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Week Day / Date Class No.

of Pupils Subject Time

10 Monday, March 4, 2019 3B 26 English 1200 – 1300 / 60 minutes
Theme Topic / Module Language / Grammar Focus
World of Self, Family and Friends Module 2 - Every day Present simple for daily routines
(third person He/She -s)
Skills Content Standard(S) Learning Standard(S)
Main Writing Writing
4.3 Communicate with appropriate language 4.3.3 Plan, draft and write an increased range of simple sentences
form and style for a range of purposes in
print and digital media
Complementary Writing Writing
4.3 Communicate with appropriate language 4.3.1 Use capital letters, full stops and question marks appropriately in
form and style for a range of purposes in guided writing at sentence level
print and digital media
Learning Objective(s)
Main By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:
i) write sentences based on the cue words read correctly

Complementary By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:

i) write sentences according to teacher’s prompt correctly

Success Criteria
Pupils will be considered as successful if they can:
i) identify and guess at least 3 words correctly;
ii) draft at least 2 sentence using SVO table correctly; and
iii) write at least 3 sentences using the prompt correctly.
21st Century Skills
Communication Collaboration Creativity & Critical TS Noble Value
Teaching And Learning Strategies
Mastery Learning Multiple Intelligences Knowledge Acquisition LHTL Skills Project – based learning
Constructivism Contextual Learning Values & Citizenship Collaborative Learning Inquiry – based learning
Cross – Curricular Elements
Language Entrepreneurship Financial Education Patriotism & Citizenship Environmental Sustainability
Values ICT Science & Technology Creativity & Innovation Global Sustainability
Assessment for Learning
Self – assessment Oral Assessment Quick Scans Project / Portfolio Group Work
Peer – assessment Role – play / Presentation Spelling / Dictation Writing Task Quizzes

Teaching Aids
Textbook Pupils’ Workbook Laptop / Computer Portable Speaker Audio-visual Clips
Realia Flashcards / Charts LCD Projector / Visualizer Mini Whiteboard PowerPoint Slides

Pre – lesson 1. Review vocabulary from previous lessons by playing guessing game.
2. If necessary, make two or three circles and/or have pupils standing instead of sitting if there is not much space.
Lesson Delivery 3. Review the flashcards by putting them on the board and eliciting sentences I xxx every day and I always / sometimes
/ never xxx from the pupils.
4. Put pupils in groups (one group for each flashcard). Each group should draft a sentence for their picture, I
always/never/sometimes xxx. Ask one pupil from each group to come to the board and write their sentence.
Supervise and assist as necessary.
5. Review with pupils how to change the sentence to He/She and adding the third person -s by giving example
sentences (talk about yourself and then about male and female pupils). Show pupils your completed worksheet and
talk to them about what you do every day. Tell them they will do a similar worksheet. They can write about
themselves or about someone in their family. First, they should write three or four sentences in their notebooks.
6. Give pupils time to draft their sentences. Monitor carefully and give corrective feedback as necessary. Ask pupils to
exchange their notebooks with their partner to check each other’s work for mistakes (if you could not check
everybody’s sentences).
7. Hand out the worksheets and ask pupils to write their sentences. When they have finished writing, they can draw a
picture in the larger boxes for each one. Fast finishers can then write more sentences.
8. Some pupils can come to the front and present their work to the class.
Post Lesson 9. Learning diaries: Ask pupils to think back on their learning so far this week. In their learning diary, they can write
example: • New words I remember • Activities I enjoyed • A skill I did well in ____ • A skill I need to do better in ___
Reflections Absentee(s) –
_________ pupils are able to achieve the stipulated skill(s) independently / dependent on extra guidance.
_________ pupils were given lots of guidance / assistance / remedial task / peer – support in order for them to achieve
the stipulated skill(s).
Remarks –
Lesson has been postponed due to:
teacher’s meeting course school program extra – curricular duty