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Project Sponsor: Date Prepared: 1-sep-19

Project Manager: Project Customer:

Project Purpose or Justification:

The project involves Design and Development of Home Energy Management System (HEMS) which smartly
Monitors, Controls and Manages Home Electricity Usage and Monitors & performs Audit of the Energy Consumed
by informing the charges of the Electricity being used, in real time, at the place where appliance is connected to
be viewed by the user. This real time on the spot Billed Amount information will compel consumer to manage and
reduce their energy use. Additionally the system also provides energy saving by controlling individual home
appliances as and when instructed by the Electricity utility company.

Project Description:
The Home Energy Management System (HEMS) consists of Central Monitoring Unit (CMU) and several Wireless
Sockets (WS) connected to appliances and lights and fans via Room's switch board. Through smart control of
electricity consumption user can save cost, Electric supplies companies load will reduce and save environment by
miss use of electricity.

Project and Product Requirements:

This project is Hardware and Software based to implement HEMS.
Hardware Requirements:

1-Wireless Sockets:
a- ESP8266 Node MCU Wi-Fi b- Electric Monitoring And Communication Module
2- Central Monitoring Unit
a-Android Tablet

2-Software Requirements:
App is required for monitoring all HEMS activities for user

Acceptance Criteria:
The user must be enabled to view information regarding all the appliances as well as provides the interface to
configure them. With CMU, the user can view ON/Off status, set auto ON/OFF schedule of any appliance, specify
power ratings of each appliance/load and configure priority of appliances/load being Low, Medium or High. The
user can also input and update all the Billing parameters on the CMU. These parameters are used for computation
of price of real time energy usage by the appliance to be displayed on CMU HMI and communicated to WS to
which load is connected) to be displayed in real time.

Initial Risks:
1-Implement hardware as per project statement.
2-Mutual communication of hardware and application.
3-Measure total house energy consumption accurately.

Project Objectives Success Criteria Person Approving

Implement HEMS Measure and control energy Engineer Adnan Shah

Jan-2019 to Sep-2019 Implement Project as per time line Engineer Adnan Shah

Rs. 36,000 (PKP) Manage below than estimation Engineer Adnan Shah

Hardware must be functional and Accurate measurement and control Engineer Adnan Shah
successfully communicate with of energy as per user requirement

Implement project that should be Average person can understand and Engineer Adnan Shah
user friendly. use Hardware & Application

Summary Milestones Due Date

Literature review and surveying of the proposed components. Jan-19

Circuit Designing & Making the schematic diagram for CMU and Wireless sockets. Jan-19

Making Parts list / bill of materials. Buy parts from local market & Order parts to be imported. Jan-19

Developing prototype PCBs of one unit each of CMU and Wireless Sockets (hardware). Jan-19

Making Embedded software Flow chart & Write the code of Node-MCU microcontroller of
Wireless Sockets and interface Power Metering Module. Mar-19
Write the software for Raspberry Pi of CMU and interface HMI display and Touch Screen or for
Android Tablet. Mar-19
Testing and troubleshooting the prototype system.
Developing PCBs of remaining units of WS.
Testing and troubleshooting the whole system. Jul-19
Encasing all the respective units and final in-house testing. Aug-19
Report writing and Final Presentation preparation. Sep-19

Estimated Budget:
Hardware/Equipment Price (Rs.) = 24480
Miscellaneous Expenses (Rs.) = 3000
8” Android Tablet (Optional) = 10000
Grand Total (Rs.) = 37,480

Project Manager Authority Level

Staffing Decisions:
1-No of sockets can be change as per requirement.
2-In application addition feature can be added for user convent.

Budget Management and Variance:

Budget can be variable as per requirement.
Minimum budget Required (Rs.) = 24480
Maximum Budget Required (Rs.) = 37,480

Technical Decisions:
All technical decision will be taken with assistance of Project Supervises as per requirement to implement project

Conflict Resolution:
In case of any conflict project supervisor decision will be consider as final decision.

Escalation Path for Authority Limitations:

Project will implement with mutual coordination of FYP team and supervises


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