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Engro Foods

1st Brand Audit Report

Group Members:
Faisal Yasin
M. Haris
Mohid Mubarak
Engro Foods
Engro Foods (Pvt.) Limited (EFL) has been established in 2005 as part of a
diversification process at the Engro Group. The plant located at Sukkur on 23 acre
land, has the raw milk reception capability of 300,000 liters per day and UHT milk
capacity of 200,000liters per day.
Engro Foods has entered the Food business through milk processing and sale with
the company’s vision to pursue growth opportunities based on country
fundamentals and own strength. It also positions the company to leverage its
corporate social responsibility initiatives and work closely with rural communities
to promote integrated farming and livestock development.
Engro Foods will work with the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund and its three
partner organizations to help implement sustainable business models that
increase farmer’s profitability and develop a positive social and business climate
for growth and expansion of livestock and other forms of value added agriculture.

"Our vision is to become a fast expanding mega foods company. To achieve our
vision, the company will initially focus on dairy by investing a substantial amount
in plant, milk collection capability and marketing. We are making concrete efforts
to expand in and beyond Pakistan; through strategic international alliances, to
eventually become global."

Core Values
International focus
Open communication
Individual growth and development
Safety ,Health and Environment
Best Communication Award (for Tarang SohniMahiwal Campaign) In 2011
Best Launch of 2007/2008 Award (for Tarang) In 2008
Brand that Created the Biggest Buzz Award for Olpers In 2008
Best Commercial Consumer Award for Olpers: Pakistan Media Awards, 2010
Tarang got award in 2011 for breakfast category.
Milk Category:
Olpers Full Cream Milk, Oplers Milk, Olpers Lite and Dairy Umang.

Tea Whitener

Frozen Dessert

Milke Category
Olpers Milk VS Milk Pak and Haleeb

Tea Whitener
Tarang VS Dostea, Tea Max, Cup Shup

Frozen Dessert
Omore VS Walls
Milk category Brand Audit

1. Hygienic
2. Beneficial for health
3. Can be stored little more than fresh milk
4. All purpose milk
5. Tetra pack milk
1. Full cream richness
2. 100% preservative free milk
3. Innovative packaging
4. Exceptional quality

Olper's Milk is 100% Preservative Free UHT milk. It is the milk of choice for every
occasion as its full cream richness, fresh and wholesome taste makes every sip a
delightful experience for our consumers. Known for its supreme quality, Olper's
Milk is also the market leader in packaging innovation where new formats are
introduced to make consumer lives hassle-free in today's time-sensitive world.
 Brand name:

 Quality:

 Styling:
just appropriate and suiting your style

 Features:

 Packing:
cardboard cartons ensuring security and non damage.

 SKU:
Olper's Milk is available in 3 SKUs 250ml Mini jug in Ecolean, 1000ml Edge with
cap and1500ml Family Brick in Tetra packaging.

 Brand extension:
olpers Tarrka and olpers cream

 Line extension:
Olpers lite


Olpers was first launched in 2006; at that time packaged milk market were
dominated by milk pack. From 2007 to 2014 olpers performed very well in
Pakistani market and hence get adominant position in packaged milk category. In
this period it also captured a lot of share of its rival milk pack and Haleeb. After
this immense growth olpers as a brand reached to its maturity stage.

Positioning involves crating a distinct and desirable place in the minds of
customers relating to competing brands. Olpers always tries to create customer
intimacy that it is focuses on satisfying customer needs and wants. Processed milk
is seen as less lacking all the nutritious that are a part of the milk due to passing
through so many stages. But Olper’s positioned itself as milk that has not lost its
notorious.Olper’s also come up catchy taglines that define brand promises as
“Subah bakher zindagi” and “Ghizayat Bhara har ghount” both taglines have a
very positive impact on Olper’s image because of the emotions involved in both
The red color that has been chosen for the packaging of Olper's milk is quite eye-
catching and distinctive than the colors that have been used in Pakistan in
the milking sector till now. The product will be positioned in a way that it conveys
the message that it will fulfill all the purposes of a consumer that the fresh milk

Olper’s concentrates on emotional aspect in their ads to focus on the core need
of customers that can be satisfied. It is complete milk for people of all ages. It is
‘All-purpose’ milk for an entire family.

Olper’s ads also target believers, traditional on people with concrete beliefs. The
ads for Olpers show the beliefs of healthy life with processed milk and plays on
the emotional aspect more.
They have used the attributes positioning for Olper’s milk. The main theme of
product is that it’s meant for all purpose milk without any user imagery. Olper’s
ads also show attributes of milk such as good for wholesome health.
OLPER’s considered following brand elements to be part of it:

Olpers Brand Value Pyramid

Five Dimensional Brand – OLPER’s
 The audio brand – use of Tabla & Sattar to make it local and close to nature.

 The visual brand –vibrant colors Identify in the minds and on shops

 The smell brand –Aroma that is not strong not weak

 The touch brand –special creamy, consistent texture of freshness

 The taste brand –soft creamy taste, a bit strong thanHaleeb and Milk Pak

OLPER’s – Religious, Emotional, Holistic Brand

Occasions and special moments of its customers to create belonging to the brand,
celebrating life and love Creates a celebrity based trust, but by producing 100%
premium quality products + earned farmer’s association over decades

Celebrity Endorsement
Tina Sani, Faryal Gauhar

Branding Strategy
 Corporate Branding –
 Line Extension
 Brand Extension

Olper’s Line Extension and their individual positioning

Line Extension

 Olpers milk - Gaining the dairy edge!

 Olpers Lite - embrace the lighter side of milk
 Olpers Flavored Milk with Zafran and Badaam- savor the flavor of tradition
– in every sip of milk
 Olpers Cream - every day is a celebration with our créme de la cream!

Brand Extension

 Olper’s - Gaining the dairy edge!

 Olfrute – Heavenly nectars from

 Engro foods (red grape, apple, guava, green cock-tail, mango, apricot and
orange )

 Omore - ice-cream
 Olper’s Tarkka – Give your food some Tarkka!Omung – rise up to a better
 Tarang - tarang in your tea-cup makes for sheer bliss!

Event Marketing-Above the line

 Ao kuch Naya karein

Advertisement to celebrate Ramadan and appreciate the hardworking females of

Pakistan. The ad campaign featured female icons belonging to Pakistani media.

 Sponsorship-Broadcast
Olper’s joined forces with the team of ‘Tanhaiyaan’, a popular TV serial from the
yester years loved by all Pakistanis, and made a sequel.

Event Marketing, BTL – Below the Line

 Ighost Dolmen Mall – OLPER’s goes social
 Social Welfare
 Daharki and Sindh rural areas – social welfare programs for education and
improvement of society are going on.
Olpers Changed the concept of packaging of Milk
Products colors:
Olpers changed the traditional packing of milk. Halleb and Milk Pak were using
Green and Blue color packing of milk but Oplers changed it into red and white
colors. It was a risky step but Olpers did it. If we see from the very first TVC of
Olpers, Olpers is using red and white color dressing of characters even the all
theme is in red and white like interior of home in red and white everything shown
in ads is red and white or brown colors. These colors are associated with Olpers
and Olpers is trying to associate these colors with customers daily life. Olpers has
eliminate the association of milk products packaging with Blue and green white
colors. Haleeb and Milk Pak use white and black cows in their TVC but Olpers
showing the brown cow. Because in Pakistan there are mostly brown cows and
brown color is most preferred in Pakistan for cows and buffalos.

Advertisement has played a major role in the achievements of olpers. Engro
invest a huge amount on advertisement to sustain its leadership position in
the market, and to survive in cutthroat competition with its biggest rival Milk
pack. Advertisement helps to influence people buying behavior and stimulate
purchase desire in maximum means. Olpers latest TVC featured that
Olper’s new nutria-heat milk provides all the benefits with zero added
preservatives. It is to be noticed that throughout this advert Olper’s colors, red
and white, are featured everywhere including the children’s clothes. This small
fact makes all the difference and really draws attention to the brand. Olper’s
concentrates on emotional aspect in their ads to focus on the core need of
customers that can be satisfied. Strong perception has been built for customers of
Olper’s via beautiful and emotional ads. Beautiful family-oriented ad campaigns
and social welfare activities help Olper’s gain loyalty of their customers.
Olper’s has added the attribute in the form of ‘concept of unity and sharing’ and
the ‘philosophyof spreading peace’ in its ad campaigns. It creates a sense full of
culture, religion and society values in Pakistan.
Tvc’s Time Line



Olpers TVC 2012 “Intekhab”.


Making prominent the women struggle with life.

Olpers Ramzaan and Female empowerment TVC 2013


Olpers TVC 2013 “ Aao Kuch Naya KErain”


Olpers Thematic TVC 2015


Olpers TVC 2016


Olpers Milk TVC tribute to Abdul Star Edhi




If we notice every TVC of Olpers started with the view of morning because it’s the
tag line of Olpers “Subha Bakher Zindagi”.

Olpers is showing only Red, White, Light Brown and Yellow colors in its TVC,c its
not random selection of colors but these are the colors associated with Olpers

 Olpers Raman Campaign:

Olpers in its Ramzan campaign or in TVC for Ramzan is promoting the concept of
One Ummah among Muslims. As its associating it with people’s daily life by
targeting their religious values.

Olpers Ramzan TVC 2006 to 2010


Ramzan TVC 2011




Olpers Rooh Afza 2014 Ramzan





If we notice in every TVC Olpers is prominating the Muslims services and

significance in the world and uniting them by using the concept of One Ummah its
because Olpers wants to be the Ramzan drink for Muslims like “Roof Afza”.

In 2014 Olpers has also launched a product with the name of “Olpers Rooh Afza”

Specially for ramzaan. Because Rooh Afza has associated itself as drink of east and
specialy with Ramzan.

Olpers Ramzaan TVC has endorsed Atif Aslam who Recite Naat in Coke Studio
“Tajdaar E Haram” and he become so popular as religious symbol.

Radio is an audio medium. It also known as radio commercial.ads can broadcast
nationwide, province wide or city wide. To advertise by radio requires purchase of
time, while by the newspaper or magazine it requires purchase of space. OLPERS
also employ radio advertisement to all main radio channels with frequent
intervals of time. As on Radio one Fm 91, 96 Fm, Fm 100 Pakistan, Fm 101, Hot Fm
105, Mast Fm 103, Fm 106.2, Apna Karachi 107 and, Sama fm 107.4

Olpers also uses billboard advertisement to promote its products. Olpers designs
its billboard advertisement in such manner that grasps the attention of everyone.
Billboards advertisement helps Olpers to increase its sales volume. Olpers
billboards’ placed on almost every high traffic areas main roads and streets in
Karachi in order to grab the attention of maximum people.


In a modern competitive environment of business, digital advertisement or
internet marketing play a major role in promoting products. Companies employ
digital advertisement to reach millions of people in the shortest possible time.
Digital advertisement sends information across any part of the world in
seconds at a very minimal cost. Keeping in view customer increasing enthusiasm
for social media, Olpers mostly use social media sites to advertise its products.
Design ads, customer preferences surveys and gather customer feedback from
different social media sites such as facebook, twitter, YouTube. Olpers is one of
those brands who have a strong hold on social media. Olpers facebook pages are
creatively designed. Olpers all facebook pages has around 1 million active
followers. Olpers facebook pages are extremely brand focused. They update their
pages even on daily basis. Their updates get strong customer interaction. Almost
their every post gets thousands of “likes”and “share”.
Olpers also promote its brands through its twitter accounts. Their every feed has
more than 9kfollowers. Their twitter team tweets many times in day to
create brand association. Olpers design ads, customer preferences surveys and
gather customer feedback from different social media sites such as facebook,
twitter, YouTube. PepsiCo also use instagram as well to get people aware of
PepsiCo latest activities.

Public relations are the process of communication through which an organization
develops a profitable and healthy relationship with its customer. Public relation is
an important part of any marketing plan. Olpers milk uses public relation by
sponsorship and different ways.

Olpers has also funded Women’s exhibition in Karachi a few weeks ago
The company has interventions in number of areas like education, health,
environment,sports, and infrastructural improvements Education Programs
Ghotki district ranks among the lowest on social indicators.
 Karachi, April 25
Engro Foods’ flagship brand Olper’s unveiled new and innovative packaging
formats using holographic technology to create a 3D simulation at a local
shopping mall.
Olper’s activation program in Dawood public School a live theatre session on 18th
May,2016 for students of pre-primary and primary section Olpers Milk conducted
a livetheatre session on 18th May, 2016 for students of pre-primary and primary
 25 0ctober 2016
Olper’s Milk in its great initiative has geared its forces with Beaconhouse school
system to promote the value of nutrition in children

Ramadan Campaign
Olpers always had a unique campaign; and it has been 3 years sinceOlpers
celebrates the spirit of Ramadan.
Carrying on its tradition of signature Ramadan campaigns, Olper’s emphasized
another meaningful message this year focusing on the values of ‘giving’ and
‘sharing’ during the Ramadan season.

 Olpers Ecolean 250ml Pack (Hyperstar) Activation

 Olpers Naimatein Pack Collection Activation

 Olpers Hyperstar Event

 Olpers Y Footer Activation

 Olpers milk also given promotion with onaj rice

means purchase 1.5liter and get free onaj rice

 Olper's Milk presents 3 Bahadur The Fall of Bala Gawala School Activity

 3 Bahadur special limited edition pack.

 Get a special 3 BAHADUR mug four 1 liter packs and 1.5 liter pack.

 Ramzan offers

 Float activities

 Engro foods taaluq
 Online services and customer relation
 Telemarketing ( call centers)
 Websites
Brand Name

Before OLPERS, Milk Pak and Haleeb brand had local names. But OLPER’s
intended its name

to look International, modern and distinguishable relating to its competitors. And

it fulfillsalmost all criteria of choosing brand element.

Logo and Symbol Old Logo New Logo

Olpers has a distinct, meaningful, and likeable brand logo that can be easily
recognized and transferred. The old logo is quite bigger than the new one. The
new redesigned brand logo is more attractive aesthetically appealing.


 Mera intekhab sirf olpers.

 Jo dil khol ke jeete hen unhi k liye he olpers
 Subah bakher zindagi
 Ghizaiyat Bhara har ghount


OLPER’s is Engro Foods’ brand as it is a subsidiary of Engro foods.


Olper's Milk is also the market leader in packaging innovation where new formats
are introduced to make consumer lives hassle-free in today's time-sensitive
world. First ever in Pakistan to introduce the heli-cap for easy pouring and storing,
along with the microwave friendly Mini jug pack with an air handle and scissor
free tear option, this brand continues to offer its consumers consistent value
adding benefits to ensure an enriched brand experience.

Olper’s Mini Jug is a specialized and convenient jug-shaped pouch that offers
ease of pouring and handling the pack. It is an eco-friendly and biodegradable
packaging with microwave able capabilities. Tetra Edge, on the other hand, is a
premium-packaging format with benefits of a tilted head and a heli cap, which
controls milk spillage, increases the usability of the pack and keeps the milk smell-
free Olpers uses vibrant colors in packaging and its innovative packaging fulfills all
criteria’s for choosing brand element. Olpers packaging contribute a lot in brand
awareness and brand association and helps to build an endearing relationship
with customers.

Keeping their Ramadan re-packaging trend on, the local food giant also launched
a Ramadan centric packaging for Olper’s Milk. The brand is also actively
promoting their CSR initiative Olper’s Meherban.



oplers brand name, slogans, packaging, logo all brand fulfills the criteria of
memorable and enhance brand awareness.


It claims to ‘gain the dairy edge’ and it is making it meaningful


olpers packaging, logo are aesthetically pleasing and visually appealing.


Line and brand extension into other products of the dairy origin. As olpers lite,
olpers cream, olpers cream with the same brand name and logo.


Olpers slogans, logo, and packaging has typically redesigned accordingto

contemporary needs of customer.


licensing of logos, brand name and rights.

The brand exploratory is a research activity designed to identify the potential
sources for brand equity. The brand exploratory provides detailed information as
to what consumers think and feel about the brand.


Brand Salience
 All purpose milk
 UHT milk category, tetra pack milk
 Beneficial for good health
 It is the milk of choice of every occasion.
 Premium dairy brand

Brand imagery
 Wholesome health
 Nutritious
 Harmony
 Family oriented

Brand Performance
 Innovative packaging
 Enhancing quality
 Widely available
 Trustworthy
 Reliable

Brand Feelings
 Feelings of love, care, festivity
 Delightful experiences
 Happiness
 Sharing

Brand Resonance
 Loyalty
 Involvement
 Strong engagement
 Emotional relationship.


Olpers mental map describes the visual depiction of the various associations
linked to the brand in the minds of the consumers


 Olpers has strong deep broad brand awareness in the market which is its
major source of brand equity.
 High perceived quality.
 Brand preferences over competitor’s brands as Milk pack, Haleeb, Noorpur,
Day fresh. Positive perception in consumers’ minds, as olpers fulfills its
promise regarding the feel of its product, packaging and its quality. The
brand and its customers are emotionally attached, and customer will go any
length to purchase it. Customer have used and experience the olpers
enough to build expectation


A holistic marketing concept is based on the development, design, and
implementation of marketing programs, processes, and activities that recognize
their breadth and interdependencies.


Olpers is an example of Holistic marketing where the products are developed

keeping thecustomer in mind, the products are branded in the proper manner,
the customer service is politeand the service is fast. Olpers introduce its every
product according to the modern needs ofcustomer.

The olpers elicit a positive response from the consumer by conveying

trustworthiness,likeability and confidence. Thus olpers is an excellent example of
Holistic marketing.

Relationship marketing includes of building mutual satisfaction with customers
long term relationships with key parties as well as go through profit of the

Key parties’ are

• Customers-People those who are the target market for a firm.

• Channel - Suppliers, distributors

• Partner - Dealers, agencies

“Consumer is the reason for our existence as a business.”

 Relationship Marketing at Engro Food, According to Engro foods view,

RM consists of: Helping olpers to enable its marketing departments
to identify and target their bestcustomers, manage marketing campaigns
and generate quality leads for the sales team.
 Assisting olpers to improve account and sales management by optimizing
information shared by multiple employees, and streamlining existing
 Allowing the formation of individualized relationships with customers, with
the aim of improving customer satisfaction and maximizing profits;
identifying the most profitable customers and providing them the highest
level of service.
 Providing olpers employees with the information and processes necessary
to know their customers understand and identify customer needs
and effectively build relationships between the company, its customer
base, and distribution partners.
 Build strong relationship with suppliers (farmers) and distributers (in
different cities ofPakistan) to improve the performance of the entire
 Olpers is effective not only to the extent that it successfully partners with
its suppliers, distributers, agencies and dealers to jointly create olpers
(Ghizayat Bhara har ghount) for its customers.
 Company internal environment, inter departmental coordination and
synergy and employee involvement in organizational goals.
 To build strong relationship with its distributors, oplers offer several
incentives such as training, bonuses, share in the sales force salaries, and
share in the maintenance cost of transportation fleet.
Marketing programs are the combination of decisions on value enhancing
marketing activities to use. The marketer task is to device marketing activities and
assembles fully integrated marketing programs to create, communicate and
deliver value for customers.

 Olpers giving its customer what they want and fulfills its promise regarding
the feel of its products, packaging and its quality.
 Olpers has continued to add more value to the brand by adding more
vitamins, minerals,calcium and full cream richness at acceptable price.
 Strong perception of has been build for olpers customer via beautiful
emotional andseasonal advertisements.
 Olpers creates a sense full of culture, religion, and society values through
its all communication messages.
 Beautiful family-oriented ad campaigns and social welfare activities such as
 Ramadan campaigns help Olper’s gain loyalty of their customers.
 Olpers always design and implement its marketing activities with all other
activities in mind as introducing new olpers lite with extensive promotional
activities and make its easy availability to every location.
 Olpers all promotional activities are efficiently integrated with each other
and help to present a positive and unified image.
 The marketers set a position of Olper's milk according to uniqueness of the
product. As olpers marketing are customer driven and implementing them
through integrated marketing activities. These way new customers will be
attracted, and will help the company to make profits and build profitable
customer relationships.


 In this ramzan 2016 olpers collaborates with sprite and come up with
“sprite doodh sodaka hit” campaign.
 Sprite the lemon and lime market leader is collaborating with UHT milk
market leader Olper’s to launch Sprite Doodh Soda. The conception of this
exciting new campaign is relevant to Pakistan’s food and beverage
consumption patterns in the month of Ramadan. This time around it is also
the hottest month of the year and people intend to consume chilled
beverages that are locally relevant to replenish from a nearly16-hour fast.
 In Ramzan 2015 Engro Foods Limited launched Olper’s Rooh Afza in
collaboration with Hamdard Laboratories (producers of Rooh Afza). The
new product combines Olper’s milk and Rooh Afza to form unique
flavoured milk which has long been consumed as an Iftari staple in Pakistan
but has never been offered as a co-branded, packaged drink. Olper’s Rooh
Afza comes in a similar packaging as its parent brand (but with a different
design) and available only during Ramzan.
 Olper’s recently collaborated with Oreo to launch a co-branding initiative in
the form of a special product box called the ‘twist, lick and dunk kit’
available in selected outlets nationwide. The box contains 24 tikki Oreo
packs, a small tumbler, and a 250ml packet of Olper’s milk.

Celebrity endorsement is an effective tool for creating a strong impression on
the audience’s mind. Olpers uses favorite celebrities in its advertisement to
attract customer attention and build brand association. Celebrities that endorsed
olpers in advertisement .Actresses Sarwat Gilani,Faryal Gauhar, Ayesha Khan,
singer Tina Sani and journalist Sana Bucha, sanam saeed wereseen promoting
olpers in advertisements.

OLPERS has expanded nearly to 300 distributors in Pakistan and it’s readily
available in almost every retail store across the country. The easy availability of
olpers helps to build loyal base of customers. Currently Olpers is available in 80
cities across Pakistan. It reflects the company intention to become a big player in
the industry, both on a national and international level.
Market Share of Pakistan Milk Industry
Brand Audit of Tarang
Tarang words meaning in Urdu is a depiction of happiness, joy, festivity and cheer
full state of mind.

Tarang basically covers the culture of Punjab. Punjab culture of dance music and
food. Tarang shows these factors in it product with colorfull packaging and full of
dance advertisement.

Reference group:
 The culture of Punjab is more attached with local movies and cinema.
 Tarang launced its advertisement with by casting renowned film actors of
Pakistani cinema.
 Tarang housefull introducing a range of reference group.

4 Ps of Tarang
 Product

A perfect consistency tea creamer

 Price

Tarang offered cost efficient tea creamer as it sold in the market at Rs 18.

 Place

Available at all utility stores near the target market area.

 Promotion
Extensive ATL and BTL techniques

Tarang House Full

Promotion by Pakistani Movie Stars

Promotional medium and channels:

Market Segmentation:
 Geographic segmentation

Mostly focus on local culture and Punjabi Population

 Demographic Segmentation

Lower and Middle class population both male and female.

 Product segmentation

Low cost with easily available and easy to carry

Give perfect consistency to tea

 Psychographic segmentation

Targated consumers who are tea enthusiasts lively and color full reflects the
theme of Tarang.




















Tarang TVC’s and its Brand Frame Work

Very first TVC of Tarang started from the view of theater why because Tarang has
associated it with music, cinema, and entertainment. Throughout all its tvc’s
Tarang is trying to associate itself as the only tea whitener “ Chaye Ka Sahi Jor”
means a perfect partner of tea.

In all Tarang TVC’s its using packaging colors of Tarang like dressing of actors
interior of house or place.
Advertisement of Tarang
Tarang is actively advertising on billboards digital ads Bus Painting Facebook and
• SOCIAL CLASS: Upper lowers, working class, middle class, upper- middle class.

• LIFE STYLE TYPE: The life style type is selected on the basis of the taste and
health conscious consumer (i.e. by providing dairy products).

• PERSONALITY TYPE: Those who are fun loving, hip hop and trendy.

• OCCASIONS_ Regular Occasions, Special occasions.

• BENEFITS_ Quality, Presentation, Taste


Light users, medium users, heavy users.

• AGE BASIS: Age groups (i.e. 5 to 35+), specially kids.

• INCOME BASIS: 1000 to onwards.

• FAMILY SIZE: 1to 10 members in a family.

“We offer scoops of ice cream, each scoop filled with happiness, joy, taste, and
fun for everyone”.

“MORE FOR LESS “ Providing More Benefits for Less Prices.
OMORE linked ice cream with joy and happiness so their slogan is


OMORE is a brand which creates a very good perception in the minds of the

OMORE have the only plant in Pakistan that uses Bactofuge technology.


High quality and eye catching packaging, Packaging color ranges from red, pink,
blue, yellow, purple, orange and green.


They use push strategy for promoting their products

Persuade the customers remind the customers

They use vehicle advertising,

THEME: The theme of advertisement is fun, joy and happiness.

Engro Foods use following mediums for the advertisement of Omore

 Bill Boards, Digital Ads.

 Advertisement based on special events and ceremonies.
 Engro Foods made special ads for some special days or events like Mothers
Day, Women Day ads for Eid Ramzan.
 How each brand activity is connected with its Brand Frame Work?

Market Share of Omore