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Edwing Corrales


ENG 121 001

2 May 2019

Reflective Essay

Through the course of this semester, I refreshed my brain on a lot as well as gained new

knowledge and skills. Coming into the class, I had not been in an English class since my senior

year in high school which was January 2018 to May 2018. Therefore, I needed much refreshment

and to correct my knowledge. This course taught me many things as well as advanced on my

knowledge and was very beneficial as I wrote other papers.

A main student learning objective I learned was #4; Employ critical and evaluate reading

skills in order to synthesize evidence and/or sources in support of a claim, using an appropriate

documentation style. I learned this style in papers 3 especially. I learned that the sources you find

can really make or break your paper. For example; if you find sources but don’t explain why you

chose it and how it supports your claim, then it will hurt you a lot more than help. You need to

be able to use sources to back your claim up as well as you need to be able to properly document

your sources. If you can’t successfully do that, you may put yourself in trouble for plagiarism as

you may cite the wrong source. In paper 3, I had to write an annotated bibliography in research

for my next paper. For paper 3 I had to make sure I found the correct sources that will help me

with my research for paper 4. I had to find good sources to support my claim and I had to make

sure I cited my source the right way as well.


Paper 3 and 4 were tied together therefore I had to make sure I had objective 4 learned.

Without objective 4, I wouldn’t have been able to complete papers 3 and 4 the right way. I had

never written and annotated bibliography, so it was a struggle for me. It took me longer to write

paper 3 than it did the others. Though it was a simple task, it was difficult for me. I had to make

sure I had done the correct research as I was going to need the sources and research for my final

paper which was worth double. If I wasn't able to do objective 4 then my papers 3 and 4 would

not have been good. My reading and critical evaluating skills had to be sharp in order to do my

research to back up my paper 4 topic which was Animal Testing.

Another artifact that helped me all year as well was the MLA Citation worksheet. We

started the year off with the worksheet which was a great refreshment because I needed to be

reminded on how to cite without using online help. The worksheet really took us step by step on

how to cite documents in MLA form. This worksheet didn’t only help me with my papers 3 and

4, but with all my other writings in class as well as other classes. Usually I used online help to

cite but with this worksheet I was really able to cite documents for other classes without having

to use online help. This worksheet was an excellent worksheet to have especially to begin the


Artifact 3 “Discussion questions for Luc Pauwel’s Visual Literacy and Visual Culture”

was also a great way to start the semester. In this assignment I had to exhibit an understanding of

audience, purpose, genre, context, and formatting that is responsive to the situation, which is

objective 1. I had to read the article and analyze it in order to understand the audience and

purpose. This assignment was a big help to writing paper 1 because in paper 1 I had to pick a

picture and analyze the audience, purpose, genre, context and formatting. Without this

assignment I wouldn’t have been able to correctly analyze and have a good paper 1. The

questions I had to answer were very much like the kind of questions I had to talk about in my

essay therefore it was a good start to the semester. This also included the learning of objective

two because I had to learn how to write a paper using rhetorical situations.

My artifact 5 “Summary and Response- Paper 2 Outline” was a great example of how I

learned objective 2 which is, “plan, write, revise, and review multi-paragraph compositions that

stress analytical, evaluative, exploratory and persuasive/argumentative writing within various

rhetorical situations.” This outline is the outline that I used to write out this paper, which was a

pretty tough one to write. I had never really written a summary and response that was outlined

like this so this outline was a huge help! By learning this objective, I was able to write other

papers throughout this semester that needed me to plan and write multi-paragraph papers as well

as revise my own and others. This outline sort of also helped learn object 3 as I needed to be very

organized with this paper as well as other papers including paper 3 and 4.

My artifact 4 is my paper 1 along with the peer review notes from my classmate. The

reason I put this artifact in because of a couple reasons. One of those reasons is I had to use her

notes and revise my own paper to make it better. As I said in my portfolio under this artifact, I

had a lot of mistakes prior to my final draft. I had a brain fart and right away forgot to put my

instructors name! I was a little nervous writing my first essay for this class not going to lie!

That’s the reason why I had a couple brain farts right away, some not included on that peer

review nor in here because they were so dumb.

As my freshman year ends, with so much work to be done in the last two months of

school, I can really say Mrs. Litle's class really helped and benefited me a huge amount. Without

her class I'm not sure I would've been able to complete most of these assignments, especially for

my Ethics class! I can really see some change and growth as a writer as well as a reader. Before

her class I wasn’t the same reader as I am now, I am able to evaluate readings better and notice

more rhetorical situations that helped me a lot this year as well as will continue helping. I really

enjoyed this class as my instructor was very helpful and very understanding with baseball! If I

could have Mrs. Litle again I would definitely ask for it! Thank you.

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