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Date : 0l May2016
ofExam Centre Name :

Dumtion : 90 Minutes Admit Card No :

Max Marks : 100 Answer Sheet No :

No clarification on the Question Paper can be sought. Answer the questions as rney are.
2. There are 100 multiple choice objective type questions of one mark each which has to be
answered in the OMR sheet.
l. candidates have to indicate the correct answer by darkening one ofthe four responses provided in
Example: For the question, ,,Where is Taj Mahal located?', The correct answer is B
The candidate has to darken the corresponding circle as indicated below:
A) Kolkata B)Agra C)Bhopal D) Delhi

Right Method Wrong Method

4. There is no negative marking.

). Answering the question by any method other than the method mentioned above
shart be
considered incorrect and no marks will be awarded for the same-
6. More than one response to a question shall be cowted as Zero.
7. The candidate sharr nor write anlthing on the Answer sheet other than the details required and in
the spaces provided for.
8. Afler the examination is over, the candidate
has to retum the test booklet along with Answer
Sheet, to the
9. The use of any unfair means by any candictate wirr resurt in
the cancelration of his/her
10. Impersonation is an offence and the candidate, apart from disqualification,
may have to face
criminal prosecution.
t1. No clectronic gadgets like mobile phone or calculator \yill
be permitted inside rne rest contre
l. Most outstanding trait ofresearch is
a) Unique b) G€neral
c) Objectivity d) Quanritative
2. Empirical research will have
a) Objectivity b) scating
c) Generalization d) applied

3. Find out the odd in the following

a) Descriptive b) analytical
c) Logical d) experimental

4. Deductive logic relates to

a) Dochinal research b) Non-doctrinal research
c) Inductive research d) Deductive research

5. Function ofhypothesis is to
a) Help researcher b) Cuide data collection
c) Support statement d) none ofthe above

Vaiables are located in

a) Research design b) Objectives
c) Hypothesis d) Quesrionnairc

7. A vadable is
a) Measureable b) Objective
c) Subjective d) Statement

Tmnslating ofa qualitative conc€pt into a quantitative manner is called

a) Operalionlization b) Inference
c) Deduction d) Induction

9. Statement ofresearch problem is preced€d by

a) Objectives b) Review of literature
c) Introduction d) Methodology

10. Sampling is not possible in

a) Doctrinal research b) Non-doctrinal research
c) Experimentalresearch d) None in the above
I l. Sampling is a requirement of
a) Objectivity b) Research
c) M€rhodolo$/ d) Subjectiyity

12. Quota sarnpling is a type of

a) Probabilitysampling b) Non probability sampling
c) Random sampling d) Non mndom sampling

13. Ifthe data is dichotomous showing the quaritative characteristics, what kind ofmeasuremenr
a) Nominal b) Ordinal
c) Interval d) Ratio

14. Null hypothesis is stated in

a) Question b) statement
c) Negative statement d) Positive Staternenr

15. Choose the correct order

a) Theory - variables - lndicators b) Concept - lndicatoF - variables
c) Vaiables - concept - Indicators d) Concepl - Va ables - Indicators
16. Empirical research is characterized by
a) Observation - Questionrnire - Conclusions b) Data _ Statistics _ Inference
c) Observation - Objective. Measurement d) Data - Observation _ Interference

17. Who amongst the following is leading scholar in empirical legal research
a) Johnson b) AIan Nonie
c) Michael Mcconvitte d) Roger Hood

18. Who authored 'The Oxford Handbook ofErnpirical Legal Research'

a) Catherine & Dawson b) peter Cane & Herbet M. Kritzer
c) cibson S. & M. Heise d) Lee Epstein & M. Heise

19. The best research design to study the irnpact ofstrict traffic law introduced thrce year ago could be
a) Explorarory b) Ex-post facto
c) Impacr study design d) Experimental

20. Impact study ofthe Domestic Violence (preventing) Acr, 2005 was made by
b) C.H.R.L b) Sakshi
c) c) Institute ofSocial Research d) Lawyers Collective
doctrinal study will not have a hypothesis
a) Cofiect b) Incorrect
c) Occasionally d) Never

22. The last report ofthe 2l"r Law Commission was on the following subject
a) Corruption b) Death Penalty
c) Judicial reform d) Electoral reforms

23. Placing the draft bill in the public domain for suggestions from various quarters is called
a) Law impact analysis b) PreJegislative consultative policy
c) Pre-enactmenl consultation d) Law"public & consultation

24. Nalional Mission ofJustice Delivery & Legal Relorm is being anchored by
a) Law Commission oflndia b) Department oflaw & Legislarive Affairs Govt. India
c) Depanmenr ofJustice, Col1. oflndia d)National Legal S€rvice Authority

25. Who chaired the Task Force on Judicial Impact Assessment?

a) Justice K.c. Balakrishnan b) Justice Rangnath Misra
c) Justice M. Jagannadha Rao d) JusticeA. Roy.

26. Empiricism has been derived from

a) Logical reasoning b) Positivistic method
c) lnductive method d) Scientific tradition

27. The methodology ofstudying a phenomenon over a different Deriod of time would be:
a) Experimental b) Longitudinal
c) Analytical d) Explanatory

2E. A phenomenon studied in a life cycle through

a) Regressive method b) Content analysis method
c) Case study method d) Focus study method

29. The variable capable ofaffecting an outcome without the control ofa researcher js
a) Independent variable b) Extraoeous variable
c) Third variable d) Inconsistent variable

30. In its construction, a hypothesis can incorpomte many issues

a) Always b) Sometimes
c) Occasionally d) Never

3 L A statement about relationsh ips among concepts or variables is called

a) Concept b) Theory
c) Proposition d) Hypothesis

32. . hypothesis is a set oftwo hypothesis which states the opposite

ofnull hypothesis
a) Second b) New
c) Altemative d) Conclusive

33. Wh.t kind ofassociation is depicred in rhe following hypothesis?

'Crime (X) varies lrith migration (y).

a) X depends on yb) X is associated with y

c) X increase with y d) y causes X

34. Following could be one ofthe nrnctions ofh)pothesir

a) Data collcction b) Theory testing
c) lnference drawing
d) Sampling

35. Which ofcategory oflogic is involved in the fo owing:

i) Brcken homes producejuvenile delinquency

ii) Ashok comes from broken home
iii) Ashok is ajuvenile detinquent

a) Deduction b) Induetion
c) Invalid d) Empiricism

36. ln a logical deduction, ifthe conolusion is false all the

Fcmises ar€ tue, the argument must be i
a) Conect b) Inconect
c) lnvalid d) Uncertain

37. Identiry odd thing out

a) Data deduction b) Data editing
c) Data cleaning d) Data Processing

38. Identit odd thing out

a) Observation b) Interview schedule
c) Sarnpling d) Scaling

39. ldenriry odd thing out

a) Nominal b) Ordinal
c) Reliable d) lnterval

40. Joumal ofEmpirical Irgal Studies is published from

a) George Washington University b) Comell University
c) Berkeley University d) Yale University
4 I . Qual ity of measurement procedure that provides repeatability and accuracy is called
a) Validity b) Scientificity
c) Reliability d) authenticity
42. An indep€ndent variable is the presumed of the dependent variable
a) Factor b) Cause
c) Source d) point

43. Following are the levels ofmeasurem€nt ofvariables

a) Gradual& topical b) Reguld & interval
Ordinal & Intervald) Interval & regular

44. The units ofanalysis could be

a) lndividuals b) Social structure
c) Organization d) A

45. Pilot study is done to

a) Create hypothesis b) test the tools
c) Draw sample d) identify problems

46. Panel studies involve

a) Imponant suryeys b) observing save same set of people at different intervals
c)Before & after d) None

47. Ethical Neutrality is. feature of

a) Deduction b) Scientific method
c) Observation d) Experience

48. "A system ofsystematically intenelated concepts definitions and propositions that are advanced to
and oredict Dhenomena" will be called
a) Facts b) Values
c) Theory d) Geneml ization

49. "Empirically verifiable observation" is

a) Theory b) Value
c) Fact d) Statement

50. Basing conclusions without any basis and valuejudgment is

a) Objectivity b) Specificity
c) Values d) Facls

51. Example for a fact finding study is

a) Pure Research b) Survey
c) Action Research d) Long term Research

52. Facts or information arc analyzed and criticalevaluation is made jn

a) Survey b) Action research
c) Analytical research d) Pilot study

53. A researcb whioh follo\/s case study leth.rd is called

a) Clinical or diagnostic b)Casual
c) Anal)lical d) Qualitative

54. The essential qualities ofresearcher are

a) Spirit of free equiry b) Reliance on observation and evidence
c) Systematization or theorilng ofknowledge d) Ail the above

55. Which ofthe following variables cannot be expressed in quantitative terms?

a) Socio-economic Status b) Marital Status
c) Numedcal Aptitude d) Professional Aptitude

56. The first purpose ofa survey is

a) Description b) Evaluation
c) Propagation d) hovide Information

57. A Research Report is a formal statement of

a) Research hocess b) Research Problem
c) Data collection d) Data Editing

58. A shon summary oftechnical repon is called

a) Article b) Research Abstract
c) Publication d) Guide

59. Interview which requires "probing,, is called

a) Clinical Interview b) Depth Interview
c) croup Interview d) Telephone lnterview

60. The iiiendly relationship between Interviewer and respondent is called

a) Morale b) Manag€ment
c) Rappon d) Conclusion

61. Questions which seek information is called

a) Faclual question b) Opinion questions
c) Hypotheticalquestion d) Marginal question
62. The question which by its content structure or wordings
leads the respondent in the direclion of certaln
answer is called
a) Factualquestion b) Opinion question
c) Leading question d) Structural qu€stion

63. The aggregate ofall the units pertaining to a study is called

a) Population or universe b) Unit
c) Sample d) Frame

64. A member of the population is called

a) Element b) Census
c) Sample d) Croup

65. Sample value is called

a) Parameter b) Core Value
c) Statistics d) Variable

66. Population value is called

a) Staristic b) Parameter
c) Variable d) Core value

6'L An example ofprobability sarnpling is

a) Quota Sampling b) Snow-ball sampling
c) P(posive sampling d) Lottery m€thod

68. Drawing a sample from eaoh sratum in the proportion to latter,s share in
the total population is
a) Stratified sampling b) hoportioned stratified sampling
c) Disproportionate sampling d) euota sampling

69. Assigning numerals or other symbols to the categories or reslronse is called

a) Editing b) Coding
c) Transcription d) Tabulation

70. Mear\ Median and Mode are

a) Measurcs of deviation b) Ways ofsampling
c) Measur€s ofcontrol tendency d) None ofthe above

7 |, One ofthe Following Search Engine is exclusively meant for scientific information
a) coogle b) yahoo
c) SCIRUS d) Altavisla
72. A reasoning where we start with certain particular
statements and conclude with a untvenal
statement is
a) Deductive Reasoning b) Inductive Reasoning
c) Abnormal Reasoning d) Transcendental Reasoning

73. ln the process ofconducting research, 'formuiation of hypothesis'

is followed by
a) Statement of Objectives b) Analysis ofData
c) Selection ofResearch Tools d) Collection ofData

't4. What is the collection

ofterms or reco.ds in MARC called?
a) System b) Network
c) Websire d) Dalabase

75. Whar is Bibtiometry?

a) Function ofLibrary Network b) Info hation Management
c) Infonnation Management Tool d) Library S"*i"" "

76. Information is
a) Raw Data b) Processed Data
c) Input data d) Organized data

77. An appropriate souce to find oul descriptive

information is
a, BrDlrogmphy b) Directorv
c) Encyclopedia d) Dictionary

78. One-ofthe followinB search enginejs exclustvety

meanr for scientific information
a) uoogte b) yahoo
c) SCIRUS d) Allavista

79. Technological Gatekeeper is

a) A formal method ofgiving currenr awareness

b) A method oftechnology assessmenl and evaiuarion
c) A process oftransfer ofiechnologJ,
d) An informal mechaolsm ofkeeping user informed
ofrclevant development

80. "Conrolled Croup', is a term used in

a) Survey research b) Hislorical research
c) Expeimental research d) Descriptive research
El. Which ofthe following is not a..craphic representation,'?
a) Pie Chart b) Bar Chart
c) Table d) Histogram

82. The oldest and the largest Library Association in the world is
a) ALA b) LA

83. Ontolory is
a) An Indexing Method b) Classilication oflntemet bosed docum€nts
c) Cataloguing oflntemet based documenrs d) Dooumentation scrvice

84. High l"evel l&guage is

a) Disk space dependent b) O. S. dependent
c) Machinc independent d) Machine dependent

85. Technological Catekeeper is

a) A formal rn€thod ofgiving current awar€n€ss service
b) A method oftechnolos/ assessment 8nd eyaluation
c) A process ofranlfer oft€chnolog/
d) An infonnal mechanism ofkeeping user informed ofrelevant develoDment

86. hotocol means

a) hterch8nge ofdata between two devices b) Interchange ofdata b€rween two
c) Linkage between two computers d) Linkage between two devices

87. What is the main differcnce between a focus group and a group interview?
a) Group interviews involve fewer participants
b) Focus groupo ale used to study the way people discuss a sp€cific topic
c) There is no moderator present in a focus group
d) Focus groups save more time and money

88, How might qualitative research help with the analysig ofquantitarive data?

a) By identifing a sarnple ofrespondents for a follow-up study

b) By providing h.rd, statistical data about them
c) By making the research morc value-laden and subj€ctive
d) By helping to explain the relationship between two variables
89. Whyshould you slart coding your data as soon as possible?
To sharpen your focus and help with the;retical sampling
b) Because researchers always run out oftime at the en;
of; project
c) Because it is the easiest task to do
d) To make sure that your initial theoretical ideas
are jrnposed on the data

90. What are memos?

a) Note that res€archers write to themselves

b) R€minders ofwhat is meanl by key terms or plx.ases
I c) tsuilding blocks for theorizing
d) All ofrhe above
I 9t. Which ofthe following is not a tool ofgrounded
a) Theoretical samplinC b) Coding
c) Externai validity d) Constant comparison

92. Questiomaire is a
a) Research method b) Measurement technique
c) Tool for data collection d) Dara analysis technique

93. which ofthe lollowing is not a type olqualitarive

Unstructuredinterview b) Oral history interview
Structuredinterview d) Focus group interview

94. Which ofthe following is nor a type ofpurposive

a) Probabilily sampling b) Deviant case sampling
c) Theoretical sampling d) Snowball sampling

95. Which oJthe following is not a contrast between quantltative

a) Dislance vs. proximily ofresearcher to parlicipanB and qualitative research?
o, ueneralzatron !s, contextual underslanding
c) Hard, reliable data vs. rich, deep dara
d) lnterpretivist vs. Feminisl
96. Why doqualitative researchers like to give detailed
descriptions ofsocial setdnqs?
a) provide
To a contextual unders-tanding ofsociat bihaviour
b) Because once rhey have jefi the dim"rriilr.#rU* *r,u, nupp.n"a
c) So lhat they can compare lheir observarrons
as a lesl ot.rcliabilirv
o, rJecause they do not believe in going beyond
rhe level ofdescriprion

97. Which ofth€ following is a method that is

cornmonty used in qualitative research?
a) Self-completion questionnaires b) Surveys
c) Ethnog.aphy dj Structured observation

98. The data fiom each row in a coding schedule can be entered into a quajtitative analysis
a) Endnote b) B N-Vivo
c) Outlook d) sPSs

99. The pupose ofa coding manual is to:

a) hovide a form onto which the data can be entered
t b) Provide res€rchers with instructions aboul how to code the data
j c) List all the categories that have been omitted from lhe schedule
d) T6t researehers' howledge of statistics

100. which ofthe following is a general rule ofthumb for designing questions?
a) Always bear in mind your r€searoh quegtions
b) Never ask a closed question
c) Always uso vignettes rsther thsn open questions
d) Use ambiguous tems to put respondents at ease