they have suffered from violence and abuse.

Every VHT listening to this program should refer to the orange section, pages 101-102, in
your VHT handbook for more information on “Violence and Families”. If you do not have a
VHT handbook, ask your VHT Coordinator or District Health Educator for a copy.

(Sweeper – “You are listening to Obbanywa”)

8 Call to Action (Animated voice – “And now, your call to Action”) 40”

VO1 In order to end violence against women, this is what we all have to do:
 We SHOULD NOT commit violence ourselves;
 We should prevent others from committing violence;
 We must reflect on the way we see things and and talk about how men are seen
as in the community, and how this brings about unfairness between men and
women in society.

For additional information, talk to your local health worker or call for free number 0 800

Episode 13 – Do unto Others

200 600.

Before we end this episode, let me remind all of you VHTs listening to this program to
your LISTENERS GUIDE BOOK. Think about each question, discuss with your fellow VHTs
and write your responses in the space provided below each question.
9 Closing Program Signature tune…(fades under) 20”
Closing statement. “You have been listening to an episode of Obbanywa - A
production from the Ministry Of Health. Please, tune in next week, at this same
time, on this exact radio station. for another episode of Obbanywa”

Closing tune fades back in, then ends

Episode 13 – Do unto Others


1. SCENE 1
3. B/G SFX:

5. MABONGO: You stupid woman, Janice. Come here. I SAID, COME HERE!! Where have you been?

6. JANICE: (SCARED) Husband… my dear husband, I went to pick salt from the trading center

7. MABONGO: Oh. Now, I look stupid to you, huh? I look stupid…


9. MABONGO: I asked you; where have you been?

10. JANICE: (CRYING) I told you; I went to the trading center to get salt.

11. MABONGO: (ENRAGED) And you are still lying to me! You had gone to visit other men, hadn’t you?

12. JANICE: No, I had not. My dear I am telling you the truth. I was…


14. MABONGO: I am going to teach you a lesson today. No one lies to me. NO ONE!

15. JANICE: Please don’t beat me again.

16. MABONGO: (SADISTICALLY) Salt?! You think I am blind? Couldn’t you have sent one of the children to buy it?

17. JANICE: (CRYING) The children were down at the well and I wanted to start cooking food.

18. MABONGO: Food. Show me the food you are talking about.

19. JANICE: (CRYING) But I had gone to get the salt first

Episode 13 – Do unto Others

20. MABONGO: Are you trying to fool me, Janice? Are you trying to fool me? You stupid woman. I will show you what I am
made of.


22. SCENE 2
24. B/G SFX:


27. BONIFANCE: My dear Lovinsa, ha! I wanted to use the shirt you are washing today. But it is okay. Let me use another

28. LOVINSA: No, no Bonifance. You don’t have to. This one will be dry before you know it. Calm down, Bonifance, the
shirt will be dry in a few hours.

29. BONIFANCE: But if it rains, how will it dry? I can see rain clouds forming. I won’t have a good shirt to put on when I go
to the health center to deliver my reports.

30. LOVINSA: (LAUGHS) No, I don’t think it is going to rain in Obbanywa today. Just give it some time, my dear. It will be
ready by the time you go.


32. BONIFANCE: What was that? Who is screaming like that?

33. LOVINSA: Do you need to ask? Listen to the direction it is coming from. Mabongo must be beating one of his wives.
Ha! And it must be that woman, Janice. I saw her pass by here. I think she found Mabongo home.

34. BONIFANCE: Eh. But today, it is worse. That scream has scared me. Look! Mabongo is passing by. He must be gong to
drink as usual after beating one of his wives. That man!

35. MABONGO: (COMNG SLIGHTLY ON-MIC, REMAINING IN THE BACKGROUND) Heee! I will teach these stupid women to
always remember who the man in my home is.

Episode 13 – Do unto Others

36. LOVINSA: Ah! You see. Now, he has gone to drink, as usual, now that he is done with his Violence.

37. BONIFANCE: (ENRAGED) What is this man made of? This must stop!

38. LOVINSA: Bonifance, Bonifance, my dear husband. Please let him go. Do not follow him up. Mabongo is not the best
person in the world to hold a sensible discussion with.

39. BONIFANCE: But I need to do something.

40. LOVINSA: I know, my dear husband. But Bonifance, after what happened the last time you went to see him, why don’t
you let Janice’s co-wives handle it? Lukia, especially is capable. I know her.

41. BONIFANCE: Hmm. I think that is a very good idea that you have suggested. (CALLING) Saulo? Saulo? Bring my bicycle.

42. SAULO: But I had just started washing it, Uncle Bonifance

43. BONIFANCE: Just bring it the way it is.

44. LOVINSA: Aren’t you going to wait for the shirt to dry up first?

45. BONIFANCE: No, no, Lovinsa. this cannot wait. What if Janice is in a bad situation? I must get there immediately.

46. SCENE 3
48. B/G SFX:


51. LUKIA: (CALLING, RELIEVED) Bonifance, Phew! (PANTING) I am so glad to find you. I was coming over to your
house. Mabongo… Janice… I…

52. BONIFANCE: I know. I know, Lukia. We could hear someone screaming even as far as my house.

53. LUKIA: Hm. Yes. Mabongo has beaten Janice so badly.


Episode 13 – Do unto Others

55. LUKIA: Bonifance, this is no joke. Our husband – he slapped her, kicked her and she even fell that way, into the
cups and plates. She has cuts all over from the broken plates and cups!

56. BONIFANCE: But why does Mabongo do these things? You must report this to the LC Chairman, Lukia!

57. LUKIA: Bonifance, that is how our husband behaves.

58. BONIFANCE: One of these days, he will kill one of you; Janice, Keturah, or you, Lukia. Where has Mabongo gone now?
We saw him going by my home…

59. LUKIA: I don’t know; maybe down to the bar. And imagine! Janice is pregnant. But what can we do, Bonifance?

60. BONIFANCE: (DISGUSTED) Oh, don’t say that! Where is Janice now?

61. LUKIA: I put her inside my hut. I had to. She was bleeding all over.

62. BONIFANCE: Has it affected her pregancy?

63. LUKIA: I don’t know, Bonifance.

64. BONIFANCE: Then what are we standing here for? You need to take her to the health center.

65. LUKIA: Ha! Bonifance, Mabongo has to tell us first to take anyone in his home to the health center. Otherwise, he
will kill every one of us when he finds that we went to the health center. He hates that place.

66. BONIFANCE: Oh, come on, Lukia. Janice might lose the baby if you are working on such fear.

67. LUKIA: Ha! I don’t know about this. But let me trust you…. (FRUSTRATION) Mabongo tied the bicycle! I have no
way of getting to the health center I have no means. Mabongo won’t let us touch his bicycle without his

68. BONIFANCE: Okay. Let me give you mine. But you must go now!

69. SCENE 4
71. B/G SFX:

Episode 13 – Do unto Others


73. MABONGO: (OFF-MIC, DIMMED FROM ALCOHOL) Food! Ketura, Lukia, I need food! Where is every body?

74. KETURAH: (HUSH-HUSH, PANICKED, TO HERSELF) Aya! We are dead. Mabongo is going to kill us. Ah. Now hasn’t
Lukia come back yet from taking Janice to the health center? She knew very well she was supposed to take
up the cooking. I am dead.

75. MABONGO: (OFF-MIC, DIMMED FROM ALCOHOL) Where are these stupid women who call themselves my wives? I need

76. KETURAH: My dear husband… welcome back my dear husband.

77. MABONGO: (DIMMED FROM ALCOHOL) Keturah, where are your co-wives? Where is Janice and Lukia? I need food.

78. KETURAH: (PANICKED, STUTTERING) My dear husband, they… they…

79. MABONGO: (DIMMED FROM ALCOHOL) Ah. Keturah, stop stammering like a fool. Where are they? Why is no one

80. KETURAH: (PANICKED, STUTTERING) They… they… Lukia… she took Janice to… to… to the health center


81. MABONGO: To the what?

82. KETURAH: My dear husband, I… I told them not to without your permission, but that VHT Bonifance was here and…

83. MABONGO: Bonifance! I am going to kill that stupid VHT. Who told him to come here?!

84. KETURAH: I….

85. MABONGO: Shut up, Keturah. After dealing with Bonifance, I am going to deal with you women. Let Lukia and Janice
come back and they will see. You idiots are joking. All of you are joking!

86. KETURAH: But we…I did not…

Episode 13 – Do unto Others

87. MABONGO: I said, SHUT UP!

88. SCENE 5
90. B/G SFX:

93. BONIFANCE: (LAUGHING, CHITCHAT) … But my dear Lovinsa, you can really amuse me…

94. LOVINSA: (LAUGHING, CHITCHAT, INTERRUPTING). I am telling you Bonifance. I have seen what drinking that much
can do to people. Can you imagine he even took off his…

95. SAULO: (INTERRUPTS, CALLING, COMING ON-MIC) Uncle Bonifance, Uncle Bonifance. Please come fast. Please.

96. BONIFANCE: (ALERT) What is it Saulo?

97. SAULO: (QUICKLY) Mabongo is standing in the compound, holding a stick.

98. BONIFANCE: Here in my compound? Let me come.

99. LOVINSA: What does he want? Bonifance,

100. BONIFANCE: Stay here, Lovinsa. You, too, Saulo. I am not sure about this.

101. MABONGO: (CALLING FROM WITHOUT) Where are you? Where are you Bonifance? Come out. You feel like you are a
man. Come out!

102. BONIFANCE: Mabongo, what are you doing here, shouting like that?

103. MABONGO: Come out from standing under that doorway. Come out and fight like a man.

104. BONIFANCE: (AMUSED) Mabongo, no one is going to fight any body here, and especially not in my home.

105. MABONGO: Rubbish. What do you want with my women?

106. BONIFANCE: Your women…?

Episode 13 – Do unto Others

107. MABONGO: Yes. My wives. Who told you to come to my home? Are you the one now telling Lukia my wife to go against
me and take people in my home to the Health?

108. BONIFANCE: (CALMLY) If you can stop shouting, then, perhaps, we could discuss this as men, Mabongo.

109. MABONGO: You should not tell me how I should talk, Bonifance.

110. BONIFANCE: Anyway, what is wrong with me telling Lukia that your wife Janice should be taken to the health center?

111. MABONGO: I have warned you before, Bonifance, you and the rest of your fellow VHTs, you must NEVER step into my

112. BONIFANCE: Mabongo, what is the stick for that you are holding?

113. MABONGO: You are going to find out

114. BONIFANCE: Mabongo, you are indeed a strange man. You come to my home, you threaten me and my family with a
stick, all because I sent your wife, who you beat, to the health center.

115. MABONGO: What I do to any of my wives is my business, Bonifance. My business! I paid for them and I own them.

116. BONIFANCE: It is my business now. It is the community business now. Do you even know that Janice was admitted at
the health center? The woman is pregnant for heaven’s sake, Mabongo.

117. MABONGO: Don’t tell me that nonsense. Is it your pregnancy?

118. BONIFANCE: (AMUSED) I don’t know about that, but I know that you broke the law when you beat your wife. And that
makes it my business. Do you know you can be arrested for it right now if I called the LC chairman?

119. MABONGO: Don’t threaten me. Call them if you want. There is nothing they can do to me. Let me show you…

120. BONIFANCE: (STERNLY) Take one more step, Mabongo, and you will find yourself behind bars before the day ends. I can
promise you that.

121. MABONGO: Hee! I am going now, but I warn you. Stay out of my business

122. SFX: Slight pause as Mabongo leaves.

Episode 13 – Do unto Others

123. LOVINSA: (COMING ON-MIC) Has he left, Bonifance? Has Mabongo left?

124. BONIFANCE: Lovinsa, I asked you to stay inside.

125. LOVINSA: I first heard the monster Mabongo leaving and then I came out. Bonifance, this is now too much. Mabongo
even has the guts to attack us in our own home??? What next can we expect????

126. SCENE 6
128. B/G SFX:


131. LC CHAIRMAN: (CALLING OUT) Order, order, please.


133. LC CHAIRMAN: Dear villagers of Obbanywa, as you have already heard from the case that was brought to me, I realise that
we have a problem. Of course, all of you know Janice, one of Mabongo’s wives. As I speak right now, she
was admitted in the health center.


135. LC CHAIRMAN: Order, please. Order. (MURMURS FADE OUT) Yes. Her husband, Mabongo, who is here with us, beat her up
to that point. As the LC Chairman of this village Obbanywa, I have called this meeting to resolve this once
and for all. As you have heard also, he went and attacked Bonifance at his home, threatening to beat him
and his family simply because Bonifance went over to Mabongo’s home to see what had happened after
Mabongo had beaten his wife, Janice


137. MAN’S VOICE: (OFF-MIC) Why don’t we send that man Mabongo away from Obbanywa?


139. LC CHAIRMAN: Order, please. Let us hear what Mabongo has got to say for himself?

Episode 13 – Do unto Others

140. MAN’S VOICE: We don’t have to listen to this man. Let him keep his business in his home.

141. MABONGO: Thank you Mr. Chairman, sir. This is what I have to say


143. MAN’S VOICE: (OFF-MIC) There is nothing sensible you can say.

144. LC CHAIRMAN: Order, please… Mabongo, go on.

145. MABONGO: (ARROGANTLY) Now, Mr. Chairman, what are those people talking from the back saying? What do they
know about being a man? Eh? They are all fools.

146. LC CHAIRMAN: Mabongo, please refrain from abusing any one. You must respect this meeting.

147. MABONGO: Eh! Now you are on their side now, eh? How much have they paid you? By the way, who told you about the
business in my home? Who? It must be that Lukia. She will see.

148. LC CHAIRMAN: (STERNLY) Watch your mouth, Mabongo. I am being lenient, letting you talk. I should have had you
arrested already. You beat your wife, and now,right before us, you are threatening to beat your other wife!

149. MABONGO: Mr. Chairman, if I beat my wife, what business is it of yours?! What is wrong with you, people?! My wives
belong to me--I can do to her as I want


151. LC CHAIRMAN: (STERNLY, CROWD BOOING FADES OUT IMMEDIATELY) Mabongo! I thought you would take this chance to
talk for yourself. But if that is what you can say, then don’t talk. Now, I want you to listen, and the people
will bear me witness. This is not your home where you can talk down to everyone. And I am warning you;
take this meeting as a last chance to you. There is a law against assault—that means it is illegal to harm
ANYONE! Your wives are also protected by that law. What you have done to your wife is assault. You
injured her so severely that she is not admitted in the health center! I will put the full extent of that law
upon you, Mabongo. Do not test the law.

152. MABONGO: But Mr. Chairman…

Episode 13 – Do unto Others

153. LC CHAIRMAN: Please be quiet. Let this also serve as a warning to you not to go to people’s homes threatening to beat
them. The VHTs represent the people of Obbanywa. You may not have voted for them, but most everyone
else did. This is the last I should hear of this.

154. END