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Antibody Target FDA-approved Approval in Mechanism of

indication Europe* action

Naked Antibodies : solid malignancies
Trastuzumab ERBB2 ERBB2-positive breast cancer, as Similar Inhibition of
(Herceptin; a single agent or in combination ERBB2
Genentech): with chemotherapy for adjuvant signaling and
humanized IgG1 or palliative treatment ADCC

ERBB2- positive gastric or gastro-

oesophageal junction carcinoma
as first-line treatment in
combination with cisplatin and
capecitabine or 5-fluorouracil
Bevacizumab (Avastin; VEGF For first-line and second line Similar Inhibition of
Genentech/Roche) : treatment of metastatic colon VEGF signalling
humanized IgG1 cancer, in conjuction with 5-
fluorouracil-based chemoterapy;
for first-line treatment of
advanced NSCLC, in combination
with carboplatin and paclitaxel, in
patients who have not yet
received chemotherapy; as asible
agent in adult patients with
glioblastoma whose tumour has
progressed after initial
treatment; and in conjuction with
IFNα to trat metastatic kidney
Cetuximab EGFR in combination with radiation Similar Inhibition of
(Erbitux;Bristol▪Squib therapy for the initial treatment EGFR signalling
b): chimeric of locally or regionally advanced and ADCC
human▪murine igG1 SCCHN; as a single agent for
patients with SCCHN for whom
prior platinum▪based therapy has
failed; and palliative treatment of
pretreated metastatic
EGFR▪positive colorectal cancer
Panitumumab(vectibix EGFR As a single agent for the Similar Inhibition of
;Amgen): human IgG2 treatment of pretreated EGFR signalling
colorectal carcinoma
Ipilimumab CTLA4 For the treatment of Similar Inhibition if
(Yervoy;Bristol▪Myers unresectable or metastatic CTLA4
Squibb): IgG1 melanoma signalling