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Turn Coat Debate Reflection

1. Describe how you prepared and the process

(a) before

I first prepared by gathering ideas on what topic will be used in my proposed turncoat
debate speech. There are many interesting topics to choose from, but I was interested on the topic
of divorce, annulment and legal separation.

(b) during

Since I anchored my proposal on the above mentioned topic, I researched some data
regarding the same. However, what caught my attention was annulment cases in which the cause
is psychological incapacity of one or both of the parties. What makes it more interesting is that
there is no law prohibiting those declared as psychologically incapacitated person to remarry
again. This interesting data is where I made a debatable argument on whether to allow or prohibit
those declared by courts as psychologically incapacitated to remarry again.

(c) after your speech,

I feel that this topic is really broad and is open to a more thorough discussion. However,
since there is an imposed time limit to the debate, I tried to shorten my work to a less text heavy
but concise document. Also, many of my classmates really have interesting questions as to my
speech, I feel that they are really interested as to the idea of marriage under the above mentioned
circumstances. These types of discussion nowadays are a hot topic since a proposal to enact a
divorce law has been proposed in congress.

My speech only shows the importance of a family as a unit in an institution and that
either annulment or divorce, once favored or generally accepted, would result in an increase of
broken families within the country.

(d) interpolation (both as to answering and questioning).

ISIDORO, JUSTIN JERIC M. Turn Coat Debate Reflection

2. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest), how will you rate
yourself on the following:

a. on effort and motivation

I will rate myself 8 since my motivation in completing this speech is the fact that many
families nowadays are suffering because of the repercussions of annulment. Also, many of my
friends are experiencing the torment of having a broken family.

b. your speech

I will rate my speech 7 since I honestly believe that I didn’t deliver all the information
that needs to be discussed because of the fact that there was an imposed time as to which you can
deliver your speech.

c. your performance

I will rate it at 8 since I believe that my classmates fully appreciated the topic of my
speech and the speech itself.
d. your interpolation skills

I will rate myself 7

e. goodness of proposition

I will rate myself 8 since annulment in a country remains a sensitive issue and my
proposition tackles the possibility of reducing these types of instances where a family maybe
broken because of this method we considered as the legal divorce of the Philippines.

f. strength of your claim/argument

I will rate myself 9 since I fully delivered clearly my claim/argument regarding the topic
of my speech.
ISIDORO, JUSTIN JERIC M. Turn Coat Debate Reflection

Explain why you gave yourself such (high/moderate/low) rating.

3. What are your areas of strength? What are your areas of improvement and how do you intend
to improve in those areas?

I considered

4. Was the turncoat debate activity helpful? How? What did you learn?

Yes. It helps a student to research thoroughly and greatly improve one’s critical thinking.
I learned a lot from this activity most specifically in crafting and delivering a good
claim/argument in a speech to make it more effective.

5. Are you looking forward to our next debate activity? Why or why not?
Yes. I am looking forward to our next debate activity. I personally believe that a debate
sharpens one’s logic and thinking. As a law student, it helps us prepare ourselves to the future of
being in a court trial. It will help improve a law student’s confidence as well as making
arguments in court.

6. Other reflections, realizations, comments, if any.