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The following is a sample of the lesson plan format used by the University.

Lesson Topic/Focus: Writing a Thankyou Card Date: 7/11/18

Learning Area(s): English Year level(s): 5/6

Strand (s): Writing Lesson duration: 50mins

Sub-strand(s): Literature

Religious Education N/A


Learning Standard(s)/Outcome(s)/ Learning Intentions:

At the conclusion of this lesson, the students will know/understand that:

Students will create literary texts that adapt or combine aspects of texts students
have experienced in innovative ways by writing a thank you card (VCELT356)

Assessment/Success Criteria:

Planning and creating texts that entertain, inform, inspire and/or emotionally engage
familiar and less-familiar audiences

Assessment criteria for analysis

1. Has highlighted the structure of a thankyou letter
2. Has copied thankyou card model into book
3. Has written a thankyou letter to Hanna

Teaching focus:
A. the pre-service teacher's teaching skill for observation by Associate Teacher;
Teaching the steps in the correct order

B. teaching skills that the pre-service teacher would like to personally develop.
Going through concepts clearly with the students

Background to the learning:

A. References for teacher background knowledge
Thankyou card Model
Thankyou card structure video

B. Identify students’ current knowledge

Students are already aware of what Hannah has done for the class

Lesson resources:
Literacy Books
Thankyou letter model
Lesson content:
A. Introduction
Have you ever written a thankyou card before?
10 mins
What is the purpose of writing a Thankyou card why do we do it? To show
appreciation for a gift or service that some has provided for you.

B. Development 10 mins

1. Start a whole class discussion

Show video
2. Show Thankyou card model on the board and explain
How should you start a thankyou note?
What do you include in a thankyou card?
3. Reason why you are thanking them
4. Outline what they did
5. How it as impacted you
How should you end a thankyou note?
There is one person we are all going to write a thankyou to card to, who is it? (Hanna)
How should you sign off?

C. Consolidation, practice, extension 30 mins

1. Write the purpose of a thankyou letter in books

2. Copy the model in book (Highlight key points)
3. In pairs brainstorm why we are thanking Hannah.
(She comes in twice a week to assist, gives up her time.
Students have more learning time with the teacher and with her, she's
been to excursions with us, talk about her qualities, its her last year so
wish her all the best).
4. Start writing thank you letters to Hannah

Extension: Decorate thank you letter

D. Closure 10 mins

Students will share thankyou cards with the rest of the class

Post-lesson review and evaluation:

Student achievement:
Students have been able copy down the model letter and highlight light the key parts of a
thankyou letter. As a class we brainstormed potential ideas that we would include in the
letters to Hanna. After brainstorming, the student then wrote up a draft in pairs before writing
the actual thankyou letter.
Teaching effectiveness:
This lesson was completed over four blocks and now the student and developed an
insightful understanding as to how a thankyou letter should be written. Having the 6 part
structure showed the students how thankyou letters should be written in addition to the
model that I had written for my dad.


Create literary texts that adapt or combine aspects of texts students have experienced in
innovative ways by writing a thank you card (VCELT356)

Student name Assessment criteria

(three focus students 1. Has highlighted the 2. Has copied thankyou 3. Has written a
for this lesson) structure of a thankyou card model into book thankyou letter to
letter Hannah.

Thankyou letter will be

Student 1 Yes, structure of Done completed throughout
thankyou letter has the term.
been highlighted and
colour coordinated

Yes, has highlighted Done Thankyou letter will be

letter structure completed throughout
Student 2 the term.

Student 3 Yes, has highlighted the Done Thankyou letter will be

key parts of the letter completed throughout
structure the term.

Purpose of assessment
To inform 1:1
To ensure
conference with
To inform future coverage of
To discuss with student Evidence for school
lessons and student Victorian
parent including report
learning Curriculum
setting future
learning goals